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rockz.diva Goldie

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Posted: 21 December 2012 at 7:04am | IP Logged
itz superb update..
omg m worried abt diz riya's dad he wana talk to arjun...
shreee n anu r relly so sweeet..
ariya kitchen romance eham eham itz was breath taking awww superb..
arjun is worried for rita n m worried for ariya aww
it was superb loved itt
plz update soon

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Thank you all for the likes and comments!!! Keep them coming, love reading them all Big smile

Here goes the next Chap...this is the longest one I have written till now. Please, please do comment and like and let me know what you guys think!!!

Sorry for not PMing the prev chapter...will def do it for this one!

Part 14...

It was 8:30 and he was still getting ready for work, "aaj toh Rathore sir pakka pitenge" Chotu thought as he hurriedly tucked his shirt. He looked around for his cell phone but couldn't find it

"maa apne mera cell phone dekha?" he yelled from his room to his mother.

"It's here" she yelled back from the living room.

Chotu quickly made his way to the living room took his cell phone and was about to put on his shoes when, "Chotu breakfast"

"No way maa...I am getting late..."

"Chotu aloo ke parathe"

He stopped midway and turned around, looking longingly at the paratha in his mom's hand, he licked his lips and made his way to the dining table. Chotu stuffed a big piece in his mouth when his phone started ringing; He gulped down the piece and looked at the phone – scared it maybe Rathore ready to yell at him for being late. But to his relief it wasn't Rathore. He answered the phone, "Neelu, sorry yaar  I was getting late so I couldn't call you"

A small pause as he listened

"haan breakfast kar raha hoon...I'll call you in the evening? I am getting really late right now"

"Okay?! Bye!" Chotu said and hung up the phone.

"It has been a while since Neelu came home. Why don't you ask her to come over for dinner tonight?" Chotu's mom asked

"Can't be tonight maa...Rathore sir invited the whole team over for dinner tonight...I'll ask her to come tomorrow if you want"

"Accha thik hai...ask her to come over tomorrow. Call her today, warna bhul jaayega!"

"Okay maa" Chotu said and gave her a tight hug and left hurriedly

By the time Chotu reached the office it was past 9:30, he cursed himself for living so far away from work and the traffic. He took a deep breath and readied himself for Rathore's anger as he opened the conference room door and entered.

Everyone was sitting around the table but no one seems to be working...nor did anyone notice him come in. Chotu frowned and looked at Rathore; a crease had formed between his brows as he seriously looked at the file in front of him. Chotu turned to look at Arjun who had a similar expression except he was looking at Riya instead of a file. Riya in turn was looking at Arjun in a somewhat nervous expression. Has something happened between these two? Chotu wondered and made a mental note to ask Riya later if everything was alright, if she was alright. Chotu then turned to Shree to find him clearly daydreaming. Chotu rolled his surprises there who Shree was thinking about. Right in front of Arjun sir? Shameless Shree. Chotu thought smiling to himself.

He took a deep breath and sighed, what happened to his team today? Chotu cleared his throat loudly and said, "Rathore sir"

"Hmmm?" Rathore came out of his reverie, so did everyone else and finally looked up at Chotu.

"Woh sorry sir I came in late...actually..." Chotu was about to explain himself when Rathore interrupted

"That's alright Chotu, take a seat we have new developments in the case..."

Chotu looked at Rathore with an open mouth for a couple of seconds before taking a seat thinking something is definitely wrong...he now has proof – Rathore did not shout at him for being late!!

Though everyone was back to normal and seriously working on the case, Rathore seemed to be a little lost still. Arjun asked him something but did not get a reply so he called him again raising his voice a little,


"Ya, sorry...I uh...Chotu talk to your informers here and let me know if you find anything"

Chotu nodded and started dialling on his phone while Rathore turned to Shree and Riya, "Did you two get the data I asked for?"

"We are working on it sir..." Riya replied

"Make it quick" Rathore said sternly and looked at Arjun

"What's wrong?" Arjun immediately asked

Rathore did not reply instead walked a couple of meters away from the rest and came to a stop. Arjun followed him and asked the same question again this time with Rathore's behaviour sure that something was wrong.

"I...well Ta...I sudden..." while Rathore tried to form a sane sentence, Arjun looked at his best friend as if he has gone insane.

"Nothing is wrong, stop looking at me like that!!" Rathore exclaimed looking at the expression Arjun had worn on his face.

" are behaving very strangely!" Arjun replied still concerned and quite honestly finding Rathore's behaviour funny.

Rathore rolled his eyes, sighed and in one breath said, "Tannu told me this morning that she is pregnant and I am kind of freaking out okay??!?"

Arjun's eyes widened, "Wait...What?! Wow...Sameer...that's...that's great news!!" he exclaimed, happy for his best friend.

Rathore smiled at him nervously.

"What are you so freaked about? This is good...this is great!" Arjun tried to reassure his friend.

"She'd known for almost a week and she told me today! I mean how could she not tell me...such big news...for a whole week?!" Rathore asked Arjun in an utter disbelief

Arjun had no idea what to say to that. He looked at Rathore for a couple of seconds hoping it was just a rhetorical question. But when Rathore kept looking at him hopefully, Arjun shrugged, "Didn't you ask Tanvi that??"

Rathore looked at him blankly and then said, "I did...but I don't remember what she said..."


"Everything she said after 'I am pregnant' is a blurr..."

Rathore looked away; his brows knitted together and looking lost. Arjun chuckled quietly and said, "Do you want to take the rest of the day off?"

"I think that's a good idea" Rathore said

"What should I tell the team??" Arjun asked

Rathore looked at the rest of his team seriously working on the case and said, "The truth!"

Arjun gave him a nod of appreciation for his decision and ushered him out of the office.

"Oh and dinner today is cancelled right?" Arjun asked just before pushing Rathore out of the door.

Rathore immediately shook his head, "No, the dinner is still on..."

"Sameer we can do the dinner some other time"

"I'll have to treat you guys for this good news why not tonight?" Rathore said to Arjun already starting to come to terms with the news.

"Alright, now go" Arjun finally made Rathore leave.

Arjun turned around to his team, who he knew, were waiting to know what was going on. He smiled and said, "Tanvi is pregnant! Sameer is going to be a father soon..."


"No way bhai, are you serious?!" Anu exclaimed with excitement when Arjun and Riya told her the news in the evening after work.

"No, humne toh bas aise hi keh diya! We were getting bored while driving here so...Arjun...came up with this plan!!" Riya said sarcastically, glancing at Arjun.

Arjun rolled his eyes and smiled. Anu was meanwhile making her own plans.

"Bhai, I want to go to their house now!"

"Anu we are all going there in a few hours...remember dinner tonight?"

"Ya, but I want to go there guys can come a little late. Umm Shree will drop me off...won't you Shree...please??"

Shree who dropped Arjun and Riya home came in on Riya's 'insistence'. He was taken aback on that sudden request and stared at Anu before quickly recovering and saying, "Ya, ya absolutely. I don't mind at..." but he trailed off seeing Arjun's raised eyebrow.

"Please bhai?!"

"Alright, but don't hassle them too much..." Arjun said

"Of course not" Anu said and left with Shree after taking a change of clothes for dinner

Arjun called Sameer and informed him that Anu was on her way to their house. Once he was done with the call Riya walked straight into his arms and snuggled her face into his chest. Arjun wrapped an arm around her waist, while the other hand caressed her head. As she closed her eyes and hugged him tighter, she lost track of everything else. No more worries or fears, just a calm feeling. He held her close and she enjoyed every second of it...until he asked,

"Did you...did you talk to your dad about that why you are so worried?"

Riya frowned and immediately separated from him, "How did you..."

But she didn't need to ask the whole question she already knew the answer, "Anu..." she said angrily, turned on her heel and marched into her room.

Arjun followed her in, "Riya don't be mad at Anu...when you went in to freshen up after work I asked her if she knew why you looked so worried...and she said you were like this since you talked to your dad so I just assumed that..."

"I am not mad at Anu. I know people usually don't have much of a choice when YOU start asking questions" Riya said irritably

Arjun smirked, "Obviously not everyone...Wouldn't have asked Anu anything if you told me what was wrong..."

Riya gave him a deadly stare, "and you couldn't have waited till I told you..."

"Riya I asked you like 50 times what was bothering but you didn't tell me anything and it was killing me that you wouldn't tell me..."

Riya was taken aback by that but she was still angry. She would have told him when she was ready...though not sure when that would have been. Problem was she knew both the men too well and could just imagine the disastrous meeting they will have when her dad comes to India. Arjun did not know the whole truth about her worry yet.

Riya sighed and walked back into the living area. Arjun now getting annoyed followed her again.

"So let me get this straight, you are not mad at Anu for telling me but you are mad at me for asking her?"

Riya did not reply but sat on the couch with a frown and crossed hands. Arjun looked at her for a few seconds and flashes of another fight reeled through his mind...his first fight with Roshni. For the first time after she left him, Arjun was recollecting her memories not with an excruciating pain but with fondness and a smile on his face. Somewhere deep down he was finally at peace.

Arjun with that smile intact on his face walked up to Riya and cupped her face in his hands and very softly, in a heart melting way said, "Riya..."

That wiped the frown off Riya's face but she did not say anything yet. Arjun mistook her silence as still being angry and sighed. He slowly leaned in, rubbed his cheek against hers and kissed the cheek which was already warm with blush.

"I am sor..." he whispered but Riya stopped him. Both looked at each other and smiled.

"Was that out first fight??" Riya asked innocently

Arjun chuckled, "I don't think it was a fight..."

"Ya, I was the only one angry and yelling. I am sorr..." this time Arjun stopped her. Both laughed and fell onto the couch still laughing.


Shree ran to the passenger's side and opened the car door for Anu. She gave him a polite smile and sat down. They drove about halfway to Rathore's house when Anu suddenly gasped and turning to Shree said, "Wait...I can't go like this..."

Shree looked at her confused. Can't go like this?  He looked down at her clothing she was wearing a casual tank top and tights.

"You can't go like this...what do you mean? You look look great...really..." he said not entirely sure what she was talking about.

Anu smiled, "Ummm thank you for the compliment...but I meant...I can't go like this as in...Empty handed...I should take something for them..."

"Ohhh..." Shree realised what he'd done, frowned and looked away embarrassed.

"I'll take them some sweets" Anu said trying to control her laugh seeing Shree turn red.

They bought a box of sweets and returned to the car, by which time they had started a conversation about sweets and Shree asked Anu what her favourite dessert was.

"Hmmm..." Anu thought before replying. She licked her lips and said, "Fudge cake with lots and lots of whipped cream...mmm I love that!!"

Shree smiled as her eyes twinkled with excitement. She is still such a kid at heart... Shree thought and drove her to Rathore's house.


Few hours earlier...

How stupid was I?? She kept cursing herself as she dialled her manager to let him know she wasn't coming in for work today. Once the call was over, she sighed and threw the phone onto the couch. Sameer isn't wrong to be angry at me. I wanted to do so much and at the end...I blurt out that I am pregnant? I mean...who does that??

Tanvi picked up the phone again and dialled Sameer's number again, he wasn't picking up the phone. It has been almost three hours since he left for work, she had been trying his number ever since but he wasn't answering. "Ab itna bhi kya gussa??" she said out loud glumly. But she knew about his anger, he usually never got angry at her but if he did, he'd take his time coming around. She also knew she'd hurt him by not telling him the news as soon as she found out. It was best to give his sometime right now, she decided to start preparing for tonight's dinner and went into the kitchen, she was there for about half an hour or so when she heard the front door open.

She stopped what she was doing and ran out to the living room to find Sameer sitting on the couch taking his shoes off. He did not look at her but was aware of her presence. Deliberately not looking at her he walked past her into their room. Tanvi smiled at his antics and followed him inside. She briskly walked to him and hugged him from behind.

"I am sorry" she said guiltily. When he did not respond she went in front of him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He had a frown on his face and wasn't looking at her. Suddenly tears rolled in her eyes, her lips trembled and her hold around his neck loosened. That was when he saw her and immediately his eyes widened seeing tears in her eyes.

"Hey, why are you crying?" he asked concerned

"I wanted to tell you as soon as I found out. But I wanted to make it special, I wanted to do something special...I had all these plans but they kept delaying for some reason or the other and...I...I really wanted to tell you have no idea" by the end of it she was crying so hard she could hardly speak.

"Tannu! Tannu shhh okay, okay. Calm's okay"

She cried on his chest as he pulled her into a hug.

"Please stop crying" he requested, paused and with a cheeky smile said, "You have never been that good with...surprises..."

Tanvi smiled into his chest and hit him playfully. He kissed the crown of her head and wiped off the tears. Turning her around in his arms, he put both his hands on her stomach and hugged her from behind.

"I love you" he whispered

"I love you too" Tanvi replied

"Who was talking to you? Mein toh apne bacche say keh raha tha..."

Tanvi nudged her elbow into his ribs, Sameer laughed and said, "Accha tum bhi kya yaad rakhogi...I love you too..."


Anu spent some good two hours with Tanvi and Rathore before Arjun, Riya, Shree and Chotu arrived.

Rathore introduced everyone to Tanvi and after the initial greetings everyone settled around the living room and chatted about nothing in particular.

Chotu's cell phone which was close to Riya started ringing, she picked it up to pass it onto Chotu and by chance saw the name on the phone – Neelu. She smiled inwardly and passed the phone onto Chotu without saying anything.

"Hello...haan ek second..." Chotu answered the phone and excused himself from everyone else.

"Neelu, mom was asking to bring you home for dinner'll be able to make it right?"

"Okay that's great. I'll pick you up directly from work tomorrow...we'll go home from there??"

"Okay I am at the dinner I told you about...everyone is here...I'll go now...I'll call you after dinner okay? Bye..." Chotu hung up the phone and returned to everyone only to find them all staring at him except for Arjun.

"Chotu yeh wohi ladki hai tumne uss din dinner pe leke gaye the??" Riya asked pointing at the phone.

Chotu looked down at the phone and up at Riya again and immediately hid his phone behind him, as if hiding the girl herself.

"Lad...ladki? What ladki, I don't know what you are talking about..." Chotu said briskly signalling with his eyes to Rathore and Arjun and warning Riya.

"Whaaat? Arjun?? Ya, he saw you with her as well...didn't you Arjun??" Riya asked smiling and remembering their first date. This time it was Arjun who gave Riya a warning look, she was digging her own grave and she was pulling him in with her. He shook his head as it was too late and Rathore started teasing them now...

"Oh! Chotu puchne waali baat yeh hai ki inn dono ko kaise patha ki tum uss ladki ko dinner pe leke gaye the??" Rathore asked staring particularly at Arjun

"Arre haan" Chotu said and turned towards Riya, at the same time Shree turned to Riya as well and both started teasing her.

After bearing their teasing and leg pulling for quite a while she turned to Arjun, "this is so not fair Arjun, these two cannot say anything to you, issi liye har waqt mein bakra banjathi hoon"

Arjun chuckled at that and shrugged, "ab senior officer hone ka koi toh fayda hona chahiye..."

"Oye, don't forget me!" Rathore piped up. He put his arms around Shree and Chotu's shoulders. "Tum dono Riya ko dekh lo, aur mein Arjun ko...we are a team after all...we have to split our responsibilities..."

Everyone laughed heartily and enjoyed completely unaware of the looming dangers. Far away in a cramped, dingy prison cell, a thin tall figure sat alone in the darkness. His lips suddenly broke into a smile which reeked with evilness. His cold, frightening eyes moved around the cell taking in every bit of it. His smile soon turned into a shrill laughter which echoed unpleasantly around the cell as his cold eyes twinkled knowing his plans were put forward and he'd soon have his revenge.



Riya tells Arjun about her dad's visit to India. A surprise awaits Anu...

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LMKiwi... m sry for the extremely late edit...

I loved this Chapter and absolutely loved Rathore's reaction!!!LOL
Ok detailed comment page 44LOL

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Amazing Chapter Dear..
liked Sameer rathore's reaction/..LOL

Arjun n ria 's first NokJhok...Heart

Shree n Anu : convo in d sweet Smile

Want to know abt d danger coming 

Continue soon

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Hindi is not my first language!! I am trying to include some Hindi dialogues...please bear with me and let me know if there are any mistakes...will keep it in mind for next updates!! Tongue 

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hey.. it was awesome dear :) nd the bonding between every1 is so cute nd gr8.. :) lovd it how shree,chotu nd rathore are leg puuling of ariya..:p continue soon :)

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Bade wala thanx fr d bade wala update dear...
loved it..!!
tanvi is pregnant wow!!
loved d bonding btw chotu n his mother.!
frndship bonding btw arjun sameer fab!!
ria teasing chotu fr neelu!!
leg pulling was grt..
full update was rocking..
rathod tanvi sweet
shree anu cute
ariya superb asual...
who is in prison ??
waiting to knw..
Precap interesting!!
hope a pleasant suprise waits fr anu nt a shock hehe..!!

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