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and now im finally gonna update guys...sorry for making u all wait so long...

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It was around 6:30 pm when navya, ritika and maya reached the auditorium where the concert was to happen. Ritika had recovered but insisted to accompany coze it was a big day for then, and probably their last night in Kanpur so she wanted to spend it outside and she desperately needed a break and perhaps some fresh air. Navya and ritika made maya to settle down in the front seat as they were for the special guests of the performers; immediately they rushed to the backstage to meet the gang. On the way ritika sees a tensed navya.

Ritika: navya why r u looking so worried? Thinking of how ma will react?

Navya: ritika im worried due to anant; he has become suspicious that im pari

Ritika: what? How?

Navya: this is all because of my foolishness. One or the other situations were created that made him doubtful

Ritika: so now?

Navya: today I should be very careful

Ritika: navya why don't u tell anant the truth? Why should u hide?

Navya: u know why im hiding ritika. i promise I'll tell him everything once the problem of mamaji ends

Ritika: really?

Navya: yes!

Suddenly navya sees appy coming towards them and stops the discussion. Appy looks anxious this makes navya to wonder what happened

Appy: hey guys?..i think this is a flop show

Navya stunned: what? Why? What happened?

Appy: navya, anant is not well; he is having fever and the worst part is, he has a sour throat hence cannot perform

Navya becomes sad hearing this and blames her for all this

Navya: appy, im responsible for all this. I wish I had not sent him to that jungle; I should have at least thought of his concert.

Appy: navya, don't blame urself. Ur not at fault

Navya: then whom? It's me

Navya starts crying while ritika consoles her. Suddenly anant appears from nowhere followed by ranbir and krish.

Anant stares at the crying navya while she wipes off her tears and tries to hide it from them.

Anant with difficulty: why r u crying navya?

Appy: I'll tell u anant. She is blaming herself for ur condition.

Anant still gazing at her: no navya. There is no need of taking blames. This is entirely my fault. I should have taken care of my health. Now u stop crying and won't worry we will manage

Navya: and how do u think will u manage? U cannot sing?

Anant: yeah, but I can support my band

Navya: u were about to sing the theme song of ur new album today in front of the public; the whole public will listen to ur song for the first time.

Anant: I know navy but I don't have any other go; unfortunately I forgot to even bring a recording of my song. If I had one then I could play it and move my lips.

Ranbir: hey anant that was a rocking idea but u seriously don't have a recording?

Anant: no yaar

Navya suddenly realizes that she has the recording of anant's song in her phone but she couldn't give it. How could she? She would be exposed if she did so.

Navya indirectly: isn't anyone having that song in ur house or in ur friends group?

Anant: no navya, i had sent it to no one?.

Navya: u did send?..

Anant looks at navya with more confidence?..

Anant: really? Who? I don't remember?

Navya couldn't speak anything more. The only thing she could do is contact anant as pari by coincidence.

Navya: I was just guessing. It's impossible that u have never sent it to any of ur family member.

Anant: that's not allowed navya. Only the people associated with the song can be sent. Like I sent to pari, she is the lyricist so she has a copy of the song.

Navya's face lighted up suddenly and she was glad that anant mentioned that pari has the song.

Navya: exactly! Ur friend pari has it so just go and ask her to send it to u.

Anant: and u think pari will be online now to send me the song

Navya stuck amongst his words: hmm, she can be we can try

Anant goes to send pari the message while navya sneaks away to log in and send anant the song.

Anant_Bajpai: hey pari r u there? I urgently need the song pehla pyar. Im unwell and hence will not perform.

In a few minutes he got the reply; well it was actually not a reply, it had the link?.

Anant in mind: this reply came as if pari was waiting for me to send her this message and she was ready to send the link?.how many coincidences can happen in a day??.

MeinEkPari: www.mediafire/pehla-pyar/

(Totally imaginary link guys?.meri crazy dimag mein joh ayaa I just typed?.LOL )

Anant_Bajpai: wow pari so fast, no reply just link? Won't u wish me good luck?

MeinEkPari: sorry anant?..u need to hurry we will chat later. Now hurry up and take care of ur sour throat. Bye.

Reading the word sour throat, anant finalized that pari is navya an navya is pari. He had not told pari he has a sour throat but navya knew it.

Anant_Bajpai: pari wait a minute. Just hold on. Let me check if the link is working and I can download it.

MeinEkPari: ok anant but hurry up!

Without wasting a minute, anant walked to every corner to check where navy is. Finally anant found navya standing in a corner, obviously holding her phone and typing something.

Anant checked if he is getting any message from pari and yes! He got it!

MeinEkPari: anant whats taking so long? I have to leave

Anant_Bajpai: why pari? Why so hurry?

MeinEkPari: but anant

While navya was busy replying to anant, she didn't notice that Anant is standing behind her and reading what she was typing. A smile of joy and excitement filled his eyes when he saw her phone containing the name pari. All his doubts came to an end and reality was in front of him

Anant in mind: so I was right; Navya is indeed pari; the pari whom I wanted to meet in real, whom I wanted to talk and whose voice I was dying to hear. Without wasting a second he called her out

Anant: Pari!!!

Navya unknowingly responded: yeah anant!!!

Navya was flabbergasted while anant was extremely overjoyed to navya's response; Navya turned to face anant and looked straight into his eyes

Anant: so u r pari!!!Im really glad to discover this truth navya!

Hot tears rolled down her eyes which made anant sad.

Anant: navya why r u crying? I said na im really glad to know ur pari

Navya: u shouldn't have known this now anant! I wanted to tell this to u on my own!

Anant: but whats the problem if u told or I found out myself? i know it now!

Navya: anant! u remember rite that I told u that ur not supposed to know my identity; in fact that was the condition on which we chatted

Anant: navya! At that time neither did I knew u nor u knew me. But situation is different now

Navya: nothing is different anant! How many times have we met? We have not even become friends

Anant: navya what kind of childish stuff r u talking? u know me really well though we were chat friends. I have told u everything about me even without bothering that I don't know ur real name.

Navya: Anant but!

Anant: wont u agree navya? i never asked u ur name but still u knew everything about me; and u say we r not friends? If I was not ur friend then why did u send me ur best written poem "pehla pyar"? U could take the credit of this poem but said u wanted me to get its credit; why?

Navya: anant everything is true but this was into the right time for the truth to be revealed

Anant: why navya?

Navya: anant. I never wanted u to get over involved in mamaji's matter; I know that now u will be more eager to drive off mamaji from our life coze im ur friend. And do u think this is easy for me?

Anant: I don't think so; that's why I was wondering how u cold act like a stranger to me

Navya: I was so guilty within but I had to do this?..

Anant smiles looking at the innocent face navya has made and wipes off the tears from navya's face

Anant: its ok navya; I guess now everything is alright

Rapidly navya notices something different; yeah anant's voice.

Navya: anant; ur voice! U had sour throat rite? But u seem completely alright now!

Anant: hmm? navya actually im fine and I was acting that im not well

Navya: what?

Anant: yeah actually I wanted to know if u were pari and u had the song with u

Navya: so u did all this to know my truth? Anant how could u do this? U would ruin ur show due to this?.

Anant: navya nothing was more important than knowing whether u r pari or not. This doubt was ruining my sleep and disturbing my thoughts

Navya: if I was trying to hide then u should have understood that u had to wait; I can't believe that u put ur show into danger due to me. Now I will never talk to u; right from the time we have met, im constantly putting u in trouble and I can't do this anymore

Anant: navya don't say that; I can't live without talking to u

Navya suddenly looks at anant with wonder and anant realizes what he is saying

Anant: I mean im used to talking to u and I can't change this habit of mine

Navya: habits can be changed for good anant and I think u should change this one for sure

Anant: no navya u can't do this!

Navya: of course I can anant; it's my wish if I want to talk to u?.

Anant: u can't be this cruel to me navya; this is not u

Navya: anant pls; I felt like u never trusted me. This is not right!

Anant: navy I don't understand why ur doing all this

Navya: anant pls; at least now that ur fine pls go and perform for ur concert! ur getting late!

Anant: no navya! Until u tell that u will talk to me I won't go from here

Navya: anant tumhe meri kasam?

Anant stops and gets astounded by her promise!

Anant: navya how can u?

Navya: anant this kasam is not only for u to go from here but also to stay away from me; we will not meet from now on

Anant: no?

Navya: if u feel my kasam is just a waste of time then its ur wish

Anant: no! It means a lot for me navya; I won't meet u!

Navya turned around as she couldn't control her tears but didn't want anant to see them! She had to be rude to him! Anant stood there for sometime hoping that navya would change her words but she didn't react! Disappointed, he leaves!

Navya: im sorry anant! I'm sorry

Anant returns to his gang and informs them that he is feeling better and he can sing

Krish: but u were having sour throat? Then how can u sing?

Anant: hey buddy! Im fine now and can sing

Ranbir: well in that case, let's go

Ritika goes in search of navya and finds her crying in a corner. Soon she finds out what happened between navy and anant.

Ritika: everything will be fine navya

Navya: u think so?

Ritika nods and takes navya inside the auditorium where the performance was to start.


Mukesh reaches navya's house only to find the house empty. He sends gundas to airport, bus stands and railway stations to search for them. Other side, anant and the gang are with navya, ritika and maya in a train to Mumbai. Anant is trying to catch navya's attention but she is not paying any attention to it. How will anant convince navya?

Hey guys hope I have come to the expectation of the confrontation u all were waiting for so long??I know I hurried and showed too many things?.in some parts im confused myself if I had to add them or not?..anyways I didn't want to edit what I have written?..whatever ur comments r about the much waiting revelation of navya being pari? ready to read them??thanks for reading





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HI Siona...

See i missed ur chap will read all n comment..Ouch


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lovely update ClapClap
cant see anant and navya seperate

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thanks anu di and neha

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omg 100 pages have my first thread that has crossed 100 pages...

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Awsome update..plzz update next part soon n dont wanna c der separation for long time..

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