AnyaFF:PehlaPyar:Chap:22(pg145)(dont comment here) (Page 42)

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waiting waiting

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great goingg!!!!!!!!!! idk how i iised ths :? pls continue soon

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@juthee-thanks dear...
@samnafa-thanks dear and im updating it now...
@parmasone-thansk dear...
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thanks to all who liked my im gonna do my next udpate...hope u all like it too...

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going to update kya?? :P

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Navya starts getting the flashbacks of the family spending happy times with mamaji'.everything seemed so smooth till the moment she discovered the reality of her own uncle''how could someone be so cruel that he destroys the lives of his own relatives'..that to someone like Mukesh'''navya was flabbergasted''she sat on the floor for nearly 10 minutes''..motionless''she didn't know how to react''.it was definitely not a dream' was a living nightmare'..she had to face it'..she came back to senses when a nurse came to check devika's reports'..navya hid behind the curtains until the nurse was gone'..hurriedly she comes out and is about to leave when devika calls her from behind'..

Devika: navya''will u spare some time with me if u can?

Navya turns around with her swollen eyes and pale face''devika understood that navya had listened to all her convo with Mukesh' fact she had known navya's presence long back and that's why she made Mukesh to confess all his truth there'..suddenly navya takes up her phone and dials ritika''

Navya: ritika'.u go home I cannot find my bag'..I think I need to inform the hospital authority about it''after that I have to recharge internet also'.I have to chat with anant na? so I'll be back'u don't trouble out'..tell maasi not to worry''mamaji is there rite'' make everything alright(with a little amount of sarcasm in the word mamaji)

Ritika: r u sure navya? Hey mamaji is coming out'.shall I tell him? i think he can't see me coze im sitting in the auto''

Navya anxiously: no''don't tell mamaji that I came inside''.i mean'..he had some important work so let him go'..I'll inform him later if I do not get my bag after few more searching'..ok

Ritika: fine navya'..take care'.

Navya thanks god that he didn't see ritika down there and he didn't know the fact that navya was present in the ICU''she turns back and walks to devika''

Devika: navya beta''whatever I have to say pls listen carefully and quickly''.i can't risk ur life by making u stay here forever''..ur mamaji may come back anytime and if he sees us conversing then u will get into trouble''even the doctors and nurses here are in his favor so u may fall in trouble''.

Navya: aunty pls'..don't make me feel guiltier by showing this much concern'..why don't u care for ur life? he almost killed u for telling us the truth''..i can't believe that he has such a brutal face'..but I guess this is his real face'..u were right''he is a fake from top to bottom''im really sorry aunty for the harsh words I used for u''.i was negatively brainwashed about u''

Devika: beta'..that's ok'..anyone would react the same way to me if they were told that I was responsible for their mother's death'.now I wanted to talk to u coze ur mother told me some important things b4 dying'.i don't know if I survive or not so I have to tell'..

Navya: nothing will happen to u aunty'..what did ma tell u?

Devika goes to a flashback''13 years ago''the same hospital where meetha was admitted'..

Devika is shown surrounded by a group of nurses while she enters the ICU'.

Devika: meetha ji''ur the patient''what happened?

Meetha sadly: im glad I met u on time devika''I'd like to apologize for our bad behavior to u that day''we believed Mukesh bhaisab''..

Devika shocked and scared: u know the truth? i hope u have not become his victim'..

Meetha: yeh I know the truth''..he is a cheat'..he killed Dilip jiju and separated me from my husband''.Deepak ji left me due to a misunderstanding he created between us''.I'll tell everything in detail

Meetha tells that she had got few hints from her friends that Mukesh was involved in some wrong business''this all happened when one of meetha's friend refused to marry him and her friend secretly told her that her family got some source that he was running an illegal business''.meetha didn't believe initially but she decided to investigate' this process she came cross various facts that lead to the truth that he was indeed operating an unlawful business of smuggling, hoarding, etc'''later on she thought of meeting Mukesh and talk to him when she sees Mukesh paying some goons for killing Dilip and then destroying all proof that indicates that he was murdered''she even hears them telling that he had payed to the hospital staff to stand against the sincere doctor devika and prove her postmortem reports wrong. Meetha got a shock of her life by knowing the truth''.slowly she connected all the loop holes and tracks that he was indirectly responsible for her separation with husband Deepak''..without committing the mistake of confronting him, she decided to meet a lawyer and take legal action against him' she acted normal for a few weeks and gathered all proof''..then the worst day of her life came, the day she went to meet the lawyer, the day she was attempted to murder and the day she breathed her last breadth'''

She went to the court and met the best lawyer there''.

Meetha: sir I have a very important matter to discuss''.i have come across some proof that proves that my brother-in-law Dilip was actually murdered''..and I know who the real culprit is''.

Lawyer: really? that will be an interesting case! have u got the proof now?

Meetha: no''s in my house''.safe'..u will take up the case right?

Somebody suddenly interrupted the conversation and meetha was astounded to see Mukesh at the door''.he was standing there for quite long and was listening to all the conversation but he came in normally and behaved as if he heard nothing''..

Mukesh: meetha what r u doing here? Is everything alright?

Meetha was stuck for a moment but she relaxed thinking that Mukesh didn't hear anything''.

Meetha: nothing bhaisab just a casual meeting''

Mukesh: if that's the case then I have an important legal meeting with him so will u mind if I proceed with him?

Meetha: no problem

Meetha thought of meeting the lawyer later and was about to go when Mukesh stopped her and promised to drop her home''.so meetha stayed back until the meeting was done'..she didn't want Mukesh to think that she doubted him''.but poor meetha'..she didn't know she had already entered a large trap''..Mukesh drove her back and they had some casual chat and meetha felt how he could do such awful things to his own family''.how he could survive with a duel face'.a good and fake face in front of them and the real face to his world of cruelty

Meetha: ok bhaisab''I'll leave' u later''

Mukesh: bye forever behna''.thanks for all the rakhis u have tied till date''

Meetha gives a strange look at him but laughs ad says that he was joking''meetha turns and crosses the road to reach the other end when a group of goons attack her and put a rope around her neck''they tie it so hard that meetha couldn't breathe a she collapsed on the ground'..b4 getting unconscious she could see Mukesh pointing at the goons with a thumps up''indicating "Good Job Boys"''that's the last thing she saw b4 closing her eyes''.

Now back to hospital ICU:

Devika: I can't believe meetha ji''.he stooped to this low''don't worry I will treat u and make sure he does nothing to u''..

Meetha struggling: I don't know if I survive or not devika but I want my family''maya and Deepak to know this truth''I don't want Mukesh bhaisab's shadow on by daughters navya and ritika''they should be in safe hands and I don't trust him anymore'..pls promise me that u will tell them the truth'..u will soon or later make them realize that he was the true culprit''.

Devika: pls don't say that meetha ji''.i promise that they will know the truth one day''and I will do anything for that'''.

Meetha was happy listening to this as she struggled for breadth''.

Suddenly a nurse came in telling that meetha needs to be injected with some medicine and devika needs to rush to the lab to get it'..

Devika: but why me? u can get ti''

Nurse: no doctor'.the lab doctor is refusing to give''pls u go'..its urgent'..

Devika: ok but take care of meetha''

Nurse: ok'.

Devika rushes to the lab only to find that the nurse was lying'.the lab doctor says that he had provided the nurse with a injection that's to be given to a  cancer patient admitted recently''.

Devika: omg''will that nurse inject it on meetha ji? no''

She runs back and sees meetha surrounded by maya and the kids''she helplessly sees meetha dying pointing towards Mukesh but no one noticed it as he came on time and held her hand''..later devika tries to prove her innocence but Mukesh smartly puts all blame on devika that she injected the cancer injection on meetha to seek revenge''..

Flashback ends

Devika: this is what happened dear and im glad that at least now I could tell u the truth'' its u who can save ur family from that demon'.

Navya is speechless and motionless''.she doesn't know what to do further''

Devika: navya r u ok?

Navya coming back to senses: haa? Yeah im ok''im'really'.oohkk'.

Devika: now listen navya'..u should not be like ur uncle Dilip or mom who didn't realize that they were in trouble due to Mukesh'..u should be more smarter''act and think more smartly''u should do whatever needed without his knowledge'.got it''don't do the foolishness of confronting him and asking him why he did all this''..

Navya: ok aunty''.don't worry''I'll think wisely'..I think I need to leave''

Navya left the hospital without Mukesh or anyone's notice and managed to reach outside where she was walking without noticing the vehicles''Suddenly a vehicle comes from nowhere and is about to hit her when someone pulls her back and she regains senses.

Person: have u lost ur senses? if that vehicle had hit u then what would u do?

Navya is still not in full senses so she doesn't respond to the person's scolding or whatever it was''and moves forward''..

Person: hey listen''how what kind of people live in Kanpur'.we help them and they don't even bother to say thank u''.

Navya stops and turns to tell her sorry''

Navya: im sorry'..and thanks u too'..actually''I''leave it'.anyways thank u hmmm''I don't know ur name''.

Person: Appy''Appy ahuja'.and u?

Navya: im navya''thanks appy'..i was totally lost and if didn't come on time then'..

Appy: hey yaar'..chill'.i was just joking''actually im glad I could save ur life and ur too sweet'..actually u guys of Kanpur are very sweet''

Navya: but just now u told we have no manners to even tell sorry''.

Suddenly someone laughs hearing this while appy is embarrassed''

Appy: now stop is Ranbir bhai''

Navya is shocked to see Ranbir coze she has seen him with anant in his pics''.she realizes that he is anant's friend'.

Ranbir: now I like this navya'..I find very little people who talk this frankly to my sister and u r one of them'..

Appy: shut up bhai'.

Navya: ur Ranbir ahuja rite? friend of Rockstar anant and member of his famous band?

Ranbir: see appy''im famous everyone'..even she know me'.yeah its me''looks like ur a fan of my buddy''

Navya: yeah sort of''.

Appy: only sort?

Navya: yeah that'.

Ranbir: now appy this is called bad manners'..we have been talking to navya for this long but we didn't offer her for a coffee or to drop her home''

Navya: no there is no need of any formalities I can go home'.

Appy: no no'.bhai is right''come u look very stressed and panicked so u surely need a coffee'' this way u can meet others who have come with us to Kanpur''

Navya: but why r u all doing this for me? i merely know u and u also don't know me''

Appy: dil ka connection my dear''I don't know why but I feel I taking u to my friends and meet them''maybe im over dramatic but it's a fact'..and im sure bhai won't mind right?

Ranbir: no I have no probs'.

Navya was quite tensed coze she was going with strangers'..obviously they couldn't be her friends in just a few minutes''however she didn't want to refuse them'..and she needed a change'.a refreshed mind to think what to do about Mukesh mama''.



Navya is walking along the poolside when a guy comes in a hurry and hits her''she is about to fall into the pool when he catches hold of her hand'.she turns around to see that the guys is none other than Anant.


I know this update is very late guys''.im sorry for that coze I was a lill busy with some other stuff'..anyways hope u liked this update'..wait for next update coze it have the most awaited meeting of Anya''all ur comments/criticisms and feedbacks to be accepted with positivity'.lol


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gr8 going siona..luved it ..continue soonTongue

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this is juz so mindblowing siona..Clap am in love with this ff..Heart great going.. awwsome. & after reading precap i juz cant wait anymore to read next chap nw.. plz plz plz update the next asap.. Day Dreaming

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