AnyaFF:PehlaPyar:Chap:22(pg145)(dont comment here) (Page 49)

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@mevanp @sonia17- thanks guys...

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@sifarah- no ur not a pain...infact i like ur updating it now dear...thanks for liking my ff this much,,,,,,,,,
@nisha di-im updating it now di...

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thanks for liking my update overwhelmed

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Appy, Ranbir and Navya enter a 5 star hotel nearby the street where navya was about to be hit by the car''

Appy: come in navya''.we all r staying in this hotel''

Navya is quite hesitant so appy holds her hand and brings her in''..

Appy: I think u have never been to this place b4''.rite?

Navya: yeah''

Appy: how strange na that u belong to this place and still not been here''..

Navya: we r common people and we cannot afford such places'..

Appy: I guessed''but don't feel odd''feel home and yeah surely consider me ur friend''.. (Here beings the friendship of appy and navya'.however it strengthens with time)

Navya: no'.u don't even know me and ur make me ur friend'..friends should share quality time with each other''like me and ritika'..she is my best friend even after being my cousin''

Appy: wow that's lovely'..but I surely want to be ur friend coze ur too cote'..i liked u the instant I met in at the street'..odd kinda meeting but unique na?

Navya gives a faint smile and appy feels she should not talk more coze she felt something troubling her newly made friend Navya'

Appy: bhai go get all others while I buy navya a coffee and freshen up''and yeah brings anant too'..he will be glad to meet my new friend and his fan too''

The name of anant flashed through her mind so quickly that she spoke out''.

Navya: NO!!!!

Appy: don't get tensed navya'..ur looking ok''I know fans u get nervous when ur idol hero comes in front of u''but anant is very enterprising'.u'll like him more as a person than a star''.

Navya knew better why she had panicked''.she feared if anant would find out that she is Pari'..somehow she didn't want to meet him coze she would feel guilty for not telling him that she was Pari even after confronting him''she wanted to avoid that situation''.but little did she know that she wouldn't escape from him this time'..

Ranbir: appy is rite navya'..don't worry and im gonna get him too''u relax and have the coffee ok''.

Ranbir goes off to get anant and the other friends with them''..while navya is super tensed here'..she already had lots of pressure about Mukesh and now she had to go through another test''

Navya tried to sign in and chat with anant''so that his attention is diverted but to her ill-luck, he was offline''.she was quite surprised as anant had not informed her about his visit to Kanpur''..suddenly she sees a message of anant'..

Anant_Bajpai: hey Pari''hope u have completed ur mission successfully''.i know u won't be online but I felt it important to tell u that I won't be online for a few hours coze im flying to Kanpur with a few friends of the latest rock band concert''.when im online I'll send to a message after which we can chat'..if I wasn't that busy then I would have spared time to chat'.sorry and take care'.anant'

Navya felt like disappearing into thin air''amongst all this she didn't even check the updates of anant' she was in such condition that she would meet anant''but she was not happy with that thought''this was the dream of many girls and when she was the lucky girl she was not thankful to god but praying to avoid the meet''

Suddenly her phone rings and its ritika'.

Appy: who is it? ur boyfriend?

Navya: no'..i don't have any boyfriend''s my cousin ritika''

Appy: oh I see''u kanpurians are very backward in such cases right?

Navya receiving the phone: yeah''oh hello ritika tell me''

Ritika: where r u navya? It's been 2 hours since u have disappeared'''

Navya: ritika that'..I'll tell u once I get home' im with a friend''I talk to u later'.

Ritika: which friend? Sneha?

Navya: no appy''she saved my life'..a car was about to hit me when she saved me''.she was just buying me a coffee so after that I'll come straight home'..

Ritika: navya what's wrong with u? ur voice seems very weak''and when did u turn so absent-minded that u didn't see a car? What happened navya?

Navya: ritika I told na I'll come home and tell u''.pls wait''there is so much to tell and yeah don't tell maasi about the car incident'..

Ritika: ok but take care and come home soon''.

Navya disconnects the phone and looks around to see that appy had disappeared'.

Navya: where did appy ji go'..

She was feeling scared looking around and decides to go in search of appy''so she got up and started walking to the direction of the canteen'..probably she had gone there to get something and didn't bother to disturb her was she was talking to ritika''

Navya: don't have any idea of the directions'.i wonder where im going''..i should have stayed there back instead of coming''.

On the other side:

Anant is sitting in his room with the guitars and practicing some tunes for the concert when Ranbir hurries in and tells him about navya''.

Anant: Navya? Who is she?

Ranbir: ur fianc''

Anant: what?

Ranbir: or what? she will obviously be a fan yaar'.but I must say is is not like ur other crazy female fans''she is different'.it took her nearly 10 minutes of my questioning to clearly find out that she is ur fan'..

Anant: how strange'

Ranbir: it's not strange yaar''u can say it's fascinating'.such fans r not very common''so I suggest u to meet her''im sure u'll be glad meeting her'..

Anant: such overconfidence'.then I must surely meet that girl who impressed my buddy this much'..

Ranbir: sure yaar''come'..she is down there with appy'..

Anant: then how did u guys manage to find this rare fan of mine?

Ranbir: ahh that's a long story''come down as I tell u''.

Ranbir and annt proceed downstairs while he nattates the story of how they met navya''.

Anant: interesting''

Suddenly Ranbir's phone rings and he goes to receive it'..

Ranbir: yaar anant'.its krish'.i had sent him out to buy some stuff'.i'll catch up with u'..

Anant: but how will I recognize Navya'.

Ranbir: hey she is sitting with appy yaar''u just go to the table where appy is sitting''

Anant: done''

Anant goes to the restaurant section and looks for the table where appy is seated''meanwhile appy returns to the table where she had left navya and gets a shocker to find a fat lady in the place of navya''

Appy: hey who r u?

Fat lady: what do u mean? and why should I tell u am I to u?

Appy: hey my friend was sitting here'..where is she?

Fat lady: I don't know''this table was empty when I came''

Appy: don't lie'..she is very innocent so u might have threatened and scared her away''.

Fat lady: hey girl don't make me angry..i told na I didn't send any girl from here''

Appy: and u think appy ahuja will believe u''.ohh let me check if u have squeezed my friend beneath u''ur that fat''

Fat lady: how dare u tease my weight'.i don't spare anyone who teases my weight'.

Appy: when u have weight then why don't u accept the fact'.people will tease u''

Both of them start arguing and this is the scene which anant sees while he enters the picture''anant gets a heart aatack seeing the fat lady''

Anant: is this the fan Ranbir was talking about i never realized that he was pulling leg till now'..this fat lady is navya? yeah she must be'..Ranbir had indicated that the girl'..uff she is aunty''will be with appy'and she though arguing is standing with appy''.

Anant: oh so that Ranbir did all this purposely to tease me'..that's why he left me on time'..surely that call might be fake'.

Anant walked to them in desperation and astonishment''in the interim navya was almost lost and had walked the whole hotel and reached the same place'..fortunately now she could hear a heated argument occurring in the restaurant''..

Navya: what's happening?

She walked further and managed to see that appy was arguing with a fat lady'..

Navya: what's appy doing? she is not realizing that she has created a scene''I need to stop her''

Navya walks quickly towards them without even looking around''now both anant and navya were going to the same direction but from opposite sides of the pool''one coming from left (anant) and the other coming from right (navya)'.and both of them looking at appy and the fat lady''

Anant and Navya collided into each other and navya is about to fall into the pool but Anant catches hold of her hand on time'..but the fear of falling made navya to scream at the top of her voice''

Navya suddenly realized that a firm hand had held hers and stopped her from falling''she opened her eyes and looked that the person..much to her shock' was ANANT''she didn't miss his twinkling eyes that were staring at her''

Anant didn't know why he was staring at her'..this was not the first time he had seen any beautiful girl but probably for the first time he had seen someone who looked beautiful and moreover innocent'..her eyes spoke the silent words she had to express'..and he felt like he was lost in her innocent beauty'..

Now everyone who were enjoying the heated argument between appy and the fat lady turned towards anant and navya''this could the perfect scene they could witness other than in movies''..even appy and the lady also turned to see what happened''..

Appy: navya''anant''what's happening'.

She leaves all the fight and runs towards them''.her voice bring anant and navya back to reality''

Appy: navya u r here''.i was wondering where u went''I was so worried for u'..

Suddenly anant realizes that he had come to her''.the girl who made him lost in her innocent beauty''.he felt so relaxed knowing that the fat lady was no one'..this made him laugh''while navya was scared that anant had seen her'' she had to meet him and converse with him'.

Appy: I didn't know u can laugh at such a situation anant' bring her up safely without putting her in the water''..

Anant: yeah'..

Anant was about to pull her up when Ranbir and krish entered the scene and krish took out his mobile and clicked a pic of Anya in this posture''

Krish: hey guys'..wah'.anant this is the perfect pose u have given for any photo shoot''..

Krish goes to the other side and starts to click another photo when anant feels angry and takes up his hand to stop him''but suddenly he realizes that he had left navya's hand to do the same'..

Anant loudly: navya'

However, navya falls into the water and in an attempt to pull her up b4 falling, anant also loses his balance and falls into the pool''everyone including

Appy, krish and Ranbir r shocked'..


Navya calls ritika to the hotel as she is drenched''.Ranbir has a love at first sight feeling by seeing ritika'.

Hey guys hope u liked this chapter'..i hope i have come up with the expectations u guys had from the first meeting of Anya''.moreover I hope u like the conversation between appy and the fat lady''u know it suddenly came to my mind when I was typing this chapter'..not at all planned but I kinda liked that last moment addition''did u guys like it? pls do share ur valuable comments and suggestions'..





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am i the first one to commnt?...if so...sooo happy :)) that was a superb update...was feeling like those scens happened right in front of the eyes... so sweet and cute update.:)) please give the other part soon..:))

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truly rocking update siona loved evy single word Clap  anya first meetDay Dreaming

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@smivas-thanks dear
@rashi di-take ur time di...
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Wow...Superb...can't wait for the next part.pls cont soon

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