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*~*Forcefully Yours FF*~* PRECAP OF CHAP 9 PG 127 (Page 62)

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@andy and sweetsaruti guys m updating in 5 minxx

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Thank you each on of you who liked the previous chapter em soo happy to get soo much likes from you guys love you all. I also wana thank those too who commented.
you guys are best readers any writer could have thanksHug

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Hey manveerians iam back with another update. This update is dedicated to our sweet birthday girl saira aka vampy! Happy bday saira in advance.
M giving ur gift before one day because i know you wont be free to read all FF'S in one day so heres my gift for you i left all my other work and updated this. As u asked me to gift u an update so read and enjoy and i hope you will like itSmile

Sometimes its very hard to write your story on the paper not because its tough to explain but actualy its so painful that thinking about those incidents fills your eyes with tears and shakes your body in pain!
People ask me why its so hard to trust people and i ask them why its so hard to keep a promise.
Dear diary its been 6 months since that horrendous incident. But still that night memories are stuck in my mind nobody knows what i was gone through nobody knows the pain i felt. Nobody knows how many sleepless nights i spent. Whenever i think about him it feels like all the oxygen has been sucked out of my room i struggle to breath literally. Sometimes my eyes gets watery it makes me weaker mentally and physically each passing day!
It has br0ken me bey0nd repair! I just lie on my bed till the pain subsides and try t0 put 0n a fake smile. Some time ago i was totaly devastated broken shattered i had no one with whum i could share my grief and sorrows except you. The one with whom i can share anything! Every single moment of my life is inside you and you are the only one who dont questions me symphathize me or pity on me. You trust me this is why i love to share my life dreadful secrets with you without any hesitation!
Well life is changed now IAM changed now dont know why i cant get HIM out of my mind. Its so frustrating to dream of him over and over again. I abhore him and always will. He ruined my life and huh the worst part is i even dont know the reason. People say i have changed iam not the same immature brat anymore they want me to be the same but how can i be the same when my heart isnt the same? Now itx filled with hate, anger, revenge vengeance, reprisal and abhorrence! The pure one i had is lost somewhere. Finally my family has started thinking m acting normal again finally my acting skills are getting better but i dont know what to do with my eyes which according to my bhaii dont lie no matter how much i try to act happy and elated. Bhaii doesnt seems satisfied i know he suspects me! I wish i could tell him the truth.
Ayesha say 6 months are long enough time to forget those painful memories but i know its not! i feel like those memories will be with me till eternity! Ayesha thinks iam being over dramatic it was a incident it could have happened with anyone but it doesnt stop life. I
have right to move on leaving those bitter memories behind!
I have promised kripa that from now onwards i will start a new life leaving all bad memories behind. It will be like i never met him and i never knew him. He ix gone FOREVER! I wish not to see him again until my heart stops beating. From now i w0nt fake it anymore i wont act happy and cheerful i will start my life from a new chapter but i dont know whether i will be successful or not i dont know what will happen with me next? my life is hanging on uncertainity. Will things turn out fine? Or will i be an unlucky soulErmm

Diary mom is here i will catch you tomorrow till then take care of my secrets.

Komal: manyata bete kya karahin hen aap chaliye uthiye tayar nahi hona kya apko. App sab ko jaana hai parlour chaliye jaldi se tayar hojaiye apke kehne par hi to humne parlour se girls ko yahan nahi bulaya kyun k aap ayesha jay aur kripa unki friends khud jana chahte they aur ab dekhiye aap khud nahi tayar horahin.
Manyata: bus pushpa bus kitna bolti hen aap m getting ready ok(kises komal on her cheek and walks towards the washroom)
KOmal eyes were teary now.
Komal: Isi manyata ko to hum kab se dhund rahe they humen hamari wohi khil khilati huwi manyata wapas chahiye. Aur aaj 6 mahine baad humen hamari manyata ki jhalak dikhai di hai.(smiles and wipes her tears).
Manyata: hey please dont make the length too short and i want long steps and fringes from front.
Girl: yes mam.
Ayesha: Manyata whats wrong with you?
Manyata: What? Wait isn't this haircut looking good on me if it isnt i will stop her. Tell me na?
Ayesha: No dude m not talking about your hairstyle silly m asking whats up wid you?
Manyata: what?Unhappy
Ayesha: U r behaving like a normal human beingShocked(says mockingly)
Manyata: yea right you mean iam not normalAngry
Ayesha: lol yea exactlyWink
Manyata: ayesha ki bachi i will kill u (with that manyata throws brush on ayesha)
Girl interrupts them and their so called brush war:- mam ur haircut is done. Manyata looks in the mirror yea cool i loved it thankx sneha and how many times i have to tell you call me Manyata not mam.
Sneha smiles ok manyata. Manyata returns her smile and asks whats next now.
Manyata: sneha i dont understand mom she has booked the whole parlour for me she wanted me to go out and wants me to do cutting, waxing, Facial, pedicule, manicure, blow dry, as if its my wedd(manyata freezes she couldnt complete the sentence)
Ayesha: Wedding(ayesha completes manyata's sentence)
Ayesha: umm sneha you go and prepare the things il bring manyata their in 10 minutes okSmile
GIRL: ok mam.(she leaves the room)
Manyata was standing like a statue fighting with her emotions trying hard to stop the tears.
Ayesha: Manyata its ok its ok come sit here. She makes her sit on the sofa.
Ayesha: manyata its been 6 months now please forget the past and move on think like its was just a nightmare! u r living in past why dont you just forget him damit! Dat brute animal ruined your life and disappeared. Please for God sake move on not for your self but for those who loves you more than their lives ur d.s ur m0m ur dad and most importantly ur BROTHER AYAAN. U know that USKI JAAN TUM ME BASTI HAI phir kyun manyata why u hurt ur self by living in those painful memories!
Manyata: i dont ayesha! N now i have promised kripa that i will forget the past and m0ve onn! N you know how much i love her and i wont let her down.
Ayesha: acha churail me jo tujhe din raat yehi bolti hun meri to tune kabhi nahi suni aur yahan kripa ne ek baar tujse promise manga aur tu mangai(hits the pillow on her playfuly which was present on the sofa. She was trying to make manyata laugh)
Manyata: awww tu to meri jaan hai please naraz mat ho kaan pakru kya(says making puppy face)
Ayesha knew she was accomplished in her mission. She wanted to cheer up her!
Ayesha:na its ok but you will pay for it!
Manyata: m readyBig smileboth laughs.
Ayesha: chal ab stop ur nautanki we have to get ready ASAPSmile
Manyata: ok watever you say mam!
Both the girls are now enjoying their manicure . They are almost done!
GIRL: MAM which color cutix you want me to apply on your nails.
Ayesha: spicy hot red for both of us(smiles at manyata)
Manyata gets disturbed after hearing about RED color.
Manyata:No dont(says exasperated)
Ayesha: Manyata but its your favourite color.
Manyata: i hate it now ayesha.
Ayesha understood that red color might reminds her of one of the bad memories she spend in that devils den!
Ayesha: ok then what about pink.
Manyata: what m not a school girl ayesha!
Ayesha: ok then black is d0ne!(says with pleading eyes)
Manyata: ok.
Suddenly jays voice came from behind.
Attention girls and girls here comes the BRIDEBig smile
Manyata and ayesha's eyes was literaly popped out of their eye sockets . She was looking beautiful!
O my God someone is looking DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!
This dialogue pricked manyata's heart. His voice was roaming in his mind she remembered when he said the same to her on that night.
Her chain of thought were broken when she felt a hand on her shoulder.
She looked behind and found kripa.
Kripa: you fine?
Manyata: yea(smiles at her)
Kripa: how m i looking manyata.
Manyata: fataakh (winks at her trying hard to seem happy)
Kripa: jay ayesha you guys go with the guards in ur car! Manyata will be coming with me.
Both ayesha and jay leaves.
Lets go kripa says to manyata! They both were in kripa's car now.
Kripa's mom: Manyata em so happy u will be going from our side. U proved how much u love kripa she is indeed very lucky to have sister in law like you.
Manyata: aunty i have always think of kripa as my sister. On wedding i came from my bhais side to mark bhabi as ours and today m on her side as a sisterSmile
Kripa's mom: u have indeed a golden heart my love now adays girl like you with moral values are next to imposible to find. Alas! i wished i had a son i would have maked you my daughter in law.
Manyata: aunty m still ur daughter!
Kripa's mom: yes offcourse u r my doll! M wondering who will be that lucky guy who will have you as a wifeSmile
Manyata face turned pale after hearing what kripa's mother said.
Kripa suddenly interupted her mother.
Kripa: mom you talk alot em so thirsty give me some water.
Kripa's mom: ye le meri bachi you should have told me earlier.
Kripa gulped down the water and put her hand on manyatas assuring her that everything will be fine.
Manyata nodes.
Manyata: bhabi u r looking like a angel today. Bhai to full latoo hojayenge aap pe(winks at her)
Kripa:meri choro manyata you r fine na? And u remember you promised me that u will move on. Please manyata atleast tell me his name i wont spare him.
Manyata: i dont know who was he and i have said this million times.
Kripa: i know but sometimes i feel like you know who was he. Please manu tel me if you know him. We have already hidden the truth of your marriage from our family. Nobody knows about anything except me and ayesha iam scared what if ayaan came to know about it how will he react. Its a big burden on my heart it feels like iam backstabbing my own soul you know it manu i love him from the the day i understood the meaning of love. I have never lied to him and now iam hiding such a big thing manyata you should tell everyone everything.
Manyata: no bhabi i cant, bhaii will find him and kill him and i dont want to ruin bhai's life. I cant afford loosing my bhai.(sobs).
Kripa:dont cry manu(cups manyata's face)
Manyata: bhabi i know m doing wrong by stopping you but i cant put any of my family members life in danger if he can harm ayesha then he can do anything! U know how much in pain ayesha was. I was on the verge of l0osing her. He even threaten ayesha's mom to lie how can anyone stoop so low! Em glad ayesha is fine now.
Kripa: but manyata you dont have proof how you know he was the one behind ayesha's accident. It can be a coincidence too.
Manyata: no bhabi he is the one i know he can go to any extend.(remembers the night when uday tried to force himself on her) and now he is gone i know he wont come back he got what he wanted he ruined my life.
Kripa: Just forget everything manu (wipes manyata tears and hugs her) i will be always on your side like a sister. And it will be good for that prick to never come back again! And if he did i swear i will kill him.
Manu now this is the last time we are discusing this! I dont want you to think of him ever again! Please for me and your bhaiSmile wont you give me what i want?
Manyata: wipes her tearx yes i wana forget the past too ok my chamak chalo em back i wont be thinking of past again okSmile
kripa: thats like my manu.
Knock Knock!
Oye ladies if you are done with your gossips can we go to bhabi your sasural(ayesha winks at kripa) chaliye jee its your reception party.
Em so excited every hot bachelor of the town will be there. Trust me girls i will flirt with every hotty .
Jay interupts ayesha and enterx kripa's room.
Ayesha asks confusingly: who?[O.o]
Jay: hai koi he is the most eligible bachelor and the most wanted handsome hunk of india and my would be hubby(smiles shyly)
Kripa:ahem ahem so my sis in law is in love.
Jay: yup from the very 1st day i saw him.
Kripa: are you serious?
Jay: very serious krips
Kripa: OMG m so happy for you (hugs jay).
Manyata: congrats jiji m so happy for you but what is name of our jiju.
Jay: thanks but he isnt still your jiju i have to tell him what i feel for him.(says sarcasticaly jay never loved manyata. She envy her because she is ayaan favourite and other members of home loves her more too according to jay perception)
Manyata kripa ayesha all says shockingly WHAT?
Jay: yea.
Ayesha: but jiji why havent you tell him yet?
Jay: i cant whenever he comes infront me i get nervous my body freezes. He has a weird effect on me i dont know what happens to me.
Kripa: jay u have dated so many guys and you are saying this i mean if it was manu i would have undrstand because of her one man woman nature. But how can you ? I mean u r a princess not an ordinary girl.
Ayesha: yes jay tel him before its too late what if he loves someone else(winks at kripa)
Jay:Then i will kill that bitch.(says fuming in anger)
Manyata is shocked to see how much jay is crazy for that guy.
Manyata: jay dont think negativly he will be yours(hugs jay) jay doesnt hugs her back.
Kripa:yes jay dont worry me hun na i will give you tips.
Ayesha: yea you should give some tips to me as well as i will need them tonight! Mrs ayaan(kripa blushes).
Ayesha: ab chaley bhabi hum apko lene ke liye wapas ayen hai letx go ayaan bhai to apko dekhne k liye taras rahey honge.
Manyata:yea guys lets go.
They reached home.
Komal introduces kripa to everyone.
Manyata and ayesha are busy in discusing other bimbos dresses hairstyles actualy ayesha is jealous of them.
Ayesha: manu yaar m heartbroken.
Manyata: kyun what happend
Ayesha: look at those bimbos they are wearing nothing! I mean why guys wil give me attention if they have such show pieces infront of them. And look at me who will look at me me in this lehengaUnhappy
Manyata: laughs awww meri halkat jawani chill pyaar kapro ya shakal se nahi dil se kia jata hai. N trust me tujhe wo bohat jaldi milega.
Ayesha: No Dude not again please dont start your lecture on true love again. You know kabhi kabhi i think tum pichle kisi janam me ANARKALI rahi hogi isi lye itni romantic ho tum to kisi ko date karti nahi ho atleast find a guy for me.
Manyata: achaa wese meri nazar me ek larka hai.
Ayesha: kaun asks apprehensively.
Manyata: romeo.
Ayesha: wow naam to bohat cool hai who is he?
Manyata: let me cal him she cals one of her maids and ask her to sent r0meo with juice.
Ayesha: juice kyun?
Manyata: wait meri jaan.
Romeo comes with 2 glass of juice.
Do you want anything else mam?
Manyata: no thanks!
Ayesha: manyata ki bachi u want me to get married to your cook.(says fuming)
Manyata: hahahaha nah cook mat bol he is chief chef of our palace(says laughing out loud)
Ayesha's all anger vanishes after seeing manyata laughing like this after 6 months she smiles too.
D.s comes to Ayaan and asks
D.s: kya dekh rahen hai bete.
Ayaan: hum angel ko dekh rahe the d.s kitne days bad wo is tarhan khul kar hans rahi hen.
D.s: hum bi wohi notice karahe the pichle kuch waqt me manyata kitni chup chap gum sum hogai thi aur aaj hum bhi unhe itna khul k hanste dekh bohat khush hai.Ayesha ke accident ke baad to manyata bohat badal gai thi.
Ayaan: nahi d.s us udaasi ki wajah ayesha ka accident nahi bulke kuch aur thi aur hum wo pata kar ke rahenge humne angel se bohat pucha par wo batane ko tayar hi nahi thi. I know kuch to baat hai.
D.s: humen b pehle aisa hi lagta tha bete but phir hum ne pata karwaya to jaisa manyata ne kaha tha sub wesi hi info hamen mili.
But hamen ye baat samajh nahi arahi jab apne ye faisla kia tha ke aap 1 saal baad shadi karenge to kyun manyata apke peche thi k app jald se jald shadi karle pehle to unhe koi jaldi nahi thi.
Ayaan: humen bhi kuch samaj nahi aya k kyun manyata ne humko force kia k hum jaldi shadi karlen.
Komal comes and asks ayaan to go to kripa! Ayaan smiles and leaves!
Komal: maa sahib hamari manyata aaj kitni khush hai kisi ki nazar lag jaye hamari bachi ko.(wipes her tears)
D.s:haan komal par humen jay nahi dikhai de rahi ayi to sub k saath thi na.
Komal: wo uper K and L k sath hai touch up ke liye.
D.s: jay bhi na!
Jay comes down with K and L
K: jay em so excited when he is coming?
L: shut up k u know you dont have any right to be excited to see him.
Jay: exactly he is mine only mine(smiles to L )
Manyata and ayesha were chatting when they saw some girls gathered around enterance wispering and laughing.
Ayesha: why these bimbos are gathered there?
Manyata: dont know whats wrong.
She turned towards the bar and ordered cocktail.
Ayesha was still looking at the enterance.
She saw a guy entered with 2 bodyguards behind him. He was elegantly dressed. He was indeed looking like a Greek God.
Ayesha: O MY GOD he is so hot!
Manyata: lol u saw ur mr right.
Ayesha: shut up manyata just look at him God he is so so so hot! I thought nobody is as sexy, suave and hot like ayaan but i was so bloody wrong he is something else.(says amazed)
Manyata: nobody in this world is better than my bhaii got it(says annoyed).
Ayesha: Watever! Bimbos are drooling on him manyata W*F is this!
Manyata: lol you will have a tOugh competition. But pyaar kia to darna kyaWink
Ayesha: stop it manyata just look at him once.
Manyata: not interested!(drinks her juice)
Ayesha ufff!Angry
Jay comes to the guy.
Jay: searching someone
Guy: yea kripa where is she?
Jay: whats the rush talk to me.
Guy:hmmm how are you?
Jay: how can i be without you.(tries to come close)
Guy: ah please not again jay stop flirting!
Jay: u dont flirt with me so i have to be the one.
Guy: you say u r different but i cant see any difference between you and any other girl in this party! All are trying to get my attention except one(smirks).
Jay: One?(asks confusingly)
He turns around and finds kripa!
Kripa: omg its you i heard a handsome hunk joined this party and i knew it could be non other than you.
Guy:hahaha really but you better not say this infront of your husband he might not like it.
Kripa: no he isnt of that type.
M so so sorry i forgot to introduce you to my sister in law i know every body knows you but still.
She is my sweet sis in law jainandaniSmile
Jay smiles at kripa.
Guy: well i have met her wont you introduce me to others!
Kripa: yuvraaj ji you have already met d.s dad mom then who is left?
Yea ayaan and manyata!
Come kripa takes him along her.
Kripa: d.s where is ayaan i wana introduce him to ayaan.
D.s: beta he got a important call he is busy there!
D.s: Yuvraaj sa iam so glad you came here.
Yes bete brijraj joines them.
Brijraj: bete iam really happy to see you here. I wish ur dad could join us too.
Guy: he wanted to but got busy. But he has sent his best wishes for kripa.
Kripa: only for me not for ayaan (asks playfully)
Guy: no(smirks)
All members starts laughing!
Brijraj: bete aapki mazak karne ki adat ab tak gayi nahi m so happy to see you here after 15 yearx. U know ur dat and i was best friends u used to come here alot.
Guy: yea i do remember uncle brij.
D.s: bete why dont you drink something let me ask the waiter.
Guy: no dadi sahab i will go and have it myself.
Kripa: lets go il introduce you to the youngest member of our family .
Guy smirks: yea sureWink
Oh God humen bachao vijay bhai comes and hides himself in manyata's dupata.
Manyata: vijay bhai what is this stop acting like a fool get off my dupata.(says exasperated)
Vijay: nahi sisi mere sath aisa mat karo warna wo bhootni mujhe dhund le gi(makes puppy face)
Manyata: vijay bhai why u r so much scared of girls they w0nt eat you.
Vijay: all w0mens are crazy i hate girls. Sari churails hoti hen i tell you.
Manyata: stop behaving like a gay and leave my dupata.(takes her dupata off from vijay's face)
Vijay: nahiii usne mujhe dekh lia me bhaag raha hun.(he runs away)
Ayesha:dude what was that?(says shockingly with mouth half closed)
Manyata: huh nothing new vijay bhai and his drama!
Ayesha: he is a interesting piece(winks at manyata)
Manyata: yea he is.
Ayesha turns around and finds kripa and that hunk walking towards them.
Ayesha: oh my God! Manu manu he is coming here.
Manyata: now who?(asks frustatedly)
Ayesha: the same hotty.
Omg please save me manyata em on the verge of collapsing!
Manyata: shut up stop ur nautanki.
Both kripa and the guy comes near them.
Kripa:girls iam here to introduce you to him.
Kripa this is ayesha manu's friend i mean manyata's best friend and like a sister to me.
Ayesha: hey(shakes her hand with the guy)
Manyata back is facing them she heard that kripa wanted to introduce s0meone to them but she was so engrossed in her juice that she didnt wanted to be introduced to anyone.
Guy: nice to meet you.
The voice sent shivers on her body . She was freezed she had heard this voice before her heart skipped a beat when she realized whuz voice it could be.
Manyata manyata.
Kripa tapped on manyata's shoulder.
Guy smirked after seeing the effect he had on this girl.
Manyata turned around she didnt had the courage to look at the person standing infront of him. She didnt wanted her suspicion to be true. She kept looking down
Manyata heart stopped beating. Her body started shivering and her mind was numb.
Uday steped closer took her hand and kissed it.
As a reflex action she looked at him. She saw those chocolate brown eyes again.
Uday: pleasure to meet you princess(smirks).

Guys you have reached the end of chapter 6. Phuff it was so long now please dont say it was short i think it was the longest in all of the chapters. Puggy this long chapy is for u too coz you always ask me to give long updates! I hope you guys loved this update it took me 2 hours to writeUnhappy Now m done with my work its time for you to like and comment! Guys now the manveer track will start so stay tune! Please do like and comment coz ur comments motivates me to continue. Please avoid erors.

P.S guys whoever wants to get pms for future updates please go to page 1 and like the note regarding pms! And yea i m thinking to write precaps too. Will be posting a manveerlicious precap if you wanted me too.Wink


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awesum awesum  ... luved this update ... nd yea plzz give precaps .. :)

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very well written 
loved Manveer meeting @ de end 
do wr8 precaps 
thanks 4 de PM 

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wow loved it continue soon and thankxx for pm

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Now thats what i call
An update like wow
Has to be the best updt
I love you for this update
Evrytime i say you cant grt better
And with evry passing updates
You prove me wrong
I loved it to the core plus it
Was long to sarah muahh ;)

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