AnyaFF:PehlaPyar:Chap:22(pg145)(dont comment here) (Page 66)

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@anya_shamya- ur welkum dear...yes im halfway done with the chapter...just need to give it complete status and post...hope u'll enjoy it...

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good siona dear...

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@ggmira_shamya- im doing it now guys...
@anu di- hey di...after long time...thanks di...
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hey updating it now...thanx for the response... Smile
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It was around 8:45pm when the trio reached navya-ritika home'..

Ritika: thanks anant''.it was so nice of u to drop us here'.

Anant: ur welcome'..btw I didn't drop u only'.i guess as a formality sake''I should expect a thanks from navya too''

Navya was lost but suddenly ritika pinches her and she asks what happened''.

Anant: ritika' ur sister out of senses like this always?

Navya: excuse me? u called me senseless? How dare u? im the smartest and studious student of my college''my results will be out tomorrow and wait and watch as I'll prove this to u''.

That's when navya actually realized that the next day is their final results day''.

Anant: hey navya I was just joking'..and tomorrow is ur results? that's gr8 all the best and hope ur the smartest girl'.

Navya: im sorry'..

Anant: that's ok''I didn't mind at all''

Navya smiles while ritika gets nervous thinking of the next day'..they say goodbye to anant who drives back while they enter the house'..

Maya: what took u girls so long? i wish this day never came''.

Ritika sarcastically: I really wish the same ma'.

Suddenly navya holds ritika's hand to stop her and they distract the matter'..

Navya: maasi''u know what's tomorrow?

Maya: no''

Navya: our results'..aren't u nervous?

Maya: ya I totally forgot this due to that stupid devika''whenever she enters our life''I always forget something important' u girls might be tired all day servicing that lady rite? Go and freshen up'..

Ritika: ma im having slight head ache and body ache''..can I go to bed?

Maya: ok but at least drink milk'..otherwise u'll fall sick''..

Saying this she gives ritika milk, who hardly drinks it and leaves to sleep'.navya understands that ritika is over stressing herself by thinking about Mukesh'..that night she decides to stay offline from the chat coze she didn't know what to tell him'.

On the other side, anant had the tiniest hope that pari would come but his hopes died when 11pm crossed'..he knew pari would never come on chat that late''their convos could have gone to 1am at night but never started late' he turned off his laptop and set off to sleep'.

Next morning could be a hell time in navya's house as she discovered that ritika was having a running temperature of 102c'.Maya and navya were up early as navya had realized about ritika's health at night itself'..both of them did all traditional methods but failed to control her temperature so they finally called a doctor'.

Doctor: the reason for her sudden fever is unpredictable but I guess she is recovering from some shock''.

Maya gives a surprised look at him and then turns to navya'..with an expression as if ritika was indeed in some shock'.

Navya: I don't know maasi' far as I know there is nothing'

How navya managed to lie to maya for the first time, only she knew''and for the first time maya didn't doubt her too'.

Maya: could there be some other reason? Something like result fear? both these girls r getting their final results today'.

Doctor: yeah possibly'some children have these fears and the weather is also changing'.winters are up and it can be a reason too''.

Poor navya'..this could the most helpless situation she had faced''she knew why ritika was ill but couldn't reveal to maya''.

Maya: navya beta''it's the results and a big day so on behalf of u both'..u go and find out'..

Navya: ok maasi''

After buying medicines from the nearest chemist for ritika, navya set off to college''the wind was blowing hard'the slow indications of the beginning of winters' was nothing new to navya as she experienced the winters every year'.she loved this weather but this time''it could be different'..she had only recovered from the trauma of losing her family and adjust to the surroundings and the truth when she has come across the biggest truth of her life''.only she knew what she suffered''ritika was already in a feeble state' she had to stop herself from being the victim of over pressure''.she needed a change''.a refreshing change''

And the refreshing change was already in her life'..the only thing she needed to do was to identify him' know that anant was that person who could bring smile in her life'..but she was running away from him'..but god beyond doubt had further plans for her''.

A sudden gust of wind and leaves blew on navya as a car went past her, who was standing in the bus stop and trying to stop a rickshaw to take her to college''surprisingly, the car returned and stopped b4 her'..

Navya: you?

Anant: hi navya'..

Navya: hi but what r u doing here?

Anant: I was following u''

Navya: what?

Anant: just joking yaar'.i was going to the auditorium to check if the arrangements r ready for tonight's show'..btw where r u going?

Navya: hmm'.college'..

Anant: oh how did I forget? We had a bet rite?

Navya: what bet?

Anant: oh I didn't know our super intelligent navya is so forgetful'.yesterday u told that u'll show me that ur the most brilliant student from today's results'..

Navya embarrassed: I was just joking'..u didn't have to take it that serious anant''

Anant laughing: till now u haven't understood that im pulling ur leg navya''u get too serious''..i know u have ur own reasons to be serious in life but for now''lets lighten the atmosphere'.get in'.

Navya surprised: what??

Anant: I said get in navya'.ur not gonna get an auto now so I don't mind giving u a lift''.

Navya: no thanks'.im ok'..i can manage''

Anant: navya'..ur getting late so pls don't feel any formalities and just come in''.im not gonna eat u or what''

Navya: but''

Anant: cum on navya''I think the weather is getting worse'..b4 any downpour u should reach college'..and the way is also quite isolated''

After a few hesitations, navya finally agrees to accept the lift and gets into the car'..

Anant: so where is ur sister? she is also supposed to be with u rite?

Navya: yeah but she is down with high fever'.she is quite sensitive though she looks strong from outside''im sure the truth of mamaji has really affected her''

Anant: im sorry''

Navya: why should u be? What did u do?

Anant: no''I shouldn't have put up this topic'.howz she now?

Navya: im just on the way after buying her medicines''after reaching college I have call maasi and find if there's any improvement in her health''

Anant: don't worry'.everything will be alright''

Navya looks at anant who gives her a look of faith and hope''this brings a tiny smile on her pale face'..

Navya in mind: I know anant ur a very good person in real and it's like a sin to hide that im the pari u admire so much''I wonder if I can ever reveal this truth to u''.

Anant looked at navya who was staring at him'..he wonders why she is looking at him with so much of familiarity'.like she knew so much about him'.like she had some unknown trust in him''he didn't know why'.but he never missed pari in the presence of navya''.he hardly knew her but why was he so free in communicating with her???

Questions rose in his mind while navya turned her face and looked out of the window'..she didn't want anant to gaze into her eyes and manage to read what's written in it''by this time the dark clouds had formed and the sky seemed like it would burst any moment and all the raindrops would splash out making the earth wet''

Navya: anant'..i think it's gonna rain'.i hope we reach b4 it starts'..

B4 anant could respond the rain started pouring and the roads were hardly visible' was raining cats and dogs'..

Anant: sorry navya'..i don't think we will reach college without getting wet'..

Navya: omg'.

Anant: but don't worry''I have an umbrella and a raincoat so u can have it'..

Navya: thanks'.but what about ur concert? Will the rains spoil it?

Anant: no'actually we look for the weather forecasts b4 organizing such events and we were given hints on the weather so it's an indoor concert'..

Navya: that's good''I know u guys have really worked hard on that song'..

Anant: yeah'.that song was too tough to prepare but krish is really gud'.he managed those tough notes of the piano'..

Suddenly something strikes anant''how does navya know that the song they were preparing was tough???? He gave a blank look at navya who realized her second mistake instantly'..

Navya quickly: appy told me that u guys r up with an excellent composition this time'..she said it's tough too so u all r doing rigorous practice b4 the concert''

Anant gives her a suspicious look but believes her coze she said it even b4 he asked her anything''

Anant: do u know everything about our rock band?

Navya: yeah quite''whatever that's given in newspapers, magazines and internet'.

Anant smiles at her response and tells many untold stories of the fun times the band had'..those mischievous rehearsal times'.those pranks the guys would play to each other'.etc'and navya silently listened to him with vast attention'..

However, their happy journey had to end up in trouble'..the road they had to take was blocked due to landslide''.the heavy rains did it all and now the only option left was the other way''the isolated and lengthy way to the city''..

Anant: I hope this won't take ages to reach the city navya''have u gone through this way''

Navya: yeah quite often anant'..i should have told u that this area is famous for landslides''and taking this long way at least 5 to 6 times a year is common for us''.

Anant gives navya a shocked look at navya and then continues driving'.the rains had no intention to stop but they kept on strengthening'.this made it difficult for anant to drive as he couldn't notice the road properly'..that could the reason why he didn't see the broken twigs lying on the road and drove above it''and there came the next trouble'.tyre puncture'.

Anant: oh gosh'.what happened to the car? why is it stopping?

With a sudden force, the car stopped and anant and navya were in complete distress''

Anant: there is enough petrol then why? Navya I'll get down and check'.

He takes an umbrella and gets down only to find out that the tyre is gone'..he returns with a long face and tells navya about the puncture'..Navya starts laughing and anant is amazed that how could she take this situation this light''.

Navya: anant'..don't u think the things r getting too filmy? First u came to get me in the bus stop'..then the landslide and then we taking this isolated road and finally the car getting punctured amid the road''.

Now anant analyzes what navya said and starts laughing even louder'..both of them laugh for a few minutes but suddenly navya stops'..

Navya: but how will we reach college now? It's raining so hard that u can't even change the tyres'..

Anant:  yeah navya'..i guess we have to wait''.

Anant gave navya a helpless look and navya became sad''they didn't know what else was remaining to come''



The rains have slightly reduced and anant is not around'..navya is sitting in the car alone when a jeep with a few drunkards pass by'..they stop their jeep to check if there's anyone in the car''navya feels scared seeing them''..


Hey guys''as I promised I did my update for the first time today itself''..this update is long and I hope the length is worth reading''do give ur comments and feedbacks''hope u enjoy reading'..and pls don't think im going too filmy''.lol'..LOLLOL

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awesome update sioClap

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Nice Update Smile do cnt soonnn

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