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*~*Forcefully Yours FF*~* PRECAP OF CHAP 9 PG 127 (Page 39)

afreshbegin Groupbie

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 10:59am | IP Logged
Pls update soon dear

Hope u'll update tonite itself

Woh kya hai na suspense jaanne ke liye bekaabu haiSmile

Ding-Dong kaWink aur UV ke Nafrat Confusedke wajah jaanne ke liye

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TuTeradekh IF-Stunnerz

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Plzzz...update karo naa...tumane aaj rat ko update karne ko kaha tha...plzzz...update.
MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 September 2012 at 2:27pm | IP Logged

Hey guys i know iam late but trust me this chapter wasnt easy for me to write. This chapter is dedicated to my bilu bhai(sonam) this is my compensation of not pming youWink READ and ENJOYSmile

Soni to Rohan: her suhagraat sir(says looking down)
Rohan: what? But why ? Ok u go! He look towards manyata and founds her stearing back at him!
Rohan: did he told you about it before?
Manyata: YES!
" />

Rohan: manyata are you sick or what why didnt u tell me?
Manyata: i thought he is just trying to scare me.
Rohan: for God sake manyata how many times i have to tell you this he is not trying to scare you. Why are you not understanding or maybe you dont wana understand damit! You cant run away from dix reality he is your husband damit!
Manyata: Shutup just shut the f**k up Rohan i th0ught we are friends now but i was wrong so damn wrongAngry u r on that veda side.
Rohan: i m your friend i care for you manyata thats why i am telling you the truth. Do you know UR veda is not only my boss but my best friend too we are best friends from 6 years damit! But here iam decieving him and helping you damit!
Manyata was quite now she didnt knew what to say. She knew he cares for her alot she have seen it in his eyes he is going against his best friend and here she is acusing him!
Manyata: M sorry rohanErmm(makes puppy face)
Rohan: manyata its ok iam just tensed for you i dont know what is in his mind m sure he is going to do what he wants!
Manyata: what do you mean?
Rohan: i mean u know what i mean whatever soni said(he was feeling hesitant to say suhaagrat)
Manyata: understood what he meanT NO NO NEVER!
He cant do that to me i will file complain against him!
Rohan: u cant he has all rights on you now manyata HE IS UR HUSBAND u dont remember it but ur marriage happend with all rituals he have all proofs. U r his legal wife.

Rohan: let me who is it manyata!
Rohan opened the door and saw chikki.
Rohan: what now?(says frustated)
Chikki: Wo na lohan uuvraajsaa ne naa bolaa hai k mahalaani jee tayaal hokal apne kamley me chali jaye. 12 baje tak(says lisping)Big smile
Rohan: 0k tum jao.
Chikki: lohan such meWink
Rohan: goAngry
Chicki get scares and walks away!
Rohan: he wants you in his room sharp at 12!
Manyata: what? N u will let me go.
Rohan: trust me manyata nothing will happen to you go and get ready.
Manyata: but rohan how can i?
Rohan: do what he says manyata if u didnt listened to him the consequences will be worse.
Manyata gets scared now she was taking this matter very lightly but now she knew its n0t the way she thinks something is wrong with that man VERY WRONG!
Rohan:manyata dont u trust me? Not even a bit?
Manyata: i do.
Rohan: then do what i am asking you to do ok dont be scared i will always be at ur side.
Rohan assures manyata but he himself didnt knew what will happen with this naive girl and how he will protect her.
Manyata: rohan why my family isnt doing anything to find me m here from past 4 days then why why nobody is searching me why?
Rohan: i dont know but i think he must have done somthing thats why nobody is searching!
Manyata: but what
Rohan: i dont know.

Manyata walks towards the washroom to have bath she opens the door and walks in.
The bathroom was very big and beautiful with shower in the right corner and a bathtub in the middle. On the left there was a big mirror with a hand washer with extravagant drowers and 4 shelves filled with shampoos, face washes, scrubs, soaps, body washes etc etc!
Other wall had full frame mirror on the end of the washroom there was a shower room.
After having the shower she comes back to the room.
She tries alot but failed in wearing sarree she have never wore any thats why it was difficult for her.
Her mind was numb she didnt knew why she was getting ready she should think of ways of getting rid of that veda and this horrendous place. And here what she is doing getting ready. Her heart was still making her believe that nothing will happen that veda wont hurt her and as rohan said if i tried to mess with him he will surly do something bad!
Manyata took a deep breath and tried to calm her self.
Suddenly the door was knocked!
Manyata: come in
SOni came with 4 ladies.
SOni: mam they will help you in getting ready.
Manyata was limping.
Soni: mam please dehaan se hows ur leg now.
Manyata: its better now.
All the ladies were now helping manyata with her saree when she wore it properly they maked her sit infront of the mirror and started doing her hair, makeup pedicure, manicure.
Its already 11.30 do it fast barked soni.
Yes mam we are almost done just her mehendi is left.
Manyata was lost in her own world of grief, sorrow she never thought this will actualy happen with her she was hell scared now as the time was coming near. She felt something on her palms which broke her chain of thoughts manyata jerked her hand away from the girl.
Girl: mam what happend? I was about to apply mehendi on ur hands .
Manyata: i dont want it(saying with heavy voice as if she is trying hard not to cry)
Soni: but mam
Manyata: please(says with pleading voice)
Soni felt her pain though she didnt knew about their forced marriage fiasco but stil she felt like manyata was not at all comfortable or ready.
Soni: ok mam.
Soni: if u girls are done its already 11:45.
Girls: yes soni all gigles and say to manyata
Mam we have never saw such a beautiful bride like you, you are looking like a angel from heaven. Nazar na lagjaye hamari apko with that a girl takes kajal from the dressing drawer and put it behind manyatas ears.
Manyata was sitting there like a statue she didnt replied anyone .
Soni:let go now with that she left the room.
Manyata didnt looked at the miror to see herself she kept looking down when she heard rohans voice manyata.
Manyata suddenly looked behind and saw rohan coming towards her.
Rohan: manyata dont worry ok nothing will happen trust me.
Manyata: looked into his eyes and suddenly a single tear rolled down her cheek.
Rohan: hey dont cry be strong bilkul bindas like u were sometime ago. Full in jungli bili mode he winks at her!
Manyata: laughs yea right rohan u r sure na nothing will happenErmm
Rohan: no trust me Smile
Manyata: ok ( she knew he will not let anything happen to her)
Rohan: u r ready to go?
Manyata: (takes a deep breath) YES!
Uday entered his room and saw a alluring beauty sitting on his bed which was adorned with red rose petals. He was completly dumbfounded!
He has never saw anyone so attractive, sexy and and at the same time so innocent.
She was looking angelic!
The room was ablaze with lights and candles.
He advanced towards her and kept staring her.
Manyata could feel his intense smouldering gaze on her.
Uday sits on the bed near her and wispers in her ears
Uday: u look drop dead gorgeous wifey!
Manyata: i a a am not your wife stammered manyata.
Uday:Woaah! still you think? Ok u want proof right ok as you wish wiiifey.
See this gives her papers she gets shocked to read them it was legal papers of their marriage which was signed by manyata. And then he gaved her a photo album.
Uday: open it.
When manyata opened it she saw pictures of their wedding in one she was sitting beside him in the mandap infront of the priest, in other uday was holding her hands and taking the pheraas her eyes were closed he was draging her in next one he was applying sindoor and in other he was holding mangalsutar. In the last one she was unconcious in his arms.
Uday: u fainted when the drug fully worked on your brain cellsWink
Manyata was shocked.
Uday: awww dont be so shocked wifey havent you heard about DATE RAPE DRUG??? I gaved that to rohan. He mixed ROHYPNOL drug in your drink.
Uday: M so evil right i know thatSmile now u saw the proof now should we start?
Manyata : Comes out of the bed stands infront of him wipes her tears and shouts loudly DONT U DARE TOUCH ME.
U are a heartless man with no morals how could you do this to me? What have i done i dont know you i have never ever saw you damit! Then why why u ruined my life why you marry me tel me got damit I WANT ANSWERS!
(says crying out loud)
Uday: hogaya ya aur kuch baaki hai?
Manyata: Yea baki hai tum jese ghati insan ko jitna sunao kam hai . Is se pata chalta hai tumhari parvarish kesi huwi tumhari maa ko to tum jese janwar ko is dunya me laney ke sharam se doob marna chahye. You pervert you should be hang till death.
Uday : shut up you bitch. (uv was fuming with anger now till now he was enjoying her swears but when she swear at his mother he was out of control. He was here to scare manyata he never wanted to have her or hurt her tonight but now his anger was at its peak).
Uday stands: bad move princess. Very bad move.
Uday picked up manyata in his arms , throwed her on the bed and straddled her.
He was now on top of her crushing her soft curves and injured leg says: aaj main tumhe batata hoon janwar kehte kisey hain.
He touches her lips with his finger, smearing the lipstick. Then he moved his hands towards her heaving breast and squeezed it hard. She yelped in pain. He was fully on top of her. manyata was having dificulty in breathing because of his weight. Her injured leg was paining very badly because of his weight on her. Uday then again squeezed the other one. She yelped in pain crying and begging for mercy .
Manyata: please please leave me please(says crying bitterly)
Uday:smirks not so soon princess not so soon.
Manyata's both hands were locked by udays hand . She was anable to free her self she could see the lust and desire mixed together in his eyes she knew he had made up his mind and now there is no turn back. Manyata closed her eyes preparing her self for upcoming torture.
Uday: what happend manyata why you hav closed your eyes arent you enjoying my touch! Ab to puri raat baki hai. Open ur eyes i want to see your helplessnes wana see you in pain open your eyes damit!
When manyata didnt responded he left her hands and squeezed her arms very hardly manyata yelp in pain he was hurting her with all his strength/power.
In the process he intentionaly and unintentionaly left his nail marks on her waist and hands.
Manyata screamed in pain when his nails were busy in torturing her fragile body.
Uday: ur dead today with that he pressed his cold hard lips on hers. He kept on kissing wanting her anticipation but when he got none he got frustated and bit her lower lip very hard. Manyata parted her lips due to sudden and extreme pain. Blood oozed from her lips but uday didnt care he was so busy in exploring and tasting her mouth! Manyata was now out of breath he wanted to push him away but it was imposible for her. Uday was out of breath now he stoped kising her and looked at her face her eyes were tightly close cheecks were wet due to tearx. And her lips filled with blood.
Again he started kissing her eyes nose cheecks and then her swan like neck he bit her several times on her neck and shoulder her screams were satisfying him when he bit her on her neck it was very hard which made manyata scream very loud.
Uday was fuming after hearing the knock he sent all his servant and rohan to their homes then who the hell was disturbing him now.
He opened the door frustatedly and saw rohan.
Uday: what the f**k rohan why the hell you came here i told you i dont want anyone to disturb me then why the f**k you are here.
Rohan: iam sorry sir but it was important! Its unnati madam call she wants to talk to you!
On hearing his chotis name all his anger vanished. Ok give me the phone he moved towards other room.
Rohan ran inside the room and saw manyata sobbing she was sitting now her face was hidden inbetween her legs.
Rohan: manyata manyata r u fine manyata.
Manyata was happy to hear rohans voice she looked at him and said: rohan please safe me please with that she fainted on the bed.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Uday called rohan to his room.
Uday: how is she now?
Rohan: she is fine uv doctor said she fainted because of shock and lack of energy. They have prescribed some vitamins and minerals and have asked her to take complete bed rest! She will be fine within a week.
Uday: 0k rohan let her go.
Rohan: WHAT?Shocked
Uday: didnt you heard damit i want you to DROP HER HOME HER OWN HOME!

God this chapter was the most difficult one for me uptil now i have never ever wrote intimate scenes and this chapter screwed my brain c0mpletly so how was it please tel me how you find this chapter? Now the real story will begin. I know many of you would think why uday kidnapped her if he wanted to let her ago hehehehe a big twist is going to come guys so stay tune. And yea please dont throw rotten tomatoes on me for uv's harsh behaviour its the need of the story! Please do like and comment. Ur comments and likes encourages me to write more and more. Ignore spelling/gramatical mistakes. Eagerly waiting for ur comments.


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Comment edited.Smile 
Wow Sambha Ooosome Update yaar.Clap  Clap Clap
K, Starts with the first scene I liked Manyata- Rohan Convo. SmileRohan was trying to tell Manyata seriousness of Uday's talks n actions, he knew very well about his boss cum friend UV.Smile But this girl oh gosh never understands meaning of seriousness.LOL OMG That scene when CHIKKI Baby was  trying to impress Rohan & her dialogue, Ale Lohan oh GodROFL
ROFL ROFL CHIKKI-MIKKI's dialogue was the best.LOL
K, Now the most scary  scene OMG, OMG, Uday what was trying to do?Shocked You wanted to rape Manyata. Shocked How could you do this?Shocked It's really bad bad  UV. Cry But thank God at last Rohan saved Manyata.Smile Sambha ne bacha liya yaar.LOL
Manyata again faints, poor girl.Cry But suddenly what happened to UV?Confused Why did he take this action to leave Manyata to her home?Confused Oh GodShocked so many questions aur sabke answers sirf humari Sambha hi de sakti hai.LOL
Now I'm a  fan of your FF.Wink
Thanks for the awesome update n PM also.Tongue
I loved it.Smile
Great job.Thumbs Up
Now I'm dying to read the next one, Pls Pls Pls update soon.Dancing
Hug  Hug

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vampire12345678 IF-Rockerz

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awesome and lovely 
i ma glad uday did not fully consummate the wedding like he did not enter her or something
and uday is so cold 
i love your choice of dialogues
please update soon
and i can sense a big twist coming up so please update longer next time
u rock
i loved this chapter

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Supernatural_10 IF-Addictz

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Great Part Sara
You still haventy revealed why the kidnapping happened I'm sure its soemthing got to do with Unnanti and Ayaan... after speaking to Unnati he let go..., I was so glad Rohan came poor M... UV is veyr bad disgraceful ... but yh I get ur point the storyline demands it
Cont Soon

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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ShanUlas IF-Sizzlerz

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Sarah I cant bear it my UV literally raped Manyata sarah dont do this she was in pain yaar bleeding and he didnt sarah whatever ranjish it may be but this characterization of UV is unbearable sarah.

UV can be hearless but disgraceful no never ...i hope u give big justification  for this ...or UV shuld go to kale paani ki saza for doing such demeaning thing to a womanAngry

hatred is their fine hurting fine too but enjoying it and getting satisfied by it is monstrous...Ouch

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