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*~*Forcefully Yours FF*~* PRECAP OF CHAP 9 PG 127 (Page 115)

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Originally posted by sweet_gargi

aag lage un power cut karne walo ko...meri baddua lagegi sabko...CryAngry...fir bhi can u say kab tak update karogi?..kal?
dekho tum logon ke liye mene dubara saara likha i am updating in 15 minutesBig smile

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Originally posted by swetsurati

Update update update update...i m waiting...
ull get a update in 15 minutesBig smile
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Originally posted by MsLuscious

Originally posted by sweet_gargi

aag lage un power cut karne walo ko...meri baddua lagegi sabko...CryAngry...fir bhi can u say kab tak update karogi?..kal?
dekho tum logon ke liye mene dubara saara likha i am updating in 15 minutesBig smile
luv u sweets..gargi adha ghanta phlay agg laganay ko bolti wapda waloo ko na..hahaha

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Hello manveerians iam back with another update. This update is dedicated to my loyal queen as knows as CHITRA.  I hope chitz u will like it.
And I hope you guys too will enjoy this update this update will surly clear many confusions!

Uday: don't worry kripaa  I will so0n come to meet him specially HIM(smirks)

Kripa: specially why do you have a surprise for him( says playfully)

Uday: yes a very big surprise maybe the biggest surprise of his life.(smirks)

Kripa:what(asks confusly)

Uday: ok m going now tc of yourself.

Kripa: uday 0k take care of yourself and my bestie unnati too.

Uday : I will bye.(walks away with his guards)

Kripa to herself : I wish unnati ki life main sab theek hojaye!

D.s: kripa bete aap yahan kyun khari hain chaliye.

Kripa:jee dadi sahab.

Manyata is lying on her bed lo0king at roof ceiling. Tears are continuously rolling down her cheeks.
Manyata couldn't understand what she wants from her life and from him she claims that she hates him. Then why she let him kiss her?
she was more disgusted with her ownself because she is the one who was equally guilty.
These 7 months of her life were like a dreadful nightmare. Everything changed in these months her life changed. Her identity changed. Most importantly she totally changed.
Manyata was lost in her world she didn't knew when her eyes closed and when she slept!


It was a beautiful m0rning. The sun was shining brightly. The birds were chirping making the morning m0re beautiful.
A sunray hits manyata's face which penetrated from the window.
Manyata tried to open her eyes but couldn't open due to sharp light. She blinked her eyelashes couple of times to get used to of the light. And then finally she was able to open her beautiful big eyes. Her head was aching badly.


Manyata eyes shot up in an instant. The headache quickly forgotten. Slowly she turned her head around and saw kripa with a cup of coffee smiling at her.
Manyata: hey g0od morning! What are you doing here at this time.
Kripa: manu I know its early but ds asked me to wake you up.
From now you have to sleep early and wake up early. Nobody sleeps till 1pm in this mahal except you so now dadisahab has given me this task.
Manyata asks bewildered: what task?
Kripa: to make you a perfect girl. Well some day you will get married too then you will have a different life with lots of responsibilities.
Manyata: holds her head ahhh shut up bhabhi saa.
Kripa: hahaha ok ok I will shut up for now but what happened is your head aching or something why you are holding it dude?
Manyata: bhabi sa its obvious. My head ix aching badly its killing me dude ahh.
Kripa: oh sorry wait drink this coffee ill bring panadol.
Manyata: thankx the first aid is in the cupboard.
Kripa gives tablet to manayata.
Kripa: manu now go have sh0wer and come downstairs as soon as you can ok fast.
Manyata: nodes


Downstairs everyone was sitting at breakfast table.
Aryan: d.s why you asked kripa to wake angel. Its 7am in the morning she have never ever woke up s0 early. And she don't need to its her own home let her sleep I didn't liked this decision of yours.
d.s smiles: bete I know what iam doing she is not a kid she is a princess now she need to act like one .
I never forced manyata to do something against her will but now she should learn etiquettes. S0on she is going to be 21 years old.
Komal: maa sahib are we going to throw a party on manu birthday?
Ayaan: obviously maa
D.S: I guess you got your answer komal(smiles at komal)
Kripa comes downstairs
Kripa: dadi sahab humne manu ko jaga dia.
D.s: achaa kia unho ne kuch kaha to nahi?
Kripa: nahi dadisahab hum bhi heraan hogaye dekh kar.
D.s: hmmm manyata is changing she isn't the same immature girl now.
Brijra: kripa bete jay or Ayesha ko jagaya aapne.
Kripa: nahi dad I didn't need to they were awake!

Hello people!
Jay greets everyone and sits on her place.
Ayesha comes greets everyone and sits there too with them.

Manyata comes downstairs take blessings from everyone and sits beside ayaan its her place where she always sits.
Manyata:hello bhai.
Ayaan:hello angel how are you and how are you feeling now kripa told us your head was aching? Do y0u want me to call a doctor? (asks concernly)
Mayata: no bhaii iam fine now. I had a lil headache but after dr kripa's treatment m fine( she winks at kripa)
Ayaan: gives a weak smile but didn't looked at kripa.
Kripa too didn't looked at ayaan.
Again manyata sensed something wrong with their attitude. They were not at all behaving like a newly wedded.
d.s: manyata bete from today on wards you have to wake up early n sleep early too. M observing you from some days you are all lost is everthing alright bete?
Manyata: yes ds everything is fine. It is just iam bore now adays have nothing to do so.
d.s: do you want something?
Manyata: yes actually I want to go back to Chicago I wana continue my studies I have already wasted 7 months but now iam fit and fine so I wana go back.
Komal: no ways you are not going anywhere look at you. You look so pale exhausted n you have lost so much weight and those dark circles around your eyes are so dominant. iam not going to let you go back. Who will take care of you there?
Manyata: maa please I will be fine I have a family there too Ayesha n Ayesha's mom are my family.
Komal: I know but iam not g0ing to leave you.
Kripa understands manyata's conditions she knows manyata wants to go away from india. After whatever happened with her here she will take some time to forget it completely. She knew it was best for her to go away from india.
Kripa: mom I think manyata should go. I mean her a lot of time is already wasted she should not waste more time.
Komal: but bete (ds interrupts her)
D.s: I think kripa is right manu should concentrate on her studies. The soon she completes her studies the soon we will get her married!
Ayaan: d.s aap
D.s: I know aap nahi chahte hen k aap ki angel aapse door jaye but hum bhi abhi inki wedding ki baat nahi karahe after her studies we will see.
Abhi to hamari jay ki baari hai.
Jay: please ds I will find my man myself.(komal instantly squeezes jays hands under the table indicating her to shut up)


kripa ayesha manyata vijay bhai were chatting.
Ayesha : jay you didn't introduce us yesterday to your dream man.
Jay: hmm sorry I forgot to.
Kripa: means he came there. Tel me his name I knew everyone there. Tell me na.
Jay: I cant krips but I promise I will make you all meet him very soon.
Vijay: manyata bhai kin socho me h0.(waves hand infront of her face)
Manyata: nahi kahin nahi!
Ayesha: hmmm I think she is lost in her prince charming thoughts.
As soon as manyata heard Ayesha words udays face flashed infront of her eyes.
Manyata: shut up Ayesha I don't understand why you and kripa only think and talk about prince charming true love soulmate. None of them exists in this world ( says extremely exasperated)
Kripa: no manu all of them exist in this world. But you should be lucky enough to have it! Some lucky ones get their soul mates.
Manyata: huh its all filmy things krips even I will suggest you to live in reality and stop living in world of fantasy.

Jay: kripa I don't know should I believe it in these all things or not? Convince me to believe it?
Manyata was ann0yed so she decided to read newspaper.
Kripa: hmm it not difficult to convince  you as you are already in love.
Ayesha: hayye bhabi sa when ever I see you and ayaan bhai I see perfection! I want a man like ayaan bhai who will love me with all his heart.
Kripa smiles: you will get one!
Jay: so kripa tel me what soul mate means? What is true love ? what is definition of them?
Vijay: jay bhai I know I know I read it in some article about it please let me elaborate pleaseBig smile
Jay: ok bhai b0lo.
Vijay bhai stands with head highLOL
Vijay: You can fall in love in one fifth of a second
 As y0u fall in love 12 areas of the brain works together to form a biochemical torrent that sweeps you away in euphoria inducing chemicals including dopamine oxyt0cin adrenalin and aldosterone. Falling in love activates similar areas of the brain to cocaine and elicits the same euphoric feelings. Widespread changes are experienced in the body including an increase in tolerance to pain. Falling and being in l0ve is thus a very real and even measurable phenomen0n on the physical level but there ar also psych0 spiritual elements that come into play.(says in one breath and then shows his 100 watts smile)
 Kripa Ayesha manyata jay all mouths were wide open in shock.
Manyata burst out laughing all joined her .
Jay: omg G0d vijay bhai you are too funny(laughs out loud)
Vijay: hmm iam sexy and I know it( walks away proudly)
Ayesha: oh God vijay bana is too funny.
Kripa: he is indeed!
Jay: ahh now its your turn kripa.
Kripa: hmmm falling in love is a blessing. Love happens you don't plan it's a feeling of comfort love protection. Love is patient love is kind. It has no envy n0r it b0asts itself and it is never pr0ud. It rejoices 0ver the evil and is the truth seeker. Love protects preserves and h0pes for the positive aspect of life. Love can occur between two individuals. It bonds them and connects them in a unified link of trust intimacy and interdependence. It enhances the relationship and comforts the soul. In sh0rt words love is the master key that opens the gate 0f happiness.(smiles at jay ad Ayesha who were watching her like dumbs)
Manyata who was pretending to be reading the newspaper heard each and every word of kripa)
Manyata was in utter dilemma now.
Kripa: hmm to samajh aya kuch.
Both jay and Ayesha nodes in yes.
Manyata: but how you know that you are in love ?( she didn't realize how these words escaped her mouth she was thinking about it.)
Kripa: I guess you were reading newspaper manu(winks at Ayesha )
Manyata suddenly came back to her senses realizing what she has done now there was no turn back.
Manyata: I mean you know? I mean i? it's a waste she stands and walks away from there.(she tried to make things rite but she couldn't so walked away)
Manyata was in her room sitting near the window  watching the sky when someone knocked the door of her room and entered.
Manyata: hi bhabhi saa please come in.
Kripa: tu wahan se subha kyun aise chali gayi thi?
Kuch nahi yaar you guys were talking nonsense so i'
Kripa: love soon you will find it the best thing of life.
Manyata: can we please change the topic.
Kripa: ok manuu
Kripa: so what you wana talk about? Hmmm about yesterdays party how was I lo0king manu?
Manyata: you were looking epic full on patakhaa(winks at kripa)
Kripa: thankx yesterday party was g0od . but the high light of the party was Yuvraaj udayveer singh. Lol you should have saw how girls were drooling on him I used to think my ayaan is the most hottest man on earth but uday Is no less.
Manyata didn't wanted kripa to notice her pain on the mention of his name so she stood up and walked towards her cupboard pretending to finding something in it.
Manyata: hmmm yea I saw girls!
Kripa: you know manu I know uday from past 10 years.
Manyata stood there like a statue she was hell confused.
Manyata: how you know him kripa?
Kripa: not only me manu infact everyone in the mahal knows him from since he was born. Actually his dad and dad are best friends but you know uncle giriraj don't you.
Manyata turned around she was in utter dilemma.
Manyata: yea I know uncle giri.
Kripa: so uday is his son manu.
Manyata got the biggest shock of her life.
Manyata: but how I don't know him? I used to come on vacations I have met uncle giri countless time then why I never saw him before?
Kripa: because he wasn't here he was studying in abroad. The last time he came was when he was 15 years old dad told me. That time you must have met him when you were 7 years old (giggles).
Manyata couldn't understand now everything was becoming more complicated no matter how much she comes to a conclusion on why he married her she fails badly. Now she was more curious to know why he married her like that when he knows her family he knows each and everyone then why why? Her chain of thoughts were broken by krippa.
Kripa: oye kahan kho gayi.
Manyata: nothing kripa then how you know him I mean you know you were kid too.
Kripa: well his sister unnati is my best friend we were besties from school. I never had a sister but I never felt like because she was there with me like a sister like a best friend.
Manyata: then where is she now? why didn't she came at your wedding?
Kripa: I I don't know should I tell you this or not just leave this topic lets go downstairs(she walks away but manyata caught her hand and stoppes her)
Manyata: I wana know kripa please( manyata didn't knew why but she wanted to know everything which was related to uday)
Kripa: ok come! They both sat on manyata's bed!
Kripa: you know unnati was very different kind of girl !
Very innocent very mature and very much shy!
Her nature was different she wasn't like fashion freak or something! She was kind caring and had a very beautiful and pure heart.
She never dated anyone never talked to any guy not because she wasn't pretty or something or she was in complex! She was literally one of the pretties girls in the school why wouldnt she be after all she was a royal and udays sister good looks were in their inheritance!
She was princess of his brother. She never ever done something which could bring shame to her family!
But one day she fall in love. It was forbidden for her but still she dared and fall for a guy who never loved her.
She was totally crazy for him she used to share her secrets with me only. She used to like him a lot though she didn't knew him.
When she was in abroad I was in india but still we used to talk whole night like lovers.
One day she told me she is in love with a guy It took me couple of times to actually believe her words. I was literally shocked to hear that. When I asked her who was the guy the answer shocked me.
She didn't knew his name nor his department nothing! Just knew he was a senior . she was obsessed with him whenever we used to talk he was always crucial part of our conversation. We used to call him mr ? I asked her many times to forget him she will have no future with him because I knew uday he was over protective about unnati. But she was in love it just happened with her.
Manyata was listening each and every word carefully.
Manyata: then what happened?
Kripa: they became good friends and you know he was the one who approached unnati he said he was in love with her too. It was like unnati prayers got answered! She didn't needed to confess or something the love of her life came himself and asked her! Unnati never told him her real name or identity because she didn't wanted him to love her for her status she wanted him to love her! She was elated very happy and I was more happy to see my friend so happy but then'..(takes deep breath)
Manyata: what?(asks concernly)
Kripa: that  happened which I never expected that guy betrayed unnati he ditched her.
Manyata: but why how?
Kripa: I don't know I asked her many times but she never told me infact she didn't tell me about it I found it on my own!
After that she changed she left india permanently shifted to abroad she lives there don't know what she do there!
I haven't talked to her after that incident she was shattered completely but then she never showed up nor she called me I tried to be in touch with her via emails because she changed her number. But I never got a reply I mailed her like for 1 year. I knew she wont reply me but still I wanted her to share her pain with me to tell me what actually happened who was the guy!
Its like she closed her self in a cage! And now after so much time she called me on my wedding day.
Manyata: what did she say( manyata was in tears now)
Kripa: she congratulated me. I didn't asked her about her life or past because she sounded elated and much more happy!
Manyata: didn't you asked her why didn't she was in touch with you?
Kripa: no I didn't wanted to recall her past! I know there was something which may be I couldn't bear that's why she hide it from me. I told you she was like a sister.
Manyata: what else did you both talked about?
Kripa: nothing much because she was in hurry but yea she told me she is coming back to india to meet me . (wipes manyata's tears) you don't need to cry now she is fine(smiles)
Kripa: now its time for you to sleep you remember ds words right!
Manyata: kripa are you happy with bhaii is it something you are hiding from me did bhaii did something? Please tell me? I feel like something ix wrong between both of you?
Kripa: manu its nothing you feel like it because you love us and care for us. There nothing like that! Ok trust me (kisses manyata's forhead)
Kripa: now sleep ok (smiles)
Manyata was lying on her bed thinking about unnati and her awful story!
Manyata muttered: ufff is time kaun hai. She walks towards the door of her room and opens it.
She was amused to see 1 gentle men and 3 idiots infront of her in joker avatar!
Pooon pooon!
Manyata: whats this are you guys in your senses!
HAPPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL. ( ayaan comes forward and kisses manyata on her forehead) I LOVE YOU MY GURYA!
Manyata was astonished she didn't remember tomorrow was her birthday.
Manyata: oh God thank you so much bhaii I didn't remembered she hugs ayaan as tight as she could!
Vijay: hum bhi line me kharrey hen manyata bhaii hugs us too na(says with puppy face)
Manyata: awww but no aap se pehle hamari female joker I mean bhabi se ka haq hai she goes and hugs kripa.
Kripa: happy birthday manu I know this is my very first birthday with you so I will wish you 21 times she says 21 times.
Manyata: lol bhabi saa I love you
Ayesha: oye love ki bachi hum bhi kharrey hen.
Manyata hugs Ayesha n vijay both!
Manyata: thanks for such a heartwarming surprise but what was the need of this(she points toward their joker appearance)
Vijay: ye hamara idea tha manyata bhai aap hamen hamesha theak haalat mai dekhti hain to aaj joker wali haalat me hum aur zyada handsome aur different lagen isliye humne ye joker wali dress peheni.(gives cheesy smile)
Ayesha:kyun acha nahi laga(says making sad face)
Manyata: I love it guys thank u thank u so so so so so so much!
Ayaan: you don't need to thank us angel. We love you.
Manyata: smiles I love you all too.
Kripa: bus lets go now. we have to remove this makeup and then sleep too. And remember manyata needs to sleep too early to wake up early.
Ayesha: yea lets go bye manu sleep tight hugs her again.
Manyata: love you bye.
Manyata closes the door she was smiling uncontrollably she was very happy. This was indeed a surprise for her! She was the girl who used to count remaining days before her bday a girl who used to tell ds and everyone what gift she wanted for her birthday in advance. N now she even didn't remembered her birthday!
She lied on the bed!
She closed her eyes in order to sleep but flashbacks of her n udays kiss kept on disturbing her.
She didn't knew when she finally slept!

Manyata's cell was buzzing continuosly she was really annoyed.
She muttered to her self : who the hell is diturbing me this time m not gonna attend it to hell wid you whoever you are!
The phone kept buzzing!
Manyata was really exasperated now : kon kaminee itni raat ko call karahi hai wait whats the time she opened her one eye and checked the time.
Manyata: urghhh 5am is time kis kaminee ko maut ayi hai
without looking at caller id she cut the call and muttered: kaminee khasmanu khaani soja! (she thought one of her abroad friend must be calling her becasue her friends have her number)
Manyata relaxed closed her eyes and slept again!
After 20 minutes her cell phone started buzzing again...
Manyata: Wanker burn in hell! she cut the call again
Manyata was really sleepy her head was spinning because of sleep deprivation. (reason we all know )
she slept for some 30 minutes more when her cell phone started beeping again!
Manyata opened her eyes instantly as if she was waiting for it and immediatly sat on bed fuming in anger!
Manyata: bohat hogaya! now i wont leave this caller!
Manyata picked up the phone from side table and without looking at the caller id she recieved the call and started swearing
Manyata: you t**ser cant you sleep and let other sleep is this time to call someone if you are suffering from insomnia then its your problem you can watch tv or read a novel or  yea you can chat on net do anything but dont irritate people at night if you cant sleep then you should let others sleep you should go to a doctor m sure you will be fine soon but remember dont disturb anyone who are not like you do you know whats the time its 5am!(said in one breath )
Caller: ahann its 6am.
Manyata: no jee its 5am i checked it just now and... she stopped her eyes opened wide!
Manyata: who is it (asks stammering)
Uday: happy birthday wifey!
Manyata heart skipped a beat when she heard him!
Uday:hello hello princess what happend why you stoped ur chapar chapar! let others talk too. I thought you are just jungli bili but woaa u r a chatterbox too!
Uday: sharmaa gayi awww well m not like a typical husband who wont allow his wifey to speak infront of him!
Manyata was dumbstruck! she never thought in her wildest dream that he will call her like this and from where he got her number her chain of thoughtx were broken by uday!
Uday: wifey i know you must be thinking from where i got your number right?
well iam yuvraaj udayveer singh nothing is impossible for me but you know what girls search my number but you are the only girl whose number i searched badly!
well now without wasting your and my time i will tell you why i called you! m sending rohan at your place with your bday gift i want you to wear what i have send you got it!
Manyata: buttt(before she could say something he cut the call)
Manyata sat on her bed. She couldn't sleep anymore. There were so many questions in her mind going on! Like how he came to know that today was her birthday from where he got her number etc etc!
Manyata: went to her washroom had a shower and then went down!
She saw kripa with servents on the breakfast table. She was setting plates.
Manyata went there and greeted kripa and maids.
Manyata: morning bhabi sa. Morning seema ji
Kripa: Good morning manu but why you came so early itx just 6.30
U r 30 minutes early! Did you slept properly last night.
Manyata: yea I did actually I slept early so couldn't sleep more(she lied)
Kripa: hmm ok to sit I will serve you breakfast.
Manyata: no I am not hungry!

Manyata was extremely worried she didn't knew why what and when is rohan bringing along him! What uday meant by he is sending her birthday gift what was his new plan now?
She was walking like a soldier in mahal hall waiting for someone to come with the so called GIFT she didn't wanted anyone else to see it or receives it what if someone opened it and the Gift was something related to her secret forceful marriage.
Vijay comes from behind.
Vijay: Birthday bhaii hum subha se app ko dekh rahen hai kyun soldiers ki tarhan kab se app yahan left right left karahi hain and aap itni tensed kyun hai baat kya hai???( asks suspiciously)
Manyata: shut up vijay bhai aur hamari marzi hamarey legs hum ghummen bethe sojaye naachey kuch bhi karey hamari marzi aap jaiye yahan se please.
Vijay: hum apse naraaz hai jao(says dramaticaly) and starts singing while walking ye dunya ye behnaa mere kaam ki nahi.
Manyata: khas maa nu khane tharak ke peepe tu chahta kya hai(mutteres under her breath)
A guard enters the mahal.
Guard: rajkumari saa acha huwa aap yahan mil gayi bahar koi rohaan aya hai who kehraha hai aap unhe janti hai hum unhe andar chor dey.
Manyata nahi(says stammering) I mean hum khud akar wahan unse milte hen.
Manyata stands in mahal garden and asks guard to bring him here.
Rohaan comes.
Manyata smiles: hello rohaan how are you?( she was very elated to see rohaan after so long)
Rohaan: I m fine how are you manyata.
Manyata: m good but u have changed yaar you look great!
Rohaan: thankx manyata. He told you why iam here right?
Manyata: rohaan yes but I don't understand him at all what he wants why he is bothering me now? why he is back?
Rohaan: I wish I had the answers. But please don't spoil your mood you know iam really happy to see you here in your home with your family!
Manyata: hmmm aur sunao hows life?
Rohaan: its good!
Rohaan: manyata this is what he has send for you he gaves her a big shopping bag!
Manyata: I don't want it rohaan! Give it back to him and tell him now he cant scare me or force me to do anything m not his puppet anymore!
Rohaan: manyata please take it  you don't I know the circumstances will be worse.
Manyata: iam not scared!
Rohaans cell starts buzzing!
Rohan picks up the call: yes sir ok!
Rohan  gives the phone to manyata: tumharey liye hai.
Manyata: mere liye tumhare phone pe?
Rohaan nodes.
Manyata without thinking takes the phone.
Manyata. Hello
Uday: hello wifey how are you?
Happy to talk to me again? You are so lucky hena!
Well I knew you wont do what I asked you so easily don't even think of returning the gift.
Manyata: no you listen to me. I wont take it got it iam ot scared of you anymore . and iam not ur servant nor your slave. you cant rule over me anymore bohat hogaya hai you cant order me haan nahi to(shouts)
Uday: wear them on your birthday party!
Manyata was dumbfounded here she was shouting at him and he was answering her so calmly without a threat or something!
Manyata: dekho?
Uday: kyaa jaldi hai princess dekhlunga tumhe bohat jaldi hai.
Manayat: listen prick don't you dare use these double meaning sentence with me got it u have no rights on me.
Uday:don't talk about rights wifey mujhe to itna haq hai k mai tumhe isi waqt tumharey ghar se sub ke saamne utha kar laa sakta hoon and you know I can do it so please don't provoke me. You have already saw whats happens when you provoke me(manyata remembers her wedding night)
Manyata: iam not the same girl anymore yuvraaj udayveer singh I wont accept your gift and I will never ever wear something which you will give me got it.
Uday: hmm then I have only one option. I will come myself and will make you wear them!
Manyata mouth was opened wide making perfect o shape!

Uday: HAAN NAHI TO(smirks)

PRECAP: Manveer dance infront of everyoneWink

Guys you have reached end of chapter 8. God I wrote this chapter again! The first one got deleted. So do you like it? hate it? dislike it? love it? You can share your views! Please like and comment it encourages me a lot!
And please avoid grammatical/spelling mistakes. I will re check the chapter tomorrowEmbarrassed
Will be waiting for ur valuable comments!



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OMG...that was freaking awsome...
love vijay bhai love ka lecture de rahe the yaa fir bio ka...
awww...poor unnati now i m damn suren that that with whom unnati fall in love must be aayan...what the hell is wrong with aayan and kripa...she is sooo...sweet...i think he dsnt love kripa...aur sirf apni family ke pressure me ake ushe shadi ki hai...feel very bad herCry...but ush ne bichari unnati ko ditch kyun kiya?????????
hayeee...manveer phone it yaar...ab pata nahi uday ne kya gift bheja hai...last scene...awsome tha
Uday: hmm then I have only one option. I will come myself and will make you wear them!
Manyata mouth was opened wide making perfect o shape!

Uday: HAAN NAHI TO(smirks uday ka haa nahi toh...y y y y y y ???????????itne intresting point pe lake kyun khatam kar deti ho ekta kapoor part 2...
precape is intresting...manveer dance...
now i cnt wait...plzzz...bachcho pereahamCry karo aur jaldi se update karo...thanx for PM.

Edited by swetsurati - 12 October 2012 at 1:06am

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adorable_rana IF-Dazzler

Joined: 31 May 2012
Posts: 3489

Posted: 11 October 2012 at 1:24pm | IP Logged

Fantastic and mind blowing update Sarah janiClapClap

Superbly writte,n the way M is trying to run away from the situation and on the other hand wants to know everything about UV...Wink

Kripa and M's friendship is so strong and so the culprit is Ayaan...Ouch

I had some idea but just can't see him in that bad character and light...I told you I am very attracted to that character...I love it when he calls M it is gonna be hard for me to see him as a cold heart breaker but what to do??Disapprove

It will be hard to see such beautiful sister brother relation getting shattered and for M Ayaan is like everything...and just love this possessive bro daaPinch

and the VB's love description...super hilariousROFL...seems like Dr. Sarah took overWinkLOL

and last scene...ufff awesome...I am loving UV's cool reactions as he is playing it very safe from the beginning and knows that M no matter how hard she tries can't escape him as she is all his whether she admits it or notWink...and this makes your ff more charming and intriguingStar

and precap...manveer danceEmbarrassed...can't wait to read it and to see what will be the next move of the prince charmingWinkLOL

Thanx for the pm jani and update soon...I know you do...but you know na bili can't wait to read jani's ffHugHeartHug

Love ya...muuuaahhhHug

Edited by adorable_rana - 13 October 2012 at 5:16am

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-SilverAngel- IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 15 March 2007
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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 1:28pm | IP Logged
Great great great update!
Loved it!
Thank GOD Manyata's become stronger... because I can't imagine a scared version of Manyata.
Can't wait to read what happens next!... Love ManVeer!

Edited by mahi0809 - 11 October 2012 at 6:53pm

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chitra_rao IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 October 2012 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Hailaa Sarah ShockedShocked, u dedicated the update to me , u know I'm dancing with my tutta hua leg LOL, thankuuu my eternity queen 

Awesome update sarah, loved it ClapClap

Part 1: Manyata-Kripa-"Friendship is like soul's heaven" :Just love the understanding and love between them, they dont need words, their silence speaksEmbarrassed

Part 2: Manyata's race: "Running away from a problem is a race you'll never win", again very well shown , as how she wants to go away to forget everything and gain kripa supporting her 

Part 3: The curtain raiser: Again, my lot of guesses have come true Wink. I have a feeling that probably Unnati has a child from Ayaan, just my guesses here. But again love the depth of Kripa-Unnati relationship. I'm sure Unnati must have convinced UV to let Kripa be happy, and let her get married to Ayaan. again mu guess

Part 4:Magical Manveer: I dont know sarah, what x-factor this Manveer in ur ff hold. They are different, intriguing and very captivating.I just cant get enough of them

Excited about the precapEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Edited by chitra_rao - 12 October 2012 at 6:13am

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