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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 22)

_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 31 October 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
All I can say is It's just wonderful ..Perfect one
love it cont. soon

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Aukview Senior Member

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Posted: 10 November 2012 at 4:29am | IP Logged
Hey!! Back with another part! Thank you all for the comments and good luck wishes for the exams! I am done with them :)
So here it goes...let me know what you think of it guys :)



"NO Riya! Just Arjun!!"

"Arjun. Arjun. Arjun. Ya, I can do that! Just Arjun"


Riya was in front of the mirror...talking to herself. Just saying his name so many times made her blush. She shook her head looking at the rosy colour that made its way up her cheeks. This is stupid she told herself and left the washroom.

Riya attended her nine o'clock appointment and went back to the office, no one was there. She assumed they were all busy trying to solve the case and resumed her paper work.

Rest of the team went to Swati's college to talk to her friends and found Ritesh there but it was quiet obvious that he wasn't involved and he had an alibi. But they did find out that Swati had some problems at work and decided that is where they'll get their leads.

Riya worked with papers most of the day and she was proud that she got quite a bit of work done. Rathore sir will be pleased! Riya thought as she put the file away and headed to the shooting range. She thought of heading home but she didn't see Arjun once after last night and she knew they'll all come back to the office before going home so, she decided to wait for them.

Riya put on her gear and started shooting. Her physio sessions were going good and she should be back on field in no time. Her shooting was improving as well; her hand did not bother her so much now. Riya again took her aim and shot, that's when she heard him

"Hmm not bad!"

Riya turned around to find Arjun leaning on the wall behind, arms folded in front of his chest and watching her. Her typical dimpled smile crept up on her face. Arjun couldn't help but smile in sync with her as he slowly moved forward. He looked at the target behind her and observed, "But you can do much better than that"

Riya turned around to face her target.

"That was my best shot till now" Riya pouted

 "Try again" Arjun said and moved away, giving her space.

Riya again took the shot – which turned out much worst. She turned around to look at Arjun, who raised his eyebrows and shrugged.

"You made me nervous!"

"I made you nervous?...Need help?" Arjun asked smiling and moved towards her before he got a reply from her.

"Umm sure?!" Riya said unsure of exactly how he was planning on helping her.

Riya again turned, facing her target and started loading her gun. Arjun waited till she loaded her gun, once she took her stance, Arjun smiled and lightly touched her shoulders and whispered " are too stiff" he then slowly moved his hands down her arms. Tracing every inch with the back of his fingers. Riya's breath hitched as she felt his fingers on her skin. Her heart picked up speed as Goosebumps chased his touch. He was quiet close to her now his chest a few inches away from her back.

"Straight elbows" he said, slowly working his fingers back to her elbows.

"Straight back" He went back up her arms to her shoulder and slowly moved his fingers down her back, tracing her spine. Riya closed her eyes as shivers passed through her body. Her insides started to melt slowly. His hands then curved around her waist, burning through her top.

"Now shoot" his voice was soft, a little husky and unimaginably tempting. Riya froze waiting for more of his touch but it was gone, he moved back and waited for her to shoot. She took a deep, uneven breath. She was looking at the target but her mind was still on the burning sensation his warm fingers left on her. Riya gulped and took her shot.

Arjun smirked, "See I told you can do better"

Riya smiled, not mentioning how distracted she was or the fact that she was closing her eyes when she took the shot. He came close to her again, "I came here to tell you something" he whispered near her ear. His warm breath tingled her ear, sending another shiver through her.

"Ya? Wh...what?"

"Rathore asked me to tell you that..."


"That you are back on field from next case"

Riya's eyes widened. She turned around jumping like a kid. "Really??"

Arjun held her hand with the gun away from their bodies, while the other hand wrapped around her waist. "Riya, you are holding a loaded gun. Be careful!!"

"Oops sorry!" she said still smiling and went to put her gear and gun away. She then ran to Arjun and screamed "back on field!!"

Arjun just stood there amused, watching her reaction. "Yes, you are back. Ab ghar chale?"


He pulled his car in front of Riya's house when she asked him to come in for tea. Once Riya freshened, she went to make tea for him and coffee for herself. She came out with the cups when Arjun's phone rang.

"Hello, Anu! Kaisi hai?"

A small pause

"No, I am at Riya's" he said glancing at her

"I'll call you tomorrow? Maa aur papa kaise hai?"

Silence again as he listened

"Okay! Haan pakka...first thing in the morning. Okay bye!"

Riya passed him the cup and sat next to him on the couch. She hesitated before asking, "Who was that?"

"Annika" he said

Riya waited and then frowned at the lack of explanation. Arjun took a sip and looked at her, he chuckled and continued, "Annika aka little sister"

Riya looked at him surprised. "You have a sister?" she asked in such disbelief that Arjun was confused

"Why? Can't I have a sister?"

"No...I never mentioned her, so..."

"She lives in Pune with my parents"

"You never talk about your family"

"I know" he sighed

Arjun realised he'd never talked to her about his family or any other stuff she has a right to know. He looked her straight in the eye and suddenly he felt the urge to share with her everything. All the bottled up emotions were rushing out. He wanted her to know every bit of his past. Every emotion he had gone through, every relation he had and ruined in his grief.

"When...when Roshni was like a nightmare that was way too real. The moments that I thought we'd cherish together became...memories that I craved to relive. She was gone just like that and I...I didn't know how to live anymore. I was so distraught that...the first few months were actually so painful I don't even remember them" he said shaking his head lost.

"I cared about...nothing and no one...not even my family, my parents who love me or my sister who adores me" Arjun paused and added "even my best friend... but I was so lost and drowned in grief that I never saw the people in front of me. I was mourning for Roshni's death but I failed to see that every single one of them were there for me whenever I needed them. I was just breathing...that was all.

And then one best friend...Sameer..."

"Sameer? Sameer Rathore?" Riya whispered

Arjun smiled sadly, "Ya, Sameer Rathore. He came to my house...tried his best to convince me to move on. He said I need to live my life again, he did nothing wrong, he did exactly what a friend would do. But, things got out of hand very quickly and...I said things I can never even imagine of saying to him.

And then suddenly one day they all wake up to find me gone. I just walked out on them, they didn't know where I was or even if I was alive or not" He shook his head in disbelief. "It took me a while to come in to terms with everything. I called my sister about a year after I left; let her know I was alright. But I never had the courage to call Sameer...I said too many hurtful things and...I knew I lost my best friend.

I slowly started to rebuild relationship with my family. They welcomed me with open arms, but I wasn't the same anymore. I had only one person on my mind and that was...Sikander. I searched for him day and night and then I realised I need to join ETF if I want to get anywhere near catching him" Arjun chuckled darkly "And who else would head that team other than my best friend. I used to see it in his eyes...the disapproval for what I have become...drowned in vengeance, rebellious, arrogant. And the day did come when finally I caught that...b******. I thought I'd be happy the day I put him behind bars...but I was wrong. I was still empty...nothing will ever bring her back"

Riya remembered quite well the few months he was away on the mission to catch Sikander. Those were the months she realised how much she loved him and wanted him back safe and sound. But, what was bothering her now, was looking at his eyes with tears in them she realised he still loves her.

She stared at him and the thought that just occurred in her mind formed into a sentence and spilled out of her mouth before she could stop herself.

"You still love her" she whispered.

Arjun's head snapped up. He gazed at Riya intently.

"She was my wife. My first love. There was a time when I thought I'll not be able to live without her"

Riya felt silly as the tears she has been trying to hold back rolled down her cheeks. She hastily tried to wipe them off but Arjun beat her to it. His thumb ran across her cheeks wiping the tears off. He then inched a little closer.

"I drew the energy and will to live from the thought of taking my revenge. Honestly Riya, I did not have a purpose in life after Sikander was arrested. My life could have ended for all I..."

Arjun stopped when Riya grabbed his collar and said, "Don't!! Don't say that!"

His eyes turned soft, gentle. He cupped her face, and as if explaining something to an innocent kid said, "Let me finish?!"

Riya let go of his collar and waited.

"My life could have ended for all I cared, were already a part of my life. You were just another colleague but, when I got to know you and we were slowly becoming friends...Riya whenever I was close to you the pain and that constant ache in my heart seemed to subside. I had to forget my past and give love another chance...I fell in love with you...ya, it took me a while to accept it..." Arjun added sheepishly and smiled.

Riya sniffed, wiped her tears and hugged Arjun around his waist and rested her head on his chest.

"I love you. And if you ever wonder why...I don't know...I really don't. All I know is, after I met you I finally became strong enough to let Roshni go and move on with my life"

Riya hugged him tighter. This was the first time he said those three words and Riya couldn't imagine a better way he could have said them. Every word was uttered with such sincerity and truth was now, at this moment he loves her and nothing else matters to her.

 Arjun and Riya sat on the couch for some more time hugging each other. Then Riya remembered and separated from him.

"You talked to your family and started over right?" she asked him

Arjun nodded

"Then why don't you talk to Rathore sir as well"

Arjun looked away and shook his head. "I wouldn't know what to say to him Riya"

"Sometimes all it takes is a simple apology Arjun..."

Arjun stared at her. That was the first time she said his name without adding a 'sir'. He smiled in spite of himself. And she was right, sometimes all it takes is a simple apology...a long due apology

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CryCryCryCry The end was so emotional...Cry I really cried..
It was so beautifully penned...CryWink
Lovely dear... Loved the way Arjun opened up to herEmbarrassed
He said the three words...Embarrassed it was the right time I thinkWink
Omg Riya "You still love her..." Embarrassed I dont know why but got a bit emotional thenLOL
All in all loved it..Clap
Update soon dear.. I'm so happy your exams are over...
Hope you're enjoying FREEDOMROFL

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it was so romantic and emotional
it was awsome update
and riya saying only arjun without sir
so sweet
continue soon
thanks for pm

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NOTE: I am so, so sorry if I missed anyone while sending the PM. If I did please let me know and I apologize in advance.

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nice part... so finally Arjun opened up to Riya... update soon...

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just ooowsom ,fabelous
update soon
ariya moment was great

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Loved the update.

Arjun teaching Riya to shoot to his confession were all brilliantly portrayed. It wasn't hard to imagine the scenes at all.

Continue soon.

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