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No Prob! Glad I could help somewhat!

Here's some more updates:

-Kali is now engaged to garv. He is happy and she is miserable. She still goes off and meets nakul without anyone knowing. Garc actually thinks that she loves him too.......but he's wrong. She's playin' him for a fool.

-There's a party at garv's house and everyone is there. Kali goes upstairs to meet nakul (cause she asked him to come there). The two of them are in teh bedroom together and are huggin one another. Just then Garv walks in and sees the two of them together. He's furious. Both nakul and kali are shocked to see garv standing there. Also, kumud knew about kali sneaking off and meeting nakuk, but she never told anyone because she wanted kali to get payback and get revenge from her. So I think it was kumud who sent garv upstairs to walk in on nakul and kali.

-Abbay and garv are mad. Angry Right then and there garv grabs kali by the wrist and takes her downstairs. He brings her down and throws her infront of him and everyone is shocked to see all this. Abbay and everyone is asking what's going on and garv says that he breaks this engagement off right now. He throws off the ring and kali is crying. He tells everyone that kali lied to him and has been meeting nakul this whole time and now he wants NOTHING to do with her.

-Its the end of kali and garv. Kumud is happy because she never thought that kali was good enough for garv. So now abbay is ticked off at kali cause even after telling her for a second time.....she still was meeting nakul.

-There are a couple of things that happen inbetween that I can't remember. Sorry!!!Unhappy

-What I do remember is that kali is left all alone. Her relationship with abbay is now on the rocks, whereas kumud and abbay are getting along great. Since kumud and ksh*tig are "reall good friends" at first they are shy from one another, but eventually give in and realize they love eachother. Everyone is happy with this rishtaa except nakul. He doesn't want kumud as his bhabi.

-On the other hand, nakul and kali are still meeting and their relationship is also on the rocks. They are slowing becomingm more distant cause nakul is behaving like a typical "guy". She flirts with other girls, and slowly begins to treat kali like she's nothing. During these indicidents, kali keeps thinking about Garv. For example, there was one part when nakul and kali were in the rain and nakul left kali and went to sit in the car so he doesn't get wet, and left kali standing there. Then she remembers the time when Garv came to meet her from her bedroom window and stood beside his car in the rain just to see her.

-Slowly slowly, kali is getting real feelings for garv and is regretting what she did. Then it finally comes down to nakul actually cheating on kali. She catches him with anther girl and is mad. She realizes that Garv is the one who actually loved her and would never cheat on her. So now, Kali realizes that she love's garv........but its too late.

-I already updated you on now garv and kumud got married. During this time kali realized her love for garv, kumud and ksh*tig broke up and she was pregnant with his baby. When gavr was having trouble getting over kali kumud supported him and was his shoulder to cry on, now that ksh*tig left kumud, garv is kumud's shoulder to cry on.

-So now when kali realizes she loves garv and wants to get married to him, he has already agreed to marry kumud. He says that he is marrying kumud so that she doesn't get insulted by anyone for being a un-wed mother to be. He says that kumud was his support when he needed someone, and now he will be kumud's support when she needs someone. So........kali again looses out.

-Garv and kumud get married, but still act distant like friends. Kali is hell bent on breaking their relationship up cause she wants to be with garv. She admitts that she was wrong and didn't understand his love for her then, but now she does.........but its too late.

-Nakul on the other hand is still trying to get kali back and she gives him attitude and always yells at him that she doesn't want anything to do with him. He still tries to plan to get her back.

-Kali is also creating problems for garv and kumud. She keeps putting it in garv's head that kumud still loves ksh*tig and will never be able to love you. Garv eventually begin's to fall in love with kumud and she also begins to fall in love with garv, but they don't tell eachother this. Everytime they try to say something to one another, something comes up and they never get the chance.

-Meanwhile, kali is still trying to do everything in her power to split the 2 of them up.

-Also kali finds a way to make kumud's life more miserable. This happens before garv and kumud get married, kali (in hopes of stopping their wedding) finally shows kusum the pictures of her and ksh*tig and shows kusum kumud's pregnancy report stating that kumud is pregnant with ksh*tig's baby. Kusum is furious and when kumud gets home, kusum slaps her continuously and basically disown's kumud. She tells her to leave this house and never wants to see her again. Kumud packs up and head on over to abbay house and he takes her in. He understands that she made a mistake and supports kumud.

-That is why when kumud got married to garv, kusum didn't come but watched from a far from outside because abbay yelled at kusum for not forgiving her daughter.

-On the next day after kumud gets married, she leaves the party they are having and goes to bring kusum. As she is going, the car she is in gets into an accident and kumud falls out. Kusum is coincidently on the same street and sees this girl fall out from the car. Just as kumud falls out from the car, he dupatta covers her face cause its windy, so when kusum sees her, she doesn't know that its kumud. Kusum and everyone gather around and someone brings their car to help. Everyone there tells kusum to go to the hospital with this girl cause you were the first one here with her, so kusum goes ........not knowing that its kumud.

-Once they are at the hospital, kusum is there waiting to see if this girl is ok. The doctors found kumuds purse or something and saw that the is garv's wife, so they call up garv to let him know his wife is in an accident. Garv comes rushing to the hospital to see kusum standing outside. She asks him what he's doing there and he says to see kumud, the doctors called him and told him that she was in an accident.....and kusum is shocked.

-Kusum finds out that its kumud she saved and leaves. Everyone is wondering why kusum won't even stay for her own daughter. Anywayz, kumud is released and goes home. The doctor says that someone has to stay with her all the time. Since garv has work to do, they say that the girl's mother should stay with her and take care of her. So, garv requests to kusum to come and take care of kumud. She agrees and since abbay kicked kali out of his house, kali is staying with kusum and kusum brings her along as well.

-So now kusum and kali are living in garv's house with him and kumud. Kali is happy cause she can get closer to garv, but kumud doesn't want her there. She tells kusum that she just wants her there and not kali, but kusum says that kali is my daughter too, and if she can't stay, then I won't stay, so not kali has to stay there as well.

-Kumud is happy to see her mother there and taking care of her. She once again appologizes to kusum but kusum tells her that she just came to take care of her, and has not yet forgiven her, kumud is depressed.

-Finally kumud recovers and she also patches things up with kusum (I forget how though) Kusum and kumud have made up and now kusum says that she should leave. So if kusum, leaves, kali has to leave too.............boo hoo................poor kali!

-Kali continues to brainwash garv telling him that kumud is still carrying ksh*tig's baby and will always love him. She can't forget him. Garv begin's to teeter and think if kumud loves him. Anytime kumud's needed something or was in trouble, ksh*tig was always there to help her out, seeing this, garv became more insecure and believing what kali said.

-Kusum got into an accident and was at the hospital cause she slipped from the stairs. Kumud was trying to get a hold of garv but his cell was off, so she called ksh*tig.......or I think he was already there and so they went to the hospital with him. (By the way, the misunderstanding that happend with between ksh*tig and kumud about him having cancer and being lied to about it to break him and kumud up by nakul was also cleared by now and him and kumud decided to be friends......but garv never knew this cause kali kept brainwashing him)

-So now they are at the hospital and kumud and ksh*tig are standing at the desk. Garv comes there with kali cause him and kumud were going to another city cause garv had business there and since him and kumud never went anywhere for their honeymoon, kusum suggested that the 2 of them go together. But when he gets there he sees kumud and ksh*tig there. He thinks they are there cause kumud may have had an appointment and the fact that kumud is still carrying ksh*tig's baby.......but they were really there cause kusum got into an accident.

SORRY...........i gave the wrong information at the top. Ksh*tig was with kusum when she fell down the stairs. Kumud was at the airport waiting for garv cause they were going to leave. But when ksh*tig realized that kumud was at the airport, he rushed there to let her know about kusum. Once he gets to airport, he tells kumud and she tries calling garv but can't get through, so ksh*tig says that he will take her to the hospital. Just as the 2 of them are getting into the car, garv pulls up from behind and sees the 2 of them getting in the car together. He follows them and sees that they went to the airport. There he see's them together and gets the wrong idea........courtesy of kali.

-He gets uspet and decides that he will go by himself. This was all part of kali's plan. Now that kumud has to stay back with kusum, kali can go be with garv in another city where no one will find out about them being there together.

-Kusum meets kumud and kusum insists that she go on the trip with garv. Kumud tells her how can she leave her alone like this, but kusum tells her that Aai is here and that she should go, so kumud tries to get a flight but can't get one. Ksh*tig hears this and gets the last flight out for kumud so she can be with garv. She thanks him and goes.

-Meanwhile, kali shows up and surprises garv. He is upset and tells kali why she is there. He yells at her and kicks her out. She goes outside and is raining like crazy. SHe is crying and goes and stands up against a car is is crying a lot. Garv comes out later to go into his car and sees kali standing in the cold crying. All of a sudden she passes out and faints and garv goes rushing to her. He carry's her up to his room............BAD IDEA!!!Confused

-He gives her a towel and they dry off and she hugs him. He tells her to back off and that he is married and loves kumud. SHe again keeps telling him that she loves him and that kumud loves ksh*tig, not him. Slowly slowly he gets weaker and weaker and falls into kali's arms. They are both hugging eachother and eventually one thing leads to another, and well...........you get where I'm going with this.....

-Garv wakes up to see kali next to him and is shocked and embarassed to see what he's done. He get's up and puts his shirt on and just as he opens the door, kumud pop's up and says "surprise". Garv is shocked and tensed cause kali is in the bedroom sleeping. Kumud walks in and explains to garv everything that happened. How kusum fell from the stairs, and how she was at the airport and went to the hospital with ksh*tig etc, etc. While she is explaining all this, garv is having flashbacks of it all and feels really stupid for doubting kumud.

-She says she's here now and they will spend time togther and tells him that she is going to go freshen up. Just as she is entering the bedroom, garv is trying to stop her, but he walks in and everything is fine. The bed is made, everything is gone, and so is kali. She's hiding behind the door. Kumud goes to get a towel and sees an earing on it. She asks garv whose earing is this and he has a flashback of when he was drying kali's hair after they came in from the rain. He says maybe its from someone what works in the hotel. Kumud brushes it off.

Let me know if you want to know more!

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Yes i would like to know more (if u would like to update me on more)!
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Hey Tin24

these are great updates. maybe u could post these updates on a separate topic - Kkusum the story so far. i am sure the other members are just as interested in reading these updates but don't know they exist.

thanks a million.



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great updates tin 24! I agree with u keshni.. "tin 24" should post a separate topic -kkusum the story so far.. :)
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THanks guys!

Right now I'm a little busy with some things so that's why I am unable to finish the udpates, but I will certainly consider posting these updates on a seperate topic so that EVERYONE who is unsure about what's going on can get updated with the rest of us.

Thanks for your suggestions!


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