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as usual amazing update Smile

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@k2navi-thanks dear
@sweety71-thanks dear
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@chandni-thanks dear
@shazia di- thank u de...after so long
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@smita di @richa @priya- thanks guys... 

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Originally posted by Sio_AngeL

updating guys...
Day Dreaming
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Navya was in her office, busy amongst some important files'..she had to type the data in computer and submit to her boss'..since she had joined office only 2 months b4 she had to work really hard to sustain her job'..she felt quite scared to open the internet amidst the work and check if Anant had replied'' Suddenly her phone rings and she runs out of the room to attend it''

Navya: yeah Ritika tell me''

Ritika: now u tell me navya where did to disappear from college? Where are u now?

Navya: office'

Ritika: u already reached office? And silly''..i was looking for u all around and I will be late to call centre today all coze of u'..

Navya: sorry baba''pls forgive me''..i'..i'..i had headache so left college''even my lab professor was eating my head and thus I decided to leave

Ritika: navya''..ur seriously not well'.I have understood it from ur speech''.navya mishra!!And that too speaking ill of a teacher? Hahaha

Navya: very funny'.she was irritating me yaar'..she didn't allow me to''.

Suddenly she thinks that it's not right to tell about the internet incident to Ritika without knowing if Anant has any problem discussing about it with anyone.

Navya has a random chat with Ritika and returns to her work. Suddenly boss's PA comes to navya and tells her to check a site in net and print some required data from it'.she does as said and finds it the right chance to open her twitter account and check'.. (imaginary)...she logged into her account and checked for messages''she was super excited and almost in a state of fainting when she saw a reply from anant''she was so joyful that she felt like shouting out loud'' "Im So Happy Today" but she had to control her emotions'..she didn't waste a minute to open the message and see what he had replied'..

Anant_Bajpai: Thanks a lot!!!ur gr8'..i mean u found out its fake so soon'must be a genius'..will be gr8full to u always''Pari I guess'.thanks'bye'..

Navya feels so happy reading the message'..she finds another message of him mentioning that he has succeeded in blocking the website forever all coze of her'..with lot more thanks'.Navya replies with a welcome note and says that she felt it her duty to help a person in need''she continues her work expecting a reply'.Luckily anant was online and he feels happy to see Pari's reply'..some kind of likeness is created that forces him to follow her(twitter)''he requests her to accept it''.

Anant_Bajpai: pls accept my request'.is ur name Pari? Nice one ha'..

MeinEkPari: u really wanna follow me? Did I do such a big thing for u? btw my name is not Pari''but sir pls understand'.I can't reveal my identity''

Anant_Bajpai: yeah it means a lot yaar'my whole career would be in danger if that website would have succeeded in showing those stupid pics''if I could meet u in real'.I would touch ur feet to thank'..well I have no intention to know ur identity''.if u feel uncomfortable sharing ur identity''no probs''well Pari is an amazing username''.

MeinEkPari: if it's so then welcome again for all ur thanks'.and touch my feet'..pls no ways''and thanks for understanding my probs''it was nice talking to u'.I'll surely accept ur request'.

Anant_Bajpai: hey where r u going? Don't want to chat with me? Well if some other girl was in ur side'..then they would never leave me'.u know what I mean''.

MeinEkPari: I know''but im a student+working woman so bit busy'..sorry'''

Anant_Bajpai: goodness''student and working woman both? Looks like im talking to a didi or aunty?

MeinEkPari: no no'.im just 23' situation has made me to work''now pls anant sir u promised me not to ask too many questions about my identity'..

Anant_Bajpai: oops sorry''..and pls no sir'.if u have seen my interviews'..i hate people calling me sir''just anant is fine'..

MeinEkPari: ok'and now pls pls can I leave? My boss is calling me'..

Anant_Bajpai: ok u can go but in one condition'..u have to chat with me tomorrow also'.

MeinEkPari: but anant'..ok'..lemme try'..

Anant smiles and signs off as navya also signs off and goes to submit her papers to boss''next day navya manages to chat with him and soon they become good friends'...but suddenly due to busy schedule anant needs to close his twitter account''.he gets mad coze so many people were following him and he couldn't just manage to chat with Pari''so he invites her to another private site called (imaginary)where they could chat without any hindrance''

Navya: should I listen to him and go to that site? i hope I won't fall in any trouble'even Ritika doesn't know about all this' I should stop all this'..

MeinEkPari: im sorry anant but I cannot come to that site''pls don't mind''I just can't''for ur sake I'll open an account there but I can't chat'..

Anant_Bajpai: hmmm'..if that ur final decision then''I respect it'.but I'll send u a request''whenever u feel like accepting it''pls do and remember'..u will be the only friend there other than the people I know personally'..I'll wait'..patiently for my new friend''

Navya feels like crying after reading his reply but she has o toher go''if ritka would know about this, she would not even had let navya to chat with him this much'..she kept mum for nearly a month''.but she kept on opening her account and check if anant's request is still there or he has deleted it''.she was glad as well as sad to see the request''.finally one fine day, she accepted it and sent him a message telling that she would find it her privilege to chat with him'..that's how they began to chat and they r doing it till date'..


Ritika: I can't believe it''u have been chatting with anant for 3 months and I was totally clueless about it''.that's how u turned such a double pagal of him so soon''

Navya: I tried to avoid him after he closed his twitter account yaar''.but I don't know why but I just couldn't deny his request in the new site''and don't worry, so far he has never asked me my real name'..or where I live or what I do'..we just have the common chat and he shares everything about his new albums, projects and life with me''sometimes I feel like telling about me but I fear'.i can't do that'.

Ritika: navya im really proud of u for helping anant from such a big problem''I should have guessed that when u were hiding this from me'.there should have been some reason'.im sorry for being so rude to u at office'.

Navya: no problem'.im sorry too for hiding about anant'

Both the sisters hug and end their fight'..soon they enter the house where Maya is arranging plates for dinner''they have dinner happily and return to their room after which navya transfers Anant's new song to her phone

Navya: Ritika listen'.this is anant's new song'..listen to its lyrics carefully and tell me something about it'.

Ritika listens to it and quickly recognizes that it was one of the poems navya had merely written for a magazine a month ago'.

Ritika: u didn't post this for that magazine? Wasn't that ur dream navya? How come it reached anant?

Navya: I was about to send it to that magazine but I thought a third opinion wouldn't mind so I sent a copy to anant who just loved its lyrics'..he instantly asked me if he could get the authority to use them for his new album'..and

Ritika: and u couldn't refuse him as always''.navya r u both friends or anything more? Tell me frankly''

Navya: no silly'.there is nothing like that''we r just friends'.but after all I took a good decision'.he didn't take that lyrics for fun''he indeed used it for his song'''.and it has come out nicely too'.right?

Ritika: yeah it is wonderful to hear''but will he mention ur name?

Navya: yeah he will mention my name as Pari in the place of the lyricist'..and tomorrow itself I have to tell him that this song is terrific'..

Ritika and navya settles down to sleep while in Mumbai was raining heavily''anant was sitting by his window and thinking that Pari may somehow reply''

Anant: just one small message'..liked it or hated it'..can't she send at least that?

Ranbir calls to check if he is asleep but is amazed that he is still awake'.anant tells him what he feels and Ranbir stats laughing''.

Ranbir: what is wrong with u brother? I know Pari is a very good friend of urs but do u expect her to stay awake and reply u at midnight?

Suddenly anant gazes at the clock and gets shocked that its indeed midnight'..he tells goodnight to Ranbir and goes off to sleep''

Next day morning''..

MeinEkPari: the song is splendid anant''.u have given such good music and ur charming voice to those lifeless lyrics of mine'..i feel as if my lines have come alive and revolving around me'..thanks for that feeling'.im in caf now'.getting late so signing off''bye'..

Navya was in the caf near her college and after that they went to the market to buy a birthday gift for Maya'.since it was Saturday, they were free'.

Navya: have we got enough money to buy the best sari for maasi? i have Rs 2500 with me and u?

Ritika: i have got Rs 2000

 Navya: that's gr8'.we will get a nice sari for Rs4500''

Ritika and navya r walking quickly when navya unknowingly bumps into an old lady'..

Navya: im so sorry aunty''I hope ur ok'.

Old lady: that's ok but keep a look around the world ur walking and'.

The lady looks at navya and gets shocked''.actually she was shocked to see the gold chain and its locket around navya's neck' reminded of some dreadful past''..she feared if the girl wearing was some escaped victim of that past'..with an expectation that her thoughts go wrong she asks'..

Old lady: are u Deepak mishra and meetha mishra's only daughter navya?

Then she looks at ritika and asks'

Old lady: r u Dilip and maya mehra's daughter ritika?

Navya: yeah im navya and this is ritika''how come u know our parents and us? Who r u?

Old lady: oh my god' it can't be'..

The lady cries loudly while navya and Ritika looks at each other with total confusion''.


Navya and ritika are amazed that the old lady knows that ritika's father and navya's mom died in a gap of 6 months and Deepak is no longer with them''she tells that she is part of navya and ritika's past'.

Finally im back to track guys'.i mean I had dragged the flashback and Anya chatting quite long so now finally I'll be updating the reasons why navya has to go to Mumbai'..hope u guys liked this update done''..

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awesome , anya convo was cute , do update fast

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wonderful update... Glad Rithika took Navya's past story Positively and loved Anant waiting fora message from pari unnoticing that itz midny8 already...

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