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    Restitution - a KaSh movie by Gurleen
    A KaShians movie by Aish
    Audio messages from KaShians on the completion of 1000 threads
    7+1 Wonders of the World
    Where did we go wrong? (The long anticipated book Tongue)
    Appreciation Page for KaSh Heaven Members
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-KaShHeaven- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 February 2011
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Posted: 03 September 2012 at 2:39am | IP Logged

Listed above are a few ideas that will happen on 1000th but we're all a part of the biggest celebration. If one started the first few hundred threads, the other continued the rest of the threads; so to celebrate the first thousandth thread KaSh Heaven will ever have in its title and India Forums will have ever witnessed, your contribution is as equally important as anyone else's.

If you have any sort of idea that you think would brighten up the atmosphere of 1000th, please let us know! It can be anything, something you think that may be odd yet entertaining or literally anything that pops in your head. You can also ask for a KaSh interview to Wassup, SBS, etc. onthe achievement of 1000 threads. Wink

Get your thinking caps on and everyone is free to share your ideas with us, just PM it to this very KaSh Heaven account and we shall get back to you about it. The above list of ideas for 1000th better be increasing from now itself! Big smile

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KaSh Heaven is an appreciation thread dedicated to KaSh, right? Right. But it is also a place where friendships started to bond and memories started to form. With people that have came and went, it's safe to say that neither have we forgotten them nor have they forgotten us. Embarrassed

To honour the journey that all of us have had togetherAish(HoXy_KaSh) has been generous tooffer us a movie where the actors will be usyes us. Now before misconceptions start forming,it's a fan-fiction. Tongue

If you wish to be a part of this movie, PM the KaSh Heaven account with your name and earn the fame. Wink

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^tumblr ishtyle. 

by Garima[ScatteredCastle]

by Amna[amna malik]


By Virina[aftermath..]

By Subi[dildirani]

by Tani[KaShForever.]

By Gurleen[MGCreations]


By Madhu[MadhuARKaSh]

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By Nikki[SapphireFlames]

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-KaShHeaven- IF-Dazzler

Joined: 24 February 2011
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50 Shades of GROVER!

'Congratulations Miss. Anand', said Sameer Ali, head of the most popular magazine 'The Power''s owner.

'But Sir, How can I do such an important interview?' whispered Miss. Anand', looking horrified towards her new Boss. She never believed that on her first month of working in this renowned firm, she'll get the opportunity to the Cover Story for this month.

'Why are you so anxious Miss. Anand ?, In fact you should feel proud of the golden chance you have got, no one in this firm has got what you are getting in your initial days, Sameer said happily.

'But Sir, it's the Cover Story and interviewing the man, I mean "THE MAN", I mean how can I ? ? and that too tomorrow??? I just started here, and I'm still learning to even how to say Hello professionally, Shilpa said apprehensively.

'The Man you are going to interview Miss. Anand' is the latest new sensation in the business industry and covering him would take our magazine to the next level. I know you are still learning but I know you have the potential; of what it takes to be a great journalist, don't worry I believe that u'll do great.' Sameer assured Shilpa, making her a bit confident.

'I will try my best Sir, Thanku for this opportunity', Shilpa smiled nervously and got up to prepare herself for tomorrow biggest day of her life.

The whole night she researched about the 'The Man' she was about to interview, but nothing regarding his personal life she could find, not even a single affair story. It was all about his professional life and success he has. 'Mr. Grover, The Mystery Man!' she whispered.

It was a beautiful morning as she set off for the interviewing dressed in an elegant white fitted shirt with grey pencil skirt accompanied by her favourite black heels. She wanted to look professional and confident hiding her nervous self.

Reaching her destination the headquarters of KSG Industries she got of her car and was stunned to see the huge building in front of her tiny self. It was covered with glass and steel making it look stand out. KSG engraved stone, proudly placed on the top of the entrance. She walked into the lobby to see two receptionists behind a solid sandstone desk.

'Hi, I here to see Mr. Grover, Shilpa Anand from the magazine 'The Power'. Shilpa said with a small smile.

'Excuse me one moment please, Miss Anand', said the receptionist as she checked her in and told me to take the elevator to his office. Shilpa thanked her and walked towards the evaluator nervously. His office was on the 30 story of his office building, Shilpa almost felt dizzy after being in the elevator for 29 stories as she saw another woman approaching her. She told her to go inside as Mr. Grover is expecting her.

Letting out a deep sigh, Shilpa entered the glorious glass door that led to a colossal room made of glass windows. There was a massive wooden desk as clean as not work has ever been done here. White ceiling, glossy black floor, two leather seats accompanied by a little table on the left side that had an amazing crystal piece to give it the glow it needed. Besides it there was huge display art of abstract painting that looks stunning with the dcor. But the thing that fascinated her was the mesmerizing view of the city outside from the big glass windows; she went near it to see closely, she was so involved in beauty she was witness from a height that didn't even realise someone entering the room from another conjoined door.

'Enjoying the view, Miss'..', she heard someone called her making her jump with panic and was about to fall her eyes were tightly shut but someone's strong hands were already underneath her petite waist catching her from falling.

Getting mesmerized by the beauty that just landed in his arms, he was just in an awe. He was never so attracted to woman, and not at in the first glance, but this face has the captivating innocence that got him hooked to her angelic face that was undeniable.

She opened her eyes after realizing she wasn't actually on the slippery floor but the in some very strong warm hand that were sending some kind of shivers through her spine and chocolate brown eyes grazing her face deeply.

'I'm Sorry, I'm so sorry,' Shilpa said quivering and struggling to get out of his strong embrace.

'Not at all Miss. Anand,' Karan grinned pulling her up helping her stand straight. But he wasn't able to leave her gaze, they were wholly captivating.

Shilpa herself wasn't unsure if she would able to do this interview, from the very first glance she had of his chocolaty brown eyes she drowned in them. He was dressed in a black Dolce suit white a white crisp shirt neatly hidden with the waist coat and a black tie, his slightly stubble defining his jaw line and his eyes like a seep ocean with hundreds of waves roving 100 miles per sec. He was tall and very attractive, very very attractive as she would say.

Breaking the eye lock she bended to collected her things that were on the floor. She saw him not helping her like all gentleman do, instead checking her out or to be precise her ass. She stood up abruptly, gave him a disgusting look. Karan just smiled and told her to sit on one of the leather chairs.

Mr. Grover I'm Miss. Shilpa Anand, from The Power (Magazine), Shilpa said quite assertively as she herself was surprise by her new found confidence. Looking at him made her realise as she has seen him somewhere other than the pictures, but where.

'Yes Miss. Anand, tell me what can I do for you or I would say for your Magazine, Karan smirked giving Shilpa a witty look.

Shilpa took out her recorder, pen, paper, and paper with some of the question she wrote and while doing so she caught herself being observed continuously and when she saw him gazing her, she lifted her eyes only to get burned by his chocolaty ones, creating a very tension filled environment. She knew this interview will be difficult for her do to, as he's very unprofessional she thought.

But she was proved wrong, as soon as she started with her first question she saw him answering so professionally without delay and his answering were Prefect to what other people had thought. Between the interview Karan handed her a cup of tea which caused their fingers brush with each other giving both of them a sudden shock down their spine. She was so lost in his brilliant accent and voice that sometime she was the getting carried away and not being attentive enough, making Karan smirk.

At times she would fumble asking him questions, because he was too spontaneous and impulsive. She was highly impressed by his acquaintance and knowledge of his business and the things going around. But the only thing that troubled her was his supremacy, he thought of him as the only Powerful self, that was extremely wrong , but he didn't care what people thought of him as, he had created his own destiny , and he was Proud of what he achieved without any body's help , but is own will and dedication.

On the other hand Karan was totally enthralled by the lady who just next to her. She was beauty but with brains, that was the first time he thought of lady that possesses both of them, because generally he was surrounded with either one of the quality only.

He was attracted to her from the very moment he saw he standing buy the huge glass windows, and the desirability only exceeded to the limit when she fell into his arms. Since then his mind was drifted towards her beauty rather than the interview she was taking, but surprisingly he was leaving her dumbstruck with his answers, But Karan Singh Grover never fails to hide his real self. He knew he has affected her as well, and he could make out very clearly by the look on her face that she desired him as he did '

As Shilpa raised her lashes to look at what was it , that she was feeling so restive was his burning passion that generated towards her. But this time she didn't felt disgusted it was something else not Lust, not Want just a desire that melted her in seconds and she let out a gasp, that was loud enough for Karan to realise that he had turned her on completely.

'Are you okay, Miss Anand?', Karan asked her handing out a cold glass of water towards her with a smile.

Shilpa took the glass, as she thought the cold water would calm her down but , surely it wasn't a good idea because their fingers touched each other sending down shivers their whole body, which worked as the fuel to the already present sexual tension between the two. She loomed at him and he did at the same time, causing the glass to fall on the floor breaking it in small pieces.

Shilpa stood up and spoke in a nervous voice, 'I'm Sorry, Mr. Grov..er.., I'm very Sorry, I think, I '.. I should come some other time''

With that she just stated walking without taking her belonging, but she couldn't go further as her delicate arm was pulled coarsely towards a much toned chest'.

'You left you belonging Shona', Karan said in an abrasive voice making her shiver.

She got shocked when she heard her name, she looked at him startlingly, which made him smirk and he continued'.

'Don't get shocked Shona, Don't u remember that I know your name very well, since the time we saw each other for the last time 9 years back,' he said looking directly in her eyes making her remember who he really was.

Shilpa was alarmed learning who he was at last, 'KSG', she whispered. He was the boy that used to send her letters; they were pen pals in school.

Karan and Shilpa were in the same school in the same class but they didn't knew that they are pen pals of each other as the school had this policy not to tell the pals their names but only use the Initials or . They used to write letters to each other telling about their selves and their life and left the letter in the post box. Karan and Shilpa used to write to each other without even knowing their real names, Karan used KSG while as Shilpa used Shona. Together they called themselves KASH! As a promise to remain together forever, but things changed.

Shilpa told Karan in the last letter that she wrote to him that she was leaving town for good and may be never come back her family is facing troubles and they can't live here anymore. He tried stopping her but she said she has to obey her family and he also told her that one day he'll find her and they'll be together. Karan was devastated as she never replied to his last letter and went without even telling her real name to him. He made a promise to himself that he'll find her at any cost.

He became discourteous and rude and just wanted to find her at any cost. He grew up as arrogant man and his mission was only to locate her and a week earlier he was able to find Shilpa. He just wanted to see her, and that's why he requested Sameer to send her to take his interview. He was going to see her after 9 years, though in this time he tried drifting his mind towards other girl but it wasn't love at any time it was just a need of frustration that he fulfilled with them.

'K'S'G'', she was shocked out of her wits on discovering that the man she loved all these years is in front of her. Tears welled up in her eyes, she just wanted to hug him as tightly as ever but something was stopping her from doing so.

She pushed him away from herself and said in a slow voice, 'Why did u come back?''.

'Because I wanted us to be together like we were before through those letters Shona,' Karan spoke.

'KSG, we cannot be together now', she whispered not looking is his eyes. She continued in a shaky voice, 'Things are changed now, I'm not your Shona anymore, I'm only Shilpa and, I'm someone else's Fiance.'

'Shona..a you got engaged?', Karan whispered looking at her with hurt in his eyes.

'No, don't call me, Shona Please, I told you to call me Shilpa now, and yes I got engaged,' she said in a mere whisper.

'How could you Shilpa, you never waited for me? I told you that I'll find you one day but it didn't affected you at all?' He questioned her abruptly in anger filled voice, holding her shoulders tightly.

'No didn't had a choice KSG, I couldn't say No to Papa and Mama, and You know that', she said looking at him.

'So it's not your choice, is it? I can see in your eyes that u still love me', Karan asked her knowing her very well that she can't refuse what her parents decides for her.

'Noo' I mean Yes, he is my choice and I don't love U ,' she whispered looking away from him, just to clear Karan's thoughts that she was still in love with him and her engagement was her parents' choice only.

'Shona, why are u lying to me and mostly to yourself, I know you love me, and how can you forget KASH are meant to be together,' he said in his softest and voice and bought her face towards himself.

'Just tell me once You love me, I'll make everything alrite , I'll talk to your parents, Just once tell me Once you love me', he said it again in a whisper , which made Shilpa eyes close as his warm breath touched her face. She was melting in his love badly but somewhere in back of her mind, she was fighting with herself.

She opened her eyes, and they told him everything, but she just pushed him away and started walking towards the door.

Karan got angry and walked towards her and turned her and before Shilpa knew it, he got both of her hands in his tightest grip above her head, and he trapped her to the wall using his lips. His other hand grabs her hair and pulled it wildly, bringing her face facing his succulent lips and kissed her. Her tongue hesitantly strokes his and joins his in a slow, erogenous dance.

This was it, Shilpa lost her senses completely. Since the time she entered his office she was already turned on looking at his prefect masculine figure swathed in a Dolce three piece Black suit and the white shirt complimenting his skin tone as prefect as sunshine. And knowing the truth of him being her first love just added to the fuel.

She pulled him deeper into her mouth just to feel him at the back of her throat and then to the front again. Her tongue twirled around, both sucking each other harder. She wanted just feel him today , it's been years how she longed for him and today he was kissing her and she just wanted to feel him. Karan's inner deity was awake now fully that just wanted her and that too Now!

The kiss was passionate and sensual making Shilpa's eyes teary, with both with the passion she could feel and with amount of oxygen that was becoming less in seconds, but Karan wasn't ready to leave her just yet. Very unwillingly due to the little force of her hand Karan released her from the sensual kiss. They were panting like they had been running miles. Karan touched her red cheek with his knuckles lightly whispering on her lips, 'Shona, Don't spoil the moment with closing your beautiful eyes, let me look at you deep enough, how much I wanted to feel you, love you.'

Shilpa gasped hard, and opened her eyes looking at his chocolate brown eyes deeply, realising the amount of passion he has for her, making her heart flutter with only the mere thought of what's in store of her in the nest few minutes. He leaned again and kissed her, this time very slowly touching the back sensually and slid his fingers inside her white shirt moving rhythmically with now his thumb circling and pressing the hollow of the back and his other hand stroking her waist passionately. Shilpa held his collar tightly not to let go of the feeling, the hunger and desire that was filling her up rapidly.

He picked her in urgency, still kissing her and walked towards the back of his, office which led to another room. It was his own on-suite in his office. Throwing her wildly on his big soft bed covered in white sheets he got up, looking at her petite figure that was under his spell. He could feel her heart beat that was faster than a Formula one racing car' her eyes were closed again. But this time he loved the way her image looked this time. Karan Singh Grover suddenly felt something that was unreal for him to feel after so many years. He realised that his heart beat matched up hers that was never happened with any girl he had sex with before. This felt different and he liked it.

He opened his waistcoat's buttons in a hurry and took it off following by his tie and shirt revealing the hot masculine physique that was every girl's dream to touch, but Mr Grover was particular of his choice and very less were given this golden chance to even see his sexy build. He gets his ways without undoing the clothes even, because it was never about the touch for him, it was just his requirement. But Shilpa was an exception and he wanted her to feel him close as she wanted him to feel closer to herself.

He leaned in closer to her face and grabbed her waist pulling her near his own scorching self. With one suave, he angles his body so her chest is resting on the bed beside him. He throws his right leg over both legs holding her down so she cannot move. Shilpa opened her eyes just to realise him opening her shirt buttons leisurely and in seconds it was on the floor with his clothes followed by her bra. He places his hand on her stripped behind, softly caressing her, stroking around and around with his flat warm palm.

At the trace of leather, she shudders and panted. He sucked and bit her nape and shoulder blade while touching her sensitive peaks. The shock runs through her, and it was the sweetest, strangest, debauched feeling ever. Her figure judders at the sweet, stinging bite and she moaned louder and louder from his every touch.

They were out of their clothes in minutes as Karan just couldn't wait any longer to make her fully his. He rubbed her sensitive area making her warm and ready for him. He came closer to her face gasping hard.

Shilpa opened her eyes and whispered, 'I'.I ' ne..e..ed You' Ple'.ase'' and took him in a light kiss. That was it; he wanted to hear what she wanted. She needed him, for whatever reason, at this point in time, and she never have felted so desired and coveted

He entered her very slowly and made love to her murmuring sweet things to calm her down. They were one now and no one could tear them apart now. As the final gush Karan slide down to her side breathing heavily. They lay there, panting together, waiting for their breathing to slow down.

He looked towards her and gently stroked her hair, to which she opened her eyes and whispered,' I love you KSG, I love u so much'' Making Karan smile with contentment and he kissed her ever so sensually and whispered,' I love u too Shona, I told u KASH are meant to be together forever! '

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KongoShongo on new thread :D

43 more to go ;)

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