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SS: Becoming A Father *UPD Last Part* Pg 139 (Page 98)

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Ok guys, here I am... Now fair warning.. I said yesterday, Arnav wasn't gonna do any pacifying as I don't feel he was entirely wrong.. & as far as Khushi is concerned, neither the one in the show nor the one here, both doesn't any kind of egos when it comes to Arnavji.. & I essentially wanted to separate them so that Arnav would be less fascinated by his beautiful pregnant wife & a little bit more with the child she is pregnant with.. So here I go with Part 16. Enjoy.

Part 16

As Khushi saw her husband storm out of the room like a hurricane, she felt all the fight leave her body & suddenly she felt so limp that she just slumped down on her spot, not even making it to the bed. Did Arnav just tell her to go away? How rudely he screamed at her! Just because she tried to tell him what was right! If he didn't stop screaming his lungs out every time he got angry at someone, how were they gonna teach their kids about patience & control? & instead of listening calmly to her, he just told her to get out, & called her stupid & hormonal?!


Khushi slowly got up to her feet & without even tidying the unmade bed, flung open the French windows, & went to sit on one of the recliners by the pool, vowing not to come inside until Arnav had left for the office. & she didn't care how long she had to sit there to avoid looking at him. Khushi clenched her jaw tightly to stop herself from screaming out of rage, brought her knees up to her chest & tightly clutched them to herself by her arms, her back stiff & her head held high.


Arnav marched into the room some twenty minutes later. He stripped his jacket off with such force that he thought he heard it tear, & flung it down on the recliner. Then he pulled open the cupboard door, banging it on the other side, & started pulling out clothes to wear for the office. With everything he wanted in his hands, Arnav banged the doors shut again, but before moving away towards the washroom, he just couldn't resist himself from looking sideways out to the poolside. There she sat, her back straight & rigid, clutching at her knees as if for dear life, & from even all this distance he could see the stubborn set of her jaw & Arnav could almost fling all the items gathered in his hands at her direction out of frustration! Arnav turned on the spot forcefully & walked into the washroom muttering 'f**king had to marry a f**kingly stubborn, mostly f**kingly stupid woman.. girl.. child.. who f**king cares about every f**king thing on the f**king planet, except her f**king husband!' & as he felt a little better venting out a bit of frustration by excessively using the word he knows his wife gets very irked to hear, he stepped under the shower to let the cool jets of water wash away all the unpleasantness from his countenance.


Khushi fumed sitting there by the pool. Did he think she didn't listen? His muttering was sure loud enough, so how couldn't she? He, more often than not, chanted that wretched word as she chanted Devi Maiyya's name! & he didn't even get her point! When would Arnavji learn that always making her a bone of contention between himself & Dadiji didn't bring too many joys for her, while he went away to the security of his offices & she had to stay back home. Always coming in between, & then saying something utterly destructive. A family had many kinds of members, some like Dadiji too, but if you couldn't tolerate them, you just had to ignore them! He didn't even once think, how would it sound if Dadiji now left home because of his outburst? Everyone would say, sooner or later, Arnav's wife had poisoned him so much against his own Dadi, that he ousted her from the house. Di, Mamiji, even Naniji, who was always so nice with her, would think that, because she always asked Khushi to keep her Chhote happy & to keep this family as one, didn't she?


Khushi came out of her thoughts as she heard the washroom door bang. She waited with pursed lips for Arnavji to finish getting ready. But he took an uncharacteristically long time today to finish up getting ready. By the end of it, Khushi was on the tethers of her nerves. But to her utter disappointment, once fully dressed, Arnav just picked up his laptop bag & strode purposefully out of the room. & despite Khushi bit her lower lip in between her teeth, a whimper left her mouth as hot tears spilled over from her eyes to her pale cheeks.


Once he was barely out through his bedroom door, Arnav leaned against the wall bedside the door & closed his eyes, trying to gain some form of composure before he went out to face the world. He had deliberately sucked at getting ready for the office. He had totally let go of his organized way, which she always disturbed with her unorganized interruptions, to follow her haphazard way of getting ready, leaving off most of the essentials than picking them up, in the hope that she might come & help him out seeing he was in need. But she hadn't come. Hadn't even looked his way. He let out a dejected sigh. There was nothing he could do now. He would just have to come home couple of hours later to pick up one of the files he was leaving in the cabinet now, & try out his luck then.


But he didn't know the amount of emergencies that would befall him once he stepped into his office. Before Aman even had his secretary deliver his black coffee, people were running around him & basically everybody wanted a piece of him. Arnav did think of calling Khushi for their everyday pre-lunch phone call, where she essentially nagged him about his food & medicines & he pestered her with his horrifyingly rated declarations about what he'd do when he would be home at the end of the day. But he had a tele-conference which had to be scheduled during the lunch time, because he had come in late today, & after robbing several of his employees of their lunchtimes, he just couldn't excuse himself to make a call to his wife. But he kept checking his phone to see when he could ask everyone to excuse him because he had to take an important call. Much to his irritation, the call never came & to top it off, the tele-conference was an abominable affair as he had his crazy, pregnant wife all the time on his mind.


When Arnav entered through the main doors of Shantivan at around 8.30 that night, he glared at poor HP who dared to open the door for him. Couldn't the fool just get Khushi to come & open the doors? He brushed past HP angrily & scanned the hall while he passed it, not here. He climbed the stairs three at a time & almost sprinted towards his room. Once outside the doors to his room, he came to a stop & took a steadying breath, then he slowly pushed open the doors & entered their bedroom strolling very calmly, as if he didn't have a care in the world. But his treacherous eyes weren't calm, they searched her everywhere, & a quick look in the washroom & out in the poolside told him, what he was looking for wasn't there. Arnav took off his suit jacket & flung it down on the bed on his way out to Nani's room. That's where she'd be, chatting away with Nani, Payal & Di.


Once he entered Nani's room, he found no one there. But as he was about to shout for HP out of his frustration, he heard Mami's voice from Dadi's room. He moved towards the room & after a moment's hesitation, entered it. He saw Mami, & Nani sitting in the armchairs by the bed & a hushed Di sitting on the bed beside a quiet looking Dadi. But when Arnav entered, every pair of eye became trained on his face.

Arnav waited for someone, anyone, to say something, anything really, from which he could take a guess to where that elusive wife of his was. But when neither woman said anything, but just continued to stare at him, some questioningly, some apprehensively, Arnav just bit back a couple of expletives & asked in tight voice, "Nani, where are the other?"


Now if the times were any less stressing, then Arnav knows he'd have been teased for hours to come, about who specifically is this 'other' he was talking about, where everyone would act not knowing who he was talking about until he all but screamed the name. But as it is, times were trying. So Nani just said mildly, "Payal Bitiya & Khussi Bitiya were going to their Buaji's house today, don't you remember Chhote? Well, they waited for both Akaash & you for quite some time, but then Akaash Bituwa called & informed Payal that all of you were really busy today at the office. With some meeting or conference? So, he asked them to take Mohanji & leave for Madhumatiji's house, lest they became very late."


Nani watched Arnav's face to see his reaction. She was smart enough to guess something had happened between Arnav & Khushi. She had noticed the lack of communication between the two when Payal & Khushi were waiting for their husbands to return before they left. Usually it was Khushi who kept calling Arnav repeatedly if he was running late in coming home from office until he relented & came home. Payal seldom did so, being the more understanding sister. But today, every phone call that went to the office was made by Payal at Khushi's insistence. & Nani being the shrew lady that she is, guessed the storm that went through the house in the morning has taken its toll on the most unfailing relationship of this household too.


Arnav looked like he was about to say something as he opened his mouth, but the next instance he shut it & stormed out of the room just as he had entered it. Once he was in his room, he locked the door up & went to sit by the recliner, needing some moment alone. So she left. Even after that blasted row they had had, she left as she had initially planned to, as if nothing had happened for her to alter he plans. She didn't wait to meet up with him & patch things up between them before leaving. She just took his own f**king advice & she left him. & didn't he know it, Arnav thought as he laid back in the recliner, closing his eyes shut in the hope of blocking out the whole world, when people he loved left him, they didn't come back?




Khushi was sitting in the middle of her bed in her Buaji's house. Her legs were folded beneath her form, as she looked at her phone lying on the bed in front of her as she stared at her with uncanny concentration, willing it to ring, willing him to call her. She had been sitting like this from the last 45 minutes. He must have come home by now. Where would he be? Had he eaten something? Did HPji give him his coffee? If he didn't have his coffee by now, he'd develop a headache by midnight.


Since the time the clock in Buaji's living room had chimed 8, she had jumped up from between her family, all rejoicing around her from the time they had been told the good news by Payal, who had been hugging sideways a shy Khushi looking down at the floor tile with uncharacteristic attention. Garima had practically pulled Khushi down to sit beside so close to her on the sofa that Khushi just about landed on her lap. & then Buaji started her routine of embracing Khushi in a bone crushing bear-hug every 5minutes, refusing to let her go until her Jiji or Amma came forward in her rescue. Babuji gently stroked her head for a long time, & when she thought she would fall asleep then & there by the comforting feeling it proved, he asked in a low gentle voice, so that the others wouldn't hear him, "Bitiya, everything is fine then? If there is any problem at all, you could tell you Amma, Buaji or Jiji, you know right? Just take care of yourself, ok Bitiya? We'll all take very good care of ourselves until the time you can again fuss over us." Babuji smiled heartwarmingly at Khushi, amused at his own teasing & the pout Khushi gave at that, & then he continued, "But you, Bitiya, take care of yourself & our grandchild."


Hat But all these couldn't lessen the restlessness Khushi felt deep inside her. So she later excused herself saying she wanted to talk to her Devi Maiyya, but once inside the room she didn't even go towards the table atop which Devi Maiyya's idol stood & had been waiting ever since for Arnavji to call. But the call never came.


When Khushi went out to have dinner after Payal called her, she knew just by the look on her Amma & Buaji's face that Payal had them about what had transpired that morning in Shantivan. All of it. Khushi started to voice her displeasure about it to Payal, but stopped abruptly as she looked at her phone which hadn't rung once since her husband left for office that morning. If he didn't call soon & if she was gonna stay here for some days, her family would have to be told about what happened in her in-laws' & if Payal had done the unpleasant job already, maybe she had done Khushi a favor? Thinking about how she landed in this predicament without having any kind notion about it before hand, she sat down to dinner with a heavy heart. But her Amma & Buaji got to work as soon as she sat down, & it wasn't long before Khushi's plate was stuffed with loads of food items that were in one way or the other good for the baby. Khushi hid her own unhappiness under the disguise of a great enthusiasm for whatever they insisted her to eat & finished as much of her dinner as she could.


After dinner, Khushi sat with sometime with the family in the living room while Buaji I talked about the details of Rajjo's wedding, who was her late husband's niece. Khushi pretended to be very excited about the wedding preparations for a while, but as time passed she became more & more depressed looking at her completely useless phone. After a while she feigned tiredness & excused herself, saying she would retire for the night. They all nodded understandingly & said they would retire for the night too. Once in their room, Payal took up the role of Khushi Kumari Gupta valiantly & tried to cheer her sister up with various talks, the topics ranging from the wedding to the baby to food. But when everything failed, Payal heaved a sigh & laid down beside Khushi, gently hugging her from behind, knowing in her heart which topic or name would cheer up Khushi surely, but she didn't say anything deciding to stay away from the matters between a wife & her husband.


Khushi was glad that her sister was there for her. Than her twisted in her chest as she thought no one similar was there for Arnavji. She felt tears streaking down her face as she tried to accurately remember the last time she hadn't talked to Arnavji for such a long time, but couldn't. Every time she had stayed in Buaji's house after the wedding, it had been for a day or two at best. & even then, though he refused to stay overnight, most of the times, he'd come after dinner & take her away for a long drive with a detour at the 24/7 Pastry Shop & drop her at Buaji's home after two to three hours, where a sleepy Buaji would be waiting up for her only tease them both mercilessly till Arnav fled cowardly leaving a flustered Khushi behind. & today he didn't even call her once! Khushi kept staring at the phone beside her pillow, tears trickling down the corners of her eye, until her eyes closed of their own accord & sleep took over her limp form.




Arnav checked the time on the corner of the laptop. 3 am. Not a single call. Not even to check whether he had taken his medicines or not. He looked over at the empty space beside him on the bed & let out a sigh. He was tired, physically & mentally. But sleep didn't seem too plausible to come at this moment. He checked his phone once again, maybe for the fourteen thousandth time since the evening, then flung away the offending object & concentrated on reading the "What To Expect When You're Expecting: Daddy Novices". He thought it would be helpful to derive some information, but hell, Arnav let out a couple of colorful swear words that he almost had forgotten due to months of not using them, & said aloud, "F**king incompetent writers. First write a book called 'What To Expect When You're Expecting A Baby With Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada' based on experience & then I'll give you some due credits! MORONS!" With that he shut the laptop down, laid down unceremoniously & started counting the zillion nick names his wife called him with in the hope that they would bring him the much craved oblivion.

& for the precap I have this:

Arnav leaned back in his revolving chair, closing his eyes as he did so. Damn! Everything seemed extra hard, every little thing seemed to require an extra effort. He opened his eyes as he saw Aman enter his cabin. Aman came & started organizing some files on his right side on the table. That was his way of hinting that Arnav needed to go through those files before he went in for the string of meeting later in the afternoon. & Arnav knew Aman was only trying to prepare him better for the meetings & doing his job efficiently, but right at that moment he felt only irritation looking at the pile of files. He pulled his laptop closer & googled '11 weeks' fetal development'. He liked doing lots of research before delving into any kind of projects. 

Aman almost jumped out of his skin when he heard his boss's next words, "Did you know, an 11 weeks old fetus is just over 1 1/2 inches long and about the size of a fig?" Aman shook his head dazedly. He surely didn't know that! But his boss's question was mainly rhetorical. So Arnav continued without noticing Aman's dumbstruck expression, "& the baby's hands will soon open and close into fists, tiny tooth buds are beginning to appear under its gums, and some of its bones are beginning to harden." Then he suddenly looked up at Aman with a 'Eureka' expression on his face, "Hence the folic acids! To help in building the teeth & bones! Oh, & Aman!!" This time Aman jumped so violently that he dropped some of the papers he was clipping into a file. Then he looked at Arnav with pure terror in his eyes. ASR took his work really seriously & he had just dropped some papers ASR was gonna work on later. But Arnav just swatted his hand on the air when Aman was about to bend to pick it up, "Leave that! Just look up pre-schools for me. You know, best ones? Don't you remember how Kumar from accounts got all flustered last year that he couldn't get his boy, no was it his girl, maybe boy.. Whatever.. Don't you remember how he couldn't get his kid to get in any of the pre-school & you brought him to me very sneakily, as if purely by chance, smart move, & I had to call in a favor for him? Remember? I myself only remembered because he brought in some files for me to sign this morning. Anyways, I don't wanna be in his position. Find out about the best pre-schools in Delhi, their booking times, requirements, interviews..." & amidst this flurry of instructions, Aman did what he had never done in his entire working duration under Arnav, he interrupted him.


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continue soon...wanna see Arshi patch up...hate them not talking to each other !!!!!
loved this update...u captured their love and passion even during a fight beautifully !!!!

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let them patchup soon.. nice update

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The first thing that came to my mind after reading this chapter was what if I'd never found this story? What if I never came across it? Seems a a bit overboard I know but I jus can't help wondering!!

Hats off to you woman,  for developing a story so intricately and highlighting the nuances of relations so wonderfully!! And I'm loving it as it rides high on emotions :)

I do really accept that my heart is treacherous!! His outburst was wrong and even more was it's timing but for a man like ASR, I do believe it's normal to do so and even more from his POV!!! I loathed him for speaking so badly with Khushi but as soon as I read this when people he loved left him, they didn't come back? , my heart did a flip-flop and here I am weeping for him even he'd said those horrible things to poor Khushi..I really do feel sad for him!!

Aww...they are angry at each other nah damn mad at each other and yet in the midst of all this she worries for him, she feels for him, both want the other other to pacify them..Aw..that's what love is ain't it?!

Nani is definitely a smart woman and no doubts as to whay she is the 'Nani' and PAyal is a loving sister...I wonder if Aman thought if the ASR had grown some horns or might be it's one of his craziest hallucinations?! :P

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both waiting for each othr to start...its so cute
thnx fr d pm

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Kiely IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 4:20am | IP Logged
y no update
Angryevery day after coming from school i read ur update
katti with u LOL
p.s u might think i wont comment often its coz of my tight schedule usually i read it frm mobile

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'f**king had to marry a f**kingly stubborn, mostly f**kingly stupid woman.. girl.. child.. who f**king cares about every f**king thing on the f**king planet, except her f**king husband!'

lolz and this prove that he wud hve been more hormonal (if men cud ever get pregnantLOL)

well coming back to present update...i just want to give you a biggg hug...i just loved the update...both of them are so stubborn...and EGOISTIC...they are missing each other like hell but no they wont call...he is Googl-ing about how to behave when u r expecting...and lolzz he shud really write a book on how to behave when u r expecting (with special refrence to "in case of KKGSR")...even she, on other hand, knows this better that there is no one with arnav but no she wont call him...
and last part Arnav's and Aman's conversation it was just amazing...i can imagine dumbstruck aman...
hahaha thanks for totally loving ur way of making arnav's introduction to fatherhood...

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Posted: 19 September 2012 at 4:31am | IP Logged
nice update but a little sad one
liked the precap
arnav talking about fetus and pre schools with aman
continue soon

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