Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?


Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?
Dil se di dua... Saubhagyavati Bhava?

RaghaVilicious Chronicles #1 | Weekly Newsletter

Lubz.TaAnu IF-Sizzlerz

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Welcome, everyone, to the launch of our weekly newsletter: 
RaghaVilicious Chronicles
We'll keep you updated and make it a fun read. Enjoy!
-- NL Team

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Lubz.TaAnu IF-Sizzlerz

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Raghav and Sia plan on finding the CCTV tapes that can prove hsow V has abused Sia. Komal finds out the truth about V. Meanwhile V lures Taashu with him, drugs her. She's sexually assaulted. Raghav and Sia find her, but V is gone. They take 

Taashu to the hospital. Later, they return home and it's time for Raghav's and Sia's sangeet ceremony. Raghav is sad as he remembers that they're not getting married, and Sia is sad because she can see Raghav's pain. Komal and Taashu comfort Raghav. The next morning, Raghav and Sia leave to meet Sia's parents as they've arrived in Gurgaon, and V leaves too with the intention of getting there before them. Unniyal messes with the brakes of Raghav's bike, with the intention of causing an accident along the way!


The most simple but yet the most unique and beautiful confession ever!!!!!!


When awkwardness amongst RaghavI was growing deep, RAGHAV murmurs that he will clean the bd and make proper sleeping arrangements in his room. SIA instead of feeling embarassed or hesitant of a man who was her fake husband, she sits quietly and decides to tell RAGHAV the reality. With her guilt and despair on her face, with slightly teary eyes she tells RAGHAV that she was unaware that he luved her so much, and now she can give him nothing in the name of a relationship, in the name of luv, in the name of commitment. An amazed and shocked RAGHAV keeps reacting to her every word with his eyes, and does not interrupt her unles she finishes it off by saying that she will leave him, his house and this battle so that she does not do anymore injustice with RAGHAV.

After a second of pause RAGHAV goes near her and asks her to listen to him for once and then decide anything she wanted to do. With a very relaxed face and calm voice RAGHAV admits it to her that yes he luves her and now what? Now what can he do if he luves her, what is her fault if HE fell in luv with her? And now waht can he do so that she doesn't blame herself for his feelings for he? Should he say sorry that he luves her, actually what on earth can he do to make her believe that luving her is completely his own choice, his own decision, neither he ever expected anything in return form her and nor did he ever try to blame her that he did so much for her but she cannot even luv him. He continued with his very calm voice, eye filled with respect, grattitude and ofcourse luv for SIA that, yes he luves her, and it is a very simple thing and their battle cannot get buried under his feelings, and it will be wrong for SIA to blame herself and leave everything when he himself has no regrets, no anger and no claims at the failiure of his first luv.

SIA keeps staring at him with her amazed look, and for a moment she just gets drowned into the beauty of RAGHAV's words, she felt like hearing him throughout her life, and just hear him for the purity and beauty of his feelings for her. And finally RAGHAV makes her laugh and actually smile with joy when he offers her a bedsheet instead of a handkechief to rub off her tears. Her smile did matter to him the most and eventually he satisfies her by asking her that so what their relationship is not a luv affair but they were and still are friends, and with that dialogue he offers a handshake to her which she similingly accepts . Last but not the least, he concludes by promising her, by holding her hand, he promises her that never ever he will allow his luv for her to come in between their friendship, and SIA with a smile accepts her promise.

And with that a very beautiful journey of two friends who are destined to be the eternal luvers gets kick started.

This was one of the most pivotal scenes and Sia just blew us all away with the dialogues and the way she pulled out the sword clearly showed that she meant business!


And as for Raghav, he didn't have to say a word in the scene. Just looking at his face you could see him seething as he let Sia take the stage! Absolutely awesome!


Gayatri Devi

This week, we saw Gayatri stepping into character and taking charge. She called up a research on V in secret and slapped him for his shameless comment on Sia's body.


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Heyy All!!! 
As my RaghavI are the sweetest so is the title of the section I m gonna write. Party 
*balle balle*
"The Halwa Moment"
The Sweetest Moment Of The Week

I loved the Halwa Moment as the title whoever gave this idea, its awesum.Clap
Inspired from Raghav's favourite dish, it is unique.

Umm... Bt what am I gonna chooseConfused

*Betty scratches head*

Should it be the drink milk n water competition between RaghavI or RaghavI in the bathroom with Krish. Confused

*Betty nods Ouch*

Ok then it should be Raghav falling on Sia's lap.

*Not a good idea, Sirji*

So finally I got it. Its gonna be the head Massage Scene of my trio.
Wasn't it sweet. Need I say I just lack words
to describe the beauty of the scene. Day Dreaming

Just watch it first...

Just look at the posture of the trio.
Sia On her knees, Krish with his legs crossed while Raghav in a completely relaxed state. It seemed so natural, just like a family.  Day Dreaming 

RaghavI were fighting like a perfect hubby wifey. Sia was kinda taunting him for not trusting him to share his secret. Sia is so stubborn LOL. Peeche pad gyi bechare Raghav ke. Gosh!!!! He had to bear her scolding as if she is his real wifey.

Krish had to bear the torture to listen to their madeup story. ROFL And RaghavI hav a perfect timing. LOL As soon as one pause, other takes up the job to continue the story. LOL Bt who is listening? Confused ROFL . Krish was tired of their 'indirect' fight. His pissed off expressions were worth million dollars. 

Loved how Sia used her eyebrows and was shaking her head while commenting LOL. Looked like she was taking advantage as Raghav cant shake his head because of the massage. ROFL

Raghav was no less. The way he used his fingers (ONLY fingers and NOT hands) was amazing. The voice modulation while saying "Pakati rehti thi poore time" was perfect. Clap

They werent successfull thoughLOL. Bechara Krish was so irritated. LOL.

Harshad, Sriti and Yash were adorable there. It indeed was the sweetest moment.

That's all for this week.
Hope you all liked it Embarrassed
See u all next week.

RaghavI's nok jhoks. LOL

Raghav trying to lighten the mood when he saw Sia stood, lost in her thoughts and decided to ask Sia whether the water was too cold form her shower since she was stood so still. LOL

And then Sia countering by asking Raghav whether he was being punished since he was going to sleep on the floor!

I love how Sia smiled as Raghav told tales of how he heard marriage was a punishment. Tongue

And then began their tug of war of who should sleep on the floor. ROFL

And lo and behold, Raghav gave the great idea of tossing a coin to decide who would sleep on the floor and who would sleep on the bed! ROFL

I wanted to know what exactly Raghav was planning to do if he won, since he said, I'll tell you later! *Raises eyebrow*

Why do people fall in love? Love happens and that's the beauty of it. Don't know why, when and how but it happens.

the most romantic scene in the last two weeks is hands down the buttoning shirt between raghav-sia...

the scene starts on a tensed note where sia is worried abt the mounting lies...as raghav tries to console her...but his pain takes a toll on his endurance level...and unable to bear it any further...raghav...is abt to collapse wen sia comes to his rescue...only to get her hands smeared with blood oozing from his wounds...his pain disturbs her...and raghav realises that sia might break down soon...so he decides to distract her...and stops her right in time from breaking down...by telling her that his shirt got soiled...sia unable to believe the way raghav actually stopped her from breaking down...as she notices his face which screams out that he's in pain...but a fainst smile playing on his lips as he keeps on looking at her...not wanting her to break down...

sia decides to hand him a fresh shirt...but both immediately become aware of the awkward situation which might arise if raghav changed infront of her...the sparks do not go unnoticed by both as sia moves away from raghav so that he can change!

as raghav unbuttons his shirt...still in pain...a soft moan escapes his lips...which does not go unnoticed by sia...she immediately turns around to face raghav...who is having great difficulty in changing his shirt

she immediately wants to ease him off his pain...help him change...but becomes aware of his presence infront of her eyes...

she can't decide wat to do...as she's in a turmoil...wheras raghav is still unaware of her presence behind her...and has no idea sia's fingers are just a few inches away from his bare back!

sia decides to ease her awkwardness by closing her eyes...and moves forward to help him...

the moment raghav's feels her fingers brush on his skin...he feels the sparks...as sia helps him get rid off his soiled shirt...raghav still has his back towards her...feeling awkward...unaware that sia has her eyes shut...as sia helps him get into a fresh shirt...

as sia comes forward to button the shirt for him...raghav dares not look towards her face...lest his eyes give away the growing emotions and desires...inspite of the reeling pain from his wounds...

his lips twist into a naughty smirk as he realises sia has started buttoning his shirt in the wrong sequence...wondering if she's feeling the same and made this blunder...or is it that sia just made that blunder...

very soon sia realises her mistake...and rectifies it...not aware of raghav smirk's...as she goes on to button his shirt fully!...while raghav has still not faced sia...

the moment she reaches the second last button..it becomes uneasy to get it buttoned...as she struggles with it...only to make both their heads bump into each other!LOL LOL LOL

this is the first time raghav looks upto her face and realises that her eyes are closed...as she mutters a sorry with closed eyes...and goes ahead with her task...with the last button almost choking raghav...as he tells sia that its oki if she wants him to keep shut...there's no need to choke him ROFL

sia immediately opens her eyes...and faces raghav for the first time...awkwardness clearly visible in their eyes...as raghav murmurs a soft thanku...to which sia just gives a forced smile and leaves...her increased hearbeats and flustered look not going unnoticed by raghav as he breaks into a knowing smile that his presence...has finally started affecting sia's emotions...that maybe...she says that they both are frends...but she too has started realising that watever they feel is more than frendship...there's a deeper meaning to it...and that...its true wen ppl says...

Why do people fall in love? Love happens and that's the beauty of it. Don't know why, when and how but it happens.

The Heartbreak moment has to go to the scene where Raghav went to visit Sundar at the ashram. We had all been waiting for such a scene where Raghav goes to see his best friend.

When Raghav sat down and rocked back and forth, you could see he had a thousand thoughts running through his mind concerning his best friend.

Sia wanted to comfort him, but she didn't know how to. So she did her best to comfort him through words. She let him know that they wouldn't let anything happen to Sundar.

But then Raghav had resolved that he had to make Sundar better and he tried all the tricks he could, shouting at him to get up, requesting him to get, promising him never to tell him off, coercing him with food. He was trying everything that he could to make sure his best friend would wake up. But nothing worked.

Raghav was just helpless and it's clear that Raghav felt responsible for Sundar's state because when he banged his head against the wall, it was his way of punishing himself for what Sundar was suffering.

Sia gave him some sound advice, that you should cry sometimes and let it out. You'll feel better. And Raghav poured his heart out. Those tears that fell down his cheeks as he slid down the wall beared all his pain he was feeling.

Sia was unsure what to do, so she just listened. Raghav told Sia that Sundar was his brother. He never felt alone with him there and Sia assured him that nothing would happen to Sundar.

I love how Sia told Raghav to look at him and that look on Raghav's face when he met her eyes. The pain, the hurt and the anguish just touched your heart, you could feel the pain that Raghav was feeling.

Sia assured him that they wouldn't let Sundar leave. That nothing would happen to his best friend. They wouldn't let anything happen.

Hola folksHug
So finally we are here with the first newsletter.Big smile

*Betty looks here n dere n assumes everyone is yelling "YES"*

So this week had been a roller coster ride
With Media being immensely 'meherban' on DSDD.SB?

Not only that even IF woke up n gave us Five Articles...

*Adds ekta Shocker effects - Dhaye Dhaye Dhaye*

*Betty shouts like daily soaps leads - 
Kya!! Kya!!!! Kyaaa!!!!!!!*

Wait Wait!!
Dont be so Happy-Wappy.
Picture abhi baki h mere dost!!
All the articles were filled with the news of LEAP ShockedUnhappyAngry

*sad tone in background

Betty wipes off tears n gets back to work*

It was hard to select a seggy when the whole
media wale n creatives looked like villains to me.Angry

So I chose the Friday segment of SBB, E24 n SBS.
Though I had to choose one but all three covered the 
"RaghavI Sangeet Ceremony"
and I liked a part of each one of them.

To start with, Sriti clad in the golden outfit looked extremely gorgeous. 
She looked like a princess walking down the staircases. 
Harshad looked stunning in the Blue Sherwani.
"Prince Charming " for so many CindrellaS(fans)Day Dreaming

*Betty needs a slap to come out of his spell*Blushing

Ok moving on Komal n Tashu looked spendid
in red n purple respectively...
Oh n Cutie pie Yash...looked choo cute!!!Day Dreaming
Ok Firstly talking abt the SBS I loved two things. 
Firstly it was the scene wen HarshSri were enjoying the dance sequence. If you notice, Sriti did a cute bhangda kinda step while Harshad shoved off his hairLOL. They are so cute.Day Dreaming

The second thing is gonna be this.

This made me teary eyed. I dont even want to think that Yash wont be in the show post leapCry. I dont remember any kid who has left such a great impact in my heart even without uttering a word in the show. 
*Hats off*
He was playing with the tabla and I couldn't stop myself but notice him. 

Finally the interview partROFL. Harshad and Sriti were being so naughty. I was in splits when I saw HC giving the crying expression while SJ went on explaining the dilemma of Raghav.ROFL They are so friendly offscreen. God bless their friendship. I loved what they said abt each other.

"Sriti: Ye to hamesha hi handsome dikhte hai. Jab jhalle hote h...
Harshad: Jab jhalle hote hai, tab bhi handsome dikhte hai. Isiliye pehle jhalle bola...
HC never leaves a chance to pick any verbal mistake SJ does LOL. But SJ isnt any less, loved how she said "Char Chand laga diye, By God" with the Grandma actionROFL

"Sriti: Main aapko Harshad ki baat ki ek baat batati hun, sabhi fans ko Harshad ka jab real me makeup utarta h to uske gaal lal lal ho jate h"

Thats hilarious. OMG the way Sriti shuts Harshad and holds his hands while saying all this.HC's hands were left in the air.ROFL He was blushing.Embarrassed

"Harshad: Badan pe Sitare lapete hue...Oh my God ...Main gaana ga raha hun ...pagal ho gua hun ...bus hogaya!!!

Sriti: Bhai Saheb, Main aaj se zyada itni sundar kabhi lagi hi nahi"

It was sweet.

"Sriti: Tere husn ki kyaa taareef karu,
kuchh kahate huye bhee darati hun...
Harshad: Very good.
Sriti: ...kahin bhool se too naa samajh baithho,
ke main tuz se mohabbat karati hoon

*both laugh*"

It was awesome. Notice the "Bingo" kinda hand gesture HC gives.ROFL Looks like the last line of the song was specially for those who love peeping in their makeup room.ROFL I loved their sarcastic laugh after the song ended.

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Dialogue of the week has to go to Raghav's dialogue in Friday's scene with Tashu and Komal.


"Pyaar kabhi kissi ko majboor nahin kiya jaasakta. Pyaar toh bas hojaata hai"


The scene with Raghav and his two confidantes, Komal and Tashu was adorable.


They both knew how much Raghav loves Sia and they couldn't bear to see him in such pain. No matter how much he tried to hide it from them, they could read his eyes. They know him too well.


Raghav doesn't want to force Sia into anything, since that has been her life before and if he forced her, he'd be no different to Viraj. And that's what love is all about, doing everything in your power to see the one you love happy, even if it means that you can't be with them. That smile on their face, means more to you than anything else.

In the episode where RaghavI found there were rushed scenes that lost it's logic and flow and the directing of those scenes lost it's meaning and failed to make us connect to them. Then at the hospital; RaghavI's swapped dialogues didn't make sense to us because it seemed out of character for the two of them and then we didn't see Taashu's feelings after she had gone through her ordeal.

  To be frank, most of Viraaj's antics ever since Sia slapped him were pretty much in the WTH category, but none of them match the Joker episode, where he attempted to replicate Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight. Thematically, the idea didn't work given what the Joker represented in the movie and the petty reasons Viraaj was giving to don the disguise only served to make it sillier than it was supposed to be. Viraaj's disguise was meant to scare the audience, but it only left reactions veering from boredom to laughing at it for reasons not intended by the writers.


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Holaa!!!!...Oh ok, now all of you do not look at me like this and dare you people that do not glare at me because the biggest achievement award aka THE KAMINI OF THE MONTH can only go to a single person.

Competition was tough, and more than that the judgement by the jury board was immensely tough. But sigh, as usual the BESHARAM GANG is always known for their hard work, versatility and cooperation in every case they study on RaghavI...


So award category - Kamini of the week.


Jury members of it - Sundas and Silky ( Harshu.sundas and Silky_ harshad)


Rules and regulations for selection:- The members with most number of drooling, gutter and insane posts and any kind of contribution about RAGHAV, RaghavI, Toweliya, Urti zulfein, SIA mata, SIA looking at RAGHAV's chest, SIA trying to bheegofy RAGHAV, Discovery of the bandage scene, jealousy on RAGHAV's vest, SIA in RAGHAV's arms or RAGHAV in SIA's arms, RAGHAV's deadly stubble nd biceps and ofcourse the unknown and unseen RaghavI suhagraat wid or widout krish.


Nominees for the month of August:-


ANA(Elysia):- Episode FeedBack thread 27/8...Pros on Sexy RAGHAV while he himself opens his shirt eventhough struggling to do so.


Sundas( Harshu.sundas):- Many achievments in continous and regular posts on Toweliya, RAGHAV's vest and urti zulfein.


Divya (Betty):- Useful and valuable discovery on that how can and why does SIA resist herself when RAGHAV bends down to her level and his chest gets exposed to SIA.


Divs (Dkmystery):- Constant and continuous threatening of everybody's lives by posting Toweliya RAGHAV pics in each and every possible thread in IF and in FB too and may be to her clients.


Vandy di :- A solid conclusion that why RAGHAV's stubble will not irk and itch SIA while he attempts for a kiss from her own personal knowledge.


And the award goes to:-

None other than AN aka Elysia for being a hidden drooler, who mistakenly showed her real face in one of the serious feedback posts. Sexy word was never used as much and many times by anyone of us which ANA went on using for RAGHAV in one single paragraph.

So this award goes to her not for showing her kaminapan as a RAGHAV pankha but also for her bravery that after disappointing all the anti-toweliya gang and her own jaanu she finally broke the cage and landed upto the besharmipan.

Demo of ANA's besharmi :p


I'm gonna allow myself to be a real girl for a moment here in this pro section. Forgive me. But a man never looked sexier while unbuttoning a shirt than Raghav tonight. Just allow me to be less objective in this section as I am human.




This scene had me 1) blushing like mad, 2) giggling like silly teen with a crush, and 3) nearly falling off my couch because I was laughing too hard.

First, it was all awkward. I mean, Raghav was unbuttoning his shirt [and excuse me, but the way that he unbuttoned that shirt just made me blush for some reason -- it was just incredibly sexy], and then Sia was standing there fidgeting while he groaned in pain and I was like "honey, that's your invite, go and help".

Next, I was giggling because she was hesitating, her hands mid-air for a long time before actually helping him out of the shirt and then helping him into the new one.


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Fantastic job by all of us...PartyDancing
Thanx 4 d sorted put up Lubzy...ROFL

I luv d snapshot of d confession..Day Dreaming

Next time plss can we hv a segment on my jaanu, ahem ahem i mean my toweliya?..Blushing..
RaghavI ne to kya kya karwadaala humsey..Day Dreaming

RaghavI nd dere costumes rock, i never praised dem, but they look stunning in dere current getups, inki sundarta god banaye rakhey...puts kaala tika..Day Dreaming

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Yipeee finally our first NL is up...Party

Lubz...u compiled everything beautifully.Clap...ur efforts are visible...Heart

The writeup gals u all did a wonderful job. Star The scenes chosen for each category was very apt...


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TeAmo_Messi IF-Addictz

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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 3:21pm | IP Logged
nd yes by d way a super congrats 2 ANA 4 her new award...ROFL

ANA, will b waiting 4 ur return speech...ROFL

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