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*~*Forcefully Yours FF*~* PRECAP OF CHAP 9 PG 127 (Page 83)

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so suspence won b revealed Cry but pls don add further brain will get over loaded...THIS Z MY FAVOUITE FF eagerly waiting for ur update of it ur precap is making me crazy ...jus cant wait... its a wonderfull FF wit diff concept it... waiting for ur update now ...still how much time????????
 WOW SUPERB UPDATE!!! Loved it ...manveer scenes were too much cute...manyatha is so confused...uday won sleep now I guess...he will have hard time I guess... Lovely update dear... Waiting for ur next update now...Donna wat happens ...unnathi ka entry n also forward ka...manyatha getting confused wit her feelings was well portrayed  ...simply superb...EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!

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vgkantuNashiahuma12.andy.aroopali15fatima4amilhanhans1998piya77FireNIcevrinda.divasharie2525pmpm1coolsaloni.nirahemvbpreya_radevshruti-love...navina...Manveerfan123PiggiesFantasyangelzinayrulesSunshinegirllswetsuratiChamakchallo30mahara23lilybabesAsmimelodyilvudayvampire12345678pia.rahaadorable_ranashana0127-Tannu-ana.khanPriya_SDsnowdreamGowri05HavviikillerashishVasishtha-Niha-mrs_kapoorthejazzgalsirjeemahi0809adventure_gurlAnam Ali,

I Want to thank each one of you for liking chapter 6
i want to thank those too who commented :)
thank you guys u all are amazing readers love you all.

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Hello manveerians m back with chapter 7 I hope you will like it. This chapter is dedicated to all my impatient readers. Read and enjoy

RECAP: Manyata turned around she didnt had the courage to look at the person standing infront of him. She didnt wanted her suspicion to be true. She kept looking down
Manyata heart stopped beating. Her body started shivering and her mind was numb.
Uday steped closer took her hand and kissed it.
As a reflex action she looked at him. She saw those chocolate brown eyes again.
Uday: pleasure to meet you princess(smirks).

MANYATA was dumbstruck she didn't knew how to react it was like her heart was shattered into million pieces how can he come back? What he wants? How kripa knows him? These questions were revolving around manyata's mind. But as soon as he came forward and kissed her hand she was intimidated by his behavior. She never felt so insecure so apprehensive in her own home.

Uday: How are you princess (smirks)

Manyata couldn't think of anything else there was a kind of war going on in her mind and eyes. Her mind couldn't accept the extreme shock but her eyes were making her believe that whatever she is seeing is not a hallucination he is real and yes he is back. Suddenly manyata felt her mind going numb her legs weaken her eyes were closing on its own she was ready for a hard fall on the floor she closed her eyes completely to bare the pain but before she coud feel coldness of the floor she felt a pair of warm  arms surrounding her from her waist and  embracing her in his manly body. Then everything was black''''''''..


Manyata opened her eyes and found ayaan sitting beside her he was lost in his thoughts manyata  sensed something wrong but coudnt ask because of her condition.

Manyata: bhaii..

Ayaan: angel u r fine? How are you feeling now? is your head aching or spinning?

Manyata was so over whelmed to see so much concern for her in her bhaii's eyes.

Manyata: bhaiii buss m fine mujhe kuch nahi huwa m cool(smiles)

Ayaan: I know how much fine you are?

Ayaan: can I ask you something angel?

Manyata: anything bhaii

Ayaan: do you trust me?

Manyata: obviously bhai? Its really irrelevant question.

Ayaan: no its not you know what Iam trying to say don't you?

Manyata knew what he was about to ask she didn't had courage or ATP's left to waste on lying anymore so she thought to change the subject.

Manyata: ummm bhai where is bhabhi sa?

Ayaan: angel what is it?

Manyata: what?

Ayaan: what is bothering you?

Manyata: bhaii I don't know what are you talking about.

Ayaan: angel trust me and tel me everything I swear I will make everything fine like the way it was.

Ayaan from the very first day knew something was wrong with manyata he asked manyata but never got the answers which he wanted from her. He hired many people to know about what exactly happened and all the informers told him the same story which manyata told everyone.

Manyata: bhaii(but before she could complete her sentence kripa entered her room)

Kripa: oh God m glad you r fine manu you really scared the hell out of me.

Manyata: iam good bhabi saa (smiles)

Kripa: sits on the bed near manyata puts her hands on her forhead

Kripa: you are fine na? do you need something im sorry I came late actually ayaan was here so ds askesd me to be with the guests.

Manyata: oh yea em really sorry for ruining your party I didn't'.

Ayaan: you can never ruin something don't be sorry ok (patts her cheeks)

Kripa: ayaan ds was calling you she wants you to be with guests iam here to take care of manyata

Manyata: no u r going too its your reception party you are supposed to be there not here got it.

Kripa: no i don't wana go downstairs I will be here with you got it and it's a command of a yuvraani(winks)

Manyata: achaa ji then m princess manyata dear sister of yuvraaj ayaan and most importantly your younger nand orders you to go downstairs with bhai and dats my wish and command as well.

Ayaan who was witnessing the lovely bond between his wife and his dear sister chuckles.

Kripa: manu please na

Manyata: please kripa its your day enjoy it to the fullest don't ruin it please.

Ayesha enters her room:

Ayesha yes bhabi saa and bhai saa go and enjoy the party its for you guys and you guys are here wasting your time on this DRAMA QUEEN and wese be don't you worry about her when ayesha is hear no fear(all laughs)

Manyata: yea right the witch is back..

Ayesha: ek to neki upar se seena zorri

Kripa laughs Ayesha tum rehne do jitni urdu aati hai utni hi theak hai don't screw it further.

Manyata: guys go now.

Ayaan comes and kisses manyata on her forhead and says.

Ayaan: I will talk to you later.

Manyata: gives a weak smile

Kripa and ayaan left the room and slammed the door behind them.

Ayesha: what happened to you manu?(asks in a very serious tone)

Manyata was puzzled before  5minutes Ayesha was behaving differently but as soon as her bhabi and bhai left the room her tone changed.

Manyata: tujhe kya hogaya ek dam se mother india kese ban gayi(tries to avoid the question)

Ayesha: shut up manu and tel me the truth

Manyata: Arrey ek to tum bhi sara day CID dekhti ho usi ka asar hai you remember once you had a crush on ACP you wanted to marry that man. You were a psychotic at dat time full on yedii.

 what happened tel me now commanded Ayesha.Why you fainted what happened to you when you saw him? Everyone was watching you damit what the hell is wrong with you why your face was all pale after he kissed you? Whats wrong with you are you in your damn senses you are seriously getting on my nerves. When will you stop behaving like a idiot cant you be normal? Whenever I fell like you have started behaving like human you prove me wrong and becomes a maniac again iam here from past 4 months damit with you trying to sooth your pain trying to share your pain trying to make you forget the past but you always disappoint me whats the use of me staying with you anymore. You wanted ayaan to get married you arranged every damn thing from kripas dresses to her room interior then why the hell you want to ruin her happiness. Do you have any idea how much everyone was devastated to see you unconscious in his arms.

Manyata: HIS???

Ayesha: yes uday he is such a kind and carrying guy he was the one who saved you from collapsing on the floor you would have had a fracture by now if he didn't had hold you at the moment. He even escorted you here the way you acted infront of him was really ridiculous and foolish. You acted like he was some kind of alien and you were his pray. Have you ever heard anything about etiquettes??

Manyata had tears in her eyes not because Ayesha was yelling at hell but because of what she told her. He escorted her to her room she was again touched by him he touched her again. She felt disgusted the thought of him touching her was piercing her.

Ayesha cupps manyata's face

Ayesha: hey please don't cry I didn't wanted to make you cry or hurt you I know I was being really rude to you but you r my chuddy buddy how can you cry like this you should have yelled at me too. M sorry I coudnt control my anger m really sorry manu you r not fine and I scolded you like bitch please forgive me murgha banu(says with puppy face)

Manayat: don't say dat m not crying some dust particles went inside my eyes soo(wipes her tears)

Ayesha: lier lier pants on fire! Jhoot mat bol ye bohat hi faltu filmy dialogues hain(winks)

Manyata chuckles you still remember this.

Ayesha offcourse I do we used to say this to everyone who used to lie.

Do you remember prof dave he throwed us out of his class when we mistakenly throwd paper balls on him and prof emma who maked us stand whole day in the garden because we called her fatty infront of the whole class.

Manyata: chuckles yea I do those were the best days of our life.

Ayesha: manyata kya huwa tha tujhe?

Manyata: looked at her face and she coudnt control her self anymore. She hugged her as hard as she could and started weeping like a baby.

Ayesha I know manu something went wrong that's why you fainted trust me and tell me what happened?

Manyata wanted to tell her each and everything but she couldn't she knew if she told her she will defintly go to her bhai and will tel him everything. She knew how short tempered her friend was she knew Ayesha loves her like a sister and would never ever hide the truth from her bhaii she even didn't wanted to hide the secret of her wedding from ayaan too but manyata promised her she will move on In her life and will never think about that incident again so thats what maked Ayesha quite.

Manyata: Ayesha after that incident I don't feel like talking to guys or letting them to come near me and when he came so near I didn't knew how to react what to do I know I behaved really bad. Not all all like a princess do but I don't know what happened those memories flashed infront of my eyes and I forgot everything.

Ayesha was convinced by her answers she knew after a forcefull wedding any girl would be scared of any guy for some time. She didn't investigate much.

Ayesha:hmmm its ok this time m forgiving you but next time I don't want you to react the way you did today and wo bhi infront of such a hotty. God if he had kissed my hand I would have been in asylum now and look at you u fainted not because of excitement but because of fear. U r  really a weirdo.

KOmal enters manyata's room:

Komal: manyata bete how are you feeling now?

Manyata: m good maa.

Komal: good to chaliye

Manyata: kahan maa?

Komal: neeche apki bhai ki reception party main bete.

Manyata: but maa main yahan theak hoon me neeche nahi asakti.

Komal: bete maa sahib ne mujhe yahan bheja hai woh chahti hain k aap neeche aaye aur  ab aap bilkul theak hai doctor ne bhi bola k aapne theak se nahi khaya hai kuch days se iss liye aap faint hogayi to darne ki koi baat nahi chaliye.

Manyata: but maa

Komal: hum kuch nahi sunna chahte chaliye.

Manyata's POV: I have to go if I want everyone will suspect me but how would I be able to face him how will i? her chain of thoughts were broken when Ayesha caressed her hairs.

Ayesha: aunty app jayiye ill bring manu with me in 10 minutes ok.

Komal: jeetiye rahiye Ayesha aap na hoti to is larki ka mai kya karti(smiles and walks out of the room)

 Ayesha: Manu you can make your life beautifull by putting a full stop in the past and allow yourself to move forward stop rewinding and replaying the painful memories of the past. You have grieved. You know people have been cruel and yes life is unfair. But if you want to live a beautiful life, it is time to resolve to let go and forgive. It is time to write a new chapter. Your past will not define your future unless you allow it to. Give yourself a chance to move forward. Don't be scared of it face it then you will see your life wont be as same as its now. The day you will have the power to fight against your fear you will become literally a princess. Manu u r a rajwada now its time for you to prove it.


Manyata was out of words she knew she had to be brave to face him.Till when she will be this way? running from him. She have to face him now or tomorrow but after today it was clear he wasn't planning on leaving her. He came back to do something but what? She didn't knew but she will find it and finish this drama!

Manyata: lets go Ayesha

Ayesha was astonished she didn't expected her to agree so soon.

Ayesha says happily: chalo(smiles)


 Brijraj: uday bete when you came back from London?

Uday: uncle brij 3 days back!

Brijraj: so what have you decided now willyou  stay here and help your dad in business or you are planning to stay in London?

Uday: no uncle brij m back to help my dad and for some other important things.

Jay: what other important things uday  jay comes there and stands beside brijraj opposite uday

Brijaraj: excuse me beta I remember I have to call my friend you guys carry onn ill catch you later (leaves them)

Jay: batao na uday aur konsa important kaam hai (asks in a flirting tone)

Uday: jay m not interested in telling you(sips his juice)

Jay: u were never interested in telling me before 2 years too uday but I will always be interested in asking you! And trust me I will ask you over and over again whether you are interested in answering me or not.(winks at uday)

Uday: stop annoying me jay.

Jay: uday you know what this is what attracts me towards you every bachelor of india would kill to marry me but you even don't like to talk to me properly or u r behaving this way because you want me to chase you always and run after you han? Irada kyaa hai?

Uday: irada to yahan se jaane ka hai even vijay is better company then you (he walks away)

Jay was exasperated by udays beheviour.

Jay: uday no matter what I will make you mine one day and that's my promise I love you more then my own self and will make you fall for me!(smirks)


Komal: ayiye manyata bethiye(she makes her sit on the sofa with ds)

Ayesha: manu ill come in 5 minutes.

Manyata nods.

d.s: manyata bete ab aap kesi hain humne apko neeche is liye bulwaya taakey aap yahan sub ke beech me rahen humen pata hai apki tabiyat kuch theek nahi hai per agar aap uss band kamre me hoti to bore hojati yahn hum sub ke beech me aap left out feel nahi krengi.

Manyata: jee ds hum bhi bhaii aur bhabi saa ki khushi me shareek hona chahte they.

Ds: jeetiye rahiye bete aap yahin hamre saath bethiye(smiles)

Nahi ds manyata bhai hamarey saath challenge couple dance shuru honey wala hai please.

Vijay interrupts ds:

Ds: vijay bete manyata ki tabyat theek nahi hai unhe yehin hum sub ke saath beth kar party enjoy krne dijiye.

Vijay: yahan budho me hamri bhai bhi budhi hojayegii please ds I want to dance with manyata kisi aur larki ko hum apne kareeb nahi aaney de sakte baaki hamara faida uthayengii sirf hamri manyata bhai hi humen unn churailon se bachaa skti hai mom to hamarey peehe parri hain k humen aaj kisi na kisi beautiful larki k saath dance karna hai hamen bachalo manyata bhai(says making puppy face)

Ds: bilkul nahi manyata abhi faint huwi thi bilkul bhi nahi vijay

Manyata: ds hum abhi theak hain please let me go with vijay bhai humen unhe larkiyon se bachana parega (winks at ds)

Ds smiles: ok bete agar aap chahti hain to aap jayyiye but please take care of your self.

Manyata nods.


Manyata and vijay goes where all young guests were present.

Ayesha on stage: ladies and gentle mens I want all of you to find your partners because now its time to rock the floor. The newly married couple will do the honors please kripa n ayaan come to the stage and rock the floor.

All guests starts clapping!

The song starts and ayaan and kripa comes to the dance floor and starts dancing.

Manyata was standing with vijay bhai but she was lost in her own world she was standing there like a statue.

Her chain of thoughts were broken by sound of clapping!

Ayesha: omg now this is what I call chemistry app dono ne to aag laga di.

Kripa smiles while ayaan walks away from the floor.

Manyata felt something was surly wrong with ayaan he doesn't seems happy he was newly married he should be with kripa all the time but she could feel the distance ayaan was keeping with kripa was it just her misunderstanding or something was wrong between both of them!

Manyata heard girls saying behind her: omg ayaan is soo hot I wish my name was kripaa and I was the one dancing so intimately with him he is so freaking hot I want him!

Another girl: shut up if anyone heard you he/she will kill you! You want the guy whose reception party u r attending! Dude he is really hot without a doubt but now he belongs to kripa only we don't have right to think about him this way.

The same girl: don't know about you but I m madly in love with ayaan he is truly a yuvraaj hayye I love him.

Manyata smiles after hearing those bimbos conversation.

Manyata bhai chalo chalo.

Manyata :kahan vijay bhai?

Vijay: khandaalaWink

Manyata: abhi?

Vijay: uff manyata bhai hum dance floor par jaaney ki baat karahen hain.

Manyata: ok vijay bhai but just 1 dance uske baad hum apne room me chale jayenge ok.

Manyata was relieved when she didn't saw uday around she thought maybe he is gone back!

Manyata: chaliye

Manyata joined vijay on the floor.

After the dance finished.

Someone came from behind and hugged manyata.

Kripa:manu m soo happy you came here despite of your condition!

Manyata: smiles and turns around I have to for my swwet bhabi saa but where is bhaii?

Kripa: don't know he left he said he will be back soon.

Manyata was so glad to see how much kripa loves ayaan if it was someone else instead of kripa she would have created a scene if ayaan wud have left her on their reception party but here this lady was madly in love with ayaan.

Manyata: smiles m soo happy for both of you.

Kripa: I know and I love you for being the best nand .

Vijay: manyata bhai ek aur dance please?

Manyata: nahi vijay bhai now m feeling exhausted I needto  rest wese be party is about to finish so I want to go and take some rest.

Kripa: yes manu you should and jahan tak dance ki baat hai uske liye vijay main hoon na wont you dance with me?(asks smiling)

Vijay: I will be pleased to dance with you your highness(shows all his teeths)

Manyata so guys carry on ill leave now'

She was going towards her room  and her mind was occupied by his thoughts.

Manyata: where was he? Did he left? Offcourse he would have and em glad he left but why he left so soon? Wait m I feeling bad that he left what the hell is wrong with me. I have seriously gone mad.

She kept walking towards her romm when one of the room door opened and she was pulled inside the room. The room was dark before she could walk away she felt a pair of strong arms holding her from her waist. He pulled her back with such a force that her smooth milky back hit his hard manly chest. Before she could see who it was who pulled her so violently he turned her around and pinned her to the wall her screams were muffed by a manly hand on her mouth.

Uday: hello wifey how are you did you miss me???
But trust me i missed you alot(smirks).
Manyata bits his hand!

Manyata was shocked but then she remembered Ayesha's words and decided to face him.
Manyata: Whats your problem why you are here? What the hell do you want.
(says stammering)
Uday:  seriously u bite my hand so hard. Soon it will turn Into a bruise.

Manyata: shut up yuvraaj udayveer singh I want my answers.

Uday was shocked to see the way she reacted he expected a scared manyata who fainted couple of hours ago when she saw him and now the same girl was behaving this way.

Uday: woaah m impressed wifey!itni jaldi badal gayi mera asar khatam hogaya tum pe?

Manyata: let me go.(tries to push her with her all power)

Uday :not so soon wifey.

Manyata was now  really annoyed: what the hell you want damit you married me almost raped me then left me. And now after 6 months you are back why? What the hell you want(shouts at him).

Uday: somehow loved her behavior he didn't knew why but he was attracted towards her the way she threatens him the way she yells the way she swears at him he loved it. Instead of being angry he came closer and whispered in her ears.

Uday: I want you jungle billi and then kissed her on her ear.

Manyata was freezed: she knew his nearness always affects her whenever he comes near her all her senses stopes working even now  she wasn't able to stop him. Somewhere deep in her heart she didn't  wanted to stop him but she herself didn't knew what kind of feeling was it?

Uday  on the other hand was spell bounded too he also didn't wanted to stop what was he doing he felt in peace he felt like she belongs to him like she makes him complete like she is his missing puzzle piece.


Uday coudnt stop himself more he etwined his fingers with hers  pressing himself more on her she was now fully pressed on the wall and  he was all over her. She didn't had the power to stop him anymore so she closed her eyes surrending herself.

Uday was taken aback by her reaction he expected her to push him away or swear at him for coming so near but here she was willing to give her self to him.

They were now dangerously near manyata could feel his hot breath on her swan like neck for the first time she wasn't scared she knew what can happen but she was ready for it why she didn't knew!

Uday came more closer and kissed her neck her hands automatically moved towards his shoulders for support she felt like she will fall anytime if she didn't hold something!

Uday love the way she was responding. The way she was clenching his shirt turned him onn.

Uday n kissed her eyes then her cheecks and then her nose.

Manyata was feeling like she was in heaven she was the same girl who used to be scared of him and his touch and now she was the one letting him kiss her like no tomorrow.

Uday whispered feisty and then closed his eyes to feel the most beautiful moment of his life.

He kissed her as softly as he could.

When their lips touched manyata felt an unknown sensation inside her body.

Her lips were responding on their own. Her hands moved towards his hairs and started caressing them she pushed him more to himself which was surly a big shock for uday but he was so much engrossed in the pleasure his wife was giving him that he didn't realized his hands were travelling on her curves making her shiver a bit. Soon the soft kiss turned into a passionate one. both of them were feeling like heaven nobody was ready to stop.

 The spell was broken by the ringtone of udays phone.

Suddenly manyata realized what was she doing she opened her eyes and pushed him as hard as she could.

Uday was dumbstruck he didn't said anything.

Manyata kept staring on the floor breathing heavily she felt really disgusted without looking at him she ran as fast as she could.

On the other hand uday was smirking after seeing the affect he had on his wifey.

Uday: I love strawberries! Smiles and wipes the gloss from his lips.


In the party

Uday comes to ds

Uday: dadi sahib ab hum jana chahenge .


d.s: theak hai uday bete humen apko yahan dekh kar bohat khushi  huwey. Aap yahan attey rahiye.

Uday: zaroor d.s

Kripa comes :

Kripa: uday where you ? I was searching you?

Uday: I got a urgent call so I was busy there.

Kripa: hows unnati?when she is coming back to india.

Uday: soon. Now I need to go kripa.

Kripa:but you didn't met ayaan please stay here for 5 minutes more he is on his way meet him then you can go.

Uday: don't worry kripaa  I will soon come to meet him specially HIM(smirks)

Kripa: specially why do you have a surprise for him( says playfully)

Uday: yes a very big surprise maybe the biggest surprise of his life.(smirks)

Kripa:what(asks confusingly)

Uday: ok m going now tc of yourself.

Kripa: uday ok take care of your self and my bestie  unati too.

Uday : I will bye.(walks away with his guards)

Kripa to herself: I wish unnati ki life main sab theek hojaye!



Finally you guys have reached the end of part 7. It was really lengthy I have wrote another long update for you guys . it's a compensation for little late update! Pardon me for spelling/grammatical mistakes  I hope you will enjoy the manveerlicious update but next update would be much more better. Now m done with my work its time for you to like and give your valuable comments.




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Amazing update sarah
wow she fainted in HIS arms LOL
thanks for a wonderful updae
thanks for the pm
do update soon

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Claps, claps, claps n 3 whistles from my side for this update.Clap Clap
Wow Sambha what an update yaar.Tongue Full to paisa vasool.Wink
K. Let's start I already knew this was going to happen. Manyata fainted tada.LOL Ayaan really loves her lil sisi a lot n very protective about her.Smile
Kripa n Ayesha's convo with Manyata specially Ayesha's convo I loved it.Smile Both're so close to each other jus like real sisters.Smile
UV was not a bit interested in J.LOL But J, J never changed.LOL She was a despo n always a despo.Wink
Loved Vijay bhai's Scene on dance floor with Manyata n their convo.Really so funny.LOL
Ayaan was disturbed n Manyata noticed that.Embarrassed
Now now the best part of the update UV-Manyata's scene.Blushing Blushing That scene was so passionate n so  intense.Blushing Blushing OMG, UV was so close to Manyata n Manyata also kissed him with same passion.I can't believe this.LOL
UV wants to give Ayaan a big boom surprise, I know that.Wink
Now May be My predictions r wrong or right but I've a feeling Unnati  loved Ayaan  but may be Ayaan necver loved her back n something like that happened in the past  n cos of that UV wants to take revenge with Ayaan. I mean jaisa Unnu ke  saath hua waise hi He wants  to do with Manyata.Wink It's jus my prediction writer to tum hi ho.LOL
But the whole update was amazing. All scenes were great. Loved all the dialogues.Clap
Thanks for the beautiful update n PM also.Smile
Great job.Thumbs Up
Please do update soon, I can't wait for the next update.Smile
LOVE YOU.Hug Hug Hug

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awsssmmm now i thought some thinggg happend to unnati thats why uday is sooo awwwfuulll

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Precap 24/11

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