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BalikaVadhu Times #1( naya safar nayi shurvat)

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Balika vadhu is story of Child bride anandi and her journey. Till date she went through so many problems in her life. But for the first time she is seeing light in her. this light is none other than but collectors of jaitsar.. Shivraj Shekhar. She is going to start new life.. With the new leaf in life. Finally she meets her true love'the same love she is finding in her life. She still scares to move in her life... But this phase is going to end. And she will fail in love with soon too with our collector saab'

Khushi: phew done everything

Pratz:yeah.. Finally everything is done

Khushi:you know this is the first one, so what next?

Pratz: oye what next matab.. go ahead and speak up girl, are you  nervous ?

Khushi:yeah lot. I worked hard for this..

Pratz: yeah me too, let's do it together

Khushi:yeah great idea. But wait

Pratz: what now

Khushi:we are going to do this alternately remember.. One month me going to post and next month your time will start ok

Pratz.. yeah I remember.. Next my turn ok.. Now lets start..

Khushi:yeah do its together.. I can't hold my excitement

Pratz & khushi:Hey let us commence our monthly presentation.    Balikavadhu Times #1( naya safar nayi shurvat)our newsletter.

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(By DonISback)

Kalyani devi singh - Head of singh family. strong, determined. and positive. she saw many up down in her life. she disgrace jagdish what he did to anandi. she love annadi as her granddaughter now.her life experiences turning her  in to diamond now. In past she used to be more Conservative but now she accept new thought with progress. she is the one who choose shiv for anandi and wanted to see there marriage as soon as possible. 

Bharaion singh-Father fingure in anandi life. he done everything from childhood for her to complete her dreams. he is there for her support always. hes moral values are more important then anything. honest and very forward in his thinking. he thought always best for anandi. for him anandi is just like his daughter. and he want to fulfilled all promise as father for anandi. understand annxdi very well and her pain to..and wanted to see happy .. disgrace his own son. and wanted anandi marriage soon so she get all the happiness she deserve.

Sumitra: support system in anandi life. she love her like her own daughter. For her she disgrace her own son to.. only wanted to see her happiness. she wanted to see anandi married as she know that her own son did wrong with her. support her always currently in us. And she is waiting for annadi marriage as soon as possible. She is happy that they find shiv for anandi.

Alok Shekhar-Shiv dad joyful person in shekhar family. have family background just like his dad. very much fun loving person. and give full choice to his son to taken his decision. he is very modern in his thinking and support his family always.. 

Shiv daddu(Prem Kishor Shekhar) ' fun loving person. Love his family very much. He is retired army officer and now enjoying his life with his family. Love shiv very much. Waiting for shiv marriage.. For him and entire family shiv marriage is held so much importance as after so much time shiv is ready for marriage finally. He is the one person who can make anandi smile too.. off course along with shiv. 

Choti ma(Meenaskhi devi): she is the one who is little possessive fro shiv .. but good from heart. Its seems she care for him so much. She just wanted his happiness like mother. Shiv is more close to her then his mother. She is not agreeing with marriage proposal of anandi with shiv. But eventually she agrees on shiv wish. Love shiv very much.

Mahi- fun loving bro... And little flirt too. Love shiv very much. Very excited about shiv wedding. Wanted to see his brother happy.. Trying to making career in cricket.. , son on choti maa,, a sweet family member in shekhar's family. Look like he will be going support system in family.

Saanchi- bratty sis of shiv. Life given everything to her. Her approach towards life only fun loving. she can look in other life only with fashion sense.. she is still child by  heart and little stubborn.. she wanted to find girl for her brother of her liking.. she reject anandi without even meeting her.. Baby princess of shiv but still not understand life full well.

Gehna: she always stand for truth and want happiness for anandi along with family she too disgrace jagat for what he did with anandi and wanted to see ananadi move in her life . and stays happy. She is the one who  e show mirror to jagat for his wrong did in past. She is happy that anandi is going to marry with shiv. And happy with marriage wanted for anandi all happiness.. 

Basant (son of mahavir singh)-t masa love him more then her real son. after even finding truth about his birth. he stand with his mother. very much respective towards his mother. he change a lot too. he left his reserve thinking and looking forward bright future of anandi

Iravati devi: traditional women in family.. Lovable.. Trying to balance with her family. She seems wanted to everyone happy. She values relationship but yet with modern thinking. Very caring towards her son. she is happy with shiv marriage and and she believed that her son will make right choice. She believed at his decision and his thought. 

Khajan singh- loving father of anandi. he is guilty that he made her married in tender age. wanted his daughter happiness. he too want to fulfilled his wife last wish. he accept shiv whole heartily.. very eager fro ansh marriage .
Bhagwati- she is not no more. she wanted her daughter happiness she asked anandi to married shiv. anandi first reluctant with proposal but have to agree with her last wish. now anandi is completing her wish to marrying shiv. but its her wish hopefully make anandi life turn out good.. 

Jagat/jagdish: a selfish and wanted his life on his way.  Love his family with his own predictable way. He lied to them even goes against to them for his wife gauri. But after finding about her manipulative nature. He wanted to rejoin with family. But he still not understands his mistake yet. For him he change all mistake as per his thinking and turn his life so much like. But without noticing his fault. even after received no end for his life. he is found stand nowhere. Right know he have nothing . his owe  family disgrace him.


Gauri: jagat second wife. she is very mature from start but after marriage with jagat made her change look out for life. she is obsessed to have jagat besides her because her challenge with her sasu maa. Love jagat but for her ego is big then anything. After childhood trama.. she still thinkg sigh;s is responsible  for her condition. In end her lie make her life turn out disaster and now jagat even left her. she have no one now


ShivRaj: man of authority and principle.. very honest and dedicated his work. Collector of jaitrar.. Always stick for truth. Very trustworthy. He respects tradition and values. Fianc of anandi and wanted to see her happy. He is in love with her and waited to accept this relation form her side to. He wins all people around him with his love and respect. He is helping now anandi to find happiness in her life. and he will give her one day all love that she never received till date.


Anandi : married at her tender age. Face so many problems altogether. She faces all changed and completed successfully very sweet by nature. She can only think good about others.he is sarpanch now with her dedication of work and her qualities. Her husband jagat left her.. and after divorce with him she finally started to move in her life. She is ready for her marriage for her mother wish. She is very strong and determined when to take decision.  She is fiance of shiv now. After this sagai. Her life will take new different dimension.& hope this new turn make anandi happy along with shiv


(Of AnSh By khusi_*)

Shiv entered Balika Vadhu in typical hero fashion, as a knight in shining armour to rescue Anandi when she was in danger. When a wayward horse pulled Anandi's carriage recklessly, Shiv rescued the sarpanch of Jaitsar.

Anandi's saviour turns out to be the Collector of the newly minted Jaitsar district. This is revealed at a function held to felicitate Anandi. Shiv is praised by to the high heaven which paves the way for his promising work in Anandi's hometown.

Shiv and anandi initially shared a professional bond. But after some sorts of roughness eventually both impressed with each other's different shades and qualities. shiv's frd ashi's words made shiv to realize that his dream girl is similar to anandi. Anandi's simplicity and charm starts affecting shiv.shiv again proved as anandi's savior while stopping a child marriage and got to know that she is a balika vadhu too and his respect towards anandi increased.

Shiv is now completely smitten and even accepts ds's proposal to marry anandi but anandi refused due to the fear of rejection. Shiv understood anandi's pain and decided wait for her and devimaa's final decision...AND he realized that he is in love with anandi...In the mean while Anandi and jagdish got divorced finally. Anandi agreed to marry shiv to fulfill her mother's last wish. Shiv's family happily agreed with the marriage alliance of Ansh . Due to some pasr revelation jagat broke up with gauri and went to jetsar to get his family n anandi back .he reached at the mean time when Ansh were getting engaged , he stunned but backed off. AnSh finally got engaged without any interruptions.

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(By DonIsback)

High emotion & Band baja week

Khajan singh talk to anandi about his mom.. How everything made him remembers his wife he wants to fulfill his wife last wish as soon as possible anandi promise him. She will fulfill her promise. Other hand .gauri discuss her dream with her mom. Her mom tells her about baba and gauri dismiss idea. Shiv is remembering anandi and have flashback of her.. Shiv talks to anandi about her and her family condition after her mom death and give reassurance and support. Shiv reminds anandi about her promise and tells her that if she needs anything he will there for her.  Gauri is again affected by bhago words at work and received shouted session from her seniors.gauri is badly affects words by bhago in past.. she recall them all the time jagat try to give her assurance and support .ds consol anandi and made her eat to making her remind her mom is not happy to seeing her like this. Gauri mom visits her. she tell her some bhabhuti of baba and both convince jagat to go to bilaria and spread bhabhuti at place where bhago died... jagat is first reluctant but then agree with it. ds is all sad seeing annadi pictures bhairv console her. Anandi and her dad perform ritual of asthivisarjan and cried. Jagat is in dilemma to call or not to called anandi. Anandi once again remind her mom and feel sad.. Other hand shiv worried for annadi and promise himself bring smile back to her face again.. Jagat reach in bilaria thinking no one will be there. He is surprise to find everyone at anandi home for bharsi..khajan stop him and blame him for his wife death, annadi tell him to leave house sternly yet jagat argue back. Khajan drag him in middle of house and asked him explain his reason to his death wife. Bilaria people find out jagat fault and blame him for leaving anandi then blame Singh's to.. But anandi defend Singh's.. Gauri tense in Mumbai called jagat but coincidently call receives by anandi. Anandi get to know jagat real motive behind his visit in bilaria...

bhabhuti dehan and new life week

Jagat real intention revels in front of annadi as soon she receives call from gauri. Gauri is unaware its annadi who receive her called. Jagat explain his reason and asked anandi to approve his reason. Annadi insult jagat and throw bhabhuti on his face and curse him that he never gets happiness never. Ds also asked him leave. In Mumbai jagat come to his house and explain whole story to then and blame gauri and her mom for his insult... gauri wanted to argue back but with her mother instruction. She kept mum.Shiv visit haveli.. ds send anandi and shiv somewhere to talk alone. Singh even suggested his to talk his parent. Anandi asked shiv to marry her and informed his parents. She reveled to him that she doing this only to fulfill her mother last with otherwise she will never agree in lifetime. Shiv is reluctant but then agrees further. Jagat in Mumbai thinking about what happen in bilaria and thought this time anandi not in fault. Sugna and kids visit haveli.. Sugna is worried for anandi. But anandi come with things of teej and asked to ds as she needs to keep fast or not. Ds asked her to kept fast and declared next year will be her real teej with her husband shiv. Anandi talked to her father and have little chat. Gauri is celebrating teej to. She had done mehandi on her hands. Anandi having flashback about her last teej. Gauri caligs tease here about her vrat. In singh family and gauri are doing teej pooja on there house respectively. Someone informed anandi about women bad conditioned of health and she informs doctor. Gauri is hungry and complaining about moon, jagat get flashback to about his last teej with anandi.shiv is surprise to all family is there to visit him. They keep asking him about ashima.. And making him confused. Finally its raveled that shiv is talking about anandi not ashima.  A man fail is mud.. Anandi scold kids for making him fall. Anandi recalled her first meeting with bapusa.. She helps that man. Man asked her if she is laughing at him anandi replied to him she just remember something. It's not about him. In circuit house shiv tell everyone girl name is anandi. Everyone keep asking him question about anandi... His dad returns and get confused about anandi and sarpanch. Finally he understood that shiv wanted to marry anandi and she is sarpanch of jaitsar. Shiv family is joking with each other. Shiv become emotional over this and says he miss them so much. Entire family asked him about annadi and wanted to meet her immediately. Shiv said to wait for next day but all are to excited to stop. Shiv explains anandi status as divorcee and explain entire situation. Entire family is shocked but recover to shiv mom support anandi and said she must be special that her in-laws supported her over there son. Shiv dadu agree too. Shiv choti ma is reluctant little but agree to go to anandi home with shiv mom insistence. Ds is surprise to find shiv dadu come to visit them. Dadu said he is there for meeting his grandson future wife. Shiv family enters too. And greet Singh's... Choti ma is not too happy with event of turning out...

sagai hogai fixed week

Shekhar's  introduce there family and little chat with Singh's. Anandi is still not come home ds is worried. Meanwhile shekhar's are chatting with Singh's. And other hand anandi in slip in mud. Ds reasoning them anandi went with girl to hospital. Shiv support as well . Shekhar's seems impressed. And then anandi enter in haveli with muddy avatar. All are stunned.. Shiv dad acknowledges anandi and praises her. Bharion recollect his first meeting with anandi. Just like shiv dad meet her... he though this time destiny is planning good for annadi. Anandi comedown changing her attire.. And looking beautiful all are looking at her. Anandi come down and shiv dadu asked her question. Annadi answer his question with politeness. Choti ma asked anandi if she like to work after marriage. Anandi answer her. She wants to and she will do it only on her family permission and support. She will never let affect her work to her family life. Nandu informed about moon and all women do pooja. In Mumbai gauri is performing ritual with jagat.. Here anandi is having flashback. Anandi is lamp about to go but shiv save it they stare each other and everyone happy for them .jagat break gauri fast and here anandi is break her fast by herself. cm is not too happy with anandi but shiv mom asked her to trust on shiv decision.  Then cm announce that anandi is part of there family. Singh's present shiv plate of silver full money.. shiv refuse and only for ritual he take 100 rs note.  Dadi forgive shekhar's for coming without informing them. All leave blessing anandi happily except choti ma.. ds is happy that this teej bring happiness in anandi life. Anandi is thinking her room is totally broken. Recalling everything happened in past. In agree she throw necklace shiv family give to her even throw shiv phone too. When he try to called her. Then she pick up necklace again with so much dignity..Were it back and called shiv too. Shiv tell her that after marriage nothing will change in her life and asked her to pick up for meeting anandi agrees too.. Shiv parents arguing on shiv breakfast. Shiv slip away without letting them knows. All talked about saanchi and mahi. That they didn't inform them. saanchi is shiv sister and mahi is cm son.. choti ma said saanchi don't like it because she wanted to search bride for shiv herself. Ds asked to pandi he said because of adhikmass marriage can't happen. At the same time gauri asked same to pandijiti in Mumbai. But she is not ready to wait for 4 month and want married as soon as possible. Panditji further explain the can arrange engagement and then marriage will happen after 4 months. Gauri other hand fixed her marriage date herself as she don't believe this shagun and upshagun.  Shiv mom called saanchi informed her about anandi. Saanchi is not much please to listing about anandi she called her gawar. And show not interest. Choti ma said to rethink over decision. Shiv dadu scold he said he will handle everything. And there no need to rethink over decision. Cm is not happy with his decision think herself that she said its impossible to make saanchi understand. . Ds come to circuit house to informing all sagai date. and explain that marriage will be happed because of adhikmaas after 4 months. Saanchi is agry with shiv. Chatting with him. She tried to reason him over phone that anandi is not suitable for him. Shiv replied back to her each and every question. She cut his called with anger in the end. Gauri is making arrangement of marriage and cover up with excuse in front of jagat. Shekhar informed saanchi about engagement. she talked back to her mom. Almost insulted her. And decide not to attend sagai..Bharion informed khajan about sagai.. Anandi also talked with him.

De dhana dan week..

Bharion informed sumitra about anandi engagement and sumirta is happy and emotional to hear that. Gauri friend teasing her about her second marriage. Shiv dadu tease him over anandi, shiv blush and said him to concentrate. In haveli people comment over shiv anandi.. ds replied them with her style.. And declared about sagayi of ansh. All are happy congratulate anandi. Gehna offer sweet to them & Dadisa invited all to engagement. Shiv come to his home all informed him to take anandi to jaipur to get engagement ring. Shiv doesn't want trouble anandi but ds is agree to send her... And even all explain his he should get know anandi better this way... He asked cm to change there mind but she denies. CM asked shiv about anandi and shiv explain her. She is jaded by her previous relationship and upset over mother   .gauri make excuse for mehandi to jagya again. He asked her about bade papa she lied again to being him in Kolkata' in jeweler shop shiv choose ring of annadi choice and anandi to pick same ring. Anandi again have flashback .in Mumbai gauri have mehandi her hand to jagat feed her & then they hug. Shiv called sumitra to know more about anandi. They have cute talk over phone' sumi asked him to have patience with anandi as this is different relationship. Shiv agree to..Gauri send jagat outside for work and give him her debit card.sagai preparation is going on In jaitsar and marriage preparation going on Mumbai. Gauri recalled challenged for sumi and feel she win finally. Jagat bang on badepapa and find truth about gauri. He realized that gaui is lie till date to him. And find out too that his dad funded gauri education not bade papa. Its all revealed to him that gauri accuse his dad. And misbehave with Singh's too. Jagat left speechless Badepapa explain jagat what he family really like. He explain him now gauri is having good life all because of his dad.but you didn't understand you family. He even blames him saying that you are equally responsible with gauri. To insulting your parents and destroy everything. Now jagat remember everything what happed in past how she lied to him and all the events he remember when she misbehaves with his family including recently bhabhuti incident. Jagat realize that now till she only want revenge. She never wanted to his family. He is stunned to thinking over how he fail in her every lies.. she take everything away form him. And destroyed everything. He shouts in ager gauri. he come home and shocked to saw arrangement. Gauri welcome him with smile but jagat slap her..and asked her about truth. Gauri explain him that someone trying to him against her. Bade papa too walk in.. Gauri blame jagat father for everything but in the end she asked forgiveness for him. Jagat said than he left everything for her his family and anandi to.. Jagat said that he hate gauri.. And fool to left everything for her. Gauri try to defend herself. He remembers the times when he accuses anandi for nothing. He said to gauri he left girl like annadi for her. Even that gets gauri angry she even raises her hand to slap him. Jagat said that he will never go back to her and this is his last promise. in jaistar having all preparing of sagai.. Anandi have flashback of her past.. Anandi done mehandi her hands and written name shiv on it.. And shiv to have mehndi on his hand and written name anandi on it. bharion gifted necklace to anandi from sumitra.. as that necklace are gifted sumitra to by her mother and now she giving to anandi..Gauri is all stunned and recalled sumitra challenged and cried.

Sagai week

Bharion explain her that as a father he should tell her forget us. As your new home but he won't say like that because this house is always hers. They did not do support her because jagat betrayal but because she is there daughter. He even asked her to forget jagya. And anandi promise that she will. In Mumbai jagat is all dukhi went in bar and started having flashback on past. He leaves drink and left. He saw himself in black and white.. Both are defending themselves. Jagat look at them scream to stop. He thought how much he badly hurt everyone. He misbehaves everyone in his family. He saw mandir. He asked for one chance. So he cans apologies to everyone. And decide he will go back to jaitsar. Shiv and anandi is looking at name written on there hands with mehandi. Engagement preparation full swing in haveli.khajan is awestruck with engagement preparation. Gift for shiv and his family arrive. Khajan and anandi shocked to see all expensive gifts. Khajan is happy that Singh family showing so much love for anandi. All tell him that love is earn by anandi.  Anandi asked khajan what is in bag.. He is all embarrassed. Anandi open gift and said its beautiful. Anandi said his gift is most important to her. Even mud form her house alos are so held most importance to her. She wanted show all to ds.. but khajan stop her. Bharion see this all.. shiv is getting ready , jagat is crying in car.. Anandi with confused expression and look little sad. Screen frees on three..

HeartSagai specialHeart

Anandi look all sad and contemplative. Barat is arriving at doorstep. Everyone welcome them.  then another shot jagat is arriving jaisar..and think that he will giving happiness to anandi. Bharaion and co complete the ritual to welcome in laws. Shiv family impressed with decoration. Ds introduce anandi dad to shiv family.. sumitra talked with shiv thourgh web cam and shiv introduce to her his family.. she and shiv have pleasant conversation.  mahi arrives too and all family are happy to see him. Shiv family introduce to him ds family.. and then last mahi enquire to shiv where is bhabhi. Anandi in her room look apprehensive.Everyone is happy. Sumi and bharion talk and sumi said she is very happy with engagement sumitra and asked about anandi. And at them same time anandi come. Shvi is all smitten by anandi beauty.. and innocence. Mahi praise anandi saying she is very beautiful.. Anandi take blessing from everyone and talked to sumi.. Anandi feel like sumi is with her.. Sumitra said that anandi get all happiness that she deserve. Jagat is on way of jaitsar sitting in car.. Thinking about family.. And thinking how he going to apologies all of them. Shiv intro mahi to anandi. Mahi enquire about little sister of anandi to anandi.. Everyone laughs. Then dance performance in sagai and shiv imagine him dancing with anandi. But everyone pull anandi and shiv for dance and all dance together. Ds call everyone for arrangement same time jagat enter in haveili. anandi sense something wrong in air.. But keep thought aside and put ring in shiv finger. Jagat enter at them same time and watch. He looked shocked and takes stop backward in pain. Shiv takes out ring and bring near anandi's finger. Jagat watching all pain hiding himself behind curtain.

Anandi and shiv both put ring on each other.. Everyone is so happy and giving blessing them.. jagat is watching all this. Then after ceremony everyone start dance together. Jagat watch happy anaandi and shiv. And slip form their unnoticed.. but dadisa saw him before he left. She goes behind him to find but fine no one. Bharion told dadisa that she is imagine things. Ds is reluctant but anyways join celebration. Jagat is in village some ware I walking and thinking about past even with shiv. He thought now with anandi life shiv replace everything even his family too. He thought everything is destroyed now his past present and future. He thought if he remain there everyone laugh on his face. Ds is thinking about jagat after everyone left. Makhan asked about shoes that someone left. Ds declared its belong to jagat..   bharion said to throw the shoes if not one come . then ds said she know that this shoes belong to jagat asked makhan to kept in store room and thought if he come. Why did he left.

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(By  Suchi-Virmanian)

Well SOO many things happened this month... Gauri ji's sudden realization of having a wedding! without notifying the groom. Jagat ji's outburst of Sacha pyar after few bickering (well nothing new there) scenes..Bade Papa finally shedding light on the mahan-ness of Juggu dada's Sacha Pyar! Jagya walking to his own wedding and feeling like the well groomed bali ka bakra at Gauri ka swayamvar.
Gauri ji's final attempt to save her face! but the plan backfiring with a beautiful slap! Clap and Jaggu leaving her (for good? hmm ) Jagya's realization of his life turning upside down! or should I say right side up... Jetsar may mangal : Anandi meeting her future in-laws drenched in Keechad! 

The engagement being announced and of course the AnSH-engagement itself!!
I had to put my thinking cap on to choose the BEST episode of the month, but before that I would like to give a round of applause to the Creatives of BV for giving us such action packed MONTH! Clap
THE BEST EPISODE of this month (August 2012) is ...Drum Roll...

The Engagement Sequence 
 August 30th-31st 2012 

Why? Anandi finally smiled! and accepted Shiv as her would be ! :)  
I personally think that BEATS all the reasons! 


Heart  Heart  Heart

Heart  Heart  Heart

Here is a special Gift from me (suchi)

Video of the Entire Sagayi Segment!


(By khusi_* )

17th aug is the filler episode of the month. Gauri's marriage preparation, shiv's over pampered sister's same irritating dialogs… high points at all………..!

(By  khusi_*)

Month of august is an action packed month with all emotions mourning, anger, pain, betrayal, love, commitment, party, suspense like roller coaster ride. Jagat was made bhahut bhut by anandi, her disgust on jag, introduction of Shivraj's family ,badepapa's truth revelation , jagat-gauri's break up, jagat's coming back to jetsar to get back anandi n his family And the high point AnSh engagement minus jagat's showdown.

So rating of the month is 4.5Star out of 5Star

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(By  piya_anshian)

The month started with the most heart breaking news i.e. Anandi's mother's death. That whole week consisted of various emotional moments. The most emotional scene was when Khajan Singh was handed the torch of flame to light the pyre but he was not able to light it. He said, ''mere se ye naa ho sakega..'' and cried. Indeed it was a very heart wrenching moment. My heart beat nearly stopped when Anandi stepped forward, took the torch from his father's hands and set the pyre alight. It was a great, progressive step. My heart ached with father-daughter grief and sorrow. I cried at that time and im sure many of you have cried too. So i'd mark it as the most emotinal scene of the month. Ouch Cry

(By  piya_anshian)

I dont think anyone of us ever thought that we'll able to see a funny scene in a cult show like Balika Vadhu. But with the advent of Shekhar family we have seen not only one, but number of funny scenes that too in a month only !LOL So you guyz can imagine how difficult it'd have been for me to find out the funniest scene as there were so many ! After watching all August epis and laughing my lungs out i managed to find one hillarious scene and the credit goes to the most cutest jodi of BV i.e. PremKali ! ROFL ROFL Yeah, as you all must have guessed the scene is of the AnSh sagai day when Shekhars came to Singhs haveli. After the welcome ceremony of Shekhars ( pooja and teeka ) our dearest Daddu ji gave a cute bouquet to his secret love Daadi saa and spoke with a sweet innocence ( Now i get it from where Shiv has learnt to make puppy face ), LOL'' Kalyani ji, ye aapke liye''. Daadi saa looked super duper embarassed. I think i saw a glint of shyness on her face. ROFL She took it hesitatingly. But Daddu didnt stopped here only, he added further, '' Aaj to aap in phoolon se bi jyada khoobsoorat lag rahi hain''. ROFL ROFL ROFL God ! DJ have got guts ! What made this moment hillarious'est were the village women who were standing behind and laughing shyly under their ghoonghats ! ROFL ROFL ROFL PremKali rockzzz...! ROFL ROFL ROFL

(By  piya_anshian)

Aha ! This month was full of romantic scenes, not much intense ( i dont even expect at this wayyy ! ) but romantic enough to send us to the AnSh lala land. According to me ( and im sure you will agree with me ) that the most romantic scene was during the Sagai Ceremony, when Anandi came down from the stairs, red dupaatta rises and we see a beautifull smiling Anandi. What made that moment romantic was Shivu's eyes which were nihaarofying our Sarpanchini with so much love and passion . It looked as if any second he will stand up, hug her hard and say, ''you are looking so very beautifull'' but alas ! He was so much mesmerised that he didnt even blinked. Moreover, Anandi looked at him lovingly, smiling ( for the first time.. ) as if asking ''mai kaisi lag rahi hun ?'' and i guess Shiv's struck expression answered her question very well ! Maybe she saw admiration and love in his eyes that she averted her gaze suddenly but Shiv was in no mood to look away. He kept on niharofying his princess. I think there was no physical closeness between AnSh at that time, but still it was the most romantic scene of the month because Anandi was genuinely happy. Her smile made the moment special. For the first time i saw love flowing from both sides. Ofcourse far more love from our Shivu side LOL 

(By  payalibm)

This is time when anandi came back from  cremation ceremony

on1st of aug... the time she goes through album of her mom and time spent with her...all moments captured in it

(By  ritzi12)

This month was amazing coz we had high point of ANsh sagai .But I dont know ki main roou ya haasun coz there are ample of bloopers which ought not to have been there ...

 foremost blooper was Shiv told anandi about tommorw's meeting n asked to pick her up but instead next day he is in office n no meeting he goes to pick anandi day after tommorw so blooper !LOL

(By  ritzi12)

The dialogue of month goes to the one where Shiv and Sumitra had a conversationon phone aired 22nd august it was a sweet sasuma and damad talk and

sumitra said

"Shiv beta itani khushi di hai tumane mujhe ki main tumhe aap keh hi nahi paungi aur ishwar kare ki Anandi bhi tumhare pyar ko jald se jald samajh paye."

AND Shiv replies "mujhe bhi uss din ka bahut besabri se intezaar rahega"

Shivji is soo aatoor to samofy, in anandiji he even secretly tells this to sumitra aka sassumaLOL

(By  AnjanaYYZ)

Her name is Saanchi

But, she is really Kaanchi

Her brother thinks she is a doll

But,her tongue requires fevikol

Her dress maybe hip & happening

But, her attitude is old & annoying

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(By  dixie123)

Shivraj Shekhar for being a caring, supportive lover at the same time a man who stood up for the principles he believes in.


He has been a

- Fevikol Aashique: Shiv gave his support to Anandi who is extremely depressed at the loss of her mother. He never wanted Anandi to accept the relationship with him out of helplessness or compulsion and wanted to give her the time so that she could accept him 'dil se'. After knowing the fact that she was marrying him only to fulfil her mother's wishes he still accepted her proposal because he loved her and wanted to stand and support her in all her sorrows even if it meant that this marriage could be loveless for him.

- Honest guy: When his family learned of his love for Anandi and wanted to meet her, he didn't lie to them about Anandi's past. He told them everything about her being a balika vadhu and her divorcee status. He was being truthful and didn't start off his new relationship with lies and deceit.

- The Just collector: He was humble enough to take only Rs.101 for the Neg that was offered to him during the Roka ceremony. Further he made it clear that he din't want a lavish wedding and would not accept any dowry as it was aganist his principles.


All these portrayals made him the best character this month !


(By  monamie111)

(By payalibm)

anandi when she came down for ring ceremony engegment ceremony

30th aug


(By  surabhi01)

It is law of  nature that 'today'  converted  into 'tomorrow' every second present turn past .times changes so fast that occasionally human does not get opportunity to improve his mistake 

On 28TH aug

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(By  ritzi12)

The winner siggy is

By khusi_*

AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  liv2laugh)

The winner avis is...

(By AreYaar)

AND here is the prize of the winner

(By  vedo)

The Winner is Har Pal Yahaan by Bharti_k


AND here is the prize of the winner


(By  surabhi01)

Name of winner topic -very unlike Anandi!!

Name of topic maker -jiya25

Time of posting topic-9:am means during night

date of posting this topic 7 aug 2012

this topic has get 72 likes and run til 21 pages

AND here is the prize


(By  Vedo)

The winner is Anandi falls in love by dixie123

AND here is the prize

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Let Me introduce to our Newsletter Team of Balikavadhu Forum

Story so far (khusi_*)

Character Sketch (donisback)

summary of the month(short summaries of 4 weeks)- DonIsback(back up-piya_anshian)
Best episode of the month-Suchi-Virmanian(Back up-payalibm)
Filler Episode of the month-khusi_*(back up Suchi_Virmanian)
Rating of the Month-khusi_*(back up -pari117)
Emotional scene of the month-piya_anshian(Back up-payalibm)
Funny scene of the month-piya_anshian(back up-DonIsback)
Romantic scene of the month-piya_anshian(back up-DonIsback)

Saddest scene of the month-payalibm(back up -malika)
Blooper of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Dialogue of the month-ritzi12(back up-dixie123)
Irritating character of the Month-AnjanaYYZ(back up-DonIsback)
Best Character of the month-dixie123(back up-DonIsback)
Picture of the month-monamie111(back up -vedo)
Best costume of the month-payalibm(back up monamie111)
Siggy of the month-ritzi12(back up monamie111)
Avi of  the month-liv2laugh(back up monamie111)
VM of the month-vedo(back up monamie111)
Most active thread of the month-surabhi01(back up monamie111)

Best voiceOver of the month-surabhi01(back up -nya_ansari)

Best FF/SS/OS of the month-Vedo(back up-tv_princess)



Main siggy- khusi_*

Winner siggies- khusi_*

Banners/logos- -shivu-

Help in categories and NL- DonIsback


Me and pratiksha along with our team will present the Newsletter Of Balikavadhu times Monthly. Its going to publish on date on 2 of every month alternately by me and prati. Please drop to give your opinion and participate in Nl activates as much you can.. and support us as well to reading our updates. We ensure you all of you, will love this newsletter for sure.


******Announcement for BalikaVadhu Times*******

You all have to send buddy request for balikavadhu times for anshbalikavadhu id account

From this month all entries must to reach this account (anshbalikavadhu)till 31 end of the month of midnight. 12.00 IST

Any person who is unable to send us section. Need to send us pm  .. in 12 days to reason of back off.. Before 12 days with reason mention.. if your are unable to send us reason or you pm us after 12 days for whatsoever reason we will cancel you your volunteer sheep  and found another volunteer for that.   

Any person who is unable to send the section within the prescribed time (12 days from start of the month) will be called off from Newsletter team & Back up will step in.

Any queries regarding BalikaVadhu Times Newsletter.. pm us khusi_* or donIsback or anshbalikavadhu. But section only to be send on anshbalikavadhu only..

The NL is finally done. All are free to comment on NL. Appreciation or anything will be accepted by us. Right now, we have team with us. So we don't need help for NL but you can posted your suggestion to us.. We will arrange sing up sheet if we required any addition in NL. but till then we are happy with currently team now. Thanking you all and enjoy this moth of NL of first News letter.

Khushi & pratiksha..

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