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SS: Becoming A Father *UPD Last Part* Pg 139 (Page 138)

areeba_blossom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
aww, an absolute beautiful update!! Loved it!

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un.complicated Senior Member

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 8:29pm | IP Logged
Aww this story is brilliantly beautiful! I'm just upset that I caught it just as it was ending ... now I have to go and find another good story ... dammmnn.

But I just read all the chapters in one go ... took me three hours and this story was deliciously sweet <3 ... looking forward to the last chapter :) x

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AngelTeen IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 8:31pm | IP Logged
Oh the last chapter was fabulous! Really showed how far not only Arnav has come but also ArHi with the jibes and the reaction to them and the reaction to the reaction too! :D

A very heartwarming chapter and story. Great job!

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farah53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Ok guys, here I am with the last part of this SS. & as many of said, I am also gonna miss my Arnav & Khushi playing out their life in my imaginationCry

Two things... The name of the cutest baby in the world is Arshiyaa...It means heavenly or a fairy that comes from heaven...Thank to jahnvi.luvs.ASR for suggesting the name..Clap

2nd thing, don't ask me where Dadi is..I frankly couldn't care less..Dead

So here goes the last part...Enjoy!

Part 21

Two Months Later




Arnav Singh Raizada got awaken in the middle of his deepest REM cycle by some noise. & the noise was insistent. It seemed it wouldn't go away till he got up & attended to it. Suddenly Arnav jerked himself up in a sitting position, dragging himself up from sleep, as he realized what, or rather, who was causing that noise. He got off the bed & went over to the cot put against the wall on Khushi's side of the bed.


As he leaned over the cot, he saw his daughter of 11 days was fully awake & as she had seen someone had come listening to her woes, she had become silent temporarily & was watching Arnav with dark caramel brown eyes, that looked too much like her father's already, & were getting lighter in color with each passing days. Then, when instead of picking her up, her father started checking her diapers to see if she needed a change, she started to wail again in full volume. Arnav instantly looked over to his over-exhausted wife sleeping peacefully. He hastily picked Arshiyaa up & putting her over his shoulder started patting her back soothingly to calm her down. But something wasn't setting right with her, she hushed for a second & then started crying again, as if despite herself. Suddenly he got it. He cradled her on his left arm & put the index finger of his right hand over her lips. Sure enough, the little angel almost sucked his whole finger in her mouth with her tongue & lips in her ravenous hunger. Arnav looked over at his sleeping wife & then back at his daughter about to start wailing again any second in his arms, & he made a quick decision.

He picked up a cleaning towel from the changing station & went over to sit on his side on their bed, beside Khushi, who was still sleeping. He then gently put Arshiyaa down beside close to her mother, & before he could wake up his wife, he saw her getting up suddenly as she felt her daughters agitated wriggling next to her. As soon as Khushi saw her daughter's crumpled up face, & her husband sitting there with the cleaning towel over his shoulder, she understood. She took the cleaning towel from Arnav without any words & put it over her other breast inside her nightie, otherwise it would drench her in breast milk, leaking all over her while she fed Arshi, as she sometimes called her daughter, from the other. She gathered her baby close & as soon as her baby felt her by now familiar feeding source against her mouth, she started drinking ravenously from it. Khushi gathered her closer & started patting her back, while saying in a soothing murmur, "Oh meri Jalebi, you're so hungry? I am sorry, Momma didn't get up earlier & feed you. Easy there now." Khushi kissed the soft bundle in her arms on the head as she felt her sucking turning rhythmic, implying her extreme hunger is satisfied & soon she would fall asleep while sucking on her nipple.


Arnav watched them sitting on his recliner. His daughter nestled close against his wife's chest. Granted, her eyes were like his. That much was clear by now. & Khushi was adamant that her lips were like his too. But Arnav could swear that, other than those two features, Arshiyaa Singh Raizada, as named by her Maasi/Chaachi/Chhoti Maa, looked exactly like her mother. Her chubby cheeks, her cute chin, her small red nose, her beautiful, long fingered hands, her pretty feet & that head of thick dark brown hair. She was just too damn adorable to not be like her mother. Suddenly Arnav saw his daughter's hand clutching & tugging at the open lapel of her mother's maternity nightie, indicating that she was nowhere near asleep, but he could see Khushi was clearly asleep by now. Arnav slowly got up, & carefully leaning over Khushi, he took his daughter up in his arms before she could wake up her mother again.


Arnav dimmed the light in the room farther, & came outside with his daughter in his arms to sit on the recliner by the pool. His kiddo, now well fed, was much calmer than before & she started watching her father's garden in the night time, turning her little head this way & that way, with her small button like brown eyes. Arnav inserted his index finger in one of her hands & she gripped it tightly. His eyes twinkled with pride. This tiny thing already had the whole of Shantivan eating out of her palms, & to add to that she was some sort of a celebrity for the Laxmi Nagar population too. Although she had been there only once to visit her Nana-Nani & Bua-Nani.


Arnav gently started rocking Arshi, as everyone fondly called her, to lull her into falling asleep. Once they had come home from the hospital with kiddo, Khushi had point blank refused Di & Nani's suggestions to let her baby sleep in a different room than her, although Arnav had arranged for a middle aged widowed woman to work as a Nanny for the baby. & there was Ananya's Nanny still there too. But Khushi didn't budge. Afterwards, alone in their own room she had reluctantly mumbled to Arnav, "You have to go to office in the morning, Arnavji. But I can't leave Jalebi alone with the Nanny at night. Umm.. If you.. That is, her crying may keep you awake at night. Should I just take her & go sleep in the nursery?" But the quelling look Arnav had instantly thrown at her, had buried all such arguments forever. & basically, their daughter hadn't really been up at night that much too, except for the times when she needed to be fed. Her temperament was really quite pleasant. Arnav smiled down at her & then lifting her slightly bent to kiss her chubby cheeks, cuddling her to him snuggly.


"Men! It didn't even take you half a month to replace me with a younger & better looking girl, did it?" Arnav's eyes shot up to the source of the teasingly stern voice. His wife was standing over the threshold of the French windows with one hand on the window frame & was looking at her husband & daughter with a happy smile playing at her lips.


Arnav looked down at her daughter & then looked up at his wife again, "Replace you?! With her?!! She isn't nearly as crazy as you are! & as it is, there's no chance of you being replaced by anyone whatsoever. You see, I have a thing for crazy chicks from Lucknow, who are completely irrational, deliciously delusional & adorably emotional, especially when it comes to their husband & child." He saw her eyes getting narrowed & her lips pouting at his backhanded compliments.


Khushi marched over to where he sat, & said like a shrew with a hand on her hips, "Dekhiye Arnavji, I am telling you. This won't do now. You even told the nurse in the delivery room that I was crazy. Don't try to deny it. I saw that!! I am now the mother of your daughter. You can't just gi around calling me pagal anymore! You have to give me proper respect now!" She finished her speech with her hands folded before her chest. She felt very good, now that she had got that out of her system.


But to her dismay she saw Arnav's full form shaking with laughter, as he said in between his throaty laugh, "I didn't tell her you were crazy. You were being just a tad bit crazier than your usual self under the influence of the epidural, & both the nurses & Dr Jain was looking at you frighteningly & they were all giving me sympathetic looks. So I just tried to clarify it to them that, you weren't being too different than your usual self. That it was just an usual Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada experience, perfectly normal to anyone once they got to know you." Then he fixed Khushi with an infuriatingly calm stare. "I was just trying to change their opinion of you by explaining your nature a bit to them. Now, if they didn't get my meaning, what was I to do about it?" he asked innocently.


Khushi stomped her foot in exasperation. Right now he was deliberately trying to infuriate her. She was about to launch in a full shouting match with him,when she saw her daughter's eyes had started to droop in the warmth of her father's arms. & Arnavji was looking down at his kiddo with such a tender expression on his face, that Khushi suddenly felt very sad that she couldn't just go running around the house & drag every member down here to see this divine scene before her. She quickly wiped the corners of her eyes & said aloud in a happy voice, "Arnavji, you know what? Right now, I feel like I have died & gone to heaven."


As she saw Arnav's head snap up at her & the shuttered expression in his eyes, she immediately realized her folly, & hastily tried to rectify it, "I know. Sorry. Forgive me? I shouldn't have talked of death when I know you don't like it." Before she had finished speaking though, Arnav silently offered Arshiyaa by holding her up to be taken by her mother. Khushi hurriedly went & very carefully took her now deeply sleeping daughter in her arms. & when she was just about to retreat into the room to lay her Jalebi down on the cot, Arnav held her back by keeping a hand on her elbow.


Then he carefully held her by the waist & slowly pulled a surprised Khushi down on his lap, & then gently settled her comfortably by circling his arms protectively around them both. After settling herself & Arshi safely in Arnavji's arms, over his lap, Khushi looked up at him with silently questioning eyes, 'What's this all about?' Arnav cupped her cheek with his right hand tenderly, & dropping a slow kiss over her eyebrow, spoke softly, "Look around us. Look at us, Khushi," he dropped another kiss on her nose, "Tell me, Biwi, do you think there is any heaven in this universe, which would be more heavenly than this? You, me & kiddo together? I, for one, don't need a thing in excess of this." Khushi was too overwhelmed to speak, she just shook her head, her eyes glittering in the moonlight & she leaned over & kissed his lower lip lingeringly & whispered against his lips, "I never needed anything more than this."


Arnav sighed contentedly & gathered them both closer to his heart. Then he said against her hair, his voice barely audible, "Khushi? I…"


Khushi looked up at him with all the love in the world in her eyes & said, "I know. Always, right?"


Arnav looked over at his kiddo & then back at his Khushi, & nodded with eternal promise in his eyes, & said in a low voice, "Forever & always."

So that was it from me...Thank you...Thank you...Thank you to anyone & everyone who ever liked it & commented on it...If it weren't for the encouragement I got here I'd have long ago stopped writing the story..Love you allHug

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SamiyaIPKKND IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
Farah!!! Farah!! Farah!!!

An amazing ending to an amazing story

I can't even tell you in words how much I enjoyed reading this story everyday

Thanks for itBig smile

We now want you to write more stories and keep entertaining us 

Lots of love


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areeba_blossom IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:30pm | IP Logged


Loved the last two words!! 'Forever and Always' 

The silent flow of happiness was clearly evident and you've put a perfect end to this story. An end of a beginning!! 

Loved it! 

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msin IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
Very nice story nicely wrapped .. All the best for future works..

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-Keerthi- Goldie

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Posted: 26 September 2012 at 11:31pm | IP Logged
wowClap well done.. loved ur ff. nice finishing

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