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Pisces_Gurl Senior Member

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Posted: 24 November 2012 at 4:53pm | IP Logged
Wen u r gonna update this...??waiting eagerly...

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Posted: 30 November 2012 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
hey buddy miss u and d updates
plzz continue soon

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tiyasingh Senior Member

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Posted: 02 December 2012 at 3:06am | IP Logged
Hey Dear..You are agr8 writer..Plz update soon..
Big smileLOL

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..Amri.. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 8:10am | IP Logged
This is very well-written! You have a good command over your plot and the budding relationship between Ariya is sketched out very well.

Hope you update the next chapter soon:)

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shruti-love Goldie

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Posted: 09 December 2012 at 8:46am | IP Logged
try to update soon

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Aukview Senior Member

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Posted: 14 December 2012 at 6:59am | IP Logged
First of all a huge sorry for not updating for so long!! I haven't logged into IF the whole month and also did not watch any of the Arjun episodes!! :( Still catching up on them!! 

Thanks all for the comments and encouragement to continueee - this update is for you guys!!! 

I hope these two really long updates will make up for my lateness...

There is a surprise new entry and a possible new love story!! Let me know what you guys think!! PMs will be done sooonnn!! :)

Part 11...

Three weeks later.

She raised her gun at the man standing in front of her. He was holding one of the two fifteen year old kids he and his gang kidnapped. The gun was pointed to the kid's temple and he gulped as he looked at Riya. Her hands did not shiver nor was her aim unfocused. She warned him again, "You don't want to harm that kid in any way trust me. Just let him go" she prayed one of her team mates would know that she is in here soon and give her some back up. The man looked scared, Riya noticed ' the scared ones are the ones who end up doing something stupid and in this case stupid means life of a kid. Again she tried to talk to him in a calm voice.

"Look no one needs to get hurt. Just let the boy go and we'll sort things out okay?"

He did not move he just kept staring at her, beads of sweat making their way down and fear evident on his face. She was seriously contemplating on what to do next when something completely unexpected happened. The boy made an attempt to escape by biting his captivator's hand but in vain. The man was too fast for the weak fifteen year old, who had been starving for the past three days. Before Riya could make sense of what was happening the man let go of the boy and shot him straight in his chest.

"NOOO!!" Riya screamed and shot at the man in the head ' he was dead before he hit the ground. She immediately ran to the kid now soaking in blood. He wasn't moving at all, Riya checked his pulse she could not find any.

"No, no, NOOO. Please no" she cried.

She put her shaking hands on his blood soaked chest and started CPR. 1, 2, 3, 4... She counted pressing on his chest.

"HELP!!!" she cried, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Arjun, Rathore and Chotu just rescued one of the two boys kidnapped; they were wondering where the other kid could be when they heard the two gun shots, almost simultaneously. They ran towards the gun shot but the damn place was so big and confusing they could not figure out where it came from.

"SHREEE! ARJUN..." she cried not able to find her phone to call for an ambulance, but to her slight relief the rest of her team poured in from around her. As soon as she saw Shree she ordered him to call the ambulance.

"Ambulance is already here!" Shree screamed.

Rathore quickly bent down and scooped the boy off the ground into his arms and ran out of the place, followed by Chotu (who had the other kid) and Shree. Riya collapsed on the spot, looking at her hands which were covered in blood. Arjun was beside her in a second. He tried to wipe the blood off her hands ' which was causing Riya more distress, before pulling her into him and holding her.

"Shhh Riya, calm down"

She pulled herself closer to Arjun, her whole body shaking as she sobbed into his chest. After what seemed like eternity Shree came back to let them know that the boy was taken to the hospital and that he had a pulse. Arjun nodded to Shree and looked down at Riya,

"He's taken to the hospital Riya...Shh..."

After few more minutes Riya gathered herself enough to get up and walk out of there with Arjun and Shree. Once everything was sorted out the ETF team left for their office.

"Riya" Rathore called softly and waited for her to look up with her swollen eyes. He sighed heavily and sat next to her ' they were in the conference room.

"What happened?" Rathore asked.

Riya looked at Shree, Chotu and Arjun who were all looking at her, waiting to know what happened. She took an uneven breath and told them everything since she parted ways from the rest of the team. Fresh stream of tears came when she told them how the kid was shot right in front of her eyes. Rathore sighed and glanced up at Arjun. He looked back at Riya and put his hand on her arm and said, "Okay calm down now"

He then turned to his team.

"We are done for today guys. We can deal with the paper work and everything else tomorrow"

Shree looked at Riya and then at Arjun unsure. Seeing Shree's dilemma Arjun said, "I'll take her home Shree"

Arjun drove Riya home, she was quiet the whole ride and then suddenly just as Arjun pulled in front of her house she turned towards him. "Maybe you were right!"

Arjun looked at her confused. "Right? About what?" he asked.

"I am not cut out for this job" Riya said with a shaky voice and got out of the car. Arjun looked at her retreating form, surprised. He followed her inside and shut the door behind them.

"What are you talking about?" he asked. Riya just looked at him with tear filled eyes.

"What one mishap and you are going to quit?" he said in disbelief

"One mishap?" It was Riya's turn as she looked at him in disbelief. "It's someone's life..." She whispered.

"Which you were trying to save and did everything you possibly could"

"Well I obviously didn't because a fifteen year old kid is in the hospital fighting for his life!!"

"Riya that is not your fault! That kid can't do anything about that"

"It is my fault. I should have done something!! I just watched..."

Arjun felt a pain in his chest like his heart was being crushed. Roshni's murder flashed in front of him. Arjun gulped and looked away, that day is going to haunt him for life. Like this day will for Riya if something happens to the kid. He sighed and walked to her; he cupped her face with his hand and tilted it up.

"Why don't you take some rest for now? We'll talk about this later okay?"

 As Riya was going to say something Arjun lifted a finger making her stop. He then led her to her room and made her lay down on the bed. He sat next to her, resting his back on headboard. He turned to see Riya staring at the ceiling, "get some sleep" he whispered.

"Did you get a call from the hospital yet?" Riya asked

"No. Sameer said he'll go to the hospital before heading home and he'll inform the kid is doing"

"We should go there" Riya said still staring at the ceiling

"There is nothing much we can do there...Riya, get some sleep I promise I'll take you there in the morning"

Riya rolled onto her side and snuggled closer to Arjun. He looked at her and then put a comforting arm around her. He watched her as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

Arjun looked around the room which had plunged into darkness. He now lay completely on the bed with Riya at his side. Her head rested on his chest and her fingers rolled in a fist holding his shirt. He heard her mumble some random things into his chest; he even heard his name a couple of times. He tightened his hold on her and felt her breath against him and it comforted him to no lengths. Within no time Arjun's eyes started to flutter close with the feeling of her cuddled in his arms.

It was around 6 AM when Arjun's phone started to ring. Riya woke up with a start and saw Arjun in a deep sleep. She quickly took the phone and ran outside the room not wanting to wake him up.


"Arju...wait...Riya!?" a surprised Rathore asked.

"Sir, it's me...ya Riya" she said tired and sleepy.

"What are you..." he started but stopped

Riya was now completely awake as what Rathore could assume dawned upon her.

"Ahhh...okay...never mind. I just called to say that I got a call from the hospital"

Riya's heart beat picked up as she waited for Rathore to continue.

"The kid...Rahul is out of danger now. He'll take some time to recover completely but...he is out of any fatal danger"

Tears rolled in Riya's eyes. "Thank you sir. Thank you soo much!"

"We should be thanking the doctors Riya! Anyway I'll see you..."

"Bye sir"

Riya cut the call and ran back into the room. She quietly got into the bed, bent down on to Arjun and placed a kiss on his forehead. He stirred in his sleep but did not wake up. She placed her head on his chest again and hoped and prayed that Arjun will always stay by her side like he was now...forever.

Riya was preparing breakfast when Arjun walked out of the room ' dazed. He looked at Riya who gave him a sweet smile and wished him good morning.

"Did long did I sleep for?" he asked a tinge of surprise in his voice.

"That depends on when you slept" Riya said

Arjun ran his fingers over his sleepy face.

"I hope you slept well...I...didn't disturb you...did I? I tend to talk in my sleep sometimes"

Arjun remembered her blurred murmurs from last night and smiled.

"Oh, you talked last night"

"What?! What did I say?"

He just smiled teasingly

"Arjun! What did I say?"

"You just said my name a couple of times...that's all"

Riya smiled and blushed. "Oh! Rathore sir called"

"Rahul is doing alright now?" Arjun said before Riya could continue.

"Ya, how did you...?"

"I can tell"

Riya smiled slightly and asked "Breakfast?"

"Umm...I better head to the lodge. I need to brush..."

"I have a spare brush...brand can use it"

Arjun looked like he was about to counter so Riya reminded him, "And you promised you'll take me to the hospital..."

Arjun nodded defeated and headed to the washroom.

Once they had breakfast they headed to the hospital.

The rest of the ETF team was already there when Arjun and Riya reached the hospital. Rahul wasn't awake when they got there but Shree informed them that he woke up for a few minutes when they got there and that he was doing alright. Arjun turned to meet Rathore who was a few feet away from them when Riya pulled him away from everyone to a corner.

"Riya?! Riya, what are you doing?"

"I wanted to tell you something"

"O...Okay. What?!"

"Umm today...morning...umm Rathore sir called...on your phone..."


"No, I mean...he called on your phone and...I answered"

"Riya! What's the big deal? You answered the what?"

Riya groaned.

"It was six in the morning when he called and I picked up the phone. I just...I think he got a wrong impression..."

Finally Arjun understood.

"Oh?!" he said and looked at Rathore.

"Umm well..." Arjun paused and then his expression changed completely and he looked annoyed, "why did you answer the call??"

Riya's mouth opened in surprise. Her voice suddenly dropped, like a kid who was guilty of mischief. " were sleeping so I..."

"So what Riya? Now Sameer has a wrong impression" Arjun said in his serious no nonsense tone.

She blinked at him a couple of times before saying, "I am sorry sir...I didn't mean to...I..." but she stopped abruptly seeing a tiny smile on Arjun's lips that he was trying really hard to suppress. Riya's mouth opened again this time in shock.

"You were acting?" she whispered in disbelief.

Arjun couldn't contain his laugh anymore. Riya still kept looking at him in utter disbelief ACP Arjun Suryakant Rawte was pulling her leg. No, scratch that Riya thought immediately, the person in front of her was just Arjun. This Arjun smiled, laughed, joked around and Riya was glad she could finally see this side of him.

She laughed with him and the pair was completely oblivious to the three pair of eyes that were looking at them happily.

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Part 12...

The ETF team was just entering their office when Arjun pulled Riya back and waited for everyone else to go inside. He then turned to her and asked, "You dropped the whole idea of quitting, right?"

Riya looked down at her hands, fidgeting with her fingers. She thought for a few seconds as Arjun waited for her answer.

"I...I... I just..."

"I know!" Arjun said understanding.

Riya smiled, grateful that Arjun did not push her for an explanation. He slowly tucked a strand of lose hair behind her ear.

"Are you okay?" Arjun asked with so much care, concern and love that Riya's heart welled up with warmth.

She simply nodded and hugged him.

Sometime later...

Everyone was sitting around the conference table...

"Arjun sir there is someone here to see you"

"Who is it Karthik?" Arjun asked without looking up from the file he was studying.

"The lady said her name is Anu sir"

Arjun and Rathore's heads immediately shot up and they were more attentive. Even Riya looked up.

"Didn't she give her full name?" Arjun asked already starting to get up from his chair.

"No sir. She refused to give her full name. She is waiting at the main door. She said you'll know...when I tell's Anu"

Arjun briskly walked out of the room and down the stairs. Rathore too followed suit.

Arjun went downstairs near the main door of the building where Karthik said she was waiting. The lady's back was turned to him, but as soon as he saw her, he knew it was her.

"Anu!" Arjun called out, a little surprised, a little anxious but very happy to see her.

A sweet smile spread across her lips even before she turned around. It has been a long time since she saw him. Even though he was still in contact with her she missed him terribly. Annika Rawte slowly turned around and ran into her brother's already open arms.

"Anu what are you doing here? Is everything okay? Are you okay? Are mom and dad okay? Why didn't you tell me about coming here? Anu?!" Arjun literally screamed her name at the end when she did not respond to any of his questions.

She slowly separated from him. Arjun was shocked to see tears in her eyes and was immediately concerned. He cupped his little sister's face and asked in all seriousness, "Anu are you okay? Is everything alright?"

Annika nodded her head in response.

"Then why are you crying?" he asked exasperated

"I see my big brother after so long and I can't even get a little emotional?" she asked sniffing and wiping her tears. Arjun smiled at his innocent little sister and hugged her again. Annika hugged him back when her eyes fell on someone a few feet away – watching them silently.

She broke the hug and Arjun noticed she kept looking at someone behind him. He turned around to see Rathore with a huge smile on his face and patiently waiting for them to finish their greetings. Annika smiled and ran to Rathore and hugged him just as she hugged Arjun. When they broke the hug Annika almost screamed, "Sameer bhaiya!!"

"Shhh Anu. Yeh mera office hai yaar. Dheere..."

"Sorry. It's been soo long...I just...I couldn't..."

"I know..." Rathore said giving Arjun a look. It did not go unnoticed by Annika.

"Are things between you two still..." she started

"Everything is fine between us Anu"

Annika smiled widely and hugged both her brothers again.

"How come you are here?" Arjun asked again.

"Oh...I got a job here!"

"That's brilliant"

"Hey, Congratulations" Rathore exclaimed.

"Thank you bhaiya!"

Soon they both saw Arjun's smile falter and Annika knew the reason for it.

"Bhai, don't worry. I made arrangements at a girl's hostel for my stay"

"Don't be stupid Anu! You are not going to stay at a hostel when I am here..."

"But, where are we going to stay? Bhai, you live in a new lodge every week!" Annika said sadly remembering how that one cursed night had changed all their lives forever and for the worse. She hated seeing her brother in so much pain in those initial months after the incident. She could do nothing but watch him wither in pain and then slowly drift away from them and every single person he once loved and cared about. Annika and her parents lost touch with him for almost a year after that, she thought she lost her big brother when suddenly one day he called them to let them know he was alright. He has been in constant touch with them since then and came to visit once in a while but Annika soon realised she did lose him. He wasn't her happy, ever smiling, loving big brother anymore.

They accepted the person he became, glad that he did not harm himself in any physical way. Annika soon witnessed his grief turn into vengeance and saw it in his eyes how his heart ached for revenge. She knew he would one day get what he any cost and that day did come. Sikander, the cold blooded murderer of her beloved sister-in-law was caught and put behind bars by none other than her brother. Annika was overjoyed, she hoped and prayed that this would serve as the much needed closure her big brother needed. She prayed she'd get her old brother back but somewhere deep down she knew he was scarred for life, she'd probably never get her old brother back...which is why she was shocked more than surprised when he called her about a month ago to inform her about a Miss Riya Mukherjee.

He sounded...happy. That was all Annika ever wanted, for him to be happy again, she had been waiting impatiently ever since to come here and see his brother and the woman who had brought back that happiness in his life. So, she immediately took up the job offer and flied to there at the first chance she got.

Annika came back to reality when Rathore offered her to stay at his house till Arjun sorted out accommodation. That is when she remembered and asked Rathore, "Oh! How is Tanvi bhabhi, bhaiya?"

"She is good. But I will not be if she finds out I let you stay at a hostel instead of our house"

Annika laughed and agreed to stay at Rathore's house. Then turning to Arjun she demanded she'd see Riya right away. Arjun was taken aback by the sudden demand but ushered her to the guest waiting area where Rathore stayed with her and he went to get Riya.

In the conference room Riya was waiting...quiet impatiently for Arjun to return. She heard Karthik say Anu but she wasn't sure if it was Arjun's sister or some other random Anu. Shree and Chotu saw Riya fidgeting with the pen and look at the conference door every few seconds.

"If you are soo curious, why don't you just go and see for yourself who it is?" Shree asked

"I can't just go, walk in on them..."

"C'mon Ri, Arjun sir wouldn't mind you know. I's you..." Chotu said teasingly

"Shut up Chotu"

"Rathore sir went right behind Arjun sir. Do you know who it could be though?" Shree asked

"Maybe" Riya said

"Who is it?" Chotu and Shree asked together.

"My sister" Arjun answered them from the door. Shree and Chotu looked up embarrassed but Riya jumped to her feet happily.

"Is it? Is it Annika?"

"Ya. She wants to meet you"

Riya suddenly became nervous, "She...she wants to meet me?"

"Ya, she is waiting in the guest area. Let's go"

Riya didn't move. Arjun saw her head drop so he pulled her a little away from Shree and Chotu and asked, "What's wrong?"

"Well she is the first person I'll be meeting from your family...I am a little nervous"

Arjun stared at her, "Are you serious?"

"Don't!" Riya said playfully pushing him. "What if she doesn't like me?"

"Riya, there is nothing to not like about you!" Arjun said softly

Riya smiled.

"I actually think you two will hit it off quiet well"

"Really? You think so?"

"Ya, now let's go she's waiting for us!" Arjun pulled her towards the door but stopped short, turning around to the rest of his team asked, "Aren't you guys coming?"

Shree and Chotu looked up from their conversation surprised and followed them when Arjun asked again.

Riya, Arjun, Shree and Chotu walked into the guest area to find Annika talking to Rathore animatedly, her back facing them.

"Anu" Arjun called her.

Annika turned around; Riya was awed to see a very delicate, pretty girl. Her dark curled hair fell over her elegant shoulders and her eyes shone as she smiled. Annika came forward tentatively but immediately threw her hands around Riya's neck and hugged her.

"Oh I have been waiting for so long to meet you!" She yelled excitedly

"Re...Really?" Riya asked surprised.

"Are you kidding? I wanted to come as soon as Bhai told me about you but I had to wait for the job offer"

"Oh you are going to stay?" Riya asked happy

"Yup, I am here to stay"

"That's great!"

Once their initial greeting was finished Arjun introduced his sister to Shree and Chotu. "Anu, meet the rest of our team...this is Chotu our commando and Shree – our technical expert"

Shree's POV

"Aren't you guys coming?" Arjun asked them the second time from the door, so Shree and Chotu followed them.

By now Shree gathered that the person who came was Arjun sir's sister and her name was Anu aka Annika. All four of them made their way to the guest area and Shree saw her talking to Rathore her back facing them.

"Anu" Arjun sir called her.

Annika turned around but Shree could not see her. Chotu was standing next to him and Arjun was in front of him...sort of blocking his way. He saw Annika hugging Riya but still no view of her face, he heard her sweet, excited voice say, "Oh I have been waiting for so long to meet you!"

Shree smiled, suddenly feeling happy for Riya. Not only did Arjun sir accept her love and express his own feelings, things were actually turning out good for her. She is even meeting his family someone special in Arjun's life.

"Re...Really?" Shree heard Riya say. He shook his head at her surprised tone.

"Are you kidding? I wanted to come as soon as Bhai told me about you but I had to wait for the job offer"

"Oh you are going to stay?" Riya asked

"Yup, I am here to stay"

"That's great!"

Finally Riya will have someone to do all her girly stuff like shopping, Shree thought. That's when Arjun spoke and moved enabling Shree to finally see Annika.

"Anu, meet the rest of our team...this is Chotu our commando and Shree – our technical expert"

Annika greeted Chotu and turned to Shree. He gulped and stared at her. She was nothing like the image that formed in his head as soon as he found out it was Arjun sir's sister. He suddenly became very conscious.



They both greeted each other.

"So Annika, where are you going to be staying?" Riya asked glancing at Arjun

"Oh, I got arrangements made at a girl's hostel but..."

"No way! You are not going to stay at a hostel" Riya interrupted and before Annika, Arjun or Rathore could say anything she excitedly said, "Oh why don't you stay with me?! I have been dying for someone to share my apartment with!!"

Arjun, Anu and Rathore looked at each other and laughed.

"I asked Anu to stay with me Riya!" Rathore said

"Oh! Well in that case..." Riya started only to be interrupted by Rathore

"Actually that's a good idea, Anu why don't you stay with Riya? You'll get to know each other better and Riya will have company as well"

Annika looked at Arjun excitedly as if asking him for permission. She accepted the offer once Arjun gave her a nod.

All through this conversation Shree was just staring at Annika. Two voices spoke at the back of his mind, one said – oh she is so beautiful while the other warned him, she is Arjun sir's little sister what the hell are you thinking Shree?

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arjun pulling riyas legs 
arjun is joking so cute 
the  night scean was good 
anus sceans was emotional 
continue soon

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