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Anant was passing through all the zigzag paths navya had told him'.but he still couldn't figure out where he was going or even he would reach any destination soon''..

Anant: oh gosh where has navya sent me'.this path seems endless'..but I need to find that river''

Suddenly he hears the sound of moving water''the forest seemed extremely dense but there was no sign of any life''..other than the little tree birds chirping and wind blowing the tree twigs hard due to the rains''it was getting difficult for him to move forward with the umbrella coze it was getting stuck amongst the tree branches and other bushes''

Since there were no other sounds he could figure out that there was indeed some river nearby''.so he proceeded happily thinking that he has succeeded in his mission''

Anant: navya thinks im scared of this forest''who should tell her that this place is so peaceful and nothing seems to be frightening here'..

Anant proceeds and finally sees the river''excited he moves forward but suddenly he sees something and freezes''''

Navya was sitting in the car, wondering what's happening inside the forest'..she feels quite restless by now and even feels she shouldn't have sent anant inside''she knew what was there but he didn't''..

Navya: poor anant'..i shouldn't have sent him'.if only he didn't bet with me that he is not scared of anything'..

Ahhh''Suddenly she hears a loud scream of a man from within the forest'..navya was shell shocked''

Navya: omg'..who screamed now''.i hope that's not anant'..

Navya was unable to sit in the car anyone and decides to inside and check for herself''.she cursed the moment she sent him inside''

Navya: I shouldn't have sent him''it's all coze of me'..only coze of me''

Navya takes quick steps''she knew the forest'..she had once come here with ritika and a few friends and experienced some frightening moments there'.probably anant was experiencing the same thing now'..

She stood at one place for a few seconds to listen if there was another scream or sound of footsteps but there were none''.this made the atmosphere more tense and she started feeling terrified''probably more terrified than she got that day by seeing that bear''no it was not a real bear'it was only the skin of a brown bear which belonged to the villagers who inhabited at the other side of the river'..the government had granted that area for those villagers who had migrated from some interior parts of India due to some natural calamity'..

She knew that anant had seen it and screamed thinking that it was a real bear and she feared if he has fallen into that deep hole those villagers had made to trap those people who tried to intrude their area''

Her steps were getting weaker thinking of anant being trapped in the hole but she needed to gain confidence to search for him''.she decided to call out his name so that he could respond''

Navya: ananttt'''..

But there was no response''tears rolled from her eyes and she tried to stop them but she couldn't'..she couldn't believe that she had put anant is such grave trouble'..that anant, for whom, she prayed every day that he stays away from all trouble and dangers.

Suddenly she heard footsteps'she got excited but her happiness short lived when she realized that it was not just one person but many''.

Navya: the villagers'..omg it must be them'..if they find anat hten he will be in trouble'..

She runs forward but a strong hand pulls her aside and she is taken aback by this sudden reaction''.

He pulls her behind a tree and navya is standing in such a position that she cannot see his face'.

Navya: helppp''

She shouts loudly for help but he suddenly shuts her mouth and whispers in her ears'.. "Navya'.it's me ANANT"

Anant: don't shout navya''s only me'..those people were behind me so I was hiding here''.if they see u they then u'll be in trouble'..

Anant takes his hands off navya and navya turns and hugs him tight''.

Navya: im so sorry anant'..u can't imagine how glad im to see u fit and fine'..all kind of weird thoughts were coming to me'..i' sorry''.it's all coze of me''its'..

Anant: shhh'.calm down navya'.look at me''im absolutely fine'..nothing happened to me'.yeah I was almost about to fall into a hole'..

Navya: what? Then how did u escape? It's a very deep hole'

Anant: Navya'.relax''.i was about to fall but I got hold of a root in near the hole and managed to come out of it'.as soon as stood up I saw a few people coming towards me'..they dressed peculiar ad spoke some other kind of Hindi'..

Navya: yeah'.they are migrants from some interior part of India so u or I cannot really track what they r speaking''and then what happened?

Anant was surprised that navya was so concerned and curious to know what else happened''

Anant: they had some kinda handmade weapons with them and started running towards me' this time I had understood that they r coming to attack me so I ran for my life''.one of them threw his stick at me which hit my elbow'..its paining there''otherwise im fine'..

Navya: where? is it paining now?

Navya takes his right elbow and check''

Anant: navya it's the left elbow that's paining''

Navya: oh sorry''

She checks the left elbow and finds that it's bleeding from there'.without thinking for a moment she tears a piece of clothe off her duppatta and waraps his wound'.anant laughs yet again''..

Navya: what happened?

Anant: I was wondering whatelse is left to happen in the fimy way'..first trapped in car due to rain and puncued tire''now the girl tearing off her duppatta to tie the wound of the boy'..

Navya: anant'.ur in the filmy side rite? so everything happening in ur life seems filmy for u'..but we r common people who live with common dreams and normal life''.nothing filmy''

Anant smiles but suddenly remembers that pari had also once said the same lines while chatting''

Anant: what? What did u tell now?

Navya: what did I tell? It's the truth of my life anant' a common girl and can never dream to become anyone like u''.

Anant says nothing more and now he feels that his suspicions about similarities between navya and pari is rising by day''.and he feels that if she is pari then he will find it one day''

Suddenly e sees the villagers returning and he holds navya close to him so that they won't see them''navya feels awkward being so close to him but then feels that safety that she has never felt b4''.it was clear to her that anant was unlike any other celebrities who were known for their bad behavior and list of girl friends'..

Navya in mind: should I tell him that im pari? he deserves to know this''.yes he should'..b4 he gets to know this in some other way I should tell him'.

The villagers had gone by now and anant loosened navya who walked out from behind the tree'.

Anant: navya'.it's still dangerous'.come back'.

Navya determined: anant I want to tell u something''something very important''..

Anant: what's it navya?

Navya: woh anant!!

Anant: yeah navya tell''

Navya: anant'.i'..i know u will be angry at me for hiding this but'.i have hidden one thing from u'.that I am'''

Suddenly navya thinks about her past'.Mukesh'his deeds and the kind of turn her life has made in a day'..she feels that it is not good to drag anant also into all this''he knew that she was having these problems but after knowing that navya is pari'..he will be more involved'..she didn't want this to happen''just a day with her was so troublesome for anant then what would happen when he met her everyday'..she feared'..

Anant curious: where r u stuck navya? What r u hiding from me?

Navya back to normal: anant'..that'.im' sorry'..yeah sorry'.bcoze I knew about the forest and these villagers, this bear figure and the hole but still I sent u here'..don't be angry at me for this'..i should have told u that those villagers don't allow people to use this river for any purpose'..

Anant quite disappointed: that's all? u wanted to tell this?

Navya: yeah'.did u expect something else?

Anant: yeah'.I mean no'.that's ok navya''don't be so tensed'.im not angry at u and it was fun and yeah u won the bet''I got scared this time'.

Navya gives a pale smile and walks towards th road'.

Navya: come on anant'..b4 they return we should leave''.

Anant: ok'

Anant in mind: no' sure navya was about to tell something else''she was speaking something but her eyes were expressing something else''

In a few minutes anant and navya reached the road without being noticed by the villagers'.however, anant was surprised to see a car beside theirs'..

Anant in a comic mood: hey we have got a lift''.but how did they know we r coming?

Navya: anant'..i think ranbir has sent this car''.while u were in the forest he had called u and I managed to tell him what happened''.he said he will send a car and a mechanic''..

Anant: oh'.thanks navya'..

Suddenly ranbir gets off from the car and greets them''

Ranbir: hey anant'.navya'..i didn't just sent a car'..i came to pick u guys''get in'..

Suddenly the glass of the back seat comes down and appy greets them'..

Appy: hey navya'' too here'..i didn't know ur results r out today'..we all r coming to ur college''

Navya: what? u all?

Appy: yes'..i always love to go to check the results of my friends''.but except mine''come and join me here'..

Nvay goes to the car and joins appy behind while anant goes to the front side and opens the door to find krish there'..

Krish: hi''.im also there buddy'..kindly take the back seat''this is already booked''

Anant: what r u saying? This is my seat''now go and sit behind''

Krish: no ways'..and why can't u sit with navya whole the while u were with her and now ur feeling shy to just sit beside her?

Anant and navya give a shocked look at each other at the same time'.navya then turns as she starts blushing''.

Anant: krishhh'..cummon buddy'..control ur tongue''I always tell u this'..i have no problem sitting with navya''.the thing is ur sitting in my reserved place'..

Krish: cummon yaar'..

Appy: anant''.just for today come here na''

Anant: ok'..but krish I'll see u soon''.

Krish makes a scared expression but soon laughs at himself while anant joins navya and appy behind'..the mechanic they had bought was left with the car and off they set to navya's college'..

Throughout the journey they had a good laughter time as navya narrated the story of the bear, the hole and the villagers''..but anant kept on gazing at navya, who could read from her eyes that something was troubling her from inside'..she was trying to smile and be happy with everyone but she was deeply hurt for something'..


Anant is shocked to discover that navya is famous in her college for singing the songs written by herself''he wonders how can 2 people have so many similarities''anant decides to investigate this matter seriously''


So guys I know this forest track was a bit dragging but hope u liked the prank of navya'.the way she felt when she realized her prank backfired'..anant's slow but strong instinct about similarities between navya and pari''whatever it is''.i seriously need ur comments to know what u felt about all this''thanks for reading''.







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Wow awesome update Siona...loved reading it. Loved the forest scene and Anya car scene...So Navys decided to tell the truth and then backed out aww :((((...Precap is superb Big smile
Super excited for next update :))))

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u portrayed d stry very well...i could imagine each nd every scene perfectly...nd d forest scene ws.something lyk Blushing ...awesome...hope anant knows abt navya's truth soon...waiting fr tat...want to see his reaction...Day Dreaming...update it soon...

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ur explanation about the forest and villagers brings the full picture in front my eyes. Precap is soo interesting. Hope Anant will find the truth soon.

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awesome update dear liked the way anant hold navya in the forest and when navya folded with her dupatta in anant's elbow very much awaited to read the next update to find anant's investigation update soon dear

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awesome update
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Awesome too good the best... Phirrr

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