AnyaFF:PehlaPyar:Chap:22(pg145)(dont comment here) (Page 64)

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@sarini di- thanks ddi
@son_s- wait till night working on the new update...i want it to be long and interesting so have a lill patience...i had promised to update yesteday but couldnt...

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thanks for the update...will wait...especially for a long and interesting one then its worth waiting...Wink
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i hope i'll come to ur expectations...thats why im taking this much time to update...i want it to be one of the best chapters...Smile

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uff finally im gonna updating my chapter...sorry for being this late...
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thanx for liking my update guys...ur likes and comments are my inspiration and motivationSmile

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Mukesh had lied to maya a few hours ago that he had to go to Delhi for some important work'.navya was unaware of this fact while she was in hospital with devika''so now when she found out that he is in that hotel''what could he possibly be doing there? Let's find out'..

Mukesh entered the room which was coincidently the opposite room of anant/ranbir and krish''.there were already some people there and the room moreover looked like a go down in one corner and a conference room in the other corner''..yeah that was it''

Go down to store the drugs he traded''and

Conference area for meetings regarding all the dealings of the trade''

Since he was a rich man he could easily influence the hotel manager to carry out his work in the room' always he was there for a meeting''..but this time there was a new topic to discuss''DEVIKA''

Mukesh: we all know that meetha was the last person to know the truth of our business'.but I was wrong''this lady devika is also a big threat to us'..we have to be careful of her''..though I have warned her to keep her mouth shut''we have to do something of her'..

Rathod: no Mukesh that's dangerous''if we do something to her then ur family might believe her'..but why should u worry''this lady couldn't do anything till now''none of ur family members doubt u'..then why should u worry?

Mukesh: no boss! I love my family a lot'..i can't even imagine them of finding the truth'..

Rathod: u had to think this b4 u did all this Mukesh'.now there is no way to repent'.

Mukesh: I never repent for what I have done boss'..i don't even feel that I did anything wrong by killing my brother-in-law Dilip and my sister meetha'..

Two wet eyes were gazing at him with anger''they were navya and ritika' everything was crystal clear for both of them especially ritika''

Anant, appy, ranbir and krish were also present there and they imagined how someone could be this cruel''

They could have been lucky enough to hear all this conversation and then escape from there without the notice of Mukesh or Rathod and his assistants'..

Navya: Stop crying ritika''

Ritika: navya'..mamaji''cheee'..i don't want to call him that too''he killed my father'..and maasi too''how could he do this'..

Navya: sometimes it's said na that we often mistake people by their behavior and face'..the same happened with us'''mamaji was so overprotective and caring to us that he never gave us a chance to explore his true identity'..

Ritika: ya right''that's the main reason he never properly told what business he ran'or allowed us to visit his home''.instead he would land in our house''..

Navya: ya'

Ritika: navya'.it's time to react''

Navya: what? no we cannot do the mistake mausaji or ma did'..

Ritika: but we have to react'

Navya: yeah but how?

Ritika: let's take a pledge that we, the new generation will use our new techniques to make mamaji realize what he has done to us''we should give him the punishment for the crime he has committed'..Jail'.

Navya: it's not that easy'..did u see that man? Rathod? He is one of the biggest gangster's of UP''

Ritika: we have nothing to do with the gangster navya''

Anant: see ritika'..navya has a point'.if u do any harm to ur mama then it will affect the gangster's trade so he can harm u guys'..

Navya: exactly''

Ritika: I know it's not an easy game navya'..but do u want to leave the person due to whom ur an orphan now? He separated mausaji and maasi'.now at least u could be with mausaji'..who is responsible for all this? he''so should we leave him? Have u seen ma? There is not even a single day she doesn't cry seeing papa's and maasi's photo'..who is responsible for it? Him''..

Navya who was feeling scared tilling now grew more serious after recollecting all the past events'.from the time of her childhood'..the desperation she and ritika had when their classmates teased them to be an orphans'..when people in the neighborhood used to trouble and make mockery of Maya and them for leading a lonely life without any men in the family'.

Navya: im ready ritika'I can't forget the past'.i can't forget the teasing we heard in our schools'the neighbors troubling us''nothing'.

Ritika hugs navya as she too remembers those things and cries''They take a pratigya to fight against Mukesh no matter how difficult task it was'..

Appy: will u include us also in ur league to fight against him?

Anant: yeah'.if u guys have made up ur mind then we r ready to help u''

Navya: no anant''nothing is more important than ur concert tomorrow''.

Anant shocked: hey navya' do u know my concert is tomorrow? In fact I didn't tell it to anyone other than''.

Navya in mind: omg'he had told it only to Pari (me)'.i hope he doesn't get suspicious'..

Anant: Navya how do u know this?

Appy: oh come on anant'..why r u asking her questions like ur a police and she is a thief? She might have done some guess'..after all we r here for concert''so tomorrow or the other day we will have it''rite navya?

Navya relived: ya appy'.I was just guessing it out'..

Saying this she gives a look at ritika who faintly smiles her back'..

Appy: so guys'it's done that we 6 of us r gonna work together against mukesh mama''done?

Anant, ranbir and krish: yes!!

Navya n ritika: no!!

Appy: but why?

Navya: u have witnessed urself how dangerous he is'.we can't put ur lives in danger just for our sake'.

Appy: navya pls'.listen to me'.ranbir and my dad is a retired police commissioner, while krish's father is a business man and anant's family is a really influenced music based family so this makes it easier to help u guys'..

Ranbir: yeah dad will surely help when we present this case in front of him'..

Ritika: r u sure there is no risk?

Ranbir with a sense of assurance: yeas ritz'.there is no risk'.

Ritika: its ritika'.not ritz

Ranbir: but ritz is nice to say'.than ur lengthy name'..

Ritika: I hate short names''call me ritika'

Ranbir: ok ritz'..oops sorry ritika'..

Ritika gives a stern look at him and goes ahead with their discussions'..finally navya and ritika agrees to include them in their mission'.

Ritika: but till when? After ur concert u guys will leave rite?

Appy: yeah'..but we can tell u plans from Mumbai''

Navya who was standing away from everyone suddenly spoke up loudly after hearing the word "MUMBAI"!!

Navya: Papa!!!

Everyone turns and stares at her while ritika asks her'

Ritika: what? Papa?

Navya: ya ritika''papa''.he is there''in MUMBAI!!!

Ritika: yeah but what has that to do with all this?

Navya: the only person who can save us from mamaji's trap is him'.he should also know that he was in an illusion all this while''in fact he doesn't even know that ma is no more'.

Ritika: what?

Navya: yeah''.mamaji didn't inform him'..if he had then papa would have definitely come'.and probably take us with him'.and mamaji didn't want that to happen'..

Ritika: then we should find mausaji at the earliest''.so what's the plan?

Navya: go to Mumbai''that's it'..

Ritika: what?

Navya: yes'..there our new friends will also be there rite guys?

Appy: of course'..that's a wonderful idea'..

Navya: as of now'.i don't know how we can go or when''but we have to go otherwise it will be too late''

Suddenly ritika's phone rings and its maya'''

Ritika: navya'..its ma''

Navya checks the time and finds that it's almost 8pm at night and realizes how worried maya would be''

Navya: ritika'.tell her we r on the way ok'..and tell her we were in hospital'.near devika aunty''.

Ritika does as she said and goes off to speak while navya greeted everyone good nite and left the building'..

Navya and ritika are looking for a taxi when a car stops b4 them''.

Anant: get in girls!!

Navya: but anant why?

Anant: its not safe to take lifts from taxis at night''if u girls trust me just enter'.

Navya and ritika look at each other and decide to enter'..b4 navya could enter the back seat ritika sits there indirectly indicating her to sit in the front seat opposite anant'.hmmm'..

Navya felt so awkward sitting there and felt like killing ritika'..she was so shy to face anant''while he wanted to clear some doubts'.regarding the day navya told'..obviously''that was mind set of anant till he reached there''.but he couldn't ask her anything while the drive'..

Anant: r u comfortable navya? i mean u look so nervous and stressed'..

Navya: no'.i mean yes'.im comfortable and no'.im not nervous'..why?

Anant: no I thought since ur my fan u will have many things to ask'.specially when ur fav singer is giving u a lift'..

Navya blushes even more and feels what to reply'..


From the mirror in the middle navya could see ritika attaching her earphone to her mobile and indicating that she is not gonna listen to their private talks' she they were a couple'..this feeling made navya very uncomfortable and irritated''

Navya: can u stop it ritika?

Suddenly she realizes that anant is hearing all this and constantly glancing at her and ritika''Ritika bursts into laughter''

Anant: what's wrong with u sister? have u both gone crazy?

Ritika laughs even harder and her eyes slightly turns moist'..Navya looks deadly serious and anant tries to lighten the atmosphere in the car'..

Anant: I must admit u girls coze even after bearing such a painful truth u r being able to cheer'..this is impossible for me'..u both make me remember someone''my chat friend Pari'..

Navya feels guilty'.while ritika wonders why is navya hiding this fact to him'

Anant goes on praising pari and her thoughts, her dreams and her view points''but little did navya know that anant was doing a test on navya''it was sure that he doubted her to be Pari''.coze there was something that connected him with navya'..some similarities between navya n Pari'..but maybe it was not time for anant to know that she was Pari' navya just remained silent and listened to him like she is hearing it for the first time'..

The rest of the journey was casual as he kept on talking about Pari and they just listened''.anant might have cleared his doubts but he still felt so connection with navya''he didn't know what it was'..probably the doubt would be cleared when he would chat with Pari''.



Anant and navya r on the way to navya's college when the car's tire gets punctured'..that too in the middle of an isolated way'..

Uff guys after a lot of efforts I could make that mamaji planning part short'.that was going even longer'.but I wanted something on Anya in it so included the last part'.driving home'..i know it wasn't that interesting to read but I can't just put full romance in one update rite''the romance will brew up with time'..but with Precap u might have got some idea about the romance in next update''I owe to have some nice moments there'..pls for my sake bear this update''



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great dr. so anant has some doubt on navya. hop he wilsoon  find d truth abt pari. precap is very very interesting #waiting

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tire puncture hamesha sahi moke per hota hai Wink LOL liked whole update very nice do cont it soon i hope anant soon got to know that navya is pari.

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