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FF: Safe in his arms! Link to thread 2 added (Page 100)

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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by life93

brilliant upadte simarClapClapClap
 just save shree n anu from that sikanader...
 feeling miserable for arjun n riya...
 update soon

Thank you!! will do soon...

_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2013 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sips_crazy

Just to let u know that I am stalking the thread!!!!LOLLOLLOL

even i m stalking 

dekhte hian kaun first aata hain

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 2:39pm | IP Logged
Finally! Update in the post below!!! Embarrassed  Tongue

I am not at all sure about this part...I hope you guys will like it.  Please do bare with me, I mentioned this before and I'll do it again...I am not good with suspense/crime stuff. I had this whole Sikander thing in my head ever since I started the FF hence I am giving it a go!

Silent readers do like/comment...makes a lot of difference guys!!

Let me know what you guys think...

P.S. Replied to everyone's have a look in the last few pages!! Smile

Heart Simar

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Posted: 18 March 2013 at 2:39pm | IP Logged

Part 31...

He saw a quick flash of silver in front of his eyes and immediately understood what was about to happen.


"ANUUU!!!" He screamed at the top of his lungs trying to warn her but it was too late, he heard a gut wrenching thud and her hold on the man attacking Shree loosened. Taking advantage of Shree's momentary lapse of concentration the man pushed him hard, making him take several steps back and trip to the ground. As Shree fell, his palm hit something hard and cold, his fingers automatically rolled around the gun and his index finger itched to pull the trigger as he brought it forward in front of him.


The smirk on their attackers' faces vanished; Shree downed the bullets into the two men who stood in front of him. As they fell to the ground – dead, Shree ran to their lifeless bodies, screaming,




As tears of grief and dread streamed down his face, he dragged himself to Anu's unconscious body. Blood trickled down the side of her head, drenching her hair in the red liquid. He picked her up and ran in, and gently lowered her down to the cold surface of the floor.


"Anu! ANU?!!" He shook her shoulders gently, upon getting no response; Shree hesitantly brought the side of his face down onto her chest, his whole body shook as his ears yearned to hear the soft thump.


His heart stopped when he did not feel the beat of its other half.


He lifted his head and looked at her with shock,


"ANU?!! UTTOOO!!!" He screamed shaking her bit more aggressively than before.


Shock and fear slowly gripped him, a chill passed through him making him freeze to the ground he was kneeling on. He kept staring at the limp body in front of him as his mind went into a shock and refused to react to the situation. But, somewhere deep down in his heart he still had a hope, his heart kept saying this can't be the end, this is NOT the end. Subconsciously his right palm lifted to her heart followed by his left and he started CPR. After no change in her what so ever, it finally dawned upon him...she was gone.


He wanted to scream his lungs out, scream out all the pain he felt. But he just couldn't. Tears flooded out as unbearable ache wrenched his heart. His hands sought her face and pulled her into his arms. His body racked in grief as he held her tighter. His hand on her neck felt nothing but cold skin...…and then…


Her skin thudded against his fingers in a warm, soft thump.


Again he froze, but this time because his heart did a small skip as the hope it hung on to won the battle, "Anu!!" Shree gasped with great relief and lowered her down onto the ground. He again lowered his head down on her chest, and sure enough there it was; his life line beating warmly against his skin.


A smile spread across his lips and he looked up, she was still unconscious. The blood seemed to have clotted – she wasn't bleeding as heavily now. He looked around the abandoned room frantic for anything that could help him. He saw a phone on the far end of the dusty, brooding room; quickly trying to make his way to it he slightly tripped on the broken table and debris from the past. Straightening himself, he ran to the phone and picked it up, but it was dead.


"DAMMIT!" He cried.


About to make his way back to Anu he halted in his track as he heard the clear sound of bikes.


Shit! They are coming!




"Hum jaante hain tumhe Rajjan ne bheja hain. Kaho kaha hain woh?" Riya screamed at the man who attacked Arjun in the lodge that morning. Vicky who was with Riya in the interrogation room gave the man a tight slap, only to have silence from the latter's end.


Riya sighed, shaking her head, "Baat toh tum karoge, tumhare liye behtar yeh hain ki tum abhi baat karna shuru kardo, kyun ki jab Arjun sir aur Rathore sir aayenge toh tumhe koi nahi bacha sakta!"


The man looked at her a little scared, beads of sweat started to pop on his forehead. Riya noticed this and gestured to Vicky to add something to it…make the man more nervous.


Catching onto what she was doing, Vicky added, "Chod dijiye ma'am. Yeh puchne se batane waalon main se nahi hain…Jab tak Rathore sir ka haath aur Arjun sir ki goli nahi dekega baat nahi karega…"


As if on cue, the room door opened with a bang to reveal a flared up Arjun and Rathore followed by Chotu. They roamed on the Mumbai streets for almost half an hour and decided that it was of no use. They decided to come back to ETF office and try to work this out from there. The sight of them was enough to make the man shudder with fear.


As soon as they took a couple of steps into the room, a scared voice started saying,


"Main…main bata doonga, muj…mujhe jo pata hain main…main bata doonga!!"


Vicky shook his head at the sorry excuse in front of him and hit the man's head saying, "Batao!"


"Saab woh main Rajjan ke yeha kaam kartha hoon. Saab woh mere paas aaya aur kaha ki aap...aap subha, Sikander ko lene ke liye jaa rahe ho aur mujhe bas aapko waha jaane se rokhna hain" he said looking at Arjun. "Aur agar maine aisa na kiya toh...woh mujhe maar dega...bas itna hi pata..." he trailed off seeing Arjun and Rathore.


"Rajjan kaha hain?" Arjun asked his voice blunt and direct.


The man started to cry, Arjun could see right through the crocodile tears but he kept his cool and waited. His answers seemed much rehearsed, as if reading off a paper in front of him.


"Saab…saab mujhe sach main na…nahi pata ki woh kaha hain...woh toh kahi aur jaa raha tha aur mujhe bataya nahi ki kaha jaa raha hain...saab main..."


"CHUPPP!!" Rathore screamed getting annoyed at his whining tone.


Arjun turned on his heel and left the room. Rathore, Riya and Chotu followed him shortly. Once outside Arjun turned to his chief,


"I want Shinde in this interrogation room within next thirty minutes" he said through clenched teeth.


"Shinde? Inspector Shinde? Woh kyun sir?" Riya asked.


"kyun ki mera security main involve hona last minute decision tha, I told you this morning that I'll join shinde with the security and only Shinde and the Commissioner knew about it…" Arjun said looking at Rathore.


"Commissioner is hopefully not the one involved…that leaves Shinde…" Rathore said thoughtfully.


"I am glad that you at least considered that I may not be involved!" said a commanding voice from behind, making all three turn around. The commissioner walked towards them, Arjun, Rathore and Riya saluted to him and stood in attention.


"Jo kuch bhi hua woh…" the commissioner said walking up to them and looked at Arjun who was throwing daggers at him.


"Aise math dekho Arjun, with the amount of security we had no one expected…"


"Kya faida sir? When the security itself had a glitch in it…" Arjun tried his best not to lose it on his senior officer.


The commissioner nodded his head solemnly, "Jaanta hoon Arjun, main tumhara ghunhe gaar hoon. You wanted to kill him the first chance you got but I stopped you…he held way too much information about the underworld we just…" he stopped, there was no point for the explanations now, "…Yeh lo Arjun…"


The commissioner handed him a bunch official papers, one look at them and he knew what they were.


"Shoot at sight orders" Rathore stated as if it was the obvious next step.


"We put up with him long enough…" the commissioner said and then turning back he gestured to a subordinate who brought with him – Inspector Shinde.


"He is all yours gentlemen!" he said pointing to Shinde and then continued, "…I ordered for high level security and checking around Mumbai. Officials at bus depots, railway stations and airports have been notified and officers are posted there and at Mumbai borders…trying to get out of Mumbai will be the last thing he'd want to do right now…"


"That's the first thing he wants to do and desperately at that…" Arjun said who had eyes only on Shinde and walked dangerously close to him. Grabbing Shinde by his collar Arjun pulled him closer, burning him with his glare, "...Aur iss ke jaise log hote hue, it won't be difficult for him to get out of Mumbai before night fall…" Arjun pushed Shinde, who fell against Chotu and was dragged away to another interrogation room.


Arjun spared the commissioner a final stare before following Shinde and Chotu.


In spite of the situation, Rathore was surprised at Arjun's attitude towards the commissioner. He immediately asked his senior officer to accompany him to his cabin.


Riya stood her ground, wondering how everything changed in their lives so drastically in a matter of few minutes. The fear and sadness that everyone was feeling, but no one dared to show was increasing by the passing second. She was about to go into the interrogation room, when Neha screamed for her from behind,


"Ma'am!!" Her voice was stressed and chocked.


"Kya hua Neha?" Riya said hurriedly, as she made her way up to her.


"It's him!" she gasped looking at the phone.


"Him? Who?" Riya was irritated at her lack of detail.


"It's him ma'am! ...Sikander!"


Arjun did not look merely surprised. He briskly walked to the phone, his face as stern as ever and void of emotions. Neha handed him the phone and the rest of them connecting head-phones so everyone can hear the conversation.


Arjun held the phone to his ear; his rage was on such a high that he could not speak. But the person on the other side of the line knew him too well, after a few seconds of silence he spoke,


"Abhi tak badle nahi ho Rawte! Itna gussa...accha nahi hain..."


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Payal_156 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2013 at 12:59am | IP Logged
pls re meri jan baksh do ya le lo
itna suspense my heart sink
shree anu haila both khatre me!!!!!!!!!!
me sweat
thank god com ko sense ayi...
arjun already very suff
pls leave him..
update was short dear
bt totaly breath taking!!

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_TaNi_ IF-Sizzlerz

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payal first aa gayi

me second 

Simar i know ..y u re-wrote dis chapter

itna saara suspense add karne k liye 

OMG ...loads of suspense in d chapter 

shoot at sight orders was d best thing

Shree-anu hurt...

Oh god sum1 save dem both 

waiting for next Smile

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satanslove IF-Rockerz

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Oh Dear Lord !!

Suspense Queen !!! u always stop at the wrong points Tongue
Shree- Anu are hurt , hopefully they will be fine
And finally shoot at sight for sikander...but the phone call ..damn ab Arjun & Riya what will they do

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satanslove IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by tani23

Originally posted by sips_crazy

Just to let u know that I am stalking the thread!!!!LOLLOLLOL

even i m stalking 

dekhte hian kaun first aata hain
Yaar yahan toh payal baazi mar gayi LOLLOL

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