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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 134)

Aukview Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2013 at 8:54pm | IP Logged

Hola!!  Big smile

I know, I am sorry!!! I couldn't update in the weekend because of assignments!! Uni stuff is starting to get to me now!! I have exams in a few weeks time as, I'll say it right now...I am not sure how often I'll be able to update.

But, please...please keep the love coming. Promise there are some exciting and more light stuff coming your way soon!  Wink  [Of course after the whole Sikander chapter]

Okay, enough of my chatter...Thank you for the awesomely lovely comments!!! Please keep them coming!

Next part in the next page!!

Heart Simar

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Aukview Senior Member

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If you haven't already done so please read the note on the previous page!! Oh! I haven't proof read, please kindly excuse any mistakes!! Big smile

Part 34…


"Toh kya woh ACP Rawte ke puraane ghar main hain?" Rajjan spoke into his phone nervously as he looked around the dingy warehouse that he made his hideout.


"WAHA THI BEWAKHOOF…ab thak Arjun usse wahase leke gaya hoga!!" A voice blasted from the other side of the line making Rajjan cringe.


"Itna sa kaam diya tha tujhe aur tumse yeh bhi nahi hua…IDIOT!!"


"Par Sikander bhai, mere aadmi log uss Shreekant ko toh pakad le aaye na? Humne usse bahut baar poocha par ussne hume batha ya nahi toh…"


"TOH CHELE AAYE BEWAKHOOF!!" A second of silence prevailed after that and the line went blank.


Rajjan hit the phone on the ground where it lay in pieces. He hated it when Sikander talked to him the way he did. He wouldn't have even thought of working for Sikander if he wasn't boiling for revenge himself. He was quite young and illiterate of the workings of the crime world when he was jailed for an attempted murder and later on a murder. He needed someone to guide him, that's when Sikander took him under his wing. As long as he gets his revenge, he'll endure come what may.




Beads of sweat made their way down the side of his face under the murderous gaze. Shinde looked away and took a deep breath,


"Woh Rajjan ka baap Govind ko aapne maar diya tha, jab aap Sikander ke peeche lagethe. Uss ke liye Rajjan ko aapse…ussi ki revenge lene ki chakkar main woh Sikander se mila jail main aur unn dono ne milkar yeh sab…"


"Govind…jo encounter main maara gaya?" Riya asked looking at Arjun and got a nod in confirmation.


"Rajjan aur Sikander ek saath hain?" Arjun asked looking at the sorry excuse of a man in front of him.


"Nahi. Rajjan chah tha tha, lekin Sikander ne nahi maana. Lekin woh jaanta hain ki Sikander kaha hain…"


"Sikander ne khud phone pe kaha tha ki Rajjan inn sab main naya hain. Ki usse yeh sab danda kaise karthe hain patha nahi….kya yeh…"


"Haan woh thoda….naadaan hain….inn sab cheeson main…iss liye ussne Sikander ka help le liya…"


"Good…usski yeh so called naadangi hi hume Sikander thak paunchaye ga. Hum Rajjan ke paas jaane waale hain…waha kya karna hain yeh main tumhe samjha doonga…" Arjun said and walked out of the room followed by Riya.


As soon as they stepped out of the room Arjun's phone started ringing. Looking at the screen he hesitated for a fraction a second out of fear before answering the call. He put it on speaker for Riya's sake.


"Sam bolo…"


"Arjun…" Rathore said and hesitated. Arjun couldn't make himself to prompt him so he waited patiently for him to continue, "…Arjun main aur Tanvi hain yaha…who doctor keh rahe hain ki…ki…shaayad Anu…"


Riya held Arjun's arm tightly as they both stared at the phone held out in front of them shaken. Arjun took a deep breath and finally said,


"Shayad kya Sameer???"


"Uske…coma main chele jaane ke chances hain…" His broken voice informed them.


Arjun's grip on the phone tightened as Riya's hand flew up to her mouth in shock.


Rathore continued, "Doctors are trying their best…just waiting for her to gain conscious"


There was silence as Arjun and Riya stayed numb at the thought of Anu going into coma. Rathore again spoke in a hurry,


"Main tumhe baad main call kartha hoom…doc say baath karni hain…" The call went blank after that.


Arjun's hand which was holding the phone fell limp to his side. He slowly made his way to his cabin with Riya at his tail.


Arjun's phone started ringing again but he didn't pick it up. So, Riya took it from him. Upon looking at the name her heart picked up speed and she looked at Arjun uneasily.


"Arjun…it's your mom…maybe you should…" When she did not get any response she put it on speaker and held it out to him.


"Hello? Hello…Arjun?" His mother's dreading voice spoke hurriedly.


Arjun looked at the phone as tears rolled down his cheeks. He took a deep breath and spoke, "Maa…maa An…"


"Arjun yeh hum kya sunn rahe hain news main? Sikander bhaag gaya?? Arjun…kya ho raha hain waha??? Beta?? Tum thik ho? Aur Anu woh thik hain na??"


Riya seeing more tears roll down Arjun's face put a comforting hand on his shoulder and prompted him to speak to his mother.


"Maa Anu…Anu…"


"Anu? Kya hua usse? Kya hua Anu ko?? Ajrun…bolo!!!"


"She is hurt. Woh hospital main hain. Maa I…"


"Hurt matlab? Kya hua usse?? Hospital main…? Suniye…suniye yeh kya keh raha hain. Anu ko kuch…woh hospital main hain…"


Arjun's dad came on the line. Arjun took another deep breath and wiped his tears. His dad unlike his mom, talked to Ajrun calmly. When Arjun finished telling him all that happened there was silence with his mom's sobs in between.


His mom spoke again between her sobs, "Itna sab hogaya aur tumne hume bataya nahi? Arjun….Arjun kaise hone diya tumne yeh sab? Anu tumhari zimedaari thi…kaise hogaya yeh sab Arjun???"


Arjun's hands shook as he looked at the phone held in front of him with guilt and shock.


"Bas karo! Kya keh rahi ho tum?" Arjun's dad spoke sternly to his wife before speaking to Arjun again, "Beta, hum waha aa rahe hain…tum apna khayaal rakhna. Aur Arjun, iss baar ussko math chodna. Promise karro ab jab mujhe dikhoge…usse khatam karke hi dikhoge…"


"I promise pa…" Arjun whispered.


He looked up at Riya who nodded silently with tears rolling down her own face, promising him her support.




Shinde nervously walked into the abandoned warehouse. The goons already positioned there did not stop him knowing who he is. He smiled nervously at them and walked to the far end of the eerie hall where Rajjan sat looking at him annoyed.


"Kaha the ab thak?" Rajjan asked in an annoyed tone mirroring his mood.


"Kuch gadbad ho gayi…" Shinde said exactly the way he rehearsed.


"Kya?" Rajjan got up from his seat, his brows furrowed and looking at Shinde anxiously.


"Woh jo tumne Rawte ko delay karne ke liye bheja tha…woh pakda gaya" Shinde said faking hurry as he nervously tucked at his shirt where the wire Chotu fixed pricked him.


"Woh…haan maine usse bhejne se pehle samjha diya…woh apna muh nahi kholega" Rajjan said confidently as he settled comfortably back onto his chair.


"Woh apna muh already khol chuka hain…aur ETF kabhi bhi yeha aathi hogi…" Shinde said rolling his eyes. Rajjan again got off the seat with a startle, this time there was fear written on his face.


"Par maine usse kaha tha ki unse kahe ki woh nahi jaanta ki main kaha hoon…" Rajjan said in one go.


Shinde rolled his eyes yet again, yeh itna bewakhoof kaise ho saktha hain? "Do tapad khaane ke baad sab kuch bata diya ussne…yeha rukh ke aur bhi discuss karna hain ya yeha se bhaage??"


"Haan…haan main abhi Sikander bhai ko call kartha hoon. Unse pooch…"


"Paagal math bano. Tum Sikander ko jaante ho na? Mana kar dega aur agar sach patha chela toh maar dega. Chup chaap yeha se nikhlo aur Sikander ke paas chele jaao…waha jaake koi bahana bana dena…"


Shinde looked at Rajjan anxiously for his decision.


Outside, some distance away the whole of ETF team waited with bated breath for Rajjan's response.


In Pune Arjun's mom and dad were already in their car making their way to Mumbai with heavy hearts.


In the City Hospital, Tanvi rested her head on Rathore's shoulder as they waited outside the operation theatre.


In a dark room, Shree's eyes opened ever so lightly. His breath made the dust he was lying on fly off the ground before it settled back down. He tried turning around onto his back but gave up on the effort as every inch of his body hurt at the slightest movement. He was about to close his eyes again, give into the darkness when a series of loud gun shots coming from outside forced him to give up on that thought.


A smile crept up his lips.  

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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res me first yippee

i m so sorry simar

dun know how i forgot to comment over here 

loved dis part

OMG anu might slip in coma Cry

dere parents coming !!!

felt bad for arjun...

finally Rajan ko trap kar hi liya in dere plan

i hope shree would be fyn soon 

HUGS dear

n continue soonn

sorry 1ce agai

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Arya1991 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 May 2013 at 9:27pm | IP Logged

Amazing update.
I could picture those waitinh scenes!!!

Brilliant work!
Looking forward to the next update.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Posted: 07 May 2013 at 10:18pm | IP Logged
Great part!!!

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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 May 2013 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Simar dear
pm ni kiya!!
sng where ???~~~~!!!!
awesum tham
bt chota phew
tears mum blame arjun bro omg
haila anu coma no pls
shree hope rescued
grt part
all d best fr ur exams!!~

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ehmmbh_luvr Senior Member

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Thanks a ton for updating...had been eagerly waiting for u to update this oneBig smile
N needless to say u did a great jobClap
So finally shinde opened up...he had to or else arjun would have treated him in a much better manner than what he actually didAngry
Oh my god...anu may slip into comma...i just hope she remains fine!!!
The conversation that arjun has with his parents over the phone was very well written n emotional...i'm glad his dad gave him the much needed confidence n dint let him deviate from his ultimate mission!!
Oh great they tricked rajan...i'm sure he's the key to their ultimate lock!
has etf reached sikandet's hideout??? did seem like ...i hope it is them only...!!
Continue soon...can't wait to read how arjun nails sikander!

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