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ll_megha_ll IF-Sizzlerz

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plsss updateee
warna mai ro ro ke if or af mai tsunami laa dungi.
samjhe ya samjhun.
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ll_megha_ll IF-Sizzlerz

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update plss

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I am super nervous about this one!! I also haven't proof read - sorry about any mistakes guys!!

Part 34...

His mom spoke again between her sobs, "Itna sab hogaya aur tumne hume bataya nahi? Arjun….Arjun kaise hone diya tumne yeh sab? Anu tumhari zimedaari thi…kaise hogaya yeh sab Arjun???"


Arjun's hands shook as he looked at the phone held in front of him with guilt and shock.


"Bas karo! Kya keh rahi ho tum?" Arjun's dad spoke sternly to his wife before speaking to Arjun again, "Beta, hum waha aa rahe hain…tum apna khayaal rakhna. Aur Arjun, iss baar ussko math chodna. Promise karro ab jab mujhe dikhoge…usse khatam karke hi dikhoge…"


"I promise papa…" Arjun whispered.


He looked up at Riya who nodded silently with tears rolling down her own face, promising him her support.


Arjun wiped the tears and sighed heavily. His fingers ran through his hair before he closed his eyes. Riya watched him silently for a few moments before she slowly walked around him and hugged him from behind. Her arms snaked up from his stomach to his chest as she rested her head on his back. They stayed like that for a few minutes, trying to find some sort of normalcy in the wrecked day.


Arjun finally parted from her and slowly turned around. His eyes were somehow different, the emotions of a brother and a son that were there only a few moments back were wiped off. His eyes now showed the shrewdness and authority of the ACP Rawte that every person in that building and around the city have come to respect and admire.


His sole mission now was to rescue his fellow team member and kill a notorious criminal.


"Tell everyone to assemble at the briefing point. I'll be there shortly…" Arjun said, the command back in his voice.


Riya nodded, "Yes Sir!"


Then, after a moment's hesitation she added, "Sir, but what about Rathore sir?"


With a slight frown he said, "I'll need to talk to him, keep him informed about what is happening here. He'll join us soon…"


"Yes, sir…" Riya said, and immediately left the room to follow his orders.


In the next half hour everyone was gathered, briefed and geared up for their mission on hand. Arjun explained to Shinde what to do and Chotu wired him.

"Few hours Sikander, aur tumhara yeh khel khatam karoonga…" Arjun thought as the whole battalion of officers and Shinde set out to Rajjan's hideout.



Two black SUVs slowly came to a stop some distance away from a damaged warehouse. From where they could see it, it looked like the building could fall at any moment. Arjun turned to Shinde and gave him a nod, his cue to start his role.


As Shinde was walking past, Arjun stopped him,


"Remember Shinde, koi chelaki nahi…agar mujhe laga ki kuch bhi gadbad hain, then I won't think for a second before crushing that building down to the ground…with every single one of you inside it"


The seriousness with which Arjun said it, even Riya felt a chill pass through her and from the look Shinde was giving Arjun at the moment she knew that he would think a million times before trying anything other than what is expected of him.


Shinde gave Arjun a nervous nod and headed towards the warehouse. Arjun, Chotu, Riya and Vicky were in one SUV, another was right next to them. The rest of the officers were a few meters further away standing down for Arjun's orders.


Few minutes later their headphones rang with Shinde and Rajjan's conversation. Shinde was doing well so far and exactly what Ajrun has asked him to do. They waited patiently listening to their conversation,


"Do tapad khaane ke baad sab kuch bata diya ussne…yeha rukh ke aur bhi discuss karna hain ya yeha se bhaage??" Shinde said.

"Haan…haan main abhi Sikander bhai ko call kartha hoon. Unse pooch…" Rajjan's worried voice started to say and everyone is the SUV tensed. Calling Sikander would be disastrous right now. Arjun hoped Shinde would handle the situation, and soon enough they heard him speak.

"Paagal math bano. Tum Sikander ko jaante ho na? Mana kar dega aur agar sach patha chela toh maar dega. Chup chaap yeha se nikhlo aur Sikander ke paas chele jaao…waha jaake koi bahana bana dena…"

They could almost hear Rajjan's frantic thinking about what to do next.

"Jaldi karo Rajjan…time nahi hain humare paas…" Shinde urged him.


"Haan…haan main…main…" Rajjan still stalled.


Arjun shook his head getting annoyed.


"Maybe he needs a little nudge to make up his mind…in our favour…" Riya said and trailed off.


"What do you mean??" Chotu asked her. But, in reply he only got a slight mischievous smile as she dialled a number on her phone and waited.


"Haan Karthik, ek, do SUVs ke sirens on kardo…" She said into the phone.


[Quick Note: Karthik is one of the team members, I mentioned him before as well and he is with the 'others' some distance away from the SUV Arjun and Riya are in…]


"Sirens??" Karthik asked confused.


"Haan abhi…" Riya ordered.


"Yes, ma'am"


"Please, that is not going to work…" Chotu challenged Riya.


Couple of seconds' later loud sirens were heard from not too far behind them.


Chotu turned to the front again and waited, and soon enough Rajjan, Shinde and some of their goons fled out of the warehouse at top speed.


Chotu's mouth hung open as he looked back at Riya, who had an I-can't-believe-it-worked look on her own face.


"Sikander jaisa criminal iss pe depend karr raha hain, that's a bit hard to believe!" Chotu said.


"Desperation Chotu, people tend to do stupid things in desperation, and though it is hard to believe, Sikander still comes under the category of 'people'…" he paused then ordered, "…let's go"




They drove for nearly two hours, following Rajjan's car with the help of the tracker set up by ETF on Shinde.  Rajjan led them to a remote area with a huge abandoned building, surrounded by thick forest reserve.

Stopping some distance away, all the officers gathered where Arjun ordered some to surround the area covering the reserve and the rest he divided into three groups. He divided the building into North Wing, East Wing and West Wing and sent the three groups into each wing of the building.

"Ab humaare paas waqt bahut kam hain…Sikander alert ho jaane se pehle hume attack karna padega. ALRIGHT TEAM THIS IS IT…" Arjun screamed and everyone slowly crept towards the building in groups of three to four in a well-trained routine.

And so began what seemed like an endless battle. Bodies dropped dead at every corner, blood splattered every wall of the ruined building. Gun shots echoed throughout. Quickly making their way through the many layers of the building, the ETF cleared each room one after the other.



In a dark room, Shree's eyes opened ever so lightly. His breath made the dust he was lying on fly off the ground before it settled back down. He tried turning around onto his back but gave up on the effort as every inch of his body hurt at the slightest movement. He was about to close his eyes again, give into the darkness when a series of loud gun shots coming from outside forced him to give up on that thought.

A smile crept up his lips, he knew his team was already there and fighting their way towards him. He tried to turn around again, this time with much more determination. Though it felt like every inch of him was being pricked by a hundred needles, he finally rolled onto his back and heavily sighed of relief. Feeling much more comfortable on his back he lay there, waiting and listening to the commotion from outside.


A door on the far end of the room opened with a bang and a few seconds later, a dark, tall figure loomed before him. Though his eyes could barely open, Shree knew – from the bushy, messed up hair, the crude smirk, the dirt filled fingers and not to forget the evilness that was literally radiating off of him – that it was Sikander.


"And so begins the fun" his chilling voice screeched into Shree's bloodied ear.


Sikander's nails dug into Shree's already sore flesh as he was harshly lifted off the ground. Shree struggled against his grip but soon found it was no use, he was exhausted and did not have an ounce of energy left in him. He was dragged to a door on the opposite end of the room and Shree soon realised that they headed towards the thick forest reserve that surrounded the building.


As they neared the reserve Sikander ruthlessly killed any officer that came in their way. If they went deep enough into the forest reserve, finding them would become very difficult for the team especially with the darkness that surrounded them.


Thinking quickly, Shree started to smear his blood on as many trees as he could without Sikander noticing him.


This was his best hope now.



cont post below...

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Elsewhere in the building.


Riya threw a well-aimed kick into one of the goon's stomach. He fell to the ground clutching the spot before getting back up on his feet ready to fight again. A few feet away, Arjun punched a man on his nose and shot another on his leg. Everything was happening so quickly and more and more goons were appearing out of nowhere that both Riya and Arjun failed to see that one man with a gun held up ready to shoot at Riya.


Arjun having dealt with the man he was fighting turned around and noticing a little too late tried to warn Riya.


"Riya, behind yo…"


Before he could finish he heard the gunshot. Everything froze for a second, as he stared blankly at Riya. But to his great relief, she looked right back at him with no sign of being as much as hurt let alone being shot. They both looked behind her to see the man who was about to shoot her on the floor – dead.


"Sameer?!" Arjun voiced surprised to see him standing there with his gun out in front of him having just shot the man.


"Dhyaan kaha tha tumhara Riya? Agar mein nahi aata toh…" Rathore spoke sternly.


"Yeah well, woh bhi yeha khel nahi rahi thi Rathore" Arjun said pointing towards the goons that lay on the ground motionless.


Rathore gave him a slight smile as he walked towards Riya and Arjun.


"Anu kaisi hain?" Riya was the first to ask.


"Doctors are doing all they can…par time lagega…" Rathore spoke glumly.


Arjun nodded before saying, "Right now, we need to search for Shree…Rathore East Wing has been cleared, I lost contact with the North Wing, so I sent Chotu and a couple of other officers to see what is happening there"


"Alright, let's get going…" Rathore said as they started making their way deeper into the building yet again.




Few minutes later Arjun, Rathore, Riya and a few other officers made their way into a huge hall where a lot of commotion seemed to be centred. It was Rajjan, Shinde and a small group of goons, soon Rajjan was cornered and dragged to the middle of the room.


"Shree aur Sikander kaha hain Rajjan??" Rathore asked him with a death glare.


Rajjan's eyes though were only on Arjun as he spoke,


"You killed my father ACP Rawte, mein tumhe nahi chodoonga…"


"Rathore ke sawaal ka jawaab woh nahi hain Rajjan. Sikander kaha hain?"


"Bahut jaldi hain Sikander ko pakad ne ka? Ab pata chela ki mein tumhe kabse dhoond raha hoon? Tumme aur mujh mein fark hi kya hain ACP? Tum Sikander ko iss liye dhoond rahe ho kyun ki ussne tumhare patni ko maara, aur mein tumhe kyun ki tumne mere baap ko maar diya…"


"Tumme aur mujh mein bahut farak hain Rajjan. Tumhara baap ek criminal tha aur meri patni…khair chodo…tumhe bhi nahi pata ki Sikander kaha hain, you are just stalling us. Arrest karlo isse…" Arjun ordered and turned around.


Rajjan immediately dived for a gun laying on the ground some distance away but before he could even reach it Riya shot him straight in the head.


Arjun turned to look at the motionless body of Rajjan who lay in a pool of blood and shook his head,


"What a waste of life…" he muttered and looked up at Riya who stood breathing heavily with the gun held firmly between her two hands. Arjun gave her a gentle, assuring nod and motioned her to follow him out.


Arjun, Rathore and Riya just stepped out of the room when Chotu came running towards them.


"Sir, baahar se report aayi hain ki, some of the officers saw Shree in the reserve…and maybe Sikander is with him" Chotu informed them panting.


"Okay, iss building ko secure karo, I don't want even one goon escaping from here. Riya, Chotu, Vicky, Karthik and Abhi you are coming with us into the reserve. Make sure you all have the required gear…aaj Sikander yeaha se zinda nahi jaayega…" Rathore ordered everyone.




They stood at the edge of the forest reserve and looked at the pitch black area that spread in front of them. Feeling a warm hand hold hers, Riya turned to look at the owner of the hand. Arjun wasn't looking at her but his grip on her hand tightened. She gave him an assuring squeeze before both let go of each other and moved in.


"Sikander got quite a head start, they would have gone deep into the forest by now. Hum kaise unhe…" Chotu trailed off, voicing the question that was raising in everyone's head.


"You are right Chotu, aur yeh baat Shree bhi jaanta tha…issi liya usne humare liye track chodi hain" Arjun said pointing his torch to the tree next to him where there was a clear print of a hand, with blood.


"That's my boy!!" Rathore yelled, delighted with his subordinate's quick thinking.


When everyone around him looked at him with raised eyebrows he defended saying,


"What? Jiss halat main woh hain, usse aisa kuch soojha – I am very proud of him"


With that everyone started on the trail Shree left for them. It took them about twenty minutes before they neared a large opening, being more cautious they slowly made their way towards it. There was enough moonlight shining through the opening to see Sikander standing in the middle of the small area free of trees with Shree in front of him and a gun pointing to his temple.


Riya gasped looking at the condition Shree was in. There was no part on his face that wasn't bruised or bleeding. His hands were covered in blood and it looked like it took a lot of effort for him to remain standing. In fact, if it wasn't for Sikander who was holding him up, he would have dropped to ground long time ago.


"Finally, we meet again ACP Arjun Rawte" Sikander spoke, his face partially hidden behind Shree's.


"Tumhara khel khatam Sikander" Arjun spoke in a monotone.


"Yeh khel tab khatam hoga, jab main kahoonga Arjun"


"Nahi Sikander not this time. You see, I made too many promises before coming here, and unfortunately for you, all those involve your death! Aaj toh tumhe marna hi hoga" Arjun said as he raised his hand with the gun in it.


It was clear that Arjun hit a cord with Sikander. His face changed from confidence to that of searing anger.


"Yeh math bhulo ACP ki Roshni ko maar diya tha maine aur jo tumhari behen hospital main mauth se khel rahi hain woh bhi mere wajese. Aur aaj yeh bhi marne wala hain…" Sikander said harshly pulling Shree close to him making him wince in pain.


Rathore next to Arjun let out an almost animalistic growl hearing Sikander.


Arjun though spoke again as calmly as he could muster, "Shree ko tum kuch nahi karroge Sikander, kyun ki agar woh nahi hota toh ab tak marr chuke hote"


"Galat. Shree ko ab tak kuch nahi kiya because I wanted you to watch him die. Looks like I must die tonight Arjun. Then I will make sure that I leave behind enough pain for you to last a lifetime"


There were several hisses of disgust from around the area. Arjun wasn't new to Sikander's crude thinking, hence he wasn't surprised at what he just said nor did he doubt that Sikander would stay true to his words.


Arjun eyes travelled from Sikander to Shree. The gun still pointing at his temple which could put a bullet through his head any moment now. Shree's smiling face, him joking around the office with Riya and Chotu, him with his sister and their happy faces together, all flashed in his mind. A searing pain coursed through Arjun's body as he tightened his grip on his gun.


He had to do it. It was better he did it than Sikander.


As he watched him, Shree's head fell forward with jerk before he lifted it up again. Arjun's and Shree's eyes met for a few seconds.


"I am sorry Shree" Arjun said loudly enough for everyone to hear, as tears brimmed in his eyes. He saw a flicker of realisation in Shree's eyes just before he pulled the trigger.


Everyone, everything froze in that second.


As the bullet hit Shree's chest, slicing through his skin, he jerked back into Sikander. The latter out of sheer shock of what just happened let go of his human shield and took several steps back.


For the first time since they came face to face, fear was visible on Sikander's face. Panic filled the air around him as he frantically looked from Shree who fell to the ground to Arjun and back again.


Arjun's eyes were fixed on Sikander's. The pain and vengeance that accumulated over the past years rose to destroy the man standing in front of him. He hated that man with vengeance. Putting every ounce of energy he had left in him, Arjun ran to Sikander and punched every part of his body that he could reach.


Sikander's blood was soon on his hands but Arjun did not stop. Every yell from Sikander gave him a sense of satisfaction. It wasn't until he heard a scream from Riya did he stop. He then pulled his gun out and without another second of delay, downed all the bullets in it into Sikander's body.


Sikander hit a tree behind him and slowly slid to the ground. Dead.


Arjun turned around to find a wide eyed Riya crouched next to Shree. She looked at him terrified. Even Rathore who seemed to be taken aback by what Arjun just did slowly walked to him and pulled him away from Sikander's body.


Arjun followed him and sank to the ground near Shree. Tears flooded out of his eyes and he couldn't stop them, he didn't want to stop them. He ran a hand through Shree's hair and looked at the bullet wound in his chest.


"I am sorry Shree. I am so sorry" He kept saying as he kneeled there caressing Shree's head.


Everyone present, watched him silently. 

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Hola!! Big smile

First of all, Love You Guys for sticking with this story so far!! I cannot believe I'll be opening a new thread for this story soon. We need to open a new thread after 150 pages right? Please, correct me if I am wrong.

Can't thank you guys enough times!!

I must say the whole Sikander chapter was harder to write than I thought it would be. I will think ten times before writing something like this again...having said that I need to write some cases for one of my other stories!!

Arghh dreading that moment!!

Anyways, I know some might find that I ended the Sikander chapter quickly. I did try to add a twist to it but it just felt like a drag...I felt I might bore you, straight to the point is what I opted.

I also know I may have made some major bloopers along the way but please do bear with me...first time writing this kind of stuff. I am hoping to get better at it for the other story.

So, is this somewhat close to what you guys expected? Nothing like you expected or exactly like you expected?

Do comment and let me know what you thought of the chapter...

Heart Simar

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Wow..superb update
Love it
Poor shree

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