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Originally posted by sana1sana

Wowww phir
thank u sana dearSmile

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Originally posted by Parmasone

Loving the staoryy!!!! wnna see Anya meetingg!!!!!!
thanks dearBig smile
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going to do the update very soon...hope u like this part too...
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Anant returns from the conference, all tired and wonders if Pari has listened to the song''he hurries to his room''freshens up and orders for his special mint lime juice and signs in to his chat account''..he had been hoping for a message from Pari ''..but much to his disappointment''there was none''.Anant had no other choice but to wait patiently till the following day and this made him restless'''probably he himself didn't understand why''.he didn't realize he was in love''with Pari or ultimately with navya''..

Navya was very upset that Ritika didn't listen to her''only she knew why she had to hide about Anant to her''there was a story behind this and it was unknown to anyone except her and Anant''perhaps they had promised to each other not to share it with anyone'...but now she had to share it with Ritika''otherwise she would loose the closest bond of her life'.she didn't want that to happen''.

It was around 7pm when navya returned from her office(navya's college began at 8am and ended at 1pm, after which around 2.30pm she would join office and finish work at 6.30pm)'..her aunt Maya opened the door and she behaved normal indicating navya that she was not involved in the fight between the sisters this time. This made navya tenser since most of their fights were known to Maya and she would play the savior at the end.

Navya: maasi? Where is Ritika? Did she say something?

Maasi: no dear''.but why did u ask this question even before taking a deep breadth at home? Lemme me guess'..r u two into a fight yet again?

Navya: No maasi there's nothing of that sort''well where is she? I had some college work to do with her'.

Maasi: oh I see''.she is in her room'..looks like something happened in her call centre'..she is quite mood off'..didn't even come to have tea'..u go and check''.

Navya: ok maasi'.

Navya gains all strength and heads towards Ritika's room''maasi had signified that Ritika is in no good mood so it would toughen her job''.she opens the door and looks around to see the room empty''

Navya in mind: where is Ritika? Lemme me think'..when she is gloomy she often tiptoes to the garden without anyone's knowledge'..only I know this'..

Without wasting a minute she goes to the garden''.as expected, Ritika was there'..Navya goes and sits beside her'..seeing navya, she gets up to leave but navya stops her by holding her hand''..

Navya:Ritika pls''can't u give me a chance to explain my part?

Ritika: what else is left to say? Leave me''

Navya: no ways'..until u listen what happened 3 months b4 that forced me to contact Anant through a private site''.I won't leave u''

Ritika was refusing to hear when suddenly navya's words passed through her mind like bullets'..she stopped and decided to listen to navya had to tell'.she needed to have a little bit of faith on her sister''

Ritika: ok navya''im ready to listen''.but this time''.I want to hear only truth and complete truth''

Navya: ok' was all 3 months b4 when I was in my practical lab when''

The flashback begins''

Navya is shown in her full-size computer lab''it was her practical classes and she was sitting before a computer accessing some programming codes''after some time the teacher announced a 10 minute break during which all the students were allowed to browse the net''.since navya was a dye-heart fan of anant's music and personality, she spared no chance to search about him'..she already knew much about him'..obviously all the gossips and rumors buffed by media but she never bothered it'..somewhere in her heart, someone told her that Anant is not the way the media buzzes about any celebrity'..he was different''

Amongst the gossips, she had even read articles that wrote Anant mentioning that he is still waiting for his lady love'..a girl who will change him forever'..the media wrote it as an escape from revealing his relationship with any girl but navya found the depth in each lines told by him'..she believed him'.she never dreamt of being his lady love but she couldn't deny the fact that she liked him''what kind of liking it was''that was hard for her to describe''.

Navya decided to get some latest pictures of Anant and download the songs from the newly released album of his''.she opened two tabs parallel and decided to work on it as she was running out of time''at least she could finish one and the rest she could complete in office''. "very latest pictures of Rockstar Anant"''she typed in the Google images search and immediately turned to the other tab for the songs''once she put the songs in search she turned back to the pictures'..what she saw was astonishing''

Navya: what nonsense is this? Who is this girl standing near Anant? So were the rumours correct that he has a girlfriend? No it can't be!

The pics showed Anant standing close to a girl in a black short frock''navya couldn't believe so decided to investigate about the whole matter''she clicked on the picture and went to its source website''she was even further shocked that all the pics connected to the girl was posted by a single website that too a few minutes ago' was even apparent that the website was also freshly created''.it mentioned that it is Rockstar Anant's personal website and this will be used to exclusively discuss and showcase his personal photos and other important news regarding his family and career. Navya felt something fishy about it as Anant always liked to keep his personal life away from media''..

Navya used all her knowledge in website designing and coding for this mission'..she left no stone in tracking the identity of the website' a few minutes she realized that the website is fake one'' the question in her mind was on how to stop this website from defaming Anant with such false photos''..the break was over for them and the teacher told them to return to their practicals''..however navya couldn't leave Anant in such trouble'.she knew that she could do so much in a short time span coze the website and the photos have not come in much attention of the online viewers''..she hid the browser key and pretended to concentrate on her programme while she was really working on the net'.soon she contacted the website that could temporarily block the fake website from being viewed to the outside world.

She momentarily succeeded in her mission and now she had to do is contact someone related to Anant and inform about this website''that was a tough job'..she searched throughout the net for any real id or username that could be contacted but failed'..b4 she could do anything further''. "Navya!!!" The angry voice of her professor made her scared'..

Professor: what the hell are u doing in the net when I told u all to close it and work on ur programme? get out of the lab at once'.

The professor didn't even give her a chance to speak b4 she told her to get out'.at that moment navya felt that this was the apt chance to leave the college and find a way to contact Anant or anyone related to him. She immediately left the room and b4 closing the door she could hear the professor roaring that Navya didn't even have the courtesy to say sorry and continue her classes''she didn't bother it coze she felt this work more prior.

She took her belongings from her class and rushed out of the college'..she didn't even inform Ritika that she was leaving the college early. There was an internet caf near the college where she hurried and took her seat''.thus began her search for an id again''.after a lot of failed attempts'..she decided to search the twitter for any clue''to her luck's or anant's, the website provided navya with anant's original and verified id' was his real id and she didn't waste any time to send him a direct message with a link of the fake website''

Navya waited for some time with the hope that there would be a reply but she was wrong''.Anant had not logged in to his twitter account so he wouldn't have seen it''this made navya uptight and time was running out'.she couldn't stay in the caf for so long coze it would cost her a lot''.no one knew where she was''not even Ritika''.what would she say if Ritika called? The atmosphere turned too intense for navya that she felt like crying''she started praying to god for a positive response'..she didn't want Anant to fall in any mess' long as she knew how to help him'..

About half an hour later''.

Anant came out of the recording room after singing for a new album'.he chilled up with his mint lime juice and it's when Ranbir called him up and informed that their rock band is getting more popular in twitter per day'..

Ranbir: yaar Anant'..we did take the right decision by starting the band'..check by yourself how popular it is'..don't waste a single moment''.sign in to twitter now''

Anant: ok yaar'..

Anant signs in to his account and gets surprised to see nearly 10 direct messages''he felt like checking them later but something stopped him''..he decided to check them first''.he made the right choice''

Anant: 10 direct messages'..from someone named Pari? Who is this? Probably a fan? Let's check it''

Anant saw the content in the messages and got so stunned'..he opened the link but since it was temporarily blocked he couldnet see what it had''however, pari(navya) had mentioned what it had and what he needed to do in this situation''


Anant sir'..oops I know u don't like anyone calling that'..Anant'..the  website below has some fake pics of urs with some girl'..after some research and investigation of mine, its proven that its fake so I managed to temporarily block the site from others'''now u have to contact the website and block it forever''.hope I helped u on time from being defamed''.

Link: (guys this is an imaginary website so pls don't go for a search''.lol)

Yours faithfully,

A big fan of urs PariJ

Anant was so much impressed with pari's work and he sent a thanks message to her''soon he informed this to Ranbir and his father who did further processes to block the website forever'.

By this time navya had left the caf so she couldn't get the thanks reply of Anant'at the other side Anant was waiting to see he would get any response from Pari''his new rescuer''he didn't know how he could thank her'' 

Rest of the flashback in next chapter coze the flashback is quite long'.now from next chapter'..Anya chatting will be shown''


Navya opens her newly opened twitter account to check if Anant has replied''.she is super excited and almost in a state of fainting when she sees his reply'.the thanks message''.it touched her heart''


So guys''update after a long time'..thanks to all the people who replied' overwhelmed guys''.hope u like this one too''there are some part in which im mentioning about internt websites and all..its just my imaginatyion guys.pls do not take it seriously...i dont even know how blocking of websites r done so just take it as still in dad's school computer''''cya''



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me first :P

awesome update siona..iwas waiting 4 ur update frm many days .. thanks Smile
luved it but this is too short ..plznext want a big updateEmbarrassed

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Wow awesome update Siona...loved how beautifully u have described Anya meeting and Anant falling for pari too cute...update soon...

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Wow ...awesome update dear...plzzz update soon...

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