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*~*Forcefully Yours FF*~* PRECAP OF CHAP 9 PG 127 (Page 11)

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Originally posted by -Niha-

I edited my reserved comment :)

replied sweet

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nice start
please update soon

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Originally posted by nisha1984

nice startplease update soon

thankx sweety will update tonight:)
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lovellyy sketchh and ofcrse breathtaking prologue!!!!!!!!! jungli billi!!!!!!! kya galiyan di hain m ne,totally jungli billi!!!!!!!! and beauty wit brains,ahemm aheemmm...cntinuee soon!!!!!!! andd pm me!!!!!!!!!

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Originally posted by pia.raha

lovellyy sketchh and ofcrse breathtaking prologue!!!!!!!!! jungli billi!!!!!!! kya galiyan di hain m ne,totally jungli billi!!!!!!!! and beauty wit brains,ahemm aheemmm...cntinuee soon!!!!!!! andd pm me!!!!!!!!!

thankx swty wil surly pm u:)
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loved ur concept...wen will u update 1st part? eagerly waiting... plsss

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" />

Kidnapper 2: coming closer and when he was close enough his eyes started roaming on her eyes , nose her fragile and milky skin and then on her lips.
Manyata was scared now she has never felt so helpless and scared. Her body started sweating her lips were shiverring with fear kidnapper smirked on seeing her condition he felt proud of himself for taming this jungli bili . He leaned more closer and started caressing manyata's cheeks which were red because of anger and fear then he carressed her luscious lipsEmbarrassed with his index finger and then he came more closer manyata could feel his hot breath on her face he leaned more and was now just inches away from her lips. Manyata closed her eyes tightly with fear and waited to bear the pain. A single tear rolled down from her eyes and she was breathing heavily. He was about to kiss her red lips when A Loud voice came from behind.

DONT YOU DARE. . . . . .

''Manyata's POV''
Manyata: I opened my eyes and saw a tall guy around 6'1 i couldn't see his face because of dim light.
Kidnapper1: sir u here i assured you dat ill bring her safely to your home then why you wasted your precious time (he was hell scared knowing what is going to happen next )
UV: SHUT UP!(says loudly)
everyone present their got scared including manyata!
Kidnapper 2: sir m sorry m really really sorry please forgive me i didnt wanted to touch her she forced me to m very sorry please pardon me(he said sitting on his knees and begging for his mercy) please mujhe maaf kardijiye yuvraaj jee.
Get up is all he could say!
Kidnapper 1: sir please forgive him he was trying to make her quiet she was shouting like crazy from past 5 hours please yuvraaj jee forgive him he wil never ever repeat such a mistake again(said with pleading eyes)
UV: GET LOST! (says uv gritting his teeths) he moved towards the kidnaper 2 who was begging him to show some mercy!
Uv: get up when he did he said do u know who you were messing with han? Do u know do you? Say something dammit(shouting loudly)
kidnapper 2: sorry i know she is your wud be... but before he could complete his sentence he was punched hard on his face .Kidnapper fall down on the floor. Blood started oozing from his mouth his jaw was paining badly he could feel his mouth filled with blood. He felt like today he will be dead for sure if one punch of him could hurt him so much what will happen if ke kept on hitting him.
Kidnapper 1: Shouted loudly AKASHWink
UV wasnt done yet he was about to pick him and hit him again when suddenly he felt a warm hand on his shoulder stopping him.
Rohan: Enough uv enough!
Uv: dont stop me ill kill him how dare he. . . .
Rohan: please uv dont waste your energy and time on him guards will take care of him! GUARDS rohan barked...
Guards: yes sir!
Rohan: throw this creep somewhere.
Kidnapper1: sir please please ill take him away from here please please.(begging rohan)
Rohan: ok take him away!
Rohan: uv chill man i will bring her along with me you go i promise you i will bring her safe and sound.
Uv: 0k (said uv and starts walking)and then he left that place.

Manyata's POV
What the hell just happened? Who was he why that creep was calling him Yuvraaj? Who the hell is he is he royal? But y he had kidnapped me? Is he the one who had kidnapped me or he is also one of these creeps. If he is one of them then why he punched da kidnaper uff please GOD i want to go from here this place is so deserted.(she still havent seen uv's face)
Rohaan: thinking hard!
Manyata thoughts were disturbed and then she opend her eyes and saw a guy around 5'8 he seemed to be in his early twenties.
Manyata: who are you? Who was he? What was that drama going? why u all have kidnaped me? what pain i have caused you i dont know u, none of you then why why?
Rohan: Miss please drink this u havent eaten and drank anything! Plz hav it then i promise you i will tell you everything.
Manyata: i dont want anything i want to go back to my bhaii! Leave me please(making a innocent face)
Rohan:ok listen trust me u just drink this u will feel better then i will let you go.
Manyata: promise(says with pleading eyes)
Rohan: (chuckles) ok promise
Manyata: ok with dat she drinks the juice in one go with eyes closed like kids.
Rohan: was watching her with awe his eyes got moist after seeing her innocence and thinks (i know m doing wrong with you but i dont have any other choice iam sorry princess manyata iam realy sorry)
Manyata: now tel me.
Rohan: ok listen carefuly u r kidnapped and it will be better for u to listen to me and do watever i say u dont know what will happen with you if u kept showing this stuborn attitude of yours so moral of the story is listen to what i say and its n0t a command its a request(says smilling at her)
Manyata: huh what? Is this what u wanted to tel me i know this shit already dat kuttey ki punch told me all before.
Rohan: laughs out loud omg u r hilarious u r kidnapped , surrounded by 10 mens,u r all alone but still u r acting like nothing big is happening with you i liked your 'i dont care' attitude.
Manyata: huh what u expect me? to cry like bechari ablanaariWink and beg u no mr iam a princess a true royal i will never ever loose my strenght i will fight untill my heart stops beating.(says in one breath)
Rohan: looking at manyata dumbfounded.
Guard: sir shall we go
Rohan:ummm yea v should ok miss manyata its time to go homeSmile
Manyata: really u will drop me home thankx man i knew it! K tum achey insan ho thanku 0nce again challeyBig smile
Rohan: chuckles u r really something else well iam sorry to inform u dat u r n0t going to your homy home but you are going to ur real homeSmile
Manyata: real home(she was bewildered) ?Shocked
Rohan:yes! guards open her hands.
Guards: starts opening her rope which was tied on her hands.
Manyata got scared now she knew something much more worse is going to happen with her but still she didnt gave up and tried her best to escape from dat place but all in vein. At last she started struggling with them they were dragging her and she started hitting them with her delicate hands.They dragged her towards a black car and manyata was screaming continuosly but that place was deserted no one could hear her cries except those giants.

Manyata's POV
Where are they taking me da guy said he's taking me to my real home now what the hell dat means how many homes i have? has dad married some0ne else too is he my step brother WHAT THE F*** iam thinking? I have gone mad but what should i do now. what is hapening to me wait why my head is spinning now y m feeling dizzy WHAT IS. . . . . . .
Everyone was dark now!
Manyata opened her eyes and found herself in a lavish king size bed... With a blanket on top of her. She tried to sit on the bed but couldnt because her head was spinning badly she clunched the sheets of the bed for support but still was failed to sit! She kept on seeing the ceiling of the roof for an hour and then finaly decided to sit again and this time she succeeded! She sat on the bed trying to remember what hapend why her head was hurting so badly why her eyes arent opening why she feels like sleeping she rememberd all the kidnapping fiasco but why she blackout and then fainted bt why? Suddenly she remembered s0mething!
Manyata: Oh GOD how can i be such a big fool the juice yesh the bloody juice some drug was mixed in it damit how can i be such a big fool (says crying putting her both hands on her face).
Manyata: Enough is enough now i will go from here and nobody can stop me haan nahi to(wiping her tears stands on the floor) and starts searching the way to escape from the room. Her head is still spining. She tries to balance herself but then suddenly she falls on the floor because of semi-concious state and hit her left leg hard on something very sharp ahh! (manyata stars weeping her leg was paining really bad) blood was oozing out of her veins she could feel the blood coloring the white floor but couldnt do anything due to her semi concious state and lack of energy! After trying hard she finally give up feeling the pain traveling in her whole body! Her eyes are filled with tears and her dress with blood and again she faintsUnhappy
A sunray hits manyata's face she opened her eyes and founds her self again on the same king size bed now her condition was more worse she wasnt even able to speak now she hadnt ate anything since dont know how longUnhappy she could feel her weaken body lying on the bed like dead she close her eyes and tries to remember happy faces of her family members and remembers how she got kinapped!


Manyata manyata iam talking to you!
Manyata: yes maa m listening
Komal:what are you doing here go you have to get ready my princess and you have to look like my doll.
Manyata: maa ill go whats the rush first let me decorate my bhai's room.
Komal: manyata there are so many servants to do this work beta then why are you doing it u r a princess beta not an ordinary girl.
both mother and daughter looks behind and finds a young handsome guy in blue levis jeans and black shirt. He is looking stunning with blue eyes giving a perfect look! He is indeed looking like a greek god.
He comes forward and patt manyata's rosy cheeks playfully and say Mom is right angel what are you doing u girls take alot of time i dont want u to b late on ur bhai's wedding and for this stuff(takes away the bunch of flowers)servants are paid. Go and get ready u shud look like Yuvraj Ayaan's angelSmile
Manyata:circuit daal me kuch kaala hai.
Ayaan: kya? Wait tel me onething from where you learned language what its called(thinking)
Manyata: tapori language bhaii
Ayaan: yea whatever i heard u yesterday too talking to some0ne in same discusting language.
Komal: what ayaan what was she saying?
Ayaan: maa she was saying something like ''heylo meri chickni chameli kesi hai tu tere bina teri sheila ki jawani bekar hai tu bohat yedi hai kitne baar tujhe bola mere sath aja but tere nakhre hi khatam nahi horahe they just 3 weeks hi ki to baat thi! Tere bina jag suna suna lagey meri chamak chalo''
Komal: WHAT?ShockedShockedShocked
Ayaan:yes mom angel how can you use such weird language.
Manyata: Manyata was dumfounded. She didnt knew her bhaii heard her conversation with her best friend ayesha.
Komal:manyata hamen to yakeen hi nahi horaha hai k aap is tarhan ki language bhi use karsakti hain. Dont forget bete k aap ek rajkumari hain aur apko aise baatein shobha nahi deti.
Kal aap apne sasural jayengi to wahan bhi apni saas ko 'yedi' apne sasur ko 'halkat' aur apni nanad ko 'chamak chalo ya halkat jawani' kahengi. . . . .
Manyata looks at Ayaan and ayaan looks at manyata and both burst out laughing really hard Big smile both were laughing like crazy manyata eyes was teary now because their laughing session!
Omg mom u r too cute ayaan and manyata said and hi fived!
Komal: WHAT NOW?Angry
Manyata:( still laughing) no wait its a great idea maa i will definatly use these names in futureWink
Ayaan: mom u r too funny... Hugs komal from behind and manyata hugs ayaan from behind then both says v love u mom.
Komal: had tears in her eyes and say i love u too beta i love u too...
No wait komal turns towards manyata and asks her from where u learn this type of language??(looking at her suspiciously) you study in top university of chicago then how you? Wait do u really study in chicago OR?
Manyata: oho paro tum bhi na shak pe shak what the f(before she cud complete her sentence komal gestured her to stop from her eyes) ok m sorry maa mera passport check karlijiye agar yakeen nahi hai muj par aur rahi baat language ki to wo to kisi aur ka kamaal haiWink
komal: kiska? Looking puzzled
Manyata: hindi moviesBig smile
Manyata: yup brodaaa
you dont let me watch english movies i had sweard on you so i had no other option other then watching hindi movies. Now face the consequence(says making puppy face infront of her mom and bhai)
Komal: Manyata bus kar de apna bachpan beta tu abi 10 saal ki nahi 20 saal ki hai u r a mature grown up now so act like one!
Manyata: Arrey maa what have i done now i told u what is truth! Bhai forbade me to watch english movies.
Komal : Ayaan whats this beta ? Yahan manyata k liye proposals arahen hain aur tune isse bacha bana kar rakha hai.
Ayaan:what?? Maa you didnt tel me abt it bfore who dared to send proposal for my bacha i will kill him tell me maa who is it?
Komal: Ayaan shaant hojayiye apke isi attitude ki waja se humne apko kuch nahi bataya. Aur mat bhuliye ke aap devgarh k yuvraaj hai apko apna behaviour change karna hoga.
Manyata:trying hard not to laugh looks at komal and then ayaan.Big smile
Ayaan: i know mom who iam bt u know whenever it comes to my angel i cant control my self. And how can you expect me not to react on this matter how can anyone think even for a damn second that he can marry angel my angel she is just 20 mom.Angry
Komal:bete hum bi manyata ki shadi nahi karahe hen but ghar aye mehman ki bezti hum royals nahi kya koi b nahi karta aap shant hojayi ye apki manyata apke paas rahegi jab tak unki shadi ki umar nahi ajati.
Ayaan: what umar angel hamesha hamare paas rahegi.
Komal: to kya aap sari life manyata ko apne paas bitha kar rahenge.
Ayaan: yes offcourse she is my life my everything my angel i will love and cherish her all my life. And if anyone give her a single scratch i swear on GOD i will kill him.Angry
Manyata who was sitting quietly witnessing the scene saw her bhaii's temper rising and she knew if the discussion didnt stoped here then it will surly get ugly so she jumped in to make the environment of the room normal again.
Manyata: time please (shouts loud and comes between komal and ayaan)
Manyata: maa i have a solution.
Komal: what?
Manyata: see you want me to get married not now but when da ryt tym comes right whereas bhai doesnt wants that right?
Komal ayaan nods in yes
Manyata: so solution is simple and easy.
Me naa chotu se shadi karlungi tab tak wo shadi ke layak bhi hojayega(chotu is mehal head servants son ds trusts him and his son alot and chotu is 6 years younger than manyata)manyata winks at komal and ayaan and continues.
K0mal ayaan: both were dumbfound.
Manyata:dekhiye maa wo mujse chota bhi hai meri seva bhi karega aur meri joru ka ghulam wali khwaish bhi puri hojayegi and ghar jamai b hoga jesa bhai chahte hen me un k pas b rahungi right brodaa(asks ayaan with evil smile)
Both ayaan n komal stared at manyata and burst out laughing really hardBig smile
Komal: manyata you are too much bohat badmaash ho gai ho aap (patted her cheeks with love i missed your silly jokes alot) she had tears in her eyes nowUnhappy
Manyata: Ohoo pushpa dont start acting like Mother india m0m its 2012. Dont be so dramatic yar!
Manyata: i hate tears pushpa
komal: wipes her tears and starts laughing on her daughter's dialogue.
Manyata: Arrey wah apne 1st crush ka ka dialogue sun kar kese face par glow agaya(winking at ayaan)
komal:bus kar ab!
Manyata: wohao checkout da blush on m0ms face brodaa.
becharey dad itne years tak ye blush nahi la paye apke face par jo apke UNN ka dialogue le ayaWink
komal: Manyata ki bachi(starts running after manyata to hit her with a pillow)
Manyata says while running maa DIL TO BACHA HAI JEE thora kacha hai jee(laughs)Big smile
Komal:rukiye hum apko bteinge dil bacha hota hai ya budhaWink
Manyata: itna mat bhagiye meri jaan kamar me moch ajayegi(running)
manyata then hides her self in ayaan arms.
Ayaan: wraps his hand around manyata tightly! To safe her from his mom.
Komal: ayaan not againUnhappy
Ayaan: mom you know na as long as iam alive no one can harm my angel. I will be always there to protect my bachaa...(kises manyatas head)
Manyata: i know my bodygudard i love you bhai you are da best bhai of the world i love u i love u i love u more den maa more then paa more then anyone in the whole world.
Ayaan:(gets little senti and says) i love to bacha bt still you arent allowed to watch english movie(winks at her)
Manyata: hahahaha ok
komal: komal had tears of happiness in her eyes after watching the lovly bond between her daughter and son she knew ayaan is extremly possesive about his angel dats y he treats her like a kid. Ayaan was more like father to manyata then brother.
Manyata: dont you think maa v should go now. Bhai shud be given some time to do some personal preparation for his special day(winks at ayaan)
Ayaan: angel(says loudly)
Manyata: ok sorry dude i was just joking ok m going now to get ready jay ki bachi is getting ready from like past 6 hours. I really dont get it why she takes whole day to get ready! U know she should be like me i take just 30 minutes.
Ayaan: chuckles angel you are antique piece u know dat.
Manyata: Wo to hai haan nahi to gigles and leaves the room.
Komal:Ayaan she is different from other girls of her age. She is immature and innocent i wish she stays da way she is. Her innocense her purity remains forever!
Ayaan:i promise you mom i will love and cherish her all my life. She will always be my first priority. I will never let anyone hurt her il never let sorrows to enter her life. As long as m breathing. she's part of me maa i love her more than my own self shes my angel.
Manyata heard everything she forgot her cell inside the room so she came back to take it but stopped and heard everything! She got teary and promised herself(bhaii i will never break your trust for me your happiness wil b always more than mine i wil do anything for you anything).
Her thoughts were interupted by a sound 'she is fine now yuvraaj ji' i have prescribe some anti biotics and antiseptic creams.
she opened her eyes and found 3 doctors standing near the bed and 1 doctor dressing her wound. Sir her wound is healing but it seems like she havent ate anything since long so please make her eat anything before giving her the medicine. It wont work on her weak body if she didnt ate anything and had the medicines.

I closed my eyes immediatly i didnt wanted anyone to notice that m awake now. I dont know since how long iam here on the bed.And now what the hell these 4 idiots were doing with my leg. Ahh it still pains God y m stuck here!


Manyata:The word ok brought me back to my senses i was feeling dizzy but dont know what happend when i heard dat voice of the guy. It wasnt familiar but still it caused havoc on my body my heart literally started beating very very fast. I didnt knew what the hell happend to me. It surly sounds filmy but it did happend with me. Then i sensed people going out from the room i thanked God and opened my eyes and tried to sit. I sat on the bed and kept on watching my injured leg suddenly i felt someone's gaze at me dont know who but for the 1st time in my life i didn't had the courage to look at the person looking at me with so much intensity! After some minutes i finally looked on my left side and my eyes met his chocolate brown eyes. I could feel disgust, aversion, , loathing, animosity, for me? But why? Why what have i done i havent seen him before never ever then y he makes me feel like m his culprit? Our eyelock broked when he said those words. Words which shattered my heart into million pieces words which turned my world upside down.

Ok friends this is the end of chapter one .Please avoid spelling and gramatical mistakes. Do like and comment if you liked it next chapter will be posted on sunday if you want me to continue. And yeap please whoever wants to get pms please visit page 1 and like the post regarding pms thanks:)

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reserved!! :) yay im first LOL


Wow, I was right Dancing
Uday stopped Akash from kissing Manyata
Hmm... I wonder why the kidnapping happened.
Hasn't Komal or Brijraj told Manyata about Uday yet?
Do update soon :)

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