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Well shahidlover..............kumud and garv DO get married.

Here's where I will explain their story.....meaning the Garv/Kumud/Ksh*tig/kali twist.

-Ksh*tig and kumud fall in love with one another. Before they were shy and everything, but then they eventually gave in and fell in love. They made a very cute couple and everything. BUT........as its already obvious......nakul who is ksh*tig's brother does not get along with kumud and doesn't want her as a "bhabi". So he tries everything he can to seperate the two lovebirds.

-Ksh*itig's parents and kumuds parents are both happy with this rishtaa and agree to get the 2 engaged. Before they get enganged, ksh*tig and kumud go to some place and while they are there kali is at home with kusum. By this time everyone knows that abbay is kumud's father and kali is abbay's daughter. (I'll explain how they found all that out in the next update).

-Kali is trying to get kusum on her side and get kumud jealous cause the two of them don't get along. Kali doesn't like kumud cause she thinks she's trying to steal abbay (her father) away from her. Plus abbay now gives more attention to kumud than kali.

-Anywho, Kumud and ksh*tig are at some place and kumud's calls home to check up on her mother but kali answers the phone and says not to worry and that's she with kusum. Kumud is furious. Kumud runs out of the party that she is at with ksh*tig and he runs after her. They are on the corner of a street and kumud keeps running, and ksh*tig is running after her and slips off the corner of the street and goes downhill. kumud turns around and yells out to him and follows him down. THey eventually get back up and go back to the hotel.

-They are in the hotel room and because kumud is upset, Ksh*tig tries to comfort her and they get closer. I think you can see where I am going with this. Yes, they eventually sleep together.

-What they don't know is that Esha is also there and knows everything that is going on. She gets someone to spy on them and take pictures of them together. Once kumud get's back home she recieves a package in them mail. During this whole time she is regretting what she has done cause she did something she should have not done before marriage. She recieves the pictures of her and ksh*tig and is shocked.........she doesn't know who sent them. She gets her bag and puts the pictures in them. As she is going out she bumps into kali. They have words with one another and kumud drops the envelope with the pictures. Kali picks it up but kumud quickly grabs them from her and goes off to meet ksh*tig.

-Once kumud gets to ksh*tig's office, kali is outside the door listening. Kumud shows him the pictures and says that what they did was wrong and shouldn't have done this before they were married. Kali overhears everything and is shocked to find out. She informs nakul that she has ammo against kumud now. She says that she has to get a hold of those pics. Kumud leaves the pics with ksh*tig. Once he leaves his office, kali comes in and steals the pictures.

-Things happen in between and finally kumud ends up pregnant. She has her pregnancy report which also gets in the hands of kali. She is waiting for the right moment to expose what kumud has done infront of kusum. Kumud and ksh*tig are enganged by the way..............i think earlier I said they weren't......but they are.

-Some things happen in between and then all of a sudden, ksh*tig finds out that he has cancer and he doesn't have much time left. He knows how much kumud loves him and if she finds out, she will be devastated. So he decides not to tell her, but make her hate him so that when he dies she's not upset or sad. He really loves her so much that he's doing all this for her happiness. What ksh*tig tries to do is being kumud and garv together cause the 3 of them are all friends. Kumud is trying to help garv with kali, but in the process, cause gave keeps getting dumped by kali, he has kumud's shoulder to cry on.

-Ksh*tig thinks that no one can keep kumud happy except for garv. He will give her all the happiness that he can't. So he see's the 2 of them huggin (a innocent hug) and accuses them of having an affair behind his back (remember he's doing this on purpose so that they begin to hate him). He breaks off the rishtaa with kumud and treats her like crap on purpse. She tells him that she is has always only loved him and to prove it is carrying his child, but he in return says that its garv's not his. (but he doesn't mean it.......he found out that kumud is pregnant when he over heard nakul and kali talking and was excited and sad cause he wouldn't live to see his baby)

-So now ksh*tig does a 360 and everyone is shocked cause they don't know why he's acting like this. He doesn't tell anyone he has cancer. Eventually, Garv and ksh*tig get into a fight and ksh*tig says "if you are so worried about kumud then why don't YOU marry her"?, because garv was upset.......it slipped out of his mouth "fine I will" and both are stunned.

-Garv decides that he is going to support kumud cause she supported him when he got dumped by kali (gave and kali were engaged but she was only doing it cause nakul told her to as a plan........but garv found out he was being used and that kali really never loved him and was playing a game with him so her broke the engagement off) So you can see garv and kumud have both been dumped.

-Everyone.....even abbay knows that kumud is pregnant but with ksh*tig's baby. Kusum does know yet. Abbay decides to support his daughter and also says for her to get married to garv. So now Garv has decided to marry kumud to save her........why?........well because everyone found out that she was carry an illegitimate child and people (society) starting talking, so Garv stepped in to save kumud and marry her. While they are doing the shaddi, ksh*tig is in america for treatment. Over there he finds out that he DOES NOT have cancer. It was a false alarm and he's perfectly healthy. Ksh*tig tries to get the next flight out to india to stop the wedding before its too late.

-Ksh*tig finally gets to the shaadi right before garv and kumud are getting married. He comes and tries to explain everything but because garv and kumud are so ticked off at him, they don't believe a word he says. He brings the doctor in the confirm that is was a false alarm.......but the doctor turns on Ksh*tig and tells him that he's lying, and that ksh*tig paid him to lie. Really, nakul paid the doctor to tell ksh*tig he had cancer so that he wouldn't marry kumud.

-At last, kumud and garv get married. But before that, kali tells garvs parents right before the shaadi that kumud is pregant and is carrying ksh*tig's baby. (at this point, kali is starting to have feelings for garv and second thoughts so she doesn't want him to get married to kumud cause then she can't have him for herself). Garv's mom comes out and says that we are not getting our son married to a girl like kumud. Everyone is shocked and kumud is in tears.

-Garv asks his mom to speak inside. They go inside and his mother tells him that why is he ruining his life by getting involved with a girl that is having someone else's baby. Instead of explaining, Garv tells his mother that the baby that kumud is carrying is HIS.

-He explains to his mother that its his baby and then his parents appologize and agree to get the 2 married. So then Kumud and Garv get married.  

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More updates to come!!!

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Thanks a lot Tin24. These updates are fantastic cos there were soo many bits of the story that i didn't know or missed out on.
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thank you so much tin!!!!!!!
i really appreciate everythin ur doin! Clap Big smile Clap

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-Well, I left off where Kumud wins the case and now her and garv become friends.

-Now the story is focused on Abbay and Kusum. Abbay knows that kumud is kusum's daughter, but he goes over to her house and demands to know who the father is. He asks kusum but she won't tell him and says there no need for you to know. Abbay figures out that he is kumud's father and asks kusum how that's possible if she couldn't be a mother again. Then Aai pops in and says that Kusum found out that she was pregnant with you baby the night we left this city. Abbay is shocked.

-Without asking a single question, abbay leaves from there and goes straight to the doctors office (the same doctor from 18 years ago that told kusum she couldn't be a mother) He goes there and demands to know how this was all possible. The doctor lady get's scared and admitts that she lied to him and kkusum and said that she couldn't be a mother when infact she was perfectly healthy to be a mother because Esha paid her and told her too. Abbay gives the doctor a whole speech about doing her job properly and that how that 1 lie ruined his life forever........and he leaves from there and the doctor is feeling guilty.

-Now, abbay comes home and is depressed. He tells mahi that kumud is his daughter. He's crying and saying that my own daughter was working my company which is her company as a low level position in the company. She's been coming here and going in and out of her own house. He basically remember all his times with kumud and how he never knew that she was his own flesh and blood.

-At this point kumud still doens't know that abbay is her father, but he knows that she is his daughter. Everyone eventually finds out that abbay is kumud's father if kusum is her mother. Then one night kumud and simran as walking home at night and harry and nakul pull up beside them. Everyone's mood goes off. Kumud and simran try to ignore them but then keep driving next to them. They poke fun at her and simran and they begin to get upset. Just then Kumud says something to harry and he blurts out "go tell that to your father abbay kapoor"...........kumud is shocoked and surprised and nakul is upset becuase he didn't want harry to tell her that........he again was going to use that piece of information to his advantage. and they drive off.

-Kumud comes crying home and demands to know everything. Kusum is upset becuase up until now, kumud never wanted to hear anything about her father, and now she does. She clearly asks kusum "is abbay kappor my father" and kusum says yes. Because kusum had an attachment to abbay from before, she's finding all this hard to belive. She realizes that the same person she admired and thougth of a father is the same person who is actually her father and left her and kusum when she was born. So now she ticked off and upset at abbay.

-Abbay tries to get close to her and make up for all the lost time but kumud won't give him any life.  She hates him even more. Kali on the other hand is more upset with kumud cause she thinks that kumud is trying to take abbay away from her, but kumud assures kali that she wants nothing to do with him.

-Meanwhile, Abbay is still wondering why kusum left him. Finally abbay tells kusum that he always loved her and missed her so much so why did she leave him. She tells him because of him and mahi. He assures her that he only loved her and doesn't love mahi. He tells her that he only married her becuase of kali. Kusum is shocked to hear all the truth from abbay. She goes out and its raining and she's crying in the dark street.

-She falls down and is crying on the street. Just then Nitin comes in his car and gets out and sees kusum. He tells her to come with her but she asks him to tell her the truth, did abbay love her? He tells her that there was no one day that abbay never thought of her or missed her. He told her that abbay only married mahi cause of kali and that he has always only loved you (kusum)..........and she's shocked and realizes that she made a huge mistake. She admits that it was because of her doubts and misunderstanding that ruined everything and that nothing can be the same anymore.

-Kusum and abbay patch things up decided that they can be good friends. On the other hand, kumud still hates abbay.........her father. Kusum tries to get them back together and bring their relationship closer, abbay tries, but kumud resists. She wants nothing to do with him.

-Anytime kusum needs anything or help, she calls up abbay and kumud gets more upset. She tells kumus that she gets taunted by kali all the time and doesn't want her or kusum to have anything to do with abbay.

-Abbay understands how kumud feels and kusum also realizes that its her fault that kumud feels this way.

-Then its abbay birthday.(this is also the time around they changed the character of Kusum to mansi joshi roy) He comes over to kusum's house to invite her and Kumud. Kusum says she will come but doesn't know about kumud. Abbay tries to talk to kumud but she talks back rudely to abbay and he feels even more sad. He gives her an emotional speech about how he wants to make up for lost time and get to know the daughter he never knew existed until now. His speech is very emotionalCry. Meanwhile kumud is crying and listening but still has an angry look on her face. Abbay leaves and kusum talks with kumud. She explains that it was her own fault that cause this distance between father and daughter and basicall yells a little at kumud for being so rude and cruel.

-Its abbay's birthday party and everyone is there, kusum even comes. Abbay is waiting for kumud but she doesn't show up. Kusum tells him that she knows who his eyes are looking for but that person won't come (kusum). So they decide to cut the cake. Just a abbay turns around to walk towads the cake, she feels something at his feet and turns around and looks down to see kumud touching his feet for blessings. Kusum and everyone are all happy (except kali and mahi) and abbay is shocked.

-Kumud is crying and so is abbay. She holds her hands up and asks for forgiveness from abbay. She says that realized how wrong she was and wants to have her father in her life and says sorry and says that if he doesn't forgive her she will understand. Abbay is crying and says how can a father be upset at his daugther? They both cry and hugHug. Kumud and Abbay have accpeted eachother as father and daughter.

-Obviously kali is ticked off. Just as abbay is cutting the cake, kali thinks that he will give her the first bit, but he gives it to kumud first. CAN ANYONE SAY SIBIL-RIVALRYAngry

-Kumud and Abbay share a dance together and kusum just watches and smiles. Once they are finished dancing, kusum deciedes to make peace with kali since they are now sisters. Kumud goes upstairs to find kali and sees her with nakul.

(SIDE NOTE: Nakul and kali were engaged, but abbay broke the engament off when he found out what nakul did with kumud, but kali still loves him and can't stay away from him so she keeps meeting him secretly behind abbay's back. So basically, naukl is at the party, kali is meeting him and abbay doesn't know)

-Kumud goes upstairs to find kali with nakul. She's shocked and comes out. Her and kali have a few words with one anther. Kali tells her that she doesn't even care or respect her father and kumud in return says that if I didn't repect my father then what were you doing upstairs in the bedroom with nakul...........and kali slaps kumud.

- Kali keeps meeting nakul behind everyone's back and eventually they all find out. Abbay becomes more strict and says that she will be getting married to someone else.........Garv. Garv is crazy about kali, but she hates him. Mahi tells kusum that kusum is kali's mother. She tells kusum that kali was her dream and is her daughter. Kali doesn't like kusum and doesn't talke properly with her.......but inside has a sore spot for kusum. Deep down she cares about kusum and sometimes it slips out of her mouth and she calls her "kusum mom".

-Abbay gives the resposibility of finding a guy for kali to kusum since she's like her mother. Kumud knows that garv likes kali so tells kusum that garv likes kali, why don't you get her married to him. Kusum tells abbay and he agrees. They take the rishtaa over to garv's house and they all agree. Garv is happy, but kali is upset. She still loves nakul.

-Nakul tells kali to get engaged to garv and she's surprised and asks why. He says its part of his plan. So kali plays along and pretends that she likes garv..............basically she leads him on.  Now they have an engagement ceromony for garv and kali. Mahi tells kusum that she has to do all the rituals and traditions cause she's kali's mom. Kusum says yes happily. Garv puts the ring on kali's finger, but she's still wearing the ring that nakul gave her, so she takes that off and puts the on from garv.

-Once the ceromony is over, she goes to a corner to call nakul. She tells him that she won't wear garv's ring and takes it off and throws it on the floor and puts nakul's ring back on. He tells her that she has guts.

More to come.............

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Clap Thank you so much!
I have one question.
I heard the new Kkusum is not good at acting. Is she?
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I really can't answer your question because everyone has their own opinion. But from my opinion, I liked the old kusum better. This new one is ok, but I guess cause we all watched the old kusum from the begining when the show started, we are used to her. This new kusum is ok I guess........it takes time to get use to her. But if I personally had a choice to have the old kusum or new kusum..........I'd pick the old one. I really never cared if she looked the same age as kumud and everyone else. I liked her acting and thought she fit the role of "kusum" very well.

But this is my opinion. To each is own!!! Some people like her, and some people don't. But if you really want my opinion, watch a couple of episodes with the new kusum and judge for yourself. Don't rely on what everyone else says.

Hope I answerd your question. I really don't have a definite answer. Smile

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I like ur way of thinking.
Thanks, knowing about ur opinion helped answer my question.

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