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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 128)

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Originally posted by Payal_156

Hw much tym ??
i hv to go in 10 min pls..!

PM check karlo...kar diya Smile

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Back with the next one!!

Sorry for the delay in posting the updates!! But, I can't do much about it...uni work!! Cry

Anyways...again a huge THANK YOU for all the awesome comments and encouragement!! Hug and of course all the stalking TongueWink


Next part in the post below...

Let me know what you guys think!!

Heart Simar

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Chapter 33...

"Baap ke ghar…" Realisation dawned on the crude face as he looked at his captive.


Shree felt a hard blow on the side of his face and the vision immediately started to blur. Overcome by pain and fatigue, he fell sideways onto the cold and dirty floor not able to sit up any longer. The last thing he saw before darkness engulfed him was a tall figure walking away from him.


He was sure Arjun got the message he was trying to convey, he just hoped they would get to her before it's too late.



No one dared to stand in its way as the black SUV raced through the busy streets of Mumbai. The SUV flashed red lights and siren alerting the vehicles in front to make space.


"Arjun? Arjun where are we going? How do you know where Anu is?" Riya asked from the back seat as she bent a little to see Arjun who was sitting in the passenger seat. Rathore was driving.


"Phone call yaad karro Riya…Shree ne khud bataya ki Anu…ki Anu mere ghar main hain…" Arjun said looking lost in his thoughts.


Riya tried to remember what Shree had said, kya tha? Kuch baap…sabse bada baap phone pe…tumhare…tumhare baap ke ghar main…baap ke ghar main… Riya gasped upon remembering,


"Anu is at your house? Your old house? Toh phir usne hume contact karne ki khoshish kyun nahi ki?" She asked the obvious next question.


It was Rathore who answered her, "I – I just hope she is okay…agar abhi tak hume contact karne ki khoshish nahi ki hain toh...maybe she's hur…"


"Don't Sameer! Just…don't…" Arjun said through tightly clenched teeth as his heart raced with every passing second. He already lost a loved one in that house, if something happens to Anu as well he'd not be able to bear that pain. A part of him wished to go to Anu this second and make sure she's fine and help her, yet a part of him dreaded going back to that house.


As if understanding what was going through his mind, a warm, supporting hand touched his shoulder. Arjun closed his eyes and held Riya's hand.


The rest of the drive was silent. With Rathore's crazy driving, within the next ten minutes they reached Arjun's old house, where he once lived a happily married life. All three got down cautiously, with guns drawn out and keeping an eye out for any surprises. Once it became clear that there was no one else there except for the three of them, Rathore ran towards the main door of the house followed by Riya.


The house was the last house of the street, a little behind and small compared to the other houses, almost isolated from the rest. Arjun took a couple of hesitant steps towards the main gate while Rathore and Riya were trying to kick open the door.


The memories of his past clouded his mind not letting him think properly. He could see Rathore throwing his body at the door trying to break it open but couldn't think of anything to help him. It wasn't till his eyes fell on the drops of blood on ground a few feet away that the fog cleared with a chill passing through his spine.


"Hatto Sam…." Arjun said urgently and took the spare key kept in the pot next to the door to open the lock.


As soon as he opened the door, Arjun gasped and froze where he stood as cold fear swept through him. A way too familiar scene lay in front of him. Drops of blood around the middle of the living room where Anu lay motionless. Rathore and Riya too froze, but they recovered soon and ran to Anu.


Arjun still frozen at the front door, kept looking at Rathore with bated breath, searching the latter's face for answers. Relief coursed through him as Rathore sighed and turned to Arjun giving him an assured nod. Arjun staggered back into the door, his eyes filled with tears. The drive to the house was agonizing and seeing his little sister in that state has snapped something within him. The tears which came with relief flowed down his face as he slid to the ground with his palms pressed against his eyes.


Soon Riya was beside him. He tugged her a little closer and hugged her tightly. This was the first time ever Riya saw Arjun so broken, it killed her to see him that way. She hugged him tighter to her chest and held him till he calmed down all the time assuring him that nothing will happen to Anu.


"Kuch nahi hoga usse…she's going to be fine"


"The ambulance is on its way Arjun…hum usse abhi hospital le jayenge…"


"Kuch nahi hone denge hum usse …"


After a while Arjun slowly parted from her. She cupped his face and shook her head slowly, he needed to be strong that's what she was trying to tell him silently…and so he shall be for Anu's sake, for Shree's sake…


He finally got up and walked to Anu, kneeling beside her Arjun held her hand and looked at her pale face. Fresh tears rolled down his cheeks but he fiercely wiped them off. Just as they heard the ambulance sirens, Arjun bent down to Anu's face and kissed her forehead.


"I am sorry Anu, tumhare saath hospital nahi aa paunga! But, I'll make a promise to you that when I come to visit you in the hospital…I'll come with your Shree. Usse safe and sound tumhare paas khada karunga…yeh mera waada hain tumse…"


Anu was carefully shifted onto a stretcher and taken into the ambulance.


"Main Anu ke saath jaa tha hoon…Tanvi ko wahi rukhne ke liye kahoonga aur main wapas aa jaunga…"


Arjun nodded and looked at Anu one last time before getting into the SUV with Riya and drove back to ETF office. Though his mind was back onto the case and catching Sikander…no killing Sikander, his heart was entirely with his little sister.




Once back in the office, a new found determination flood through Arjun. He went straight to the interrogation room where Chotu was trying to get something out of Shinde.


"Issne kuch kaha hain Chotu?" Arjun asked his eyes fixed on Shinde.


"Sir…aap…nahi sir abhi tak nahi…" Chotu hesitated and asked, "How is Anu…is she okay?"


"Usse hospital leke gaye hain Chotu…" Riya answered him who followed Arjun into the room.


"Hospital par kyun?" Chotu asked concerned.


"Uske ser pe chot hain…behosh thi who…" Riya said and Chotu fell silent.


Arjun slowly walked to Shinde, his eyes did not flicker away from him once during Chotu and Riya's conversation. Holding him by his collar, Arjun pulled Shinde off the chair and dragged him outside into the main office area.


He made him kneel in the middle of the office and pulled his gun out pointing it at Shinde's temple.


"Rajjan aur Sikander kaha hain…batao…" Arjun said in a deadly serious voice.


"Mujhe nahi pata…" Shinde said in a monotone.


"NEHA!!" Arjun roared, startling everyone and especially Neha who immediately became pale as she hesitantly stepped forward.


"Ye…yes sir…"


"Tum yeha pe kya karti ho?" Arjun asked his eyes still on Shinde.


"Sir?" Neha asked looking completely lost like everyone else. Even Riya and Chotu did not understand what Arjun was doing and exchanged confused looks.


"KYA KARTI HO NEHA?" Arjun roared again.


"Sir, technical support…deti…deti hoon sir…"


"Gun chelana aatha hain??"


"Bahut kam chelayi hain sir…"


"Haan ya na Neha?!!"




"Perfect! Yeh lo mera gun…Shinde ki left ear dikh raha tumhe?"


"SIR???" Neha looked absolutely petrified when Arjun thrust his gun into her hands and made her stand in front of Shinde.


"Uss ki left ear se exactly do inch doori se shoot karro…"


"Sir yeh aap kya karr rahe hain…sir usse shoot karna nahi aata…" Chotu chimed in as he and Riya started to understand what he was doing.


"Shut up Chotu! Neha main paanch tak count karronga…paanch sunte hi shoot karna…remember do inch ki doori pe shoot karna hain.."


"Par sir agar Shinde ko lag gayi toh…" Riya asked.


"Encounter main daal sakthe hain sir…" Vicky put his two cents in.


"Eeyyy…yeh kya chal raha hain….ai…aise kaise shoot kardegi woh….tum ek police officer ho…aise nahi karr sakthe….ye..yeh nahi kar skathe tum…." Shinde started to shout. Sweat started to pop on his forehead as he looked at Neha.


"Ek…" Arjun started to count.




"Eeyyy yeh nahi kar sakthe tum…yeh…"




"Comm…commissioner…sir…who kaha hain…aaayyy tu kya kar rahi hain.…neeche rakh gun neeche rakh"


Instead of putting the gun down, Neha closed her eyes tight and aimed the gun at Shinde which targeted straight at his forehead.




"Main…main…yeh kyaa…" Shine still tried his luck at getting away without opening his mouth.




"NAHI!! NAHII MAIN BATA DOONGA…Rajjan kaha hain main bata doonga….main bata doonaga…bata doonga…"


Arjun's eyes hardened as he walked to Shinde. He was one step closer to finding Sikander and fulfilling his promise to his sister.

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Me first ...Payal & TaniTongue...
Firstly ...Sikander also got the meaning of Shree Message or i am just over reading ...
Arjun turmoil and the dreadful memories with that house ...Immense strength from him and ofcourse he had riya & rathore with him...
Anu is safe and Sound ..and i just pray for Shree
teh inteerogation part was awesome...just too good ...hats off girl fro penning that one down so effectively
Again cliff hanger ..ab toh mrereko double update chaiye

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sia di mujhe lga me first koi ni lol
simar dear Hug
Awesum update dear
aww feeling bad fr shree
arjun bro find d clue
omg anu hope she recover soon
arjun promise
shinde u gone man..
neha haila
suffering n pain grtly describe
maje aa gye
ps. sng in next
love u

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Originally posted by Aukview

Originally posted by Payal_156

Hw much tym ??
i hv to go in 10 min pls..!

PM check karlo...kar diyaSmile

got it
post kr do balle balle

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Sia n payal ... aa gaye tum donno first :P


Wat a beautiful piece of work ...seriosuly claps 

arjun drove like a maniac  to his house...

i can actually imagine d pin he must have felt by seeing d dreadful site of anu on  d floor...

it wud have surely b not easy for him

shree k liye hats off

i hope he returns safely

Annu in hospital

i really liked d interrogation room scene 

neha ko kya mast use kiya arjun ne 

continue it sooonnn

wo shinde automatically spoke up

waiting for next part

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Originally posted by tani23


Sia n payal ... aa gaye tum donno first :P

Kya kre huw hain aadat se majboor ROFL

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