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Vodka Shot...KR SS by Aroma ch 3 pg 51 updated (Page 6)

-Ocean.eyes- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 September 2012 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
Wil unres 2mrw

kritzzz_ArSha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 2:47am | IP Logged
nice one

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bluelashes IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:39am | IP Logged
hello sab confuse ho gye last time right 
i know i know 
u know j update likhney main hum teen devil ki kya haldat hui 
vese teen kon me , cooki nd sachi 
jada nahi bolugi here is chapter 2 


sooo evrybdy in the mall for shopping
: sharon nd swayum went in sum jewellery store
: neha nd vicky in gift shop
: simmi rinni nd amar nd nil
as per u widh
these 4 r in a store...
anya trying sumthing formal
 taani searching fr sum indian wear
 rey searching sum shirts nd glancing at kavya
 nd our dear kavya just strolling around
 making faces nt bothered about the world
rey was jst glancing at her and keeping an eye on her movements
: kavay was going through sum dresses she found nd she was checking it out
 (find sum relle short dress)
kriya was seeing the dress nd rey was behind her
[ kavya culd see rey int the mirror looking at her
 she was thinking whether to tke the dress or no to which rey nodded a no
 bt kavya ko uski baat manni nai thi
 bt kavyaa made a face at the dress nd kept it aside nd picked a pink one and again was looking in the mirror
 she was jst looking soo cutee making an innocent face
 int he mirror
 and rey as usually lost in her innocent face
she was looking towards rey nd dress nd raised her eyebrow
 as to ask him about the dress to which he made a face as he didnt like it
: kavya agn made a face nd kept he dress aside
to which rey smiled
 den taani came towards rey nd asked him about her dress
nd nodded as it will look good on her ,kavya saw that she made a bad face nd turned around she didnt y she was feeling soo bt she was feeling
ha then she select a short dress
A-line Sweetheart Neckline Empire with Beadings Short Homecoming Dress HD1216
soo after getting an approval frm rey taani goes away frm der to try some more dresses after taani goes rey goes turns towrads kavya nd sees her fliping dresses nd smirking while looking at a dress
he had a look at the dress at he eyes grew wider as the dress was super hawt nd dam short atleast fr others to say
 it was normal fr kavya he saw her looking towards mirror
she was giving her signals to not tke the dress bt kavya smirked at the mirror or to say she smirked at rey nd took the dress in her hand nd moved away to the trial room...

even after rey saying no she wears the short dress and when cums to show it finds rey fuming which form a bigger smirk on her face and rey tries to stop  her holds back as he din't know how to stop her n why was he forcing himself on her...she without even looking back at rey leaves from there knowing rey's expressions and this formed a lazy smirk on her face as she was not able to ignore rey n this was irritating her more thn anything else she called n informed any abt leaving b4 others as she has sum work but she actually was irritated and wanted to saty away from rey for some time...rey apparently was left behind confused of such opposite reactions of kavya as ib kria one after the other...but he has to know why is she called kavya n that too today ...but how...

whil this anya is not there she is busy in talking with some one 
nd other side tanni taking her bages ...from counter nd baki gang already left as sharon not felling well at that time rey's phone also ring soo he also attending his call ... 
after call end anya saw kriya is not there 
anya ask them where is she
 all nodded i mean tanni said she don't know
 now anay very much tensed
 anya : maney bola tha use but phir b
 chali gyi chup chaap main kya kru is ka
 mujey jana hi nahi chahiye tha call attend karney
 rey tu to jha tha to kesey janey diya
rey : di main to bas ...
 r : st vesey b vo sunti kha hey upar sey asey behave kar rhi hey jasey janti nahi hey mujey
 not again pta nahi vo kya kregi aaj
[ roj hi kuj na kuj
 rey : matlab kya hey di
 anya : maney btaya to wo roz hi suiicide karney ki try karti hey
 mujey to tension ho rhi hey
 anya try kriya'ss no but no use
anay : phone b nahi utha rhi ab main kya kroo
 rey : kya but why
 anya : abhi time nahi hey
 anay 's phone ring
 anya : hello sam tum
sam : ha main
 m back anya " what i mean itni jaldi jha
 sanm : hak yu kya hua nd chill kavya kha hey
 anaya : wo wo mmm wo pani friend k saath gyi hey
 sam : ok tum kha ho
 anay : wo rey nd uskey friend aye hey to
 unkey saath hoo
 bas a rhi hoo
 by sam ; by
anay to rey : rey main tumhey jo adress dey rhi hoo wha jao
 kavya whi hogi
 usey ley ana jaldi
 rey : ok
: anay leave with taani
after that
 rey at club
 rey's pvo
its to tough kriya ko itney crowd main find karna ...
kuj pta nahi chal rha
 or mujey jakeen nahi ho rha ki akhir chal kya rha hey
 why kriya behaving like this
 wo kavya kesey bani
 nd alcohlic kyu
 que que que
: but no ans
 mujey kuj nahi smaj a rha
 jab sey aya hoo bus que hi que hey ans deney wala koi nahi
 jis sey que ka ans milega wo adhey sey jada time
 talli rehti hey
respect rey
she is girl nd ur first love
[ after two min pause
last love also
 but use jha find kesey kroo
at last rey found kriya

other hand kriya 
whilw remembering what happen in the mall ...
she gets more irritated and cluches her hand into a fist and hardly hits it on the bar and her hand starts bleeding(not much but she gets a cut) when bartender sees this he asks her if everything's ok to which she looks at him with fearful dreadful eyes making him glued to his very own place signifying that if he needs his life he better saty quiet and ask for a shot...poor bartender did as ordered to save his poor life which was at risk today...she took the shot and gulped it down at oncein ...

 this was just one shot less enuf for her to forget the atrocious evening at the mall with taani ner rey and rey smiling at her this caused her more in inferiority of being away from him oh how it pierced evry pinch of her heart and this nonethless got her to gulp down no less 7 more shots of vodka ...

nd then she start  dance in b/w boys like a manic
 everyone watching her
 rey maney bola tha mat pehne j dress but (wait j wo drss nahi hey jo kriya ney mall main pehni thi but phir j b short hi hey ...)
no meri baat to sunegi tab na
but i have to stop her mujey pta lgana hoga ki akhir chal kya rha hey
 is why ka ans to find karna preyga
kesey b
or ab in swalo k jwaab kavya i mean kriya hi degi

nd then rey go near kriya but she dancing on main tera naam japdi phira sonya
 rey try to stop kriya but now she is completely talli so she con . dancing nd singing main tera naam japdi phira
 after that now to kvya poori trha talli hey so 

 now she quiet weak to carry on her feets one after the one dared to cum around her the two or three ppl who came she shooed them off with the least of politeness...her head was getting bugged up by all those shreaking painful memories which had bunched up as a stack of reel flowing in front of her she was no more able to play on her feets and her feets gave up the feathery weigth of her and ws gonna fall when a muscular arm smoothly swiffed behind her waist grabbing her hard and the other handing continously playing on her cheek trying to wake her up...

 she surely din't drift into unconciousness but apparently was in a state of semi-conciousness this caused her her to open her eyes just to see some blurry image much close to her causing her anger to agin start rising but soonest of all she recognised his touch and closed her eyes taking in his touch after soo long and murmered her only word since an hour and that was rey...
hearing his name from her mouth with soo much of pain and loved mixed like keychains mix together the seal of anti-kria fell break open...and he threw it apart with in fraction of seconds
it was kriya his kriya in his arms but thn he remembered that why is her name kavya thn?? and started asking her making her straight and letting her sit on the couch beside...the only answer she cud give was i love and again lost her senses cuz of the drowziness...but those two words were enuf to understand the truth of kria... he wanted to see hi kria after ages today the same old kria

rey abhi thinking ki kriya again start dancing  so rey pic her up nd walk out from club 
but kriya is kriya ops kavya 
 kavya hitting rey very badely
 kavya : leave m bola na don't touch me
 stay away
 rey :...
 kvya : neechey utaro mujey
 after 10 min rey scream at kavya
 rey : chup bilkul chup
 a tear made his way from her eyes
 nd rey saw this
so rey leave kriya
 rey : please sit in car
kavya : nahi mujey anya k saath jana
 rey : wo nahi a sakti
 kavya : nahi bolan a main anya k saath jaugi or tum kon ho
[ nd this line hurts rey
 very badely
 rey : kya tum scah main nahi janti main kon hoo kriya
 kavya : kriya wo kon hey
 rey : tum dmit
 tum kriya
 rey now angery
 rey : sit in car
 thats it
 kavya like a baby follow rey nd sit in the car
  after 10 min
kavya again start shouting
 stop the car
rey : no
 at this she scream loud stop the car
 rey stop the car with jerk
[ rey : what happrn
kvya : mujey washroom jana
 rey : ;(Cry
[ kkvya : mujey washroom jana hey
 rey : but jha kha
: kavya : idk
 bola na maney
 rey : please
 kavya : ro kyu rhey ho
ok rey : jha wooshroom nahi hey
 kavya : to idk
rey : pehley nahi bol sakti thi kriya
 kavya : (angry)tumne wha bolne hi nahi diya nd
rey " ok ruko do min ...
 kahi jana mat
 after 5 min rey back
 rey : chalo
 kavya : kha
 rey : tumne hi to bola washroom jana to
kavya : kab mane to nahi bola ...
 nd she start singning
 marzi sey chalti hey jesey hwaye vesey hi hey meri sari adaye
 rey : kriya
: kavya : chup *poorey talli mod main*
 bola na me kavya not kriya
 or kon rey mujey nahi pta
 after 10 min scilence
 kavya : jaad aya
 rey " kya
 kavya : tum kahi us kriya ki baat to nahi kar rhey jo 5 years pehley mar gyi
 wo janti hogi tumhey '
achi thi but mar gyi
 u know j dunoye achey logo ko maar dalti hey
 rey : kya bol rhi hoo tum
 kavay : main main shrabi main shrabi
rey : kriya please btao na akhir kyu kar rhi hoo j sab
kavay : wo nahi btana mereko  dairy main likha na
 rey : kon c dairy
 kavya : meri or kiski
 nd she again start uska fm
 main talli main talli main talli ho gyi
 rey  : ab merey sarey swalo k jwaab kriya ki dairy main hi milegey ...
 but pehley kriya ko ghar ley k jana hoga
 rey " kriya ghar chaley
kavay : bola na kavya hoo main ...
rey : ok kavyaa
 kavya : nahi anay k saath jana mujey
 anay k saath anaya k saath
 rey : wo nahi a sakti
 kavya : to mujey nahi jan
 a rey : please
 kavya : hmmm ek sharat pey dance kar k dikhao
 rey : what
kavya : like a bay mujey dance dekhna hey abhi k abhi
 at last rey dance for her kriya
: kavya : j
once more once more
 rey : bas chalo abhi ghar please
 at last she agree
 at home very one sleeping
 kavay again singing
 marzi sey chalti hey jasey hwaye vesi hi hey meri sari adaye
rey : chup koi a jayega
 kavya : to aney do
 hum kon sa chor hey
 takrying in every thing
rey trying ki kahi kuj gir na jaye
 but kavya
 to ruking hi nahi
 rey : chup tumhey bta do ki tumhara bhai ghar pey hey
: after listning this line
kavya ki mooh ko to tala hi lag gya
rey : ab bolo
 kavya : chup rho tum mujey marwao gey
 rey : abhi to chila rhi thi
utar gyi kya
: kavya about to fell when rey cought her

ok guys jha room ki light band hey only moon light ha 
hat besharam heheLOL...
guys please play mar jawa song perfect for this ...
kria cuddled in his arms taking in his warmth making herself comfortable...he took her to room and comfortably nd slowly placed her on the bed nd started going out so as to change and cum back but kria took hold of his wrist and pulled him slowly asking him to not leave her lone it's been ages since she wants him in her arms with her she had been craving for his love...but cuz rey ws in all hissenses he knew wat was happening and tried freeing his wrist off her hold but this made her pull him more fiercely this time such that he fell upon him causing their eyes closing and lips finding eachother's pace and their heartbeats were just frozen...rey stopped himself the most he cud but now no this was out of his catch...
the limits he cud carry out were now almost erased
 soon their heat took over them and kria taking the lead started kissing rey first had he been concious but her breathe her heart her essence which was filled with love and nonethless her perfume making him go wild and hrd for him to dtop himself from making her his today
 he soon took up lead irrelivant of who started or whoe gonna end he started kissing her flawlessly their lips moved in sync just like a slow music playing along with the nature he soon pulled her over him and kissed her passionataly with a tint of wildness which caused kria to moan at times and every moan got rey to get more wild and strong over her slowly his hands slid into her dress unknowingly and this caused kria to gasp and shut her eyes even tight with a happy feeling flowing inside her of getting his rey today she curved body throwing her neck back which caused the kiss to break but rey was in no mood of being apart from her he anyhow needed her and so he bent up to her and took her lips into his even more furiously telling all his feelings of love and want to her and over that of the fact that how much has he craved for her...she was in a very mutual state of his rey rapidly turned kria arond placing her on bed and him over her crushing her sleek femanine attractive body

his hands now started playing on her back while his lips smoothly carsed her neck her jawline her nape he starting placing wet blissful kisses on her evrywhere he was just feeling her smooth silky skin he slowly bit her nape make her to moan and her neck fell back giving him more space to feel her this action of hers caused him to grow wild and he stood sraight pulling her up and again kissing her their lips din't leave eachother's path and slid his hand back into her dress caresing her back and but anything which wud come in b/w them he wud just throw it apart he was determined nd their came a pair pins which were irritating him for god nows how long he with in seconds moved the pins apart making kria more weak in no time their clothes had taken a different path from them weak kria fell back covering her femanine body and her curve with her hands this made rey even more curious to now have her all the way his just his and he came ahead slowly removing her hands from her body and started cresing her body each part of her body was touched by his lips and were continously been caresed by his hands when their emotional wants had taken away now was it the time for them to be one he stood straight leaving kria which made kria confused cuz she wanted him and snapped open her eyes findind question of a yes or no in his eyes
she shyly and simply closed her eyes with a smile of his face allowing him to let in and he madly again fell in love with her and gave her sweet blisfull mking her complete pains kria now had tear of happiness of being one in her eyes rey silently slept besidr her wiping her tears and taking her into his embrace and kissed her forehead for the sign of his true love and there they both slept in eacthothers embrace where kria nuzzled totally into him finding her world to be just that much and rey hugged her tight telling her he will never let her go now and then and there they completed eachother...

at 2. am rey get up when he remember about kriya's dairy so he switched the light (guys light all thime band thi ok ...jaad hey na .)
 tear escaped from his eye
..its a big room jahan saaari cheezien bahut hi beautifully rakhi hai
 bt har jagah ek cheez common hai nd they r pics, sketch of rey swayum nd their whole gang
 the room is filled with their pics
 pics on curtains
 bed k baaju mein rey nd kriya ki after dance fest waali pic hai

bed k upar ek bada sa poster hai of the gang after the dance fest nd louisans written on it
 cupboards par sabke pics hai
 rey my life my love ...
: swayum-my best buddy
 neha- my cutest buddy
 vishakaha- my tomboy bestie
 bharat- hamara angry young man
 amar- sweetest frnd ever
: sharon- my best rival
simmi nd rinni best dancers
 nilesh- best rapper ever
 vicky - funiest deewana

a wall is full of kriyansh pics
 written with hearts al over it...

hm ho gya finally
hum teeni kal like thisEmbarrassed
hamara kaam khata now like nd comment please 

precap wo to nahi dey sakti itni long update di wo b Embarrassed

lekin jab kriya ko hosh ayegi to kya hoga uska reaction 
kya use sab jaad hoga ja 
kya hey kvya ka sach 
rey ka kya hoga reaction dairy read karney k baad 
sab next chapter main now gotta go 
love u all DEVIL ROCKERZZZ,...

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Beautiful_King IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:44am | IP Logged
yeee me first one to comment... 


Awwieee thnk u soo much for the credit...Heart me... 
this was the only thing u made me do for the last whole part shit aro ausum update... 

loved it like hell itna bada update i was dancing at every point haye kriyaansh are soo cute n kria woh toh aur bhi cute full on talli n rey hehehe he can jo anything for his kria right...he proved it dancing hehehe super cute... 

hahaha bhai home abbolo sab utar gayi heheheh i was soo laughing on their conversation n a smile was permanently stuck to my lips...midblowing update aro... 

ahhh ab jaldi se update de pata nhi kya hoga kria ka reaction n baki family waale hawww mujhe toh sochke bhi dar lag raha hai... 

ab jaldi aa tu update ke saath...warna  LOL

ahhh ab comment ho gaya bye ab isse bada kya likhoon?????? bye

are ek baat toh reh hi gayi i'm dead acche bacche aia update nhi dete...tune toh mujhe full on maar hi diya... 

accha chal ab pakka wala bye...

are neeche kya kar rhi hai tu?????? maine bola toh comment finish bas itna hi tha...toh phir kyun aayi???????? accha kuch ur bhi chahiye theek hai but ye last hai hun...woh kriya aka kavya ka attitude bhi mast hai yaar maza aa gaya... 

kya????????????????????????????????????????????????? maine bola tha na last hai toh fir??????????????? accha suggestion chahiye????????? toh lena jaldi se sab kuch solve karke kriyaansh ko milwa de...n thn they'll live happily ever after... 

abhi pakka wala bye believe na ho toh neeche aa ke dekh le... 


maine kaha tha na ab kuch nhi hai tu apni harkaton se baaz nhi ayegi bye...

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Born2Dance IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged

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ArShaAngels IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 10:48am | IP Logged

me 3rd one 2 comment... (atleast m in top 3...LOL)
awesome updte...
luved it...
n the song selection was fab...
luved the talli kriya/kavya...Tongue
u wrote everything so beautifully...Embarrassed
plz clear the kriya/kavya confusion soon...
thnx for the pm...
luved it...

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enrique IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 11:38am | IP Logged

ye kya tha BlushingBlushingBlushing

aro naughty naughty girl

now i cant comment after reading this 

me still embarrassed 

just 1 word awesome

Edited by enrique - 08 September 2012 at 8:42am

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kriyansh19 Senior Member

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Posted: 06 September 2012 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
awsome update ..!
loved it ..!
it was hot ..!
really loved it ..!
update d next part soon ..!

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