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Anant wrapped navya under his arms and both entered a different world where there were no worries. Navya was way too scared that she too hugged him tight. The pehla pyar hai yeh music went for some time and soon navya realizes whats happening around.

Navya: anant where did all this people come? and how did u know I was here?

Anant: ur phone helped me navya! I heard the sound of engine and thought of just checking this area and found u with those people; btw who were they?

Navya: they were mukesh mama's goons.

Anant: what? they reached here as well? i mean so close?

Navya: I told u anant, this matter is not as simple as u think; it's very complicated and mukesh mama is very clever and dealing him is not an simple work

Anant: navya relax! I didn't take up the job of helping u without thinking of such possibilities; in fact we should always consider our enemies more clever than us; otherwise we will become over-confident about what we do.

Navya: and still u want to help me?

Anant: anything for u navya urf pari ji!

A pale smile appeared on her face and this could possibly the first time she had smiled after she fought with anant on the day of the concert; it was a fact that this happened just the day before but anant felt like all this happened days before; that tough it was for him to spare a moment without her smile.

Navya: thanks anant! I don't know how many times I should tell this to u! U changed my life! Ur entry made my life special. I always found myself lucky for being connected to such a popular figure like u! but i!

Anant: but u what navya? At least tell me now why u didn't want to tell me that ur pari navya?

Navya: anant nothing!

Anant: navya pls don't hide

Navya: anant we should be leaving by now! How long shall we stay here like this; and imagine maasi and other's condition when they find us missing.

Anant: oh gosh! I forgot to call them and inform about the new series of events that occurred.

Anya thanks the people for helping them and they proceed to the guest room in the railway station from where anant calls ranbir and tells him what happened.

Ranbir: yaar how can people be this wicked? u guys r ok?

Anant: yeah we r! just a problem we r running out of money and I didn't take any ATM cards too! Navya also has some money and we just took two general compartment tickets to Mumbai and r waiting for the train to come.

Ranbir: can u manage in general compartment yaar? i have heard it's too difficult to travel in it!

Anant: I don't know yaar but we have to bear it!

Ranbir: don't worry about here! I'll handle the situation here with maya aunty and ritz I mean ritika!

Anant: thanks yaar!

Ending the call, anant finds navya sadly looking at her phone.

Anant: what's wrong now navya?

Navya: anant my phone got damaged when I dropped it outside; I guess it needs repair!

Anant: so my poor phone is our ultimate resource LOL

Navya: well yes![:0]

Anant: don't worry navya we will manage! I have an idea!

Navya: what?

Anant laughs in the same way as to when he has an idea, a wonderful plan in his mind! He jumps from his seat and scans around the people sitting in the guest room and finds a young man of around mid 20s working busily in his Apple smart phone; yes he was anant's target!

Anant: hi young man!

Man: hi! Hey aren't u rock star anant? Im so glad to meet to u!

Anant: yeah im anant! But to be frank; im more glad to meet u as u got an apple product.

Man: why sir?

Anant: actually my phone is running out of charge and it needs urgent charging to work; and I had some problems due to which I missed my train and my belongings in it!

Man: im more than happy to help u sir!

Anant thanks him while he takes his charger and puts his phone to get the maximum charge!

Navya laughing: wow anant sir what mind-blowing idea came in ur mind! I must say ur using ur fame in the best way!

Anant surprised: navya were u appreciating me or pulling my leg?

Navya: no no anant! Don't misunderstand me yaar!

Anant felt some unknown peace in his mind when he saw navya laughing and this created a bit light atmosphere around them! Anant! Oh Anant! When would u realize ur falling for this lady named navya?

About half an hour later, anant returned the charger and they boarded the new train to Mumbai in the general compartment Shocked. Poor anant, little did he know what was awaiting him there?LOL

After getting into the train, anant expected that people would be sitting in discipline like in 3 tyre AC compartment ROFL with their seats reserved and allowing others with ticket to sit in their deserved places. However, it was disheartening to see anant's reaction when he entered the compartment and stared at the people in dismay. Anya's seats were somewhere in the middle of the compartment so they had to walk quite a distance to reach there. While passing, Anant was carefully scanning each section on how such a large no. of people were sitting like they were tightly piled upon each other.

He stared at them in disbelief and proceeded while navya could guess why anant was having such a startling face.

Navya: anant! Are u ok?

Anant: ha? Yeah! I guess!

Navya felt that she had to give anant some time to adjust with the surroundings so didn't ask any further questions. After some walk, they were finally there! But wait! What was it? The seats were already filled and not even a mosquito could pass through the crowd formed there. LOL

Anant: what nonsense? These two r our seats! Who gave u permission to sit in here?

Passenger: hey why should u yell? We r not deaf people so talk slowly!

Anant: what? Im talking about seats and ur saying I have to talk softly? First u have done nonsense and now teaching me how to behave?

Passenger: this guy is too heated up! What do u think about urself ha?

Anant: so r u trying to blackmail me? What do u think about yourself?

Navya, who by now understood that the conversation is converting to an argument, interrupted!

Navya: anant stop it! U should not argue on this! pls calm down!

Passenger: now here comes a girl who talks something sensible! Cummon girl tell ur brother to calm down!

Anant get angry by hearing the man calling him navya's brother!

Anant: hey im not her brother! Got it!

Passenger: oh so ur husband he is! Tell him to behave properly in public!

 This time it was navya's turn to panic! She suddenly gets the flashback in Kanpur where anant had saved her from goons telling that he is her husband! She smiles for a second and then reutns to reality!

Navya: well he is my'mmm'

Anant interrupted as he didn't want Navya to tell that he is not her husband! Probably he felt that it was safe that everyone considered them to be a married couple or was t that he liked being called her husband? This remains a question to readers! Wink

Anant: navya! He shook his head indicating her not to tell him the truth!

So navya stops and changes the topic.

Navya: bhaisab! Im really sorry on behalf of him! Actually anant have never been in a general compartment b4 so he doesn't know that during day time though we have ticket this is the condition of the trains.

Anant was shell shocked and gave navya a look as he couldn't believe that this was actually the reality of the general compartment of trains!

Anant in mind: why didn't navya tell me abt this when she knew it beforehand? [:0]

Passenger: it's ok beta! Looks like ur husband is wealthy enough to take u in ac compartment as he has never experienced it! But we r commoners so we know it! Now that u have got seats here! U can check the whole compartment and see if any empty place is there! No one can stop u from sitting anywhere so go ahead!

Navya: thank u bhaisab

B4 anant could say anything; she took his hand and left the place. They searched the whole compartment but found no success in finding any seat.

In the meantime, one of the workers of the train passed the compartment and saw them standing all tired and exhausted.

Worker: u need some help?

Anant: what kind of help can u do bhaiya? no seats are there to seat despite having a seat!

Worker: would u mind being at a seat by the doors of the train which is used by us during nights?

Anant felt it unhygienic so refused but here came another shocker for him as navya instantly accepted his help and proceeded!

Navya turning to anant: now anant! If u want a place to sit; follow me otherwise keep standing here until Mumbai!

Poor anant! He had no other option but to follow!

Now about 15 minutes after leaving the scene ended b4, anya were sitting outside near the door and unfortunately near the washroom[:0]

Anant got up from the seat and walked to the door opened in the opposite side of the seat and stood there. He was having such a miserable time and he could express what he was feeling by now!

Navya quite sarcastically: so r u having a gr8 time anant?

Anant: I hope u can see how gr8 im navya!

Navya: of course I can see! But have u ever imagined anant that far away from a world of yours, there is a world of common people who are suffering or in fact facing this kind of train journey everyday!

Anant returns to the seat and looks at navya in disbelief.

Anant: u must be joking navya!

Navya: no anant! Im not joking! This is a fact! I know many friends of mine who used to travel by local trains from their city and study in our college on daily basis. Even some of them travelled from other states and stayed in houses as paying guests and studied! Being from a rich family, u never had to go through all these hardship to study and work anant!

Anant: ur right navya! I never imagined about this! U all had to take such hurdles to study and become independent in life and I had everything in granted from birth!

Navya: anant I didn't mean that! The only thing I was saying is pls don't argue with these people! U really think they like to sit it this way in these compartments? Im sure if they had money, either they would book tickets in sleeper or AC compartment or take the air route! So I request u not to fight with them! Its neither their or our fault!

Anant smiling: ok navya! Im sorry!

Navya: u don't need to be! Im glad I could make u understand what these people r suffering! Hey have no other go like u! Imagine! U can't survive a single day in this place and they r living it every day!

Anant: now navya! I won't complaint about being on this compartment anymore! We will complete this journey in this place for sure

Navya: r u sure anant?

Anant: yes!

Anant might have promised, but navya knew it would be a herculean task for anant to stay there till Mumbai! Navya had some plan to get anant out of this problem! What was it? Will her plan work? How will anant react to this? Catch up its answers in next update!!!


Anant is so surprised that navya did this to get him out of the difficulty he was having in the train! He asks navya why she is so concerned about his problems and she says she considers him and very good friend. Anant brings forward a hand of friendship and navya is thinking whether to accept it or not!


So guys! Don't throw me chappals for such a late update! And no banana peels or tamatars after reading this update which I made after this long time! I know I dragged the train details a lot! And guys we r commoners so im sure u can relate ur train journeys with these quite a lot? right?Big smile

Pls mention if I have added any bloopers about the description I have given about general compartment and how anant would possibly react after getting into it!LOL

Thanks for reading!







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Sorry for very late reply...this was awesome update loved it.
train sequence was beautifully written :))
Best scene was passenger calling Anant navya's bhai & then her husband LOL & Anant oh Anant when will u understand u r falling for this girl named navya Tongue
Precap is making me curious Wink update soon :))

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very fascinating siona... Loved the hug which Navya and Anant felt in each others arms... good was Anant communicating using his popularity with public and moreover his argument with commoners in train and loved the way Navya making him understand the hardships faced by commoners
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Wow very nice update the way u explained the trainm scenario n our cute anya it was very good cont asap  ClapLOLThumbs Up
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Originally posted by rashvin

very fascinating siona... Loved the hug which Navya and Anant felt in each others arms... good was Anant communicating using his popularity with public and moreover his argument with commoners in train and loved the way Navya making him understand the hardships faced by commoners
thanks rashmi di...yeah this is what i was doing...our hardships while we r travelling and leading our daily lives is something i portrayed in this chapter...i just didnt want to write a simple love story btw anya...i wanted to show the conrtast between them and how they react to small thing soccuring in live...the diffrence between the upbringing of them and how its making positive changes in them...Embarrassed
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Originally posted by Rano_rock

Wow very nice update the way u explained the trainm scenario n our cute anya it was very good cont asap  ClapLOLThumbs Up
thanks rano...yeah the same thing here...the train part i felt was necessary though it was not a romantic sequence...something that part of our daily lives...thanks for likingSmile
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Nice updates dear.  Thanks for the updates

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