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*~*Forcefully Yours FF*~* PRECAP OF CHAP 9 PG 127 (Page 30)

MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 2:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by puggyy

atleast today r u gonna update? thank u...

will update it today for sure:)

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...Rohitha... Senior Member

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sarah plzzz yaar update soonnn waiting waiting

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MsLuscious IF-Rockerz

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PRECAP: Uday:princess as i said dont waste your energy and tears you will need them tonight on OUR SUHAAGRAAT...!

" />

Uday smirked and went out of the room.

MANYATA'S POV: What? SuhaagraatShocked no never i wont ever let it happen he cant touch me he cant what should i do now? Cal the policeShocked yea but how can i? I dont have my cell shitAngry But what if he is really planning for our wedding night? NO manyata he is just trying to scare you he wont do it? What if he did?Shocked
Manyata was bewildered her mind was asking her to believe what uday said but her heart was not letting her believe it.
Manyata: NO he wont stoop so low i have read his eyes though he dont like me but still he cant see me shattered, hurt he punched that creep too(akash). For me??Smile
Manyata to herself: stop it manyata what the hell are you thinking that guy is planning to screw you tonight and you are thinking how much he cares for you he ABDUCTED you got damitAngry yea i hate him i hate that filthy, ruthless, arrogant, brute tallyErmm but i know he is just trying to scare me he wont do anything! Chill manyata!
Manyata was roaming all around the room she was completly exhausted due to the drama going on in her life. She was still very weak her head was heavy she lied down on her bed and was thinking of whats going to happen next. She didnt knew why but somewhere in heart she knew dat tally wont do anything reckless he wont do what he said he can never stoop so low with these thoughts in her mind she slept peacefully!
She opened her eyes and saw rohan.
Manyata: hey rohan hru dude u r disturbing me in my dreams too atleast let me be at peace in my dreams. Shoo shoo!
Rohan: Manyata u r not dreaming u r awake and iam infr0nt of you wake up! Wait you shooed me iam not a DOG Angry
Manyata: hahahaha u r of that tally!
Rohan: tally?
Manyata: yea ur so called boss. God he is so tall around 6 somthing! And he has so long legs and dat smirk his lips his hot breath his muscular body (murmuring in half sleepy state)and smiles.
Rohan smiles: Seems like someone has checked him out very closely!
Manyata suddenly realizes what she said in her sleepy state she sits on the bed with a jerk and hits her head hard on the bed!
Rohan: be careful mam!
Manyata: whats ur age?
Rohan:what? Ummm 25
Manyata: m 5 years younger than you so call me manyata got it.
Rohan: but!
Manyata: what says angrily.
Rohan: nothing ManyataBig smile(says showing his all teeths)
Manyata: better but y u disturbed me? Han i was sleeping peacefuly after so long!
Rohan: manyata r u crazy or what do u kn0w it 7pm already!
Manyata: so what? If itx 7 or 10 or 12 u r saying as if you wil let me goErmm
Rohan: what are u the same girl who was crying sumtime ago who was scared of all this kidnaping fiasco?
Manyata: yup iam the same girl but you telme what wil happen if i cry over and over again will it melt that VEDA's heart! No naa then why should i waste my tears. I know iam trapped ok i have to be here untill that tally takes money from my bhaii! N0w i kn0w everything i kn0w he abducted me for m0ney and all this wedding drama is a crap. So now i have decided i wont cry coz it doesnt makes a difference i will chill and enjoy my stay hereBig smile
Rohan: manyata u u u need psychiatrist!(says amused)
Manyata: maybe but u telme why ur here?
Rohan: listen to me carefully ok this isnt what u thinking its much m0re dangerous! He is not playing games ok nor he has time to think like that he DONT WANT UR MONEY damit he is much more wealthier than you!
Manyata:haha yea right he is son of prince charles and step brother of prince william and harry right(says mockingly).
Prince william se yaad aya katherine is so pretty na i love her so much she has killer looks right? M her bigest phanka(fan)
Rohan: what? Tum kya cheez ho here m trying to make you understand its not how you think aur tum ho k u r discusting!
Manyata: do u like kristen stewart? I m obsessed with her she is beautiful.
Rohan: looks at her annoyinglyAngry
Manyata: ok dude ummm then what do you think about katy perry? She is so damn hot i love her man!
Rohan: watching her in disbelieveWink
N0 ummm dont u tel me you like lady gagaShocked ewww i hate her she l0okx yukh. she looks like a transexual! I dont understand what people like in her she is soo
Rohan: Shut up manyata!(says loudly)
Manyata: makes puppy face which melts rohans heart and he regrets yelling at her!
Rohan: iam sorry
Manyata:hmmm u should b but telme na dont u like anyone of them(asks excitedly)
Rohan: are you a lesbian manyata.
Manyata eyes got wide and her m0uth opens fully.
Manyata: cheee! Rohan ke bachey daal daal ke kachey tu samajtha kya hai khud ko me tujhe lesbian nazar ati hoon kya kaminey she throws a pillow on rohan!
Rohan: arrey what did i do? Tum hi kabse sub female stars ki batein karahi thi to i th0ught maybe(says mockingly).
Manyata: ruko no one can safe you today from me (says and runs after rohan) they both were now running and hiting each other with pillows.
Uday was going to his room when he heard melodious voice it was of a girl who was laughing non stop her voice was very melodious he noticed that the voice was coming from manyata's room he walked towards her room he was about to enter the room when he heard a male voice STOP IT MANYATA!(says laughingly)
NO ROHAN i wontAngry stop me if you can giggles!Big smile
Uday was out of his mind now he opend the door and the scene infront of him shocked him! He never expected to see his lady so calm so happy he thought he has ruined this girls life and now she wont be able to laught again but he was so wr0ng this girl who was abducted who was forcfuly married who was tortured by him sum time ago is having pillow fight with rohan? Is this girl insane? Is she mentaly retarded damit? Whats wrong with her any other GIRL would have been dead till now but she is really weird it seems like she is not at all disturbed!
Manyata:(gigles)ab bol lady gaga ke chamche
Rohan: ok m sorry stop hiting me manyata.
Uday couldnt see this any more he closed the door and moved towards his room. He called one of his female maids and says: Soni i want u to bring sarries for ur madam and some jewellery and yea do bring a special red sarree too! And ask chikki to decorate my room!
Soni: but for what sir.
Uday: for my suhaagraat!
Soni blushed and said ok sir and went out of the room.
Uday: now ill see how this kidnapping dont effect you miss haan nahi to. Tonight will change your life forever(says in extrmly angry tone).

Rohan: i told you damit but you didnt listend to me now see what has happened is it hurting really bad!
Manyata: ahhh yea its killing me rohan do something(sobbing).
Rohan: ok iam calling the doctor you donT worry ok.
Rohans goes out of her room and calls the doctor.
After calling the doctor when he turns around he founds uday standing infront of him.
Uday: what happend why u calld the doctor?
Rohan: ummm yea woh uday woh manyata k pair par phir chot lag gayi wohi jo pehle injured thi(says hesitantly).
Uday: hoW?(he knew how it wud hav had happnd but wanted to hear it from rohan)
Rohan: woh actualy uday huwa ye ke uska pair bed se lag gaya tha to it started bleeding again.
Uday: hmmm usne room se park banaya tha to yehi hoga uske rehne ke liye zoo best haiWinkbut its ok u take care of her.
Rohan was dumbstruck he knew his boss very well he knew somthing is going on in his mind?how can he act so calmly? what is he planning now? What was his next move now?
Doctor checked her wound and said its still fresh it will take time to heal. He asked her to have a c0mplete bed rest for a week she wasnt even allowed to move a little.
Doctor: please dont allow her to walk or do anything else she needs complete bed rest.
Rohan: ok doctor i wont let her do anything.
Doctor was escorted by rohan!
When he came back he saw manyata eating cheeries and watching tv.
Rohan: manyata you heard what doctors said right take care of your self ok. I know i should be blamed for it if i wudnt had played with you this wudnt have had happend you slippled so badUnhappy
Manyata: dont worry i m fine now Smile rohan aise barrey barrey desho me aisi choti choti batein hoti rehti hain yaar chill maarWink(winks at rohan)
Rohan thinking: manyata iam sorry i feel so discusted my souls blames me for ur condition and iam da 0ne who should be blamed u dont know him but i do i have seen the haterd for you in his eyes but i promise you i will protect you)
Manyata waving hand infront of him: kahan kho gaye jee?
Rohan: kahin nahi u want somthing else to eat.
Manyata: ummm yea some more cherries please.
Rohan: ok my dearSmile
rohan opend da door and saw 5 servant with shoping bags.
Rohan: what?
Chiki: rohan wohh(says with cheesy smile)
Soni interupts: sir can we come in?
Rohan: yes
ALL the servants puts the bags on the floor and goes away except chiki and soni.
Chiki was lost in rohan's world she kept lo0king at him.
On the other hand manyata giggles at chikkis weird behaviour.
Rohan gets annoyd and says: chiki go and get some cherries for manyata!
Chiki : anything for you rohan! Says shyly and goes out!
Soni: mam these are some dresses and jewellry for you!
Manyata: i dont want them thanks for your concernSmile
Soni:no mam yuvraaj sa has send these for you he wants you to wear them and get ready for your(stops).
Rohan get worried: for her what?
Manyata heart stopped beating she knew what she is going to say but it was supposed to b his way of scaring her right? But do he really wants to have her tonight?
Soni to Rohan: her suhagraat sir(says looking down)
Rohan: what? But why ? Ok u go! He look towards manyata and founds her stearing back at him!
Rohan: did he told you about it before?
Manyata: YES!

Guys you have reached the end of chapter 3 . I know it was totally a filler update. There was no manveer scenes too but guys this chapter was necessary to show the carefree side of manyata. This story is different so it was compulsary to show manyata's carefree attitude her jolly nature her pure heart etc etc! I promise you the next chapter would be full of manveer! And the next chapter wil be updated very soon like tonight Winkor perhaps tomorrow!Unhappy Please like and comment ur like and comments encourages me to write more and more.


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ROFL ROFL ROFL Sambha ye tune kya kiya.ROFL 5 Stars for this update.Clap
Star Star Star Star Star Best points of the update. CHIKKI N SONY MAIDS OF UV.ROFL ROFL 
ROHAN-MANYATA SCENE.Wink LESBIAN.Shocked She's really crazy yaar.ROFL
& that Second scene when Manyata  was watching TV n eating cherries than Rohan comes, that scene was very nice.Wink
Now I'm dying to read fourth part, UV-M's Wedding night.Blushing I think this wedding night'll be the funniest wedding night.LOL
Thanks for the awesome update n PM also.Wink
Do continue ASAP.Smile

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waiting for next chapter eagerly
awesome update
liked Manyata's obsession with all female actress as well as lady gaga...
Rohan is guilty and he wants to protect Manyata cute...
Manyata checked Uday out cool... she is really unique... she is checking her kidnapper out and enjoying her own kidnapping...
I hope she stays the same carefree and joyable in any situation uday throws at her...
but Uday looks like a hard nut to crack. I hope he doesn't do anything stupid that he regrets afterwards...

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RESERVED- on behalf of dekpur reserver company

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puggyy Goldie

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amazing update...manyatha was really crazy god kind of wierd types really...nicely enjoying n eating she will hav fun wit uv Wink he will scare her to core...wat is this sudden twist ...y ur showing rohan n manyatha so close...i kniw ur gonna plan for some blast...i hope she finds ayyan in rohan bhai... niw this is cheating u left us wit suspence again... ur planning to kill me wit suspence kya...omg ...wen ur gonna update next part! suhag scene ...thats a big suspence ...n story behing uv's hatred is a bigger suspence...o pls now try to update soon... that was really funny ...i felt manyatha character is crazy like geet from jab v met movie...donno wat crazy things she is gonna do wit uv...uv will hav hell lot of fun wit her ...i tell u Wink unnathi entry? i want to knw da hatred reason ...pls disclose it soon... it was a lovely update ...thank u
PLS UPDATE IT TO NiGHT meharbaani karna plsss plzzz ...

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it was an awesome update continue soon...thanx for d PM:)

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