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Anant and Navya remained in the car for about 15 minutes with the hope that the rains would lessen but their hopes drowned with the rain and it rained like the land was starving for water since centuries''

Anant: navya I think we should somehow put the other tyre'.can u help me?

Navya: what should I do?

Anant: I know how to change the tyre'u just hold the umbrella for me so that I don't get drenched'.

Navya: ok'..

Anant: saying this he goes back to check for the spare tyre''in a few minutes anant returned with yet another long and annoyed face'..

Anant: where did the spare tyre go? i had told the hotel people to always keep a spare tyre'.

Navya: u don't have a spare tyre?

Anant: yes''this is a rented car so I had only given instructions of the things I needed in it''but I guess they didn't keep the tyre'..

Yet another way that was opened for them got closed''

Navya: anant''why didn't we think b4? We can call a mechanic with a spare tyre''.there isn't any mechanic nearby but I have a few numbers'.

Anant: yeah and I can inform ranbir too that we r stuck here''so he can get us out of here'.

Navya: yeah''

Saying this, she takes out her blackberry phone which shocks anant''

Anant: u have a blackberry?

Navya: yeah so what happened?

Anant: nothing''

Anant in mind: why does navya have so many similarities to pari? but if she was pari then should would have told me' least as of now we know each other'..and I told about pari to her yesterday'..she didn't even react''what should I think of all this? Pari also has a blackberry''.

Navya: hat happened anant? Why aren't u calling ranbir?

Anant: yeah im calling'..

He tries to call ranbir but fails due to bad signal strength''

Anant: oh gosh what a stupid place is this'..nothing is working''

Navya: pls relax anant' god has closed one way then he will surely open another''..why don't we try asking for lift?

Anant: ok''

They stand outside for nearly half an hour but none of the vehicles stop for them coze they were wholly occupied' seemed that ill-luck didn't end following them even after this much of trouble'.

Anant: I can't stand in rain anymore''..navya come on let's get into the car''

Saying this he turns to the other side of the umbrella only to find navya missing''.he gets tensed and starts searching for her'..

Anant: NAVYAAA!!!!

Suddenly hears a reply for somewhere nearby' was navya at the other side of the car'..she was enjoying the rain''

Navya: ANANTTT!! Im here''.

Anant reaches there and sees navya laughing and dancing in the rain'..she was completing enjoying the droplets and looked like an innocent princess who was wishing for happiness since long''.he was lost in her innocent acts'..he had never seen anyone so beautiful in the rain'..all around him in Mumbai, there were girls who would run away from rains coze their make ups would get washed away''he always stayed away from them''coze he felt they were fake'.they never dared to show their real face to the world'..the real face that was hidden behind the thick layer of makeup''.but here he was seeing someone diverse''she had that natural beauty which required no makeup, no masks to show the world' fear of rain'..that made him to fix his eyes on her without any distractions''

Suddenly he realizes what he is thinking and stops'..

Anant in mind: what am I doing? Why am I getting lost in her always? im not supposed to do this''I hardly know her'..then why? She is someone who has numerous problems in life'..but''

Navya: anant'.u too come an join'..enjoying rain is the best thing we can do now'..i guess we have no other option left'..

Anant: navya do u want to join ur sister in bed for fever tomorrow?

This question gets stuck in navya's mind and she runs back to the car followed by anant''

Navya: I didn't think of that'..but the rain was good'..

Anant: I know but we should think of our health too'.we don't even have a towel to wipe off our hair'..

Navya: at least u didn't get wet'..u have a concert tonight''.if Im sick I can manage''.

Anant liked the level of concern she had while she was talking to him'.

Anant: thanks navya'..and sorry'..if u had taken a rickshaw then u wouldn't have got this late to reach college'.

Navya: don't be anant'.everything that happens in life is for some reason''maybe we r suck up together coze we can give each other company''imagine u getting stuck in this place all alone'..hehe

Anant: why? u think im scared?

Navya: u aren't?

Anant: of course im not''.

Navya: anyone will be anant'u r not an exception'.

Anant: navya im not'..and I can prove it'

Navya: really? Then can u bring me water from a river that flows nearby this road?

Anant: what? river? i haven't seen any river'..

Navya: anant'.r u a native of this city or me? Will u know better about the places here or me?

Anant: of course u'..

Navya: so I say there is a river'..pls get me water'.im starving'..

Anant: really? In this weather? Why do u want river water? I can keep this bottle outside for few minutes and u'll get rain water''.

Navya: no'..

Anant: why?

Navya: I guess someone is scared to go to the river''

Anant: no'..i was just giving u a suggestion'..but if u want then I'll get it'..

Navya was happy that anant was going'.she smiled mischievously as if she knew something was wrong there''..anant looked at her and tried to figure out what could be the challenge in going there but she made a plain face and he left'.confused''

Navya to herself: let's see if Rockstar anant is really brave'..hehe

Saying this navya settles into the seat and relaxes''.by now the rain had slowed down much to navya's relief''.

Navya: I have sent anant'..i hope he's fine'.the rain has also reduced''a good signal''.

Things had turned a bit lighter when there came yet another trouble''a jeep with two drunkards''they were passing by anant's care when they felt movement in it and decided to investigate'..

Drunkard1: hey I think there's someone in it'..

Drunkard2: why should we bother?

Drunkard1: hey what's the big deal''.let's see'.

Both of them approached the car and almost had the view of navya sitting in''much to their delight''

Drunkard1: looks like we have got company in this place'.. (laughing evilly)

Drunkard2: yeah'' (Joining his evil laugh)

Suddenly navya hears footsteps and thinks anant is back is about to tease him when she sees the drunkards'.

Navya: oh gosh who are these guys''.what will I do now?

Nothing was coming to her mind and they were almost close to the car''she decided to close her eyes and leave everything to god''SUDDENLY'..she hears the car door opening and someone entering it''

A voice: Hi Wifeyyy''..

Navya got a shocker when she heard the word wifey''.she opened her eyes and turned much to her relief''.

Navya: anant''.

Saying this she starts crying and hugs him tight''anant is stunned to her reaction but hugs back to comfort her''

Anant: navya''I know u were angry with me''I know im stupid sometimes''..

Navya suddenly realizes what she was doing and leaves him while she is confused what anant is trying to say''.

Navya: anant what r u trying to s'

B4 she completed he started speaking''.

Anant: navya''I know ur still angry on me but pls forgive me''

Navya: anant but'..

Anant: pls accept this flower and tell u forgave me''

Navya looks at the purple flower which was widely seen in the forest area where she had sent him'..she smiled at him and took it''but still she wondered why he is acting'..

Navya: thanks and I forgive u but'..

Anant: hey im so happy''

He turns around to check if the drunkards were still there'..he could see them confused and looking at each other'..

Anant: hey bros''whats up? Im so happy that my wife has forgiven me''..thanks for taking care of my wife until I returned'..

Drunkard1: what?

Anant: yeah'..thanks''..

Both of them look even confused and they spare no minute to leave the spot''seeing the way they left, anant starts laughing and he turns to navya who is also laughing by now''.

Navya: anant'.thanks a lot?

Anant still laughing: for what?

Navya: I know why u did all this'.at first I thought why u called me wifey''but then I understood u were trying to drive away the drunkards' ur own style''without any fights'..

Anant: since im ur fav singer''I could have made a hero entry and do stunts to fight the drunkards''but im a peace lover' I do things in my own style'.

Navya laughs and asks him about water''

Anant: u still want it?

Navya: of course''btw till where did u go?

Anant: I was almost inside when I remembered that I didn't ask u directions'..there were so many paths''so I wondered with one to take''.so I returned to ask u''.that's when I saw these 2 men''I guessed u might be scared''..

Navya pleased: really? how?

Anant: I know u navya''.

Anant might not have realized that his reply would matter so much for navya'..he said he knew her''.how did he know her this much? Why was he so interested in knowing her? These questions started revolving in her mind''but she didn't say anything'.she tells him the directions and sends him again''anant sets off without knowing what was awaiting him there'..



Navya curses the moment she sent anant inside the jungle'..she fears anant has injured himself while going to the river''she knew the reason'.she is inside the jungle searching for anant''she shouts his name but no response''..


So guys'..i know u cannot say there was any romance r anything in this update''but I tried'..Anya being quite strangers and quite known to each other'..i cannot add more romance'..that's not practical''but I hope still u enjoyed the chapter'.all I can say is within the coming 4-5 chapters anant will find navya is pari''how and when I can't reveal' stay tuned'..i promise''and I never break my promises''




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done guys..give ur feedbacks and comments...waiting for em...

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Wow full on anyalious update Siona...loved everything about this update be it navya being naughty, enjoying rain or being concerned about anant :))) ...And about anant loved his style of shwoff the drunkkards Wink and he being very much at ease with navya :))) wow amazing update...precap is scary, hope everything is fine with anant :D
update next part soon.

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Originally posted by anyadiv96

suprb update...nd anya made it hot...awesome...lovely...waiting to see d next nd also when anant ll know tat navya is pari...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Heart

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Wonderful siona.. Full on Anyalicious update.. Loved every bit of it corefully. loved the helpless Anya finding no way in nyways and the wowiii rain dance of Navya & Anant glaring witha lovely feeling over her.. loved the way Anant hugging navya inorder to drive away d drunkards. scray precap haaan

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Really awesome update dear...
-Liana- IF-Sizzlerz

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wonderful uodate siona jst amazing loved the entire update everything ws really amazing loved hw navya ws playing with rain & Anant ws lots in her Day Dreaming & hw he acted to save navya everything ws really good & the precap seems more interesting do cont soon :))

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