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AarYan Express #2 : 
Saiyaan,Mere Saiyaan... Hug

http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif Credits: http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif

Summary of the Week : Visha_Dhami
Scene of the week : Jyothi06
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Funny Scene of the week : Amanda_18
Best Dressed Character of the week : Jyothi06
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OMG! What were they thinking? Moment of the week:..Sadiie..
Picture of the week Visha_Dhami
Prediction of the week : -Predator-
Most Irritating Character/Scene Of The Week : abhiya_crazyluv
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Siggy of the week : burningdesire88
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Firstlythank you everyone for the support you all have given to us last week. It has encouraged ourselves to do even better this time and yes, we are going to be back with a bang this time for our 2nd Edition Cool. Winners of the OS/VM and more are going to be getting gifts this time. YES, Gifts Dancing So to the rest of you out there, want to be our winner too? Do the best siggies, OS, VM and you could be our next lucky winner Thumbs Up 

And not to forget, my dearest AarYan News Letter TeamThanks for all the time and contribution given to make this NL a sparkling one and here you go, a siggy/name card LOL to show that you are part of the NL Team Hug

http://dl5.glitter-graphics.net/pub/638/638145bltz6zqhdo.gif Regards,



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27 August 2012

Prateek and Papa Scindia goes and meets the doctor where the doctor says that Yash needs pscyciatrist as the doctor says that something is making him worried and the doctor recommends a doctor and ask them to bring Yash and meet him. Gayatri wish to stay at the hospital with Yash while Papa Scindia asks her to leave back home. Paridhi calls Prateek as her car is spoil and she asks Prateek to come and fetch her and send her to the studio while Paridhi talks bad rudely about Yash and hangs the call in anger. Paridhi is trying to stop an auto and her producer gives her a lift. 

Its night and Vidhi is questioned about Aarti's where abouts while Gayatri is furious that Aarti had left despite her asking not to go. Vidhi tries to defend Aarti while Gayatri doesn't listens and wonders what will happen if Yash opens his eyes and sees Aarti. Yash regains concious and he starts walking while Aarti tries stoping him but Yash don't seem to listen and says that he is giving punishment to himself and pushes Aarti aside while Aarti calls to Prateek. Aarti and Prateek arrive home and Gayatri asks where is Yash and Prateek says where is Yash and all is worried on where has Yash gone. Gayatri gets angry with Aarti again and as Papa Scindia is about to go looking for Yash, Yash arrive back home where he sits outside and everyone asks what happened and Yash doesn't talks to anyone and walks inside.

28 August 2012

Everyone discuss about Yash with the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist explains of Yash's condition where there is something bothering him and they can try a method by putting Yash to sleep by giving him a tablet and everyone seems to be not convinced and the doctor assures them that its a certified method and its secured. They decide to mix the tablet in Yash's drink and as Aarti leaves to get the drink, Gayatri stops Aarti and asks Vidhi to bring the drink instead and Gayatri mixes the tablet in the drink and manage to convince Yash to drink it and Yash sleeps in no time. 

The doctor asks the family members to start asking Yash questions and Yash slowly starts answering and he says that Aarti had hurt him during that night in Mumbai and everyone asks Yash to elaborate on what he is trying to say and keeps looking at Aarti. As they keep questioning Yash, he starts sweating and the doctor asks them to stop or they could cause Yash to have a nervous breakdown and Gayatri start asking Aarti again on what has she done that has hurt Yash this much and Aarti re-instates that she had done nothing wrong and she has told everything that happened in Mumbai and she vows to find out what is causing Yash to be upset.

29 August 2012

Aarti pleads to Papa Scindia to give her another chance while Vidhi says to Pankaj not to think bad about Aarti and Pankaj leaves silently only leaving Shobha and Aarti. Shoba encourage Aarti not to give up and Aarti vows to find out what she has done. Pankaj says to Vidhi that Aarti knows what has happened and she is lying.  while Vidhi defends Aarti saying that she won't lie. Aarti goes to Yash's room and sees Yash sleeping while Palak and Ansh joins her to which Aarti asks wht aren't they sleeping and they say that they are not able to sleep and asks when will Papa be alright and Aarti says soon and they will be happy again.  

The next day, Yash comes and sleeps on Gayatri's lap while she is praying and Yash gets emotional saying that he is not a good son, father and brother while Gayatri tries consoling Yash and its raining where Yash gets flashes of Aarti playing in the rain and Yash gets up and locks himself in the room. A magician is performing magic show in Ansh and Palak's school and both Ansh and Palak is impressed with the magician and decide to meet the magician to tell the magician about Yash's problem hoping that using magic, the magician will be able to cure Yash but the magician's assistant says that they need money for it. At home, Palak takes Papa Scindia's cupboard key and ask Ansh to take out the money to give to the magician to cure Yash to which Ansh is reluctant and eventually agress while this is watched by Buaaji and both Ansh and Palak are shocked.

30 August 2012

Pankaj and Yash is discussing about their business and Vidhi brings tea for Yash and asks Yash to be open with her and tell what Aarti has done to which Yash says that she knows what she has done and leaves to which Pankaj scolds Vidhi for bringing up the topic early in the morning. Ansh and Palak are taking out the money from Papa Scindia's cupboard which Buaji sees and brings them which Aarti stops and asks what have they done to which Buaaji says that Ansh is caught stealing from the cupboard and brings him to Papa Scindia.

Buaji says that she caught Ansh stealing money from the cupboard and insults saying that if he steals now, what will he do in future to which Aarti gets angry and asks Buaji not to insult her child and there must be a reason for doing it. Papa Scindia calls Ansh and Palak and ask why did they took the money to which Palak says that its to give to Danny Uncle and Ansh states that he is a big magician and they want to bring him back home to cure Yash. Everyone is touched with the kids innocence and the kids say sorry and Papa Scindia hugs them and Palak asks Aarti not to cry as all will be fine. Aarti then decides that the environment is not suitable for the kids and ask permission to bring the kids and go back to Shoba's house for some days to which Gayatri says that she can only bring Ansh while Palak and Payal will stay here.

31 August 2012

Aarti tells her decision to go back to Shobha's house with the kids which Gayatri says that she is only allowed to bring back Ansh while Papa Scindia states that all three of them are her kids and she can go with them and Aarti gets blessings from Papa Scindia and Gayatri. Aarti is depressed and leaves the house and vows to return together with happiness for the house.

Yash starts back working and while dinner, Yash looks for the kids which Papa Scindia says that they are at their Dada and Nani's house to which Yash asks with who and Papa replies with Aarti. Papa Scindia tries asking Yash again on what has happened in Mumbai to which Yash leaves without eating. While Aarti walks back after sending the kids on a school van, a car follows her and to her surprise, its Aman who is her friend and he asks if is Yash angry due to the night during the rain and Aarti starts thinking.

Best Scene of this Week undoubtedly goes to the scene where Ansh and Palak confess to Daddy Scindia that they had stolen the money from his locker so that they can give it to a magician who can cure their Yash papa since they cannot see Yash papa in this condition and also they cannot see tears in Aarti momma's eyes CryCry...Hearing this Daddy Scindia hugs both his grand-kids and confesses that kids are God's Angels and after this Daddy Scindia goes onto warn Maya bua not to use the kids to play her dirty politics ClapClapClap...
First of all Ansh and Palak were supercute in the scene showing their emotions Embarrassed... When both were talking about how they r arranging this money for their Papa's treatment , we can actually feel their emotions CryCry...It was important to show the POV of the kids and how they r affected with all this tension in the house and finally CVs highlighted an entire episode showing the POV of Kids and their concern for their Papa and Mummy Clap...It was lovely to see Ansh concern about his Papa's condition while Palak is concerned because she cant see tears in her mother's  eyes ...awww EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Secondly Daddy Scindia is emerging as the true hero these days Star...Just when we were getting put off with  overdose of Bua shouting and accusing Ansh and then even going to the extent of using those copy-pasted lines of how Ansh will become bank robber in future ..blablabla AngryAngryOuch,to our pleasant surprise  Daddy Scindia comes to the rescue and handles the whole scenario . ClapClapClap

Loved the way Daddy Scindia called both Palak and Ansh near him and politely asked them the reason without differentiating between any of the kids Clap Clap...Also loved the way Palak defended Ansh today in front of all and even spoke to Daddy Scindia along with Ansh rather than leaving Ansh alone ClapClapClap...Then the way Daddy Scindia calls them God''s angels and hugss both so lovingly was just a AWWW Moment EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...I can see him as the best grandfather right now Embarrassed
And last but not the least we got what we wanted ...Daddy Scindia finally warning Bua not to play politics with kids and his family just because Yash is not well ClapClapClap...He made it clear to Bua that all might b worried for Yash and thats why accusing Aarti but that does not mean she plays her political games by involving those innocent kids Star...Daddy Scindia made sure Bua does not go scotfree again by giving her this final warning which makes this entire scene as one of the best for this week  Thumbs Up


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Due to the current situation in Punar Vivah, there were no funny scenes.Hope they will be some awesome ones in next week of Punar Vivah.

This week it was a tough selection ,since the episodes were mostly based on Yash's dilemma and pain because of which everyone in the house were normally dressed but one man who stands out in best dressed character of the week is none other than our Daddy Surajpratap Scindia with his stylish maroon suits which make him look quite a handsome man even at this age EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

As everyone is aware of the current situation in the Scindia's Family and the big gap in Yash & Aarti lives. This week is no surprise as there is no romatic moment betweeh Yash & Aarti, everything focus on Yash's anger and finding out reason why he so angry with Aarti, no one knows not even Aarti.

But, Don't worry guys, We may have some awesome scene with Yash & Aarti after this story is solved.

This week Punar Vivah best performance was by Yash, Aarti, Mr.Scindia & Ansh&Palak.
Gurmeet Choundary protray the character of Yash excellent. Yash angry, his hate, his pain, everything was very directed and acted in a wonderful. Gurmeet can not be replace,there is not another person who can play Yash so well,
Kratika Sengar again did well as Aarti. Aarti show how much faith she has in your love, and she will reach all out to find out what she did to yash.
Mr. Scindia,as a father, father in law & grandfather his decision is taken after alot of consideration, he is a very wonderful person. He let everyone justify them selves. As the head of the Scindai family, he is very mature, understandable & cool.
Ansh& Palak, Wow Not every family are bless with children like these. They may be small, but they always want to do something to help. They love there Dad & Mom so much,they can do anything for them.

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'Aarti ji has hurt me and broke my trust'
'What have i done that Yash ji is so angry with me?'
'Come on Yash, please tell us what happened to you and Aarti in Mumbai that you are so angry?'

We have been really seeing the above dialogue through out the week right and ironically the questions asked was not solved till we finally got a hint in yesterday's episode. Just hope we don't see the same script again next week.

And Papa Scindia this week has got some pretty good dialogues and Man! We just love him don't we? Let it be when he is being stern and says 'Maya, do not try to spoil the peace of this house!' or when he says in such soft tone to 'Ansh and Palak that don't worry, your Papa will be alright and your mama will not cry anymore', he just said it right and also when he told to Gayatri that Aarti is part of the family after the Punar Vivah and not only Ansh but Palak and Payal are also her childrens and we have no rights to keep a mother apart from her childrens'. Wondeful Papa Scindia Clap

Um there wasn't really an OMG Moment  But what were thinking when they called Doctor Saab who carried some tablets -

 that were gonna help Yash Ji who's not willing to say anything..?  You know what I MeanLOL

Someone Give me those Tablets, I'm gonna use them for a Good Cause 

Credits to Punar Vivah for these images. These images came as a relief to those of us who have been really missing the Mumbai episodes where we had so many beautiful memories. 

And.. And.. There is more. Doesn't Aarti looks hot here? Wink

Isn't this picture adorable? Papa Scindia with Ansh and Palak Embarrassed

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We all have finally got a hint to the reason behind Yash's anger and that could be Aman. With Aman's entry on Friday, we shall be able to see what actually happened in Mumbai that even Aarti could not recall and how has it actually affected Yash. Now that Aarti will be finally able to see the reason behind Yash's anger, how will she find a solution to this? Will Aman be able to help Aarti in uniting her back to Yash? And the good thing is that Aarti will finally get to know that Yash is indeed angry due to his jealousy. So lets see how things progress from here Smile

The most  irritating scene of the week was again n again Cryn again asking aarti wat she has done.wth yash? .for me it was most iritating Angryn ...whole week there were same dialoges for asking aarti wat happened in mumbai Confusedbt the difference was change of dys bt not the dialogues Ouch

And as usual, Meri Bhagwan ki Kasam. Buaji and her 101 ways of trying to make Aarti look bad in front of everyone Confused

5 Seconds Later

I Rest my case Stern Smile ROFL (noticed the change in sleeping position within 5 seconds?)

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(Visha's Note - Meri Bhagwan Ki Karam, Trust me guys, i did not put myself to win this siggy LOL)


Small Avi by Allbut1 Clap

small Stacked avi by  Allbut1  Clap

Large stacked Avi by  JanakiRaghunath Clap

Large Avi by Allbut1 Clapwow again Congrats 

And here is a gift for all of you Wink :

Icon by Janaki Raghunath Clap


And here is your gift Party : 

This week, I'd rather call this one the "Cutie" of the week. It is my immense pleasure in announcing that Ansh takes away the lead this time for being the Hottie of this Week! ClapClap

The uniform makes him look younger,

Whereas, the black muscle tee-shirt makes him look way way older than his age. Another hottie on the horizon just like his papa - Yash Jiii. Day DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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by : KashForever.

And here is your gift Party:

OS - 'Her Punarvivah' by palindrome

Category : Romance 


Romantic with a pinch of comedy, its a story about Aarti and how her life has changed after her second marriage to Yash and how she adjusts to her new life with the do's and don't. Read more to see how her life has changed post the re-marriage and how she copes with her new married life.

OS - AarYA & Maya Funny OS :  Bungle In The Jungle by shubhika124

Category : Comedy


For all of you who are looking for a mild story and which could just make your day by making you laugh, this is for you guys where Maya gets some timelight and read to find out what brews between Maya and Yash-Aarti.


Credit : *Piku*

FF: Rescued

Author: Kittya_Cullen

Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3159879

Genera: Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort/Mystery:

O Maanjhi Re O Maanjhi Re
Apna Kinara
Nadiya Ki Dhara Hai
O Maanjhi Re

Saahilon Pe Behenewale
Kabhi Suna To Hoga Kahi Ooo
Ooo Kagazon Ki Kashtiyon Ka
Kahi Kinara Hota Nahi
O Maanjhi Re Maanjhi Re
Koi Kinara Jo Kinare Se Mile Woh
Apna Kinara Hai
O Maanjhi Re

Rescued is a very beautiful written story, filled with heart gripping and heart touching emotional moments. Yash Scindhia was spreading ashes in the riverbank of his beloved deceased wife, when he rescued a drowning body of stranger name Mrs. Aarti Prashant Dubey.  He took her too the hospital, after the doctors news was given, he decided to give her shelter in his home. Why was a married woman trying to drown herself?  What did Prashant do to Aarti?  What made Yash decide to give shelter to Aarti? Will these two strangers rescue each other from their past and help each other move on. Too find out read Rescued.

FF: Meri Adhoori Kahaani

Author: Errrm

Genre:  Hurt/Comfort/Suspense

Link: http://www.india-forums.com/forum_posts.asp?TID=3148310

Mera jeevan kora kaagaz kora hi reh gaya -2
Jo likha tha
Jo likha tha aansoon sang beh gaya
Mera jeevan
Mera jeevan kora kaagaz kora hi reh gaya

Ik hawa jhoonka aaya 
Tuut dali se phool 
Na pavan ki na chaman ki
Kiski hai ye bhool 
Kho gayi kho gayi
Khushboo hawa mein kuch na reh gaya
Mera jeevan kora kaagaz kora hi reh gaya


It was a dark night, when a desperate girl running away from goons came to seek the help and shelter of a lonely writer.  Will these two strangers, complete each other and find the love, comfort, friendship and solitude with one another.  Why did Aarti out of all the people seek Yash help? Did they meet each other before? Who is Aarti running away from? Will Yash and Aarti complete and help each other? To find out, read emotional, heart wrenching story Meri Adhoori Kahaani.

And here is your gift Party:

It's Priya again and I am here to do the shocker of the week as I do it every week since last week. Anyways let's skip to the point. I felt there were not really any shockers for most of the week since the track is kind of dragged. Buaji yelling and trying to get Ansh in trouble'typical. Yash remembering and telling what is bothering him'they are only telling us the stuff we already know. On the other hand, likewise the promo, in Friday's episode, Aman's entry in the episode was stunning. His dialogue about dropping Aarti home late night on a rainy day left Goosebumps and the track is getting closer to solving what has caused Yash's behavior.  Most of us thought that maybe it was diary that caused Yash's madness, but it might be part of it and I bet Aman has a big role in this. New Entries are always stunning.

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The AarYan Express Second Edition is now up for your weekend viewing pleasure. Do have a great time reading through them and also leave your feedbacks for us to improve on our next editions. Happy Weekends Big smile

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