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I'm back!

-Abbay is upset and worrried because he doesn't know where kusum went and how she is. He gets so upset that he starts drinking heavily.

-He is in his room and is drinking and smoking and is pretty much drunk. Mahi comes and stands behind him while he's sharing his feelings with her. She sees that he is really upset so to comfort him she bends down and has her arms around him and her face is right next to his. Because Abbay is drunk he doesn't realize what's going on and doesn't stop mahi.

-While this is going on, Kusum is at the door looking at the two of them. She came there to tell abbay the food news, but instead saw him with mahi. Now she is 100% sure that there is something between them, so she decides she can't stay with abbay and wants out.

-Kusum goes back home and tells Aai to lets leave the city. Aai agrees and the two of them pack up everything and head to the train station to Loudhiana (city in India).

-By this time, abbay realizes that kusum could be at home so he and mahi come to kusum's house but the gate is locked. Abbay asks to neighbor where they are and the neighbor says that they have packed up and left to the train station but didn't say where they are going and look after their house.

-Abbay and Mahi rush to the train station but are too late.

-Once abbay and the rest of the family get to the train station, they learn that the train that kusum was on was in an accident and that nobody surived. Abbay goes to where the accident was and finds a piece of kusum's clothes and knows that its her's. The whole family is there and they realize that kusum is dead because they were told that there were no survivers.

-They perform the funeral and everything for kusum thinking that she's dead.........but she really isn't.
I'm not sure how (i missed these epsidoes) but kusum knew that abbay would think that she's dead and felt that it was better if he thought she was dead cause then he can move on with his life with mahi and the baby.

-Then, the show fast forwards (literally) and quickly shows how each family is coping. They show kusum gradually getting bigger cause she's pregnant, and show hoe mahi is getting bigger cause she's pregnant. And then the 18 leap happens.

-The show then starts off 18 years later. Kusum has a daughter and names her "Kumud" and Mahi has a daughter and abbay names her "Kali". When Kusum was first pregnant, they were deciding on names and abbay said that if it was a girl he would name her kumud and kusum said that if it was a girl she would name her kali. So they remebered this from one another and each named their daughter what the other wanted. Kumud and Kali.

-Kumud is 18 years old and so is kali. The rest of the next genreation are introduced as well:

Nakul and Kshtig...........Aryaman and Sakshi's sons.
Kali.......................Abbay and Mahi's daugther.
Kumud......................Abbay and Kusum's daughter.
Garv.......................Esha's godson and is a lawyer (but we find out that he's esha's godson later)
Harry......................Nakul's best friend
Simran.....................Kumud's best friend

These are the new generation and now their stories are told. The main characters are kumud and kali and their story.

After the leap now:

-Kumud is not ever told about her father. Although Kusum tries to tell her about abbay, kumud doesn't want to hear it because she hates her father. She believes that her father (abbay) left kusum and then she had to raise kumud all be herself.......but that's wrong.....kusum left abbay because of suspicion and doubt.

-So, kumud never knows who her father is. Kali on the other hand is not told that Mahi is her real mother. From childhood, kali was told that Kusum was her mother and she died. Kali never saw a picture of kusum because they didn't keep it up (with the haar on it) so she never knew what kusum looked like. All she was told was that kusum is your mother and mahi is your aunt.

-Mahi also changed her look and perspective on life. She fixed herself up and became more sophisticated. She spent most of time at the kapoor house to see kali grow up but lived seperatley.

-Kali at first used to call her mahi aunty and liked her, but then started suspecting her as well. He accused mahi of trying to steal her dad from who she thought was her mother kusum. She says that the reason she spends so much time at their house is to get closer to abbay so that she can marry him.

-Finally, Mahi's mausi (aunt) blurts out to kali that "do you know who you are talking to?" Mahi tries to stop her but she blurts out that mahi is your real mother. Kali is shocked to hear this. But later, she realizes that mahi is infact her mother and that she was kusum's dream......not her daughter. Mahi and Kali get close and bond with one another.

-Then kali realizes that if she has both her parents, then why are they married? First abbay gets upset when kali brings this topic up and says that he can never let kusum down and betray her. After some tought and convincing from the entire family, abbaby agrees to marry mahi with hesitation. Mahi wants to marry abbay cause she loves him, but abbay is marrying mahi for the sake of his daughter because she is spoiled and he listens to everything she says.

-Before all this, the story is focused on kumud. She is smart, good principles and brought up well cause of kusum. Whatever kusum knew when she was growing up, she told kumud to be the same way. Kusum is smart and gets a scholorship to a university in Mumbai (they live in loudhiana) and abbay lives in Mumbai.

-Kusum does not allow her to go becuase she knows whats in that city........her past. Kusum really wants to go and convinces kusum.

-Kumud comes to mumbai with her best friend simran and they live with someone simran knows. They don't live in the best of conditions because they are not rich. They have to dave each penny they have. Once kumud goes to university, right off the bat he encounters the most popular guy in school, but also the villian of the show.....Nakul. He is arayman's son and is also spoiled. He get's enganged to kali because they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

-Kumud and Nakul do not get along. They hate eachother from the first time they met and comtinue to make eachothers lives miserable.

-Kali and Kumud meet. At first they are friends. Nakul also pretends to be friends with kumud and appologizes to her, but he doesn't mean it.

Let me know if you want more updates

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THX!!!!!!! Big smile Those r awesum updates!
if u don't mind i'd like more updates!
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-Nakul and kumud have never gotten along. Its kind of like the whole Pratham and Gauri story from Kutumb. THey keep getting at one another and embarassing one another to see who wins.

-During this time, kumud has also taken up and job. The company in which he works at is non other than Abbay's. Kumud starts working at abbay's office knowing that he's her boss.......but not knowing that he's her father. Abbay too has no idea that kumud even exists.

-One day abbay brings home a box of choorian for kali to wear. But kali is white-washed and modern and doesn't want them. Kumud comes to abbay's house to get some papers signed and has not idea that she's walking in her own home.

-Abbay from the first time he met kumud feels like he has a connection with her and treats her as his daughter. Kali refuses to takes the choorian and so abbay tells kumud that you have them. She tells him that her mother also loves choorians (kusum) and he says then you can give them to her. Kumud accepts the gift.

-Abbay and aryaman are really impressed with kumud's work and even promote her. THey get along a lot especially kumud and abbay. The funny this is that they don't even know that they are father and daughter.

-Kusum calls kumud to check up on her and get's the feeling that everything is not ok.....even though kumud tells her its ok. Kusum takes the ultimate decision and decides to go to mumbai to check up on kumud.

-Kusum reaches mumbai and heads over to kumuds place. She sees the living conditions of kumud and simran and asks kumud why she lied and said everything was ok.

-As fate as it......abbay comes over to meet kumud at her house, while kusum is there. As abbay comes, kusum goes next door coincidently to get some sugar from the neighbor. As Abbay is leaving in one direction, kusum is walking in the opposite direction but they don't see eachother.

-A lady calls out to kusum and abbay stops and is shocked. He doesn't believe what he's hearing. By the time her turns around to see if its kusum, she has already gone inside and the lady comes up tp abbay and says I was calling my daughter who is standing behind abbay at the time. Abbay says that her name is kusum, and the lady says yes. (I think this happened but I'm not sure I don't remember).

-Abbay and Kumud are getting reallu close. He treats her like his daughter and she sees him as a father.

-Kusum eventually finds out what company kumud is working for and who her boss is. She forbids kumud to work there anymore. Kumud is shocked and asks why, so instead of telling her the truth, kusum simply tells kumud that she knows the kapoor family from her past and they did not do good things with her.

-Kumud goes to abbay to give him her resignition letter. Abbay is shocked and asks why she is doing this. She tells him and she cannot explain and tell him why, but her mother does not want her working in this company. Abbay tells her that he will not let her quit.

-Now is where the interesting things begin. Kusum goes to a company to apply for a job. At that same job is where Mahi has come (because she works in the company with abbay) to drop off some papers of something. Kusum leaves her resume there for them to look at. Mahi sese a glimpse of kusum and starts to wonder. She goes up to the desk and sees kusum's resume there. She asks the lady where this person (kusum) went and follows her.

-Mahi follows kusum and ends up in some room. By this time kusum knows that mahi is following her. So she tells the lady to tell mahi that she has left. The lady tells and mahi and mahi turns away and leaves. Just then Kusum comes back out and tell the lady thanks and that no one can find out about her (i don't remeber who the lady is but kusum knows her). Just as she says this, Mahi is behind kusum and finds out that kusum is alive.

-Kusum first gives her attitute (cause she suspected her and abbay) and then begs mahi not to let anyone know she's alive. She says that she has managed on her own and doesn't need anyone now. She makes mahi swear that she won't tell abbay that she's alive.

-Now only mahi knows that kusum is really alive but does not know that Kumud is her daughter.

I will update you on the rest later. I have to remeber everything. Wink

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! Big smile !!!!!!!

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Clap for such a nice updates


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Thanks guys!

I will get back to updating. I just have exams going on right now so I don't visit the forum as often as I usally do.

Sorry for that.......but I'll get back to the rest of the update when i get time!

Thanks in advance for understanding!Embarrassed

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I'm no hurry.
if u don't mind can u tell me wut happened bout the ajay maliya and sakshi rape case, cuz when the mahi thing starts everybody seems to have forgotten bout the case.
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Hey Shahidlover!

To keep this short and simple, Ajay maliya himself admits to raping sakshi in court. Kusum finds a blue or black (can't remember) suit in the closet that has a button missing on it.......the same button they found in the room when they found sakshi in the room after she got raped. So they put two and two together and figured out that is what indeed ajay maliya. The suit was the only evidence they had. Ajay found out about this and stole the suit back. Now they have nothing to show in court for evidence. But..........always, kusum comes on top. Joyti is the lawyer and they are in court. Ajay is one the stand. His laywer is defending him and joyti is defending sakshi and the whole family is there present. Then, at the last minute, joyti (knowing that they really didn't have the evidence) says to the court that they do in order to make ajay spill the beans. Just when she says that she has the suit from which the button is missin, Ajay says out loud that "that's impossible, I got rid of the suit".........mission accomplised. Even whiling bluffing, joyti won the case and to the surprise of everyone, ajay was sentenced a couple of years in prison becuase of his own confession.

Hope I answered your question!!

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