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FF: My Second Wife Geet |Thread 5 - Completed| (Page 91)

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Originally posted by Shonameet

Originally posted by music_girl

tired of typing!
ek update dedo...fir u can rest n relex as much as u want!

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"xyz'Arghh, I can even write my name with these alphabets, I still don't understand why we need to use alpha in mathematics" Akshita muttered.

She yawned.

"Find the value of 'y' of that stupid object there; if the value 'x' is 49?. As if it's my fault that the one who wrote this book was a fool" she continued to grumble under her breath.

"Why torture poor students" she said pitifully. "Plus, not everyone is a genius" she added complained.

"You are a serious weirdo!" someone else exclaimed laughingly.

Akshita scowled. "Wow, I just needed a big lecture from my super lame brother" she rolled her eyes. Ignoring her sarcasm, Akshay went inside; chucking her Mathematics workbook.

"Is it really necessary for you do talk to yourself?" Akshay asked chuckling softly.

Akshita glared at her. "That one question was enough to put me off my dinner", she said. "And spare me your reflections!"

Akshay shook his head.

"Why are you so angry? And so desperate for this question'?" Akshay asked. Akshita did not dare to look at her brother.

Akshay grinned. "So it's the stress nah, you're scared for tomorrow'right, as if the new school would eat you up'right..." he said.

Akshita groaned. "Tell me do you have some supernatural powers...or else you are really abnormal" she said giggling.

"Nah, it's just I'm wise enough to understand you" he chuckled and chucked her pillow to her.

Akshita laughed.

"See, that's it, it's easy to make you laugh" he said sticking his tongue at her. "Bhai, stop being a small girl" she said mimicking him and sticking her tongue out.

Akshay rolled her eyes "as if I was like that".

"Believe me, I'll kill you if I came to know that you were roaming around with a boy in the school" he said. Akshita gave him a bored look.

"Do you really have to start this topic, last night you told me that about a hundrend millonth time" she retorted.


"As if Chaavi was looking...whoops I mean drooling at you when I accompanied you with your bananas type of friends to the coffee-shop, huh" Akshita said her eyes gleaming.

"I can smell something burning in the air, and I can see sparks too" Akshita added grinning. Akshay turned red. Whenever Akshita would talk about that girl with long black hair, he would avoid that conversation, inventing a lame excuse.

"Shut up, and if you smell something burning, it's maybe your brain, fried in your head with your super dumb ideas" Akshay replied walking off the room quickly.

"By the way, Mom and Dad called you downstairs, told me to call you but you were so 'concentrated' on your workbook that I forgot to tell you" he said.


"Maan, you're having these white hair'" Geet said playing with Maan's hair.

"You know you're getting old'" Geet added squeezing herself next to her.

Maan stared at her and said "duh, we're getting old Geet" and sniffed.

Geet laughed and kissed his cheek and Maan turned red.

"Yeuccchhh" Akshay and Akshita made sick noises. "Is it really necessary to give visual demonstration" Akshay said in a grouchy voice and remarked "disgusting".

"We just saw under 12 show" Akshita remarked

Meanwhile Akshita stuck her nose in the air.

Geet laughed while Maan coughed feeling embarrassed. Akshita noticed Geet smiling at Maan and groaned.

"So why did you exactly call us?" Akshay asked.

"Well" Maan cleared his throat. "Tomorrow is Akshita's first day in her new High School"  Maan started and continued "well, could you just look after her a little bit the first day".

"Wow..." Akshay let out "I would have done that without you asking it, Dad" he grinned and winked at Akshita.

Akshita went upstairs all nervous while Akshay went around the gym for some practice.

"We've the best children of the world" Geet remarked.

"Every parent say that, trust me" Maan smirked.



"I had a terrifying nightmare" Maan confided. Geet giggled and said "the great Maan Singh Khurana had a nightmare" and she laughed.

"No, seriously it was horrible, I imagine Akshay and Maahi hating me" he said.

Geet looked at him perplexed. "You know about...about 'that', it occurred to me that Akshay loves Maahi a lot, then what know...what I mean"

Geet's cheery face turned in solemn. "I know" she said comforting Maan. "It will pass away'"

"Did I mention I had it for 3 weeks consecutive" Maan added. "That's trouble" Geet added holding his palm.

"I think we should tell Akshay about it..." Geet said.

"No" Maan said startled. "Have you loss it?"

"Nah, but Akshay is growing up, I think he's strong enough to take it, and its better that we tell him about it before he learnt it by someone else, and you know, if you watched soaps, you'd see youngsters' reactions..." Geet said softly.

"Let's just wait for some more days then, Akshita shouldn't know about it though..." Maan said.


"You call the police if I don't reach home at 4 o'clock, okay" Akshita told her brother; her eyes widened with fear.

"What?" Akshay asked.

"Have you seen how the place is huge?" Akshita said. "I bet I won't even find my way home out of this compound".

"You're dramatizing everything, Maahi, calm down, it's going to be fun" Akshay assured her.

"You bet" she mumbled nervously.

"See, there's your Chicken Club of Friends; Fiona and whatever their names are!" Akshay pointed them to Maahi.

Akshita laughed. "Yeah, hey, that's Chaavi there, right!" Maahi remarked. "Your guurrrlfriend" she hissed.

"What!" Akshay said horrified.

Akshita giggled and went off.

Akshay turned red.

"Dude, she's right, that Chaavi is really having a thing for you" one of Akshay's friends; a big guy laughed at Akshay who glared at him.



"Wow, this place is huge" Akshita said looking up and down.

Fiona and Chandni laughed. "Stop being nervous!"

"You know my mom always have a fit, she says how she used to wear her salwar kameesz going to school and now I wear jeans and all...Dad always come in between and Mom was furious!"  Akshita laughed.


From the canteen, Akshay watched her sister laughing with her friends. "Hmm, she's Okay...we can go to the hamburger stand" Akshay said smiling.

"Wow...I thought you would never say it" another guy, looking like a geek.


"I don't want to do this" Maan murmured. "Is it really necessary" he asked.

"Yes, it is" Geet said coming closer and squeezed his shoulder.

"It's now or never" Geet mumbled in his ears and hugged him "it's going to be okay, you see".

"I hope so".


"You called me" Akshay said entering and dumped his bag on the floor.

"Akshay" Geet said a bit angry "how many times will I tell you not to dump your backpack here". Akshay scratched his head and smiled.

"What are those albums" Akshay said staring confusingly at them. Maan and Geet stayed mum and Akshay looked at them even more perplexed.

"I hate this, you are hiding something from me" Akshay said. He moved to take the album. It was a bit dusty.

"I've never seen that before...have you...?"

Maan and Geet did not answer. "Am I talking to myself?"

He flipped some photos and his face turned white. "Who's this biii..."

"Watch your words, young man" Geet snapped angry.

Akshay looked at Geet.

"What's that mom? Why this woman...whoops, I mean lady is with Dad...the whole album contains her photos, who's she?"

The tension was so intense that it could be cut with a knife, no pull intended.

"Who is she? Can't I know...? Well, I'm grown-up enough...I've never seen these photos anywhere in the house...Anybody hearing me? Am I talking to myself" he said angrily.

"Akshita shouldn't know about this..." Maan said softly.

"Why?" Akshay said irritated. "Tell me before I think of something gruesome, 'cos lots of thoughts are coming in my mind".

Maan winced in pain.

"Shut it up, Akshay" Geet snapped angrily. "Akshita is still small, it would affect her small babyish mind, plus she loves you too much..."

"Why? It concerns me then..." Akshay said perplexed.

"Well..." Maan cleared his throat feeling more scared.

"I can't understand...what do you mean?" Akshay said. Maan and Geet stayed silent.

"She...the woman in the" Maan said and stammered.

"My aunt, my grandma, my...what?!"

"Your mother..." Geet said softly.

"Ahahah...WHAT" Akshay said.

"Maan's first wife...your mother...Akshay, Riihaa, she died in an accident, after some years, your dad got married again, not accepting me as someone who loves him; just a mere caretaker who loves you a lots...and then...then..." Geet said softly stroking Akshay's cheek who looked devasted.

"Do you hate me?" Maan asked.

"Or me?" Geet answered.

"No...of course not, how can I? Except my brain is trying to add these puzzles...and this mean I'm not your biological son, Mom?" he asked seriously.

Geet hugged him and didn't reply.

"We thought it was time to tell you that because you are grown up enough now to understand, we didn't mean to hurt you, we really love you, Akshay..." Maan said.

"I know...but's hard to believe" he muttered.


"I don't exactly know what does 'biological' mean but I guess I came at the wrong time, I hate this, this confession" someone else said.

They were shocked to see Akshita standing there, full of tears.

"What are you doing here?" Maan asked scared, angry.

Akshita shrugged and stood there rooted.



"Come in..."

"Do you hate me?" Akshita asked to Akshay who was lying on the bed.

"Why? Nah, of course not, because you're my little sister..." Akshay said. Maahi smiled and snuggled next to him.

"Remember when I was a kid I used to snuggle next to you when I felt scared and alone" Akshita said.

Akshay laughed.

"See I wrote an essay, barely 3 weeks since we are in school and loads of homework..."

"Give me I read it..."


"That's why Rome is a beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, city" Akshay raised an eyebrow.

"I was having trouble making it 550 words, now it's exactly 550!" Akshita smiled.

There was another knock.


Geet entered.

"Oh, you're here...I came to give you this photo..."

Akshay stared at the photo so did Akshita.

"She's beautiful".

"I know" Geet answered.

Akshay nodded and gave Geet back. "I don't need it, I have you that's it".



"We have the best children in the world..."

"I know" Maan said.

"Life will continue like this, with new chapters, new stories, new events, and our love...our children and their future, I can't wait to have a daughter-in-law and a son-in-law..."

"'re going too far..."

"Seriously Maan..."

That's it, Thanks For F0llowing this FF, thanks for your comments and likes,

take care

Adieu! Smile

Love you very much...


And thanks for the ultimate supp0rt!

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The FF was actually beautiful...

I really liked it.

But the romance part was scarce... you should work on it more...

But as u are only 14 i understand your complexities... At your age.. I must say its a most beautiful FF i have ever read... 

keep writing...


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sdlife19 IF-Sizzlerz

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just beautiful dear''the bond maahi and akshay shared were jsut superb
and laer i liked when maan and geet told abt hsi biological mother but akshay was only geet's sons..

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shabnam22 Goldie

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Loved it...

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keerthi90 Goldie

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Seriously...u made even a very serious situation very light with ur dialogues...
Akshay was strong enough to take the truth of his birth and the fact that geet is not his own mom...
The way in the end he gave back rihaa's photo to geet telling that he has her and does not require the photo was beautiful...speechless...
Thanks for giving us such a wonderful story...

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Originally posted by PriU

The FF was actually beautiful...

I really liked it.

But the romance part was scarce... you should work on it more...

But as u are only 14 i understand your complexities... At your age.. I must say its a most beautiful FF i have ever read... 

keep writing...


LOL you bet
I can imagine how I'll write romantic complex scenes...its almost impossible LOLLOLLOL

aha thanks! Embarrassed

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it was a beautiful ff

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