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SS: Becoming A Father *UPD Last Part* Pg 139 (Page 113)

Sparkling-eyes5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 2:56pm | IP Logged

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drunkiiebabe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 4:16pm | IP Logged
amazing update aww arnav wants a baby girl loved the update continue soon thanks for the pm

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prerna1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 September 2012 at 9:48pm | IP Logged
great update
finally anjali meiin kuch akak to aayi
precap seems interesting as well as scary
continue soon

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zarlish18 Senior Member

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 2:24am | IP Logged
fabulous update

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farah53 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 3:29am | IP Logged
Ok, guys, here's part 18. There two important announcement today. One now, & other, the most important one, at the end of the update.

First, it's my only niece's first birthday today. & to top it off, she shares her birthday with her mother.SillySo it's a kind of family festival today for me! I just got time out to make this update with the excuse of getting the presents wrapped in my own room.EmbarrassedSo bad news is, I won't be making an update tomorrow. Really sorry to all those who regularly read the SS. My bad buddies.Cry

So, part 18. Enjoy!

Part 18

Anjali immediately sensed the resistance in her brother, so she spoke quickly, determined to convince him, "Chhote she needs someone to take good care of her! She's so vulnerable. & yes, I know what all of you want for me. & believe me, I am not averse to moving on in life that way too. Not anymore. But Chhote, can't we consider the idea that, maybe life has in its store all the happiness for me that you guys want for me too, but in a different order than all of you had in mind?" Anjali stroked the hair on the side of his head lovingly. "Please Chhote, I am just asking you to be happy for me. I have already decided what I want to do. I have already talked to Mother Matron. The legal documents will be ready by the time Munni will be ready to be discharged from the hospital. Even Khushiji said it was a great idea. That she was very happy with it, as she was much concerned about Munni's health & now that Munni would have her mother taking care of her & her whole family around her, she would be fine in no time. She also said..."

"Khushi?!" Arnav only concentrated on that one ray of hope, a note of astonishment clearly heard in his tone. Anjali smiled knowingly & nodded, "Yes, Khushiji. She was the first one I wanted to inform about this decision, as somehow I felt she would be the happiest by it, so I went by Buaji's house." Then she looked at Arnav searchingly & saw all the questions flittering across his face. Anjali soothingly stroked her brother's cheek, "She is fine, Chhote. Looked a bit sad & she really needs to start putting on some weight, but other than that, she looked totally engrossed in the wedding preparations to me." Then she made him look up to her eyes by tilting his face, & said quietly, "Tomorrow is Buaji's niece's Haldi. Wedding is another two days away. After tomorrow's function, you could go & bring Khushiji back home, you know?" Then Anjali gave her trademark naughty smile & left Arnav's room slowly, leaving him sitting on his bed distractedly.


Arnav saw the little girl leveling the soil around the root of a tomato seedling with her small chubby hands. She was fair, very fair. Like Khushi. Then she turned around & Arnav noticed how her tiny little nose & very chubby cheeks were red from the heat of the sun. She looked like a miniature version of Khushi. Then she looked up at him, smiled with all of her teeth showing, too much like Khushi. Suddenly she hastily turned to pluck out a perfectly red tomato from a nearby grown up plant, turned to him again & yelled, "Daddy, I made it! Just like you said I would!"

Arnav sat up with a jerk, awaking from his dream too soon for his liking. Then he looked over to the empty side of the bed & wished he didn't have to wait till tomorrow night to go & bring Khushi home. Too bad he had all those blasted meetings the whole day tomorrow, he thought as he laid down clutching Khushi's pillow to his heart, otherwise he would go & tell her first thing in the morning, that, he wanted a baby girl. & for the first time since his wife wasn't there with him, Arnav Singh Raizada slept with a smile tugging at the corners of his lip.


Khushi jerked up to a sitting position in the bed, her hand clutching her stomach. The strong rays of sun coming through the window indicating it was at least 10 or 11 in the morning. Khushi scrunched down clutching at her lower abdomen as she felt a ripping pain go through her uterus in a spasm & she screamed out in an anguished voice, "Arnavji!"

An hour later Khushi was sitting in front of Dr Jain in her chamber, accompanied by Buaji & Payal. Khushi was nearly crying & the other two women also looked sick with worry. Dr Jain heard everything from a hysterical Khushi, then nodded soothingly, "Well, some women have what they call hick cramps, which is just the stretching of your uterus to make room for the baby. As long as there is no bleeding then, just take it easy, & remember no heavy lifting, and just use a little counter pressure when you feel that pain. Your uterus is stretching and growing. The pains may also be from being dehydrated. The uterus is one big muscle and not drinking enough liquid can cause contractions, so, drink lots of fluids." Then she frowned at Khushi suddenly, "But you do look pale & a bit too thin for your stage. Have you been under any stress lately?"

The three women exchanged sheepish looks among themselves & Dr Jain sighed to herself. Such a young girl, & so skeletal at that, she's pregnant & her family can't even keep the stress away for her?! She called out to Khushi in a dull voice, "Mrs. Raizada, can you feel the baby moving about?" Khushi nodded her head, but not too surely. At that Dr Jain stood up & said, "You know what, come along. Let's have an USG for all of our mental peace, although I don't want to perform them so frequently at this stage."

As soon as Khushi laid down on the USG table, she missed her Arnavji. What an irritating jerk he was the last time they were here & she wished he was here this time too, giving Dr Jain a hard time again. She looked at the screen with Payal holding her hand, Buaji in the outer room. Dr Jain looked for about half a minute & said with relief evident in her voice, "The baby's heart is beating around 168 beats per minute - that's pretty fast! & the most exciting change at this date is the development of your baby's sex organs. The ovaries and testes are developing this week!" She said with an excited smile.

Payal jumped up a little at that & asked, "Dr, will I have a nephew or niece?" Dr Jain shook her head apologetically, "I can't reveal that. That's unethical practice, you know." Then seeing both the sisters' disappointed expressions, she asked, "By the way, what did you want Mrs. Raizada?" addressing Khushi. Khushi's eyes gleamed as she thought for a second, & then looked up with a bright glint in her eyes, as she exclaimed, "A girl! A baby girl. Someone I can play dollhouse with. A sister for Di's baby girl." & Payal nodded her head in agreement with a beaming smile too. Then they went on to tell Dr Jain about Anjali's decision to adopt a baby girl from the orphanage.

Then Khushi got up from the table with Payal's help & while getting out through the door with Payal several steps ahead of them to tell Buaji to get ready for leaving, Dr Jain held her arm, & said in a low quite voice, "Ok, I am telling this to you in strict confidence. Your wish is gonna come true Mrs. Raizada. You are having a tiny baby girl. So now, take good care of yourself & your baby, please. Ok?"

As a dazed Khushi came out of the clinic with Payal supporting her & Buaji looking for an auto, she thought of calling Arnavji there & then to tell him the news. But then as she settled in the auto in between Buaji & Payal, she thought about it some more & decided she wanted to see the look on his face after he heard the information. & then she decided something that suddenly lifted her heart in a soaring expedition. Tonight after Haldi ceremony was over, she would call Mohanji up & tell him to bring the car around Buaji's house to take her back home. Home, where her heart resided along with her Arnavji.

& now the precap:

It was at that moment that she heard it. The powerful revving sound of the engine & a car then coming to halt near Buaji's gate. Both the sounds were achingly familiar to Khushi. She stood up shaking a little with sobs & with anticipation, & saw through tear filled eyes, her husband, immaculately dressed in a three piece pin-striped suit, looking extemely well-groomed & dapper, the exact opposite of her at that moment, got out from behind the driving wheel & stood there, not even closing the car door immediately. He just stood there for a couple of minutes, staring at her, looking up & down her full form, taking in the whole mess around her. Then he tore his eyes away form her, looked toward the lighted canopy, the noise of songs & chatters coming out from it, & again looked at her, his eyes questioning silently, what are you doing here, away from the singing & dancing & noise you so love, & standing here crying in the middle of this big puddle of mess?

& it was this question in his eyes that made Khushi move. She slowly bypassed the puddle & as she did so her steps gained pace. She saw him slamming the car door shut & taking a few step towards her, getiing inside the fence of Buaji's house & then he hesitated & just stood there looking worriedly unsure. Khushi let out a small cry as fresh tears started falling from her eyes & she broke into a run. Upon reching him, she litterally jumped on him, throwing her arms around his shoulders,clutching his head with her forearms to her, her hands, crossed behind his head, not touching him as they were smeared with Haldi. & she cried hard. The sobs raking her full body. She cried apologetically, complainingly, angrily, & then just sadly. & lasty, she cried just because she couldn't seem to stop it. & all this while her husband kept her gathered close to his chest, with both his hands rubbing her back soothingly, not trying to stop her, not even saying a word. He just let her get it all out.

& now the most important announcement! It's a girl!PartySo buddies, suggest some cute, beautiful, poetic, aesthetic, worthy of ArShi, fantastic baby girl names for me! So to quote in very bad taste, "Give me a beaauuutiful name, & I'll give you a princess!!"Wink

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Posted: 21 September 2012 at 3:47am | IP Logged
Superb..was so worried there for a second...waiting for the next...lots of wishes to your niece and her mother! 

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__blossom__ IF-Dazzler

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Wow!!! Yay!! It's a girl!!!
Great update!!!!! Loved it!!

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wow  baby girlSmile its a gud news.. i love the precap...
name for Arshi girl baby... hmmm... Angel ..Wink

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