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*~*Forcefully Yours FF*~* PRECAP OF CHAP 9 PG 127 (Page 19)

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loved it...can u plz pm me nxt time when u update 

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Originally posted by piya77

loved it...can u plz pm me nxt time when u update

thankx will pm u for sure:)
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Nyc ff Sarah
Love it
Update sooon

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" />

Manyata:The word ok brought me back to my senses i was feeling dizzy but dont know what happend when i heard dat voice of the guy. It wasnt familiar but still it caused havoc on my body my heart literally started beating very very fast. I didnt knew what the hell happend to me. It surly sounds filmy but it did happend with me. Then i sensed people going out from the room i thanked God and opened my eyes and tried to sit. I sat on the bed and kept on watching my injured leg suddenly i felt someone's gaze at me dont know who but for the 1st time in my life i didn't had the courage to look at the person looking at me with so much intensity! After some minutes i finally looked on my left side and my eyes met his chocolate brown eyes. I could feel disgust, aversion, , loathing, animosity, for me? But why? Why what have i done i havent seen him before never ever then y he makes me feel like m his culprit? Our eyelock broked when he said those words. Words which shattered my heart into million pieces words which turned my world upside down.
Manyata was shocked to hear those words she knew something bad is going to happen to her but not this! She kept on stearing uv her mind was numb her brain stopped working at the moment it seemed like her body is dead!
Uv smirked after seeing her in the state of shock he knew this news would surly change her life forever.
Manyata then felt something resting on her neck! Her hands automatically made their way towards her neck. Her fingers touched something which broke her trance of shock!
It was a cold metal she shiverred when she touched the metal her eyes instantly looked down to see what was it and when she saw it a tear rolled down her cheek when uv called her wifey she was shocked, shattered but somewhere in her heart she thought maybe he is lying maybe she isnt married to him maybe he wanted to scare her but the thing she saw proved her wrong!
Manyata gasped in pain when she touched the metal again it was a beautiful diamond mangalsutra which was adoring her neck. Her fingers then made its way towards her forehead her fingers felt something on her maang and it was obvious what it could be! She gasped when she saw sindoor on her fingers now it was proved that she was married to him. She kept on stearing her fingers and tears were rolling down continuosly.
Uv coudn't take it anyone he wanted this he waited from damn 3 years for this day then why he wasnt dat much happy how much he should be why he was feeling bad for the girl who was crying infront of him he wanted this he wanted to see her crying he dreamd of this day! Then why why?
Uv got up from the sofa and starting walking out the r0om when he reached the door he looked back at her once and then left.
Uday was in his room lost in thoughts of HER!
Her beautiful golden brown big eyes her beautiful brown hairs her milky, glowing skin her rosy pink lips... KNOCK KNOCK!
His thoughts were interupted by the voice of the knock.
Uday:yea c0me in!
Rohan: hey uv u called me? What is it?
Uday: yup rohan actualy i want a favour from you!
Rohan: yes tel me bro
Uday: actualy i want u to make her eat something she looks really weak and also doctors said ummm u know u heard t0o what they said so can you.
Rohan: yea sure actually i wanted to ask you the same but u dont worry il make her eat.
Uday: I wud never be worried for her!(says in loud and angry tone)
Rohan: yea m sorry m really sorry uv i didnt mean dat i mean i know how much u hate her but m going to take care of it ok
Uday: go!

Rohan enters manyata's room and finds her sitting on the corner of da bed. her head is resting on the bed and body on the floor. Voice of sobs are continuosly coming from her side.
Rohan:-to servants: keep these trays on the dressing table and go.
Servants: yes sir!
When the servants left the room he came forward, stood beside her and said.
Rohan: please manyata mam have something
manyata wasnt responding.
Rohan:please mam eat something please!
Manyata didnt said anything And kept on crying!
Rohan: mam crying wont help u. Please eat some thing u havent eaten anything for past two days.
Manyata was shocked to hear this suddently she looks at him in shock and says whatt??
Rohan: yes mam
Manyata: bbb... but you kidnapped me yesterday and and i remember you kid... Kidnapped me yesterday(exclaimed with broken voice)
Rohan: no mam u were kidnapped day before yesterday!
Manyata: then she has flashback of 2 days da things which she remembers.
(she got kidnappd, kidnaper tried to be intimate with her, dat guy punched da kidnaper, rohan make her drink the juice, she woked up in semi concious state her leg got injured and then then she rememberd da convo between the doctors and dat guy who claims to be her husband) but where the hell is the MARRIAGE which happnd??? Did it really happnd if it then why dont she remembers it?
Suddenly she composed her self wiped her tears and asked rohan.
Manyata: how i got married? Rohan: you dont remember?
Manyata: no
Rohan: not even a bit
Manyata: no no no(shouts loudly)
Rohan: you want to know how it happend right?
Manyata: yes
Rohan: ok lets make a deal you eat this i will tell you everything.
Manyata: now what is mixed in it?
Manyata: why u r so shocked to hear this dont u know what iam trying to say?(says wiping her tears but stil tears r rolling down her eyes)
Manyata: il explain it to you because of YOU just YOU m in this situation damit what pain i have caused you? i have never seen you before nor i have dat man then why why u gaved me that juice i know some drug was mixed in it which lead me to this state (says crying loudly and falls on the floor crying out loud).
Rohans eyes gets teary after seeing her in this state.
Manyata: and now you are here trying to sooth my body pain by making me eat the food and these medicines but what about the pain which m having in my heart my soul is shattered my life is completly ruined iam just 20 and m FORCEFULLY MARRIED to your so called boss (still crying)
tears rolls down rohan eyes but he wipes it before she can see he didnt wanted manyat to notice it.
He sits near her and mumbles IAM SORRY with heavy voice.
Manyata: looks at him her eyes are red and then she sits on the floor and says
Manyata: sorry for what? For making my life hell for kidnaping me for making me drink dat drug! For what damit(shouts on rohan loudly)
Rohan: for EVERTHING.
Manyata: leave now!
Rohan: stands and leaves the r0om immediatly.
Uday was waiting for rohan in his room he was watching tv when his room door was knocked.
Uday: come in
Rohan came in
Uday: did she eat something
No is all rohan could say.
Uday: what happend to you now?
Rohan: she is innocent uv dont do this to her please let her go man please!
Uday: what dat bitch said to you? which turned you against me?(says in extrmly angry tone )
Rohan: iam not against you nor on her side i beg you please dont ruin her life.
Uday:clutches the remort of the tv in his hands tightly and says but her life is already ruined.
Rohan: but uday...(but before he could complete his sentence uv says BUSSS! Dont forget who you are.
Rohan says with moist eyes Unhappy m sorry yuvraaj saa for crossing my limits i know iam ur PA(personal assistant) and should not be more than it please pardon me for crossing my limits thanks for reminding me my place this servant of yours will never dare to speak anything infront of you.
(says this and leaves the room)
Uday enters manyata's room he walks towards her bed and saw the food untouched on the dressing table he closes his eyes in anger and then opens it trying to calm his anger and then searches manyata after searching the whole room he finally finds her on the corner of the bed sitting on the floor and head was resting on bed and was sleeping! He came near her and saw her injured leg bandage was again red! He touched her wound dont know why but somewhere in his heart he felt bad for her he knew she was very innocent and pure. Her pureness was clearly visible in her big brown eyes and that was which was tearing him apart! He picked her up in his arms and kept her on the bed and put the blanket on her he was going when he heard her mumbling s0mthing in her sleep he came near her!
Manyata: please leave me please i want to go to my home i want to go to my bhaiii please.
Her words raised his temper and his calm m0od suddenly changed into extreme anger!
He left the r0om in a rush!
Manyata eyes opend and found rohan standing infront of her!
She suddenly sat on bed bewildered.
Manyata:thinking and mumbles what is he doing here so early whats wrong with him now.
Rohan: nothing is wr0ng with me
manyata was shocked she didnt knew he heard her!
Manyata: What are you doing here i dont wana see your face get lost.
Rohan:c0mes near her takes her hand between his and says iam really really sorry
Manyata gets very much scared she starts shivering no one(guy) had touch her like this all thanks to her brother.
Rohan feels her discomfort and leaves her hands instantly he was very shocked he knew she was innocent but didnt knew to this extent...
Rohan: m sorry i didnt wanted to scare you
Manyata: what u want?
Rohan coudnt bear it anymore the guilt was killing him.
Rohan:i didnt knew u wud be so different so pure from inside and outside i didnt wanted to destroy your life i done what i was asked to i thought u will be like another spoiled royat but i was wrong. I didnt slept last night at all because of you. Your teary eyes were flashing infront of my eyes i know now its too late but please forgive me manyata mam please.
Manyata could see the pain, the guilt in those eyes she knew he wasnt totaly responsible for her condition infact he was just a puppet his strings was with HIM. She knew rohan works for him when he asked her to pardon him before she thought maybe this was also part of HIS plan but after hearing those words after seeing those eyes which were now red she felt bad for him.
Manyata: its ok
Rohan: u mean u for... For forgaved me.
Manyata: noded in yes
Rohan: thank you thank you very much.
Manyata felt her head spining a bit she clunched the sheets for support!
Rohan: careful!(he saved manyata from falling off the bed)
Manyata: its ok m fine!
Rohan: no u arent why are you giving pain to ur self han?
Ill bring the food and this time you have to eat it!
Manyata: is it a command again?
Rohan: no a brother request(says patting her cheek)
Manyata felt great c0mfort after she heard those words from rohans mouth.
Rohan came back with 3 servant they kept da trays down on manyatas bed
Rohan: go now
he came forward and sat opposite to manyata and said: Will u eat or u want me to feed you forcfuly?(says with a smile)
Manyata:nahi i will eat myself. With that she attacked the food like a crazy she knew he was watching her but she didnt gave a damn she finished 1 jug of orange juice 4 parathaas 2 cheese omlets 2 bowls of choco flakes after eating the last bowl of flakes she said: I want more.
Rohan was dumbstruck he knew she hadnt ate anything from 3 days but still couldnt believe his eyes! This slim trim girl can eat so much! His chain of thoughts were interrupted when he felt a hand waving infront of his face!
Manyata:hello dude?? Where are u lost iam hungry i want to eat more parathasUnhappy
Rohan: yea iam sorry i will ask the servants now! He stood up and walked out off the room and after 10 minutes came back with a tray filled with parathaas and juice. Manyata finished it all and then had her juice.
Royan: manyata u r ok now?
Manyata: yup iam fine now
Rohan wanted to cheer up her mood so he asked her
Rohan: manyata do you normally eat so much or u havent eaten from past 3 days dats why u ate so much?
Manyata: no i normally eat this much.
Rohan: well but it doesnt looks like that(winks at manyata)
Manyata smiles and say whats your name?
Rohan: rohan
Manyata: rohan now i have done what you asked me to now please tel me why dat halkat veda has kidnapped me?
Rohan laughs and says: manyata you are seriously hilarious halkat veda lol(actualy he wanted manyata to be normal again)
Manyata: please rohan tell me everything.
Rohan: Ok
About 6 months ago uv called me.
Uday: rohan u have to do something for me
Rohan: anything u say UV
Uday: i can give this work to anyone but i trust you alot and u r the best guy to do this work. (throws envelope on the table towards him)
Rohan opens it and founds pictures of manyata.
Uday: i want every single detail about her. Where she goes, what she do, with whom she lives everything got it! And yea the most important thing when she is coming back to india!
Rohan: but uv who is she
uday: dont ask me uneccessary questions just do what i say!
Rohan:ok uv and then i left his cabin! I used to give each and every thing about you then
10 days ago.
Rohan: sir my detective has informed me that she is coming back to india for her brothers wedding she wil stay her for about 15 days then she will go back.
Uv: No she wont be able to(smirks)
Rohan and then i payed ur some people of ur palace which helped our guys in kidnapping you!
Do u remember how you got kidnapped or i have to tell you dat story too
Manyata tries to remember what happend with her on dat day!
After hearing komal and ayaans convo manyata gets emotional she decides to go to the garden for some fresh air she goes to the garden and sits on the chair and breathes inn the fresh air. Her cell starts buzzing she recieves the call.
Manyata: hello
Woman crying: manyata bete its me ayesha's mom please please help me beta
Manyata: aunty what happend why ur crying is everything all right?
Woman: no beta ayesha had a serious accident her condition is very serious bete please come to city hospital please(cries loudly)
Manyata: city hospital? But she was in chicago how and when she came here and how the accident happend?
Woman: she came here to surprise u but but (cries)
Manyata: but i talked to her yesterday.
woman: please dont ask too many questions please beta come fast (cries continuosly)
Manyata: ok m coming let me inform my family
Woman: NO DONT!
Manyata: why aunty
WOman: please beta dont tel anyone anything please your brother wont let u go on his wedding day please beta just come for an hour then you can come back to your home for ur brother wedding.
Manyata: ok iam coming she goes to her car and opens the door sobbing because of her best friends accident news.
Driver: mam please let me drive ill drop you wherever you want u wont be able to drive in this condition
Manyata nods and sits on the passenger seat and closes her eyes.
After 25 minutes she opens her eyes and asks her driver.
Manyata: driver havent v reached the hospital yet ? Mam v are near manyata suddenly feels s0mthing wrong and opens her cars black windows and looks out. They were now out of city da road was deserted and dark she got scared.
Manyata: where r you taking me.
Driver: to your destination with that he applies the brakes and car stops with a screech!
Manyata: why did you stoped.
Driver:iam sorry madam.
Manyata couldnt understand his meaning just then a man opens the door and drags her out of the car and then drags her towards another car which was parked infront of manyata's car there were 3 more men in the car which tied manyatas hands and closed manyata's mouth using tape!
Manyata: yea i remember says wiping her tears. So the driver was paid by you.and the accident thing was all a trap?
Rohan: yes says in guilty tone.
Manyata: now whats next? What he wants from me?
Rohan: i dont know but trust me mam he is very dangerous if he can kidnap a princess he can hurt ur family too especialy ur brother and he knows this u love him more than ur self and can go to any extent to give him pain!
Manyata: he has send you to scare me right?
Rohan: no but he wants you to call your brother and tell him that you are fine and tel him that your friend had a major accident she is seriously ill and you are with her and wil be back soon.
Manyata: why should i lie i w0nt i will never ever do that got it go and tell him if he had kidnapped me he should be ready to face the consequences my brother will kill him he dont know who he had kidnapped iam not a common girl iam before she could complete her sentence someone said
Both manyata and rohan looked towards the door and found uday standing with a smirk.
Manyata didnt knew why but her body started shiverring when she saw him was it because of fear or somthing else manyata instantly holds rohans hands which was noticed by uday!
Uday fumed in anger after seeing the lovey dovey scene infront of him.
Uday: rohan get out (barks loudly)
Rohan: Uv listen to me il make her understand everything please dont do anything reckess.( rohan knew udays temper he was scared for manyata)
Uday: just get out(fuming in anger)
rohans leaves the room uv goes and locks the door which scares manyata more.
Uday: so what were you saying princess .( says advancing towards her and manyata was going backwards)
Manyata: what you think of yourself han halkat vede khasmanu khanney tharak ke peepey saand, kareley ka juice, kutey ki puunch, sarrey hue andey, keley ke chilkey.(says going backwards and hits her back hard on the wall)
Uday anger vanishes after hearing her unique swears.
Uday chuckles while advancing towards her.
Manyata: door raho mujse samjhey mere kareeb mat anaa mai brown belt hoon and kung fu bhi aata hai mujhe.(says proudly)
Uday smirks and says: acha to lets see ur skills.
Manyata: you jerk, moron, creep, u monkey u donkey Just stay away from me you coward.
Uday chuckles on words monkey and donkey: ahan english abuses bhi atti hai wah princess iam impressed. Wese why are you backing off you seemed very comfortable when you were holding rohans hand then why your are not comfortable with your dear hubby huh?
Manyata: you arent my hubby got it, i dont remember our marriage, and you dont have proof?
Uday smirks :ahan princess today i will show u the proof too.
Uday comes near her! Now they were just inches apart he smiled and pushes two strands of her hairs behind her ears and says
Uday: princess save your energy for tonight you will need it.(says looking in her eyes holding her tightly by her waist)
Manyata was numb her body temperature was as cold as ice his closeness was making her dizzy. Her heart skipped a beat when he said dat!
She pushed him with all her strength and shouted.
Manyata: stay away from me bas***d dont touch me iam not ur slave! Got it(says with teary eyes, her body was shiverring and she was breathing heavily).
Uday: you arent my slave you are my wife and i as ur husband have every right on you, your soul and your body with that he pulls manyata. Her back hits his chest. Uday was holding her from behind. And then uday says. Go have a shower and change your clothes i will send the maid to help you to get ready for tonight hope you understand what iam saying(mumbles in her ears his one hand was playing with her hairs and other was on her waist holding her closed to him)
Manyata: i dont want to and i dont know what you mean(says breathing heavily)
uday: i know you know what i mean but you are just pretending. Manyata you know what your touch me not attitude is such a huge turn on.(says in her ears and then kisses her ear)
Manyata: gasps! tears rolls down her eyes.
Uday:princess as i said dont waste your energy and tears you will need them tonight on OUR SUHAAGRAAT...!

Ok guys u have reached the end of chapter 2. I want you thank everyone who liked and commented on chapter one. Guys trust me ur comments and likes encourages me alot. Its really heart wrenching to see such love thanks once again guys!i hope you will like this chapter do like and comment would love to read your comments.
P.S whoever wants to get pms please go to page 1 and like the note regarding pms because that is my list of pms. Then u will get pm whenever i will update.


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Awesome update! Waiting eagerly to find out why UV hates M...

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nice part

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Awsomeee...ohhh man this suspence killing me...akhir iuday ki problem kya hai?plzzz...update soon...and plzzz...add me in ur PM list

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