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Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

~* EHMMBH Chronicles 4 [Tara Rum Pum] *~

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EHMMBH Chronicles #4:
Tara Rum Pum
Summary of the Week: _Priyanka_
Romantic Scene of the Week: ShobraKapoor
Filler Scene of the Week: jasminedayal
Sad Scene of the Week: jnawaz
Funny Scene of the Week: jnawaz
Character of the Week: -Predator-
Dialogue of the Week: jnawaz
Picture of the Week: -Predator-
Costume of the Week: RabbaVe
Blooper of the Week: jnawaz
Song of the Week: OnlyHope
Icon of the Week (Animated/Non Animated): OnlyHope
Signature of the Week (Animated / Non Animated): OnlyHope
Video Mix of the Week: Deepali88
One Shot of the Week: -Predator-
SS of the Week: -Predator-
Fan Fiction of the Week: -Predator-
Topic of the Week: -Predator-
Offscreen Masala: -
Prediction for Next Week: jasminedayal
Rating of the Week: -ritchelle-
Message to CVs:- jasminedayal

Special thanks to:

_Aanchal_ for making the NL banner
-Stutz- and OnlyHope for making the Section Headers
_Aanchal_ for making the winners' signatures

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Bani "hum aapke hai manvi" naam ki movie

Kaha sabne ki manvi ka doosra naam hai zindagi

Beeji ne kaha ki Mannu hai unki zimedaari

Isliye vahi operation ka kharcha uthayengi


Jeevika se raha na gaya

Usne bhi apna test karvaya

Jab pata chala ki bone marrow ka match hai positive

Promise karvaya usne mannu se that she'll take care of her health

Na jud pa rahe the Beeji aur Madan se paise

Doosri taraf Dadaji ne kiya operation par spend karne ka faisla

Viren ne sunayi sabko khush khabri

Kaha ki mil gaya hai donor all the way from dilli


Rakhi gayi satya Narayan ki pooja

Raat ko na aayi chaaron ko neend

Jab pahunche hospital milvaya Dr. Mehra ne donor Rajat

Manvi ne kiya flirt

Virat hua thoda perturbed

Suddenly aaya twist-ek bacha tha involved in an accident

Mannu ne kaha aap iski jaan bachaiye

Tou Jeevika ne socha ki bhagwan ne ishaare hain dikhaye



Kiya Jeevika ne insist

Ki Rajat ka ho blood and tissue match

Aaya result negative-sab reh gaye flabbergasted

Madan bhi tha bahut upset

Na jod paaya tha woh treatment ke liye money

Liya jeevika ne decision-ki woh bachayegi apni behen ko

Bacha uska survive karega sure thi woh

Doctor ne kiya plan reject

Jeevika par hua torture inflict

Kisko chunegi who-Manvi ya Viren


Pata chalega next week

Is hafte ke liye this was it!

This week was a tension filled week cz Khushal is not well nd second Manvi's condition gettin worse. But still we got a small VirMan romance even at this situation. But sadly there was no Virika romance scene, we just got two scenes of Virika were Viren repeats Jeevika to take care of her nd the baby! So please dont throw tomatoes at me cz Im helplessLOL

Personally I loved every VirMan scenes like Virat giving goodnight kiss to Mannu, making her sleep, but the best scene was the story telling scene.Clap
Virat is such a cute lover. How much he takes care of Mannu nd what all he's doing to make her happy,he took her 4 a bike ride, bought her an icecream, nd now he has become a story teller just 4 her. nd he is tellin the story of Prince nd Princess that is his nd Manvi's romantic story. Oh god his one dialogue is enough to prove he is a cute romantic hero!! When Manvi says how did he come in the story he replied
''Jabse mujhe patha chala ki iss kahani ke heroine ki naam Manvi hai''
Once again, this week was mainly devoted to plot development. But the CVs have been quite generous to splatter us with a lot of filler scenes. The biggest and the most unnecessary Filler of the Week has got to be Maanvi filming her short film. It had NO connection to the plot, and I honestly dunno why was that scene even included in the show. Was Maanvi that desperate to know how much the Vadheras love her? Was she trying to distract herself/Shlok/Dabboo? IDK. Whatever it was, it was a poorly thought out filler with no connection to the plot in any way whatsoever.
The entire week was full of drama, and there weren't too many light moments for us. From Maanvi's cancer to Jeevika's confusion, there's a lot of drama going on. IMO, the Sad Scene of the Week is the one where Jeevika is in the car and she's on her way to the hospital. She's having flashbacks of her moments with her sister, who's life is at stake, and moments with her husband, who's more than overjoyed for their little bundle of joy. Jeevika's dilemma, as she has to choose between two of her babies was beautiful brought out by KD. The part where Jeevika clutches her stomach, as if to reassure herself and her baby that donating marrow to her Maanvi wouldn't trouble the baby. Wonderful acting by KD, that truly moved the audience to tears...

Well...im pretty sure that no one will disagree with me when i say that this past week was drag...nothing really happened...i felt like most episodes were more filler...which is needed at times i guess...but still...the show was running on 100mph and it slowed down to like 25mph...i drive faster in school zones!! Wink (dont tell the LAPD Shocked) ...so finding scenes was difficult...but there were few scenes that at least brought a smile to my face...because nothing made me laugh...one...when Dabbu and Shlok are fighting each other to talk about Maanvi in her self made movie...LOL...two...when Viraat was telling Maanvi a "rajkumar" wala story and then got all romantic...it was cute...three...when Viraat, Jeevika and Viren all cant sleep and decide to go check on Maanvi...kya connection hai...and over there we have Maanvi staring up at the stars and moon...when they come in...she knows shes in trouble...lol...

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This week is undoubted named after Jeevika. With every progressing track she has proven that she is the ideal sister cum mother for Manvi and hence in the upcoming episodes she will show it to the viewers.
Kudos to Jeevika for having the courage and mental ability to give away everything in order to save her Mannu's life - and this is what makes her the shining character of the week :)

"...Maanvi mera dil hai...jiski dhadkan se iss Jeevika ka jeevan hai..."

you know...as i was searching for dialogues...i realized we did have a few good dialogues...but then i remembered this one...and i knew what i had to choose...this one line was beautifully written and beautifully portrayed by KD as Jeevika...Clap...she really brought out the love that Jeevika has for her sister...her sister is her life...before anything else...before being a daughter, wife, bhabi, bahu or mother...she is first and foremost a sister Embarrassed...not sure how realistic she is at times (like donating bone marrow while you're pregnant)...but her love is pure and powerful...she will fight off the whole world to make sure her Mannu is safe...i dont have a sister but ive seen my friends who have older sisters...and its a beautiful bond...one which im so totally jealous of...i only have one annoying brother...most days i wish i could kill him...but then...there are some days when i figure he's not that bad...LOL

This week's costume of the Week goes to the handsome, the stunning and ever stylish...Viren.

This week Viren took a storm with his more comfortably-smart look and a new fresh colour splash to the screen.

The deep medium-blue shirt complimented his skin tone and brought a new colour to the screen!

His stylish twist on a typical medium- blue shirt (which we don't usually see him in) by leaving several buttons undone and the relaxed feel by pairing it with some dark jeans giving it a "Handsomely smart and yet still relaxed and home feel" look.

Cleverly turning a typically average shirt (that could be worn to an office etc) into something extremely hot and dreamy, comfortable and still very smart!

Picture credit: Preteevir

[CENTERHmm...woh basketball court...where Maanvi and Virat went for their morning walk...is it just me...our woh court kuch familiar se lag raha tha...Confused...kuch jana pehchana sa...of course...yeh toh woh hi court hai naa...jahaan DMG ki Armaan aur Riddz milte the? Embarrassed...and even the gang of D3 meets there for their late night group meetings and what not...lol...im just saying...i find it funny when we see the same sets being used on different shows...LOLLOLLOL...on a side note...the same blooper from last week carried over this week with Swamini Bua being all sweet to Maanvi...the whole segment about "Hum Aapke Hai Maanvi"...when she was all being sweet and saying kind things about Maanvi...that part straight out freaked me out!!! Ouch oh and one more blooper...i know Kushal is out sick...hope he recovers soon...because i cant take another couple of days of seeing him as a bobble head...he's almost like a floating head Shocked...oh oh oh...correct me if im wrong...but coffee makes you stay awake...thats why college students and working professionals world over drink it late at night to stay up...God knows i've done it countless times to get through my all nighters...aapni senior thesis ki yaad aagayi...Big smile...but who in their right minds drinks coffee in the middle of the night when they should be sleeping...especially the patient who has a procedure in a few hours!!! Shocked...and of course how can i forget...someone please explain to me how that big hospital has only one doctor...who is supposed to be an Oncologist...but then he's also a pediatrician/trauma doctor...come on!! that doesnt happen!! ridiculous!!! im sorry but being in the medical field all these medical bloopers really make me mad!! i mean...come one...do your research people!!! Angry...dont even get me started on the whole "antigen compatibility" and the rarest case in medical history as to why Maanvi cant get the transplant Dead


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by ssaba
Here's your gift Tongue
 by -Yamz-
Here's your winning sig! Embarrassed
by ..Sakeena..
Your winning sig! Tongue
by Sano88
by Sarapari 
Here's a sig you both get to use for the week! Tongue

Here's your winning sig!Tongue

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by Let-It-Go
Here's your gift! Tongue

by ktoversera

Here's your winning sig that you can use for the week! Embarrassed
by -Niha-
Your gift Embarrassed
by *Reemz*

Thanks for keeping the forum alive with great topics! Keep it up Tongue

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With the recent twists and turns, we expect a major courtroom drama as Maanvi files a case against Jeevika for aborting her child. The clash in between the Vadhera family, the support of Virika and Virman will definitly be a treat to watch. Testing times are back for our lovely JeeMan, lets hope they get ample support from their partners! Maanvi being without her WBC''s will have a lot of complications, this is another factor which will add up a lot of spice to the ongoing drama.
This week deserves 3 out 5 stars. Don't even get me started on the absurd medical bloopers and the way the entire BMT track is being dragged. Other than some amazing acting on the part of KD and Nia Sharma, I didn't see anything too fancy in this week's episodes.
The 3 stars are mainly for KD and Niaa, and for the progression in plot development (albeit at a snail's pace). Here's hoping that next week's courtroom drama and other drama doesn't do any worse for the show.

Being a regular viewer of EHMMBH, i haven't ever commented on the quality of the episodes till now.. but this week, except a few meaningful scenes, everything else was a plain drag! CV's please at least do a little bit of research and then show it to ur viewers! In order to wrap up the cancer track, is it really necessary to mess up everything..??
Hoping that the new week brings some interesting twists and every one is happy with whatever is being shown to them!

Enjoy the Newsletter & leave us your precious feedback! Smile

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Amazing NL once again! Congratulations to all the winners too!  Clap
Keep it up guys! EHMMBH rocks! Big smile

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^ Thanks Aishu!

We're looking forward to a nice and positive response from you readers for the hard work everyone in team puts in :)

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