AnyaFF:PehlaPyar:Chap:22(pg145)(dont comment here) (Page 93)

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siona waiting pls updateDay Dreaming

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@shazia di- thanks di @sarini di- thanks di
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@son-s and anupadma- guys pls do a bit waiting...i update is ready...only delay is that i need to go to case to put it up
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@chandni- will update today or tomorrow pakka...cheers
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Originally posted by Sio_AngeL

@chandni- will update today or tomorrow pakka...cheers
waiting fr pakka wala tomorw... updateee plzzz today

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Sorry for the late reply.i am busy with my exams.its such a nice chapter!!eagerly waiting for the next update.pls continue soon

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finally im updating guys...i know i made u all wait a lot but sorry for that...

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Navya was quite nervous while she got down from the car'.they had reached the college and navya wondered if she didn't get the expected results what would she do''even ritika was not there''

Navya: I should call maasi and ask how ritika is b4 proceeding''

Ranbir: hey navya''what happened to ritz? i mean ritika'..

Navya: high fever''.that's why I came here alone'

Appy: looks like someone is missing someone'..isn't it ranbir bhai?

Ranbir: shut up'.

Appy makes a strange face and tells navya to call''Navya calls home and maya tells that ritika is recovering after having the medicines prescribed by the doctor'..maya asks if she already saw the results''

Navya: no maasi''I reached just now'..

Maya: now? but u left so long back'..

Navya then tells what happened'..she excludes about anant coze they had not told the gang and their plans to her yet'..she says that due to landslide she had to take the longer route''.maya tells her not to worry and come home soon''navya expresses her nervousness about results but maya encourages her saying that it will be good''.

Maya: my daughters have done the best''s my belief and it will be proved right'..

Navya: thanks maasi''

Maya: thanks ki bachi'..u call me maasi but im ur mom'..don't forget that''

Navya hangs up the phone and takes appy along with her for more strength'.

Appy: don't worry navya'..

Navya reaches the notice board and sees a huge crowd b4 it''

Navya: everyone might have known theirs and even mine too''I should have reached here b4 anyone had come'..

Appy: navya''

Suddenly''. "Naavvyyaaa' Naavvyyaaa' Naavvyyaaa'"

Appy: hey I was calling ur name''then how did it echo three times'..

Navya: appy''s not u'.its reena' class mate''she has the habit of calling everyone three times''.

Appy: oh''

Reena: hey navya navya oh navya''where were u?

Navya: I was hmm'.late coze'..

Reena: never mind''..congrattts''..

Navya: for what'.

Reena: u topped the college'..well it's not a surprise but still'..

Navya is standing like a statue while appy shouts "wooow" and hugs navya''.

Appy: so navya u don't need to check the notice board anymore'..ur the topper''wow''.

Navya: I can't believe it''appy'.im so happy yaar''

Appy: come let's tell this to anant and others'..

Navya: wait''.i have to check ritika's results too''

Reena- wait'..b4 checking hers''.just tell me if u two sisters joined this college to break the dreams of other students who want to top the exams''

Navya: why?

Reena: coze she has topped in MBA'..

Navya excited: really??Wow'..she will be super excited to know this'..

Reena: where is she?

Navya: fever'.

Reena: oh poor thing'.tell my congratulations to her''.

Navya: ok'..

Reena: so what ur''*shocked expression on her face*

Reena: Rockstar Anant and the band members???

Navya turns around to see them coming towards them'..appy was them'..apparently appy had gone in this meantime to tell them about navya's result'..

Anant comes to navya and congratulates her'..

Anant smiling: congrats navya''im impressed'..u won the bet'..

Reena: navya u know him? Wow u never told me or anyone about this'..

Navya: I have become friends with them recently reena'..even after the exams''in fact yesterday'..

Reena: wow''friends in a day'..strange but amazing''but seriously speaking they might have made u their friends after u sung one of ur own written songs or any of anant's songs'..

*Navya and Anant stunned at the same instant*

*Appy, Ranbir and Krish are amazed*

Anant in mind: navya writes poems and then makes it a song and sings?

Anant: really actually we didn't know'.she writes poems?

Reena: ask me what she doesn't do''.i wonder how she manages all this together''.

Anant: what?

Navya: hmm'.reena what's ur result?

Reena: just pass dear''but im happy with that''.now come on let me answer anant first''this is a once in a lifetime chance'..

Anant wonders why navya was trying to stop reena from answering him''

Reena: navya is the most studios software engineering student of this college'.that u can find from her results of course''she is a master in codes and programmes'..i seriously wonder how she tracks each code and corrects them''that's the reason why she got job in that office of that miser man Mr. Kailash Grover'..he likes her work a lot and pays her on time'..*laughs*

Anant carefully listens to whatever reena says and compares the facts with pari's info he has''.

Reena continues: that part time job along with these studies and her poems and stage performances during the college functions'..

Navya: reena? can u stop praising me now? i kinda feel embarrassed now''

Reena: facts baby''they r facts'..why should u feel embarrassed''.im not insulting u' praising u''*laughing*

Navya: but still stop yaar''.

Anant: I didn't know u write poems navya'.do u know the lyrics of Pehla Pyar Hai Yeh'.it's awesome'..someone special wrote it for me''

Navya: I'..don't know anant'..i haven't heard it yet''the album is not released yet anant' how can I know?

Anant firmly: yeah'.how can u know?

Reena: so even after being ur dye- hard fan she has not sung any of ur songs''.she has a huge collection of songs in her phone''.

Anant looking at navya: really? She has never told me anything about it?

Navya finally tells reena to accompany her to check the notice board for the result of other friends and ask the principal when the official documents will be ready'..

While anant is making a list and analyzing them carefully'..his brain is listing and analyzing in this manner


-         Knows tracking of fake websites so is a master in       computers                            

-         Has a part-time job                                   

-         Has a blackberry phone same like her sister gifted by her relative

-         Is a poet so given me the lyrics of pehla pyar hai yeh                                        

-         She is my fan and keeps track of my songs and albums                                          Only pari knew about my concert

-         Pari is very caring and protective to me'..she doesn't want me to fall in             doing the same thing in the any trouble                                                         

-         Only pari has the song pehla pyar with her'..           




-  topper in software engineering so is a master in computers too

- has a part-time job too

- has a blackberry phone too

- poet and singer who composes her own songs

- she is also my fan who keeps track of my songs and albums

- navya spoke the date b4 I told it to anyone' did she know it?

- navya is also the same, she was doing the same thing in the jungle too''..

- is navya having that song too?

(note by me: has anyone studies commerce or economics here other than me' u remember writing the answer for advantages and disadvantages of any question''when I made this table I remembered writing answer for such questions''.rolf)

Anant suddenly: I need to find out'''

Appy: what anant?

Anant: ahh nothing'..hey what's navya's phone doing with u? can I have it?

Appy: no ways'..she told me to take care of it while she is in the principal's room''she says that old man hates mobiles in his room *laughs*

Anant: so am I gonna eat it? i just wanna check which songs she has of mine'..

Appy: sure'.

Anant: what else do I need her phone for?

Anant looks around to see if navya is coming''like a machine on work'.he opens her music folder and checks each song''there he finds a folder named "Private Music Corner"'.excited he opens it but his ill- luck that it was an encrypted folder''

Anant: gosh'..password for a music folder too''navya madam'.ur a true computer genius'..if she is pari then that song will be in folder for sure'.

Anant returns the phone to appy and in a few minutes' navya returns''

Navya: guys'.both of us will get our documents in 3 days' I guess we need to wait for 3 days''but u all can go after the concert'..we will join u later

Appy: what r u saying navya? We can't leave u in danger''.btw'.that mamaji has not come into frame yet'..once he comes then everything will be tough'..

Ranbir: yeah''once he comes to ur house and all then things will be difficult''but b4 he comes if we leave then that's more good''.

Navya: then what about the documents?

Ranbir: I'll make arrangement to get it delivered to my house safely'.then u can take it'..

Appy: yeah navya''we should leave tomorrow itself' for our concert''..u have to come with ritika and aunty'.we all will tell her the truth'..

Navya: it sounds easy appy but so difficult to do'..I don't know how she will react''will she believe or not?

Ranbir: she has to believe navya''

Anant: You have to come with us Navya''that's FINAL'..

Navya looks at anant who is already staring at her''they keep looking at each other until she looks away and breaks the eye contact'..

Anant continues: and ur coming tonight''rite?

Navya: yeah I'll come'.

A smile forms on anant's face''it seems that there is something cooking in his mind''.some plan? Only time could say that''.

Soon they left college and ranbir dropped navya at their home and returned to the hotel'..meanwhile, navya informs maya and ritika the good news. Maya had already prepared kheer and laddoos and she fed it to navya''ritika was better by now and could at least enjoy the feeling of being the topper'.

Navya: maasi we have to attend a concert of the Rockstar Anant and Band today'..we can go right?

Maya: I know u like Rockstar anant's songs dear but its night time''if Mukesh bhaisab was there then he could accompany u both'..

Ritika gets angry and is about to tell her the truth when navya signals her to remain silent''.

Navya: maasi other than the concert there is something else'..pls for our happiness sake let's go''its not to late''we will return by 8pm'..

Maya: today its u day so I have to fulfill what u wish for'..ok''

Navya is happy that maya agreed and hugs her''.she hugs ritika too and takes her to the bedroom where she tells the entire plan of the group''..ritika gets nervous but then says that even maya should face the truth one day'.

Only time could say what else was to come in the lives of these people''.life is strange'.we expect something and things happen that are unforeseen'..


Appy sadly informs navya that anant is unwell due to the rains he got into'..everyone are worried how they will perform without anant''anant says he can go up with them and manage to move his lips but cannot sing coze of sour throat' will navya help him to get out of this problem? If so? How?


Hey guys''finally I managed to finish another day's happenings'..i show too many things happening in a day rite? Kya karein'..ffs mean lots of drama so need to write whatever new dramatic things come in my mind'''..but I sincerely hope ur not thinking what crap im writing'..i require ur frank comments'..thanks for reading



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