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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 101)

srividhya68 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2013 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Ria worried for him 

Continue soon

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princess2507 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2013 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
waiting for ur update!!!

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MissRight IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2013 at 5:27pm | IP Logged
wow... amazing update... kafi saare chaps ek saath pade... plzzz PM me next time u update...

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Seenavas IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2013 at 8:12pm | IP Logged
plsss update

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beatrice_89 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 March 2013 at 8:40am | IP Logged
Plz Update soon waiting eagerly

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Aukview Senior Member

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Posted: 08 March 2013 at 2:57am | IP Logged

Sorry for the late one! My college started and I am busy with it hence the delay. I might update once a week from now on...sorry about that guys, but nothing much I can do.

Thank you all so much for all the likes and comments - it means a lot!! Hug

Coming to the update, it's in the post below. After today's chapter things are going to move really fast, so don't miss out on any of the updates Wink

Do comment and let me know what you guys think!!

Heart Simar

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Aukview Senior Member

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Posted: 08 March 2013 at 2:58am | IP Logged

Part 29...

6:53 AM
Residence of ACP Rathore

Sikander's trial day.



As he lay on the bed, watching out the window, the sun slowly started to rise above the horizon. The early morning sunrays flashed light through the night's darkness - painting the sky around it a beautiful orange. Arjun looked down at Riya in his arms, sound asleep; he tightened his grip around her and brought her closer.


A day would come, a lot similar to today when he would wake up to Riya in his arms and he would look at her much like the way he was looking at her right now. But, that day she wouldn't have the haunted look she has on her face right now, she wouldn't have that deep crease between her brows, she wouldn't look so restless and troubled. And that day will come soon. He looked out the window again as the sun grew in size and the light became brighter - morning finally broke through.


Arjun sighed, as much as he'd love to stay here with Riya for longer, there were urgent matters to attend to. Gently he retrieved his arms from around her. She stirred a little in her sleep but did not wakeup, thank god for that because it took a good half an hour on his part to convince her to get some sleep. He pulled the comforter up to her shoulders before quietly making his way out of the room.


He walked into the living room to find it - as expected - deserted. Upon hearing sounds from the kitchen he made his way to it, to find Rathore making coffee for himself.


"Mere liye bhi..." Arjun said walking to the kitchen counter and leaning against it as he watched Rathore prepare another cup for him.


"Itna jaldi utt gaye? Should have slept for a while longer..."


Arjun looked at Rathore's tired, sleepless eyes, "Who are you kidding Sam? No one slept a wink in the last four hours...not even you..."


Rathore sighed, "Riya...woh kaisi hai?"


"Bahar zyada na dikhane ki khoshish kar rahi hain...lekin..."


A few minutes of silence followed as Rathore passed Arjun a cup and sipped coffee from his own.


"Shree called a few minutes ago" Rathore slowly informed.


"What did he say?" Arjun asked though he knew not to have any hopes.


"Woh phone jisse mujhe call aaya tha, switched off hain; it is not traceable at the moment" Rathore said dully.


"And by the time it is, it would be too late" Arjun said gravely.


Both Arjun and Rathore stood leaning against the kitchen counter, deep in thought. 


"Who is transferring Sikander from the prison?" Arjun suddenly asked.


"Inspector Shinde and a few other officers arranged by him...why?"


"I want to go...I'll get him to court..."


"But Arjun, Shinde toh..."


"Nahi Rathore, yeh log kuch bada plan kar rahe hain. I don't know what it is but...I need to be there, and ask them not to shift him before I get there..."


"Okay, I'll make a couple of calls and let them know that you are coming" Rathore assured Arjun.


"I want to come with you..." Riya's voice from the kitchen door made them both turn around surprised.


"No, Riya...tum..." Arjun started but was cut short.


"I want to Arjun"


"Riyaa, go to office with Sam. See if you can get anything else on Rajjan, I'll join you guys as soon as the trial..." Arjun stopped talking seeing Riya.


It was clear from her face that she was close to tears again. Rathore stood up straight and hit him on his upper arm with the back of his hand. He nudged him forward towards Riya.


Arjun walked up to her slowly and smiled knowingly, "I'll be fine. I don't think they'll attack me in broad day light..."


"I still want to come" Riya said firmly, the vulnerable girl he saw a few seconds ago vanished. She didn't leave him much choice, turning around she took a couple of steps towards the room but stopped asking,


"Kab thak jaana hain?"


"We'll leave in about forty five minutes. I need to go to lodge and have shower before heading there..."


Riya nodded and walked into her room silently.



9:00 AM

Ravi Lodge

Room No. 102




He pointed his gun at the man. Except for a slight crease on his forehead, there was no emotion reflected on his face. He was being held captive at point blank range but there was absolutely no fear in those eyes. In fact they looked back at him as if challenging him, daring him to shoot. His grip on the gun tightened. He was to not harm the man but delay him as much as possible, even if it means losing his own life in doing so.


He knew the man in front of him was a cop - a hot shot at that. In fact, there were very few who did not know ACP Arjun Rawte and he also knew that this was a suicidal mission. But, he got orders and not following orders was no less suicidal. So, here he was, holding ACP Rawte at gun point in his almost destroyed room lodge - which was a result of his and an accomplice doing from last night.


It was almost easy, way too easy, to take care of the sorry excuse of security outside and creep up on Arjun, who was fishing out his clothes from the cupboard.


"Sit down" he tried to bring some authority into his voice.


Arjun glanced sideways towards the bed and lazily walked to it.


"Who sent you?" Arjun asked way too casually, as if striking up a conversation with an old friend.


"Doesn't matter" he replied.


Arjun smirked, "You are obviously not here to kill me because you could have done that about a hundred times by now. I am guessing whoever sent you, sent the two idiots last night as well. What are you guys planning on doing? Why are you here?"




Arjun shook his head, "I am warning you, put the gun down and surrender..."


"I said not another word...just..." What is with this man? He thought. Here I am pointing my gun at him and he is talking as if nothing unusual was happening.


"I am saying this for your own me..." Arjun said almost feeling sorry for the guy.


"What are you..." he started confused but did not finish as he felt cold metal touch his back.


"Drop the gun" a female's voice ordered him.


He laughed, "If I don't? Will you kill me? Tum rokhogi mujhe??"


Arjun looked at him with raised eyebrows, "Ek baat bathau, aurat ki khabiliyath pe kabhi shak nahi karna chahiye!!"


As he heard Arjun say it, he felt a kick on his back and he jerked forward. The gun fell from his hand and he felt a punch across his face. With blurred eyes he looked up to see the woman about to take another punch at him. He stopped her hand mid way and was about twist it back when he felt another punch on his face, a much stronger and painful one. He slumped to the ground howling in pain.




After giving him a very satisfactory punch, Arjun crouched down near him, rolling his fingers firmly around the man's collar he pulled him closer fiercely. His flaming eyes looked straight at the man's scared ones,


"NEVER, EVER dare to touch her again" he said in a deadly tone and let go of his collar harshly.


"Itna der kyun kar di aane main? Cell phone car se lane ke liye itna der kartha hain kya koyi?" Arjun asked turning to Riya.


Riya looked at him with raised eyebrows, and spoke with sarcasm, "Actually someone said that these people will not attack in broad day I was taking my time..."


Arjun gave a half smile to her and turned back to the man on the floor. His smile vanished as he crouched down near the man and his eyes narrowed,


"Who sent you?" Arjun asked him in the same dangerous tone, which clearly sent out the warning to not test his patience.


"Ag...agar main kuch kahoon toh woh log mujhe maardenge..." he said nervously, sweat dripping down his face.


"Agar kuch na kaho toh bhi wohi result hone waala hain!!" Arjun said.


Before the interrogation could go any further than that, Arjun's phone rang and he picked it up.


"Haan Shree, abhi call karne hi waala tha...yeha ek aadmi..." Arjun was about to inform about everything that happened but was cut short by Rathore.


"Arjun abhi issi waqt office aa jao"


There was something in his voice that told Arjun not to counter or argue with him. He didn't need to ask to know that something was wrong. He didn't even bother asking him why he was calling from Shree's phone.


"Aa raha hoon" Arjun said and cut the call.




8:43 AM

ETF Office

Conference Room







"THIS IS REDICULOUS!!" Rathore shrieked into his cell phone.


"The commissioner asked me to inform you sir...he is trying to handle we speak"


"What is left to handle??...HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?!" Rathore yelled again, unable to digest what the officer on the other end of the line was informing him.


"We are still trying to figure that out sir" the person paused, when he spoke next he sounded nervous. "Umm will you in...inform ACP Raw...Rawte sir or should...should I..." he trailed off.


"I didn't know you had such an early death wish, officer!!" Rathore spited out dangerously.


"S...Sir I - I..."


"FORGET IT!! I'll handle it. DO NOT CALL RAWTE" with that last command Rathore ended the call. He looked out the window.


This can't be happening...not again!! He thought, hoping from the depths of his heart that nothing wrong happens. Rathore turned away from the window as frustration, anger, sadness welled up in him.


"DAMMIT!!" Rathore yelled to the empty conference room, slamming the phone in his hand down hard on the floor, where it lay in pieces.


Shree and Chotu came running in hearing the sound.


"Kya hua sir?" Shree asked.


Rathore's finger's rolled into fists, his nails dug into the flesh as he tried very hard to keep his boiling anger in control.


I have to inform Arjun before it's too late! Rathore thought and looked at the pieces of his phone on the floor.


"Shree I need to use your phone" he said through clenched teeth.


Shree did not waste a second in handing over his phone to his chief.


As Arjun's phone started ringing a strange kind of nervousness and edgy feeling grew in him. He took a deep, uneven breath to calm himself.


How can I tell him that... Rathore closed his eyes tightly.


Arjun answered the phone, "Haan Shree, abhi call karne hi waala tha...yeha ek aadmi..."


It took a lot of effort to make his voice sound as normal as possible,


"Arjun abhi issi waqt office aa jao"




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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2013 at 3:44am | IP Logged
Omg itni jaanlewa update...
me understand u busy in clg wrk
bt ur updates take my breath away surely
aww riya..
sam gud
phew attack on arjun
thank god riya save him
my guess sik bhag gya
dear pls update soon
loved it
grt writer
me first yay..!!
Congo on 100 pgs!!

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