Nadaswaram sep 3-7 mon-fri on pg-1

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Monday sep 3rd 2012

Mr.Romeo Mr.Ramesh comes calling his dear wife paramu...Paramu sogama sitting..She says she is yoscihing abt periyappa's words...he is write ...says paramu...Kaamu akka paavam...we have to settle her problems...Come lets go and talk to mama...Ramesh kaduppayittaru...yes yes...come lates go and talk...not only abtparamu...we have lot moreproblems to slove...we have malar's problem,rags engagement...mahesu's problem and josiyar also facing some problem ...and ur neighbour ...that dark-complexion girl...thar problem ellathayum we have to take care...come come lets go...

And finally...gopi...and alos kaaja...come on come get up ...lets go...Paramu shcoked...why r u talking like this??...Ramesh says namma problem ae sky varaikkum irukku...idhula ellaru problem veraiya??...we dont want anyone and namakku enna venumna only our happiness...Ramesh gives paramu a gold ring and paramu super happy...

She asks enga irundhu vandhuchu??...Ramesh  tells not to think abt all these...and starts konjing his wife...

Sam ,maha comes with jr.pandi...Kaaja's house...Kaaja comes and welocmes them...pandi's kidnap drama starts...Pandi now will stay at kaaja's house...Maha tells pandi to be careful and pandi says ok...Maha leaves...and sam nalla drama senjuttu leaves...

Pandi's dad comes and searches pandii...His mom says he is missing...Today is his bday...enga ponaan??...Paati says he is happy only after maha's entry...Pandi's dad reaches maha's house and asks for pandi...pushpa and pirai along with maha says they ont know anything abt pandi... Maha syas u ask ur wife...maybe anga iruppan...pandi's mom and la fighting...where is my son asks dad...he is with u...why r u asking me?...replies mom...Dad tells mom to come home quickly...Mom says veren...en paiyanukku edhavadhu aachunna i'll kill u...fight escalates...mummy says pandi kedakala unnai vachukaren....(kalyana senju vacha onna kudumbam nadatha theriyala...vachukarangalaam) leaves...

Sokku's house...Malar gives coffee to deivu and and talks abt sokku...

Loosu rajesh calls ragini and says he is having some work in tiruchi and tellsragii to accompany him...Rags  says no way...enakku appadiyellam aasai illai...Rajesh psycho  action starts...He says what thappa nenepanga nnu always solra?...when gopi marraied malar adhuvum vera oruthanoda wife..appo un veetla thappa nenekalaya??...and same with ur dimsu machan's chinna veedu story...Rags super angry,...cuts the call...Rajesh calls again..>Rags cuts again...

Phone rings again...Rags avoiding...Malar asks yaaru phonela...Rags silent...Rajesh call in landline and malar answers and gives the phone to rags...Rags venam solludhu...Rajesh ice vaching...malar says she will talk to rags...

Malar says rajesh thappa sollitaru and he is asking sorry...u have to forget and forgive...Rags gets SMS...from rajesh soory message...malar samadana paduthufying and rags still not convinced...She send some message to rajes...Rajesh adha parthu kadu kadu...


Sorry for the mistakes..




Tuesday - Sep 4 - 2012

Pandi dad searches everywhere for Pandi. The school PE master helps him and seraches as well and could not find Pandi anywhere. maha comes. Pandi mom comes as well and they both start fighting saying you are responsible for losing the kidnnu.

Maha stops them and tells them even now you both fight. Don't you worry Pandi is missing and search for him? Instead you both argue? You know some thing/// pandi always talked about you. He always crying holding your picture. For doing this he should have gotten angry at you but Pandi did not. He was upset wondering if atleast you will be there for his birthday.
Finally they realize and Pandi mom cries on dad shoulder saying we will look for Pandi together.

Maha says no need as I have kept him some where safe and he will be here soon. We did that to teach you a lesson. They are happy. Maha calls Sam to being Pandi.
PE master over hears this and calls soem rowdies and ask them to kidnap Pandi so Maha can get in trouble.
Malar and Ragini walking, running into Selva. He is holding a saree tells them his and Mahesu anniversary coming and he got a saree and asks malar to give to Mahesu. He feels bad for what happened. Malar tells your problems will be solved if you talk to her alone. When Mahesu is home alone I will call you, you go tal kto her - even if she scolds please bear that and eventually things will be alright. He agrees.

In Kaja house - Pandi and Kaja - want to play hide and seek. Pandi wants to wear Kaja dress and Kaja wears Pandi dress. While Kaja hiding rowdies come and kidnap him thinking Pandi. Sam comes after wards sees pandi in Kaja clothes, scolds Kaja for leaving Pandi alone and he takes pandi.

The rowdies bring Kaja to PT master. He is covered in Sakku so he didn't see him. Kicks the sack. 
He calls Maha and tells her to come or else they can't get pandi. Maha scolds him poda Komalinnu. 
PT master opens the sack to hit pandi and out comes Kaja and he tells them has recorded all he talked and sent SMS. 
In Pandi house the nicely celebrate his birthday, pandi mom praises Maha saying innumel Maha miss than for everything for us. Maha happy, Pushpa and Pirai feels touched/sad?.

Sokku house, he gets ore advance for playing. Happy that they can conduct ragini wedding nicely. Then Sokku gets a call saying where mayil is. Sokku happy, asks Gopi to go with him. e telsl them to carry on with wedding preparations. He takes the money he has and gives to malar and asks her to take care of buying things. Seeing this meenakshi didn't like Malar being incharge.  


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Wednesday - Pattai Kilaputhal, Theduthal , Some buz, buz pogachal as usual.Big smileLOL
NA pattaiya kilappum padalamLOLLOL.. NA is asking jollu ramesh to bring kadai kannakku..ramesh mennu mulingings n gives the books n tries to leave.. but NA holds him back...he cross checks on the accounts..get to see 20000 is missed from account.. calls ramesh n pattai kilapingsClapClap.. he spill the bean that he got ring for his soppana sundari.. NA ask him to take it back from n sell in shop n put the money back to accounts..ramesh nods n leaves NA Clapasks paramu to enquire the whereabouts when he gets jewels nu sollitu disperse..Lola n Jr.lola nags paramu.. Shockedparamu is speechless n leaves to see ramesh.
Kobi n Sr.pp in hospital, OuchKonavai Jr.pp notices them , felt guilty n wanted to move away from there.. Sr.pp n Kobi gets into doc cabin without noticing mayil n gets to know the FB of mayil coming to hospital. Sr.pp Ore peelingsD'oh..Doc ask attender to bring mayil but attender comes n informs he is no where in hospital..doc ask them to search as he cannot walk too long..all are in search of mayil..malar calls kobi  n takes update from kobi..but he doesnt disclose fully but says he will call her again after which she can update the family, malar agrees n cut the call.
All are out to purchase jewel for rags, Meens select some n checks with malar.. malar informs that its little old fashion meens turns from there n porumyfyies to Dev, but Dev tells that malar is not that kind of girl who doesnt have any such attitude nu solluranga.. Meens chides to her n sit in a corner of jewel stares at her..
Screen Freezes



Thursday  Updates

Magesh receive call from Dhimsu ex lover (i forgot her name LOL) Ex ask Magesh if she has accepted Dhimsu and tells her she has already changed and no longer there is anything between her and Dhimsu. She ask Magesh to forgive them and accept him back into her life. Magesh thinks.

Shocked  Meenachi subrabatham D'oh mangalagaramana wordings Ouch

Both Meenashi and Devanae looking at anda gunda and stuff. She goes to the salesman ask list down  all the seru stuffs .. from big gunda to small gunda ShockedLOL Malar ask what is the need for all this .. further Ragini is not going to use all this. Ragini too agrees. Malar says lets see the other side where they have grinder mixi and other stuff. Meenachi starts "vayamudu di!!" everyone is shock. She ask Malar enna tennavatham vaa for her just because Sokku gave the money to her. What is the point of not giving such siru? Everyone would insult her if there is something wrong with Siru. She ask Malar what she knows about all this?  After all she did not bring anything from the house tannae. The salesman and other boys feels bad hearing all this ..walks away. Malar feels embarrass but Meenachi did not stop there. She tittufies Malar left and right and snatch the money purse from her. She ask all of them to just head back home as no need to buy anything. Iraku inniki Sokku ku katcheri .. says meenachi before leaving. Devanae feels bad for Malar who already has tears.  They all leave. The salesman tells to another how wealthy Malar use to live and now she is suffering in this family nu Ouch

Dhimsu comes with saree. Kamu sends him in.  Magesh gets tensed seeing him. Dhimsu gives her a saree for wedding anniversary. And tries to beg her but Magesh junior to Meenachi D'oh ask if his girlfriend gave the saree and send him here. Dhimsu tries to beg and says sorry but Magesh shouts and chase him out podha podha nu ... Kamu comes and Magesh ask her to chase him out. He goes out sadly. Before he goes out.. she takes the saree and throws on his face. At the same time Meenachi and gang arrives. Meenachi tries to ask enna achu mapilai nu but he walks away sadly. Magesh tells her mother that ex send him here nu. Malar ask her not to talk like that. Ragina and she knows what happen and tells her that she meet him yesterday so she was the one suggested him to see and talk to her as can settle this matter. 

Meenachi jumps in and uses this to scold Malar more. She ask who is she simply butting in and further spolling all things. Because of her now .. mapillai has left being insulted  (Shocked the one who insulted him was her daughter.. why scolding Malar Angry) Devanae tries to calm Meenachi by supporting Malar but devanae shuts her off asking her why interfering in this MIL DIL matter. Magesh says everyone who comes here don't know how to mind their business. They try to act good be in Gopi's good book. Devanae ask what she is talking about. Why do they need to be in Gopi's book? Is magesh thinking they are here for Gopi's money?? Magesh says yes ShockedAngry Devanae is hurt. Malar ask Magesh not to talk like that. Magesh ask Malar to keep quite Shocked why is she always interfering in her matter? Did she ask Malar she wants a purushan now??  Magesh leaves.
(yabbaaa pavam today my pinji kadhu .. Cry ) 

Ragini gets call from the mental ... she tells him sorry she cant talk now and will call later, cuts the line. This annoys the mental more Confused

Sokku Gopi searching continues. Finally Sokku sees Mayil .. both anna thambi cries. Sokku cries seeing Mayil's condition. Gopi too shocked to see him... He cries hugging Mayil.

yabbaaa thodarum .. me essu till next thursday Shocked



Friday 7.09.2012

Nelli calls Ramesh , tenders  some advice & gives  Rs. 30000 & asks him to buy jewellery for Paramu. Leelu , Malli & Moorthy tummy burning. Malli polambings – me the mootha dil , not a kundhumaNi gold for me & Params gets Rs. 30000.  Lolayi adds fuel to her fire , prods her to confront FIL. Nelli tells Malli – he has reserved same 30000 for her also , will give it to Guru & advises not to toe mil's footsteps. Further tells Moorthy to be more matured & start working.

Sokku , Mayil & Gopi sitting before the doctor. Dr. Sokku praising pee pee Sokku. Brothers drenched in pasa mazhai. Dr. says Mayil can go home with them.  Says soon will become alright with proper physiotherapy. Meenu calls Gopi & gets to know about Mayil. Informs Deiva & others with a taunt in her tone.

Night 9.30 ,  all sleeping at Sokku house . Rajesh calls Ragini. A sleepy ragini gets irritated . Psycho goes on & on till wee hours of the morning. Bored Ragini happily goes to sleep. Rajesh reacts to this cold response by breaking his cell.

Malar cutting veggies.  Meenu orders Mahesu to write down things to be bought for ragini wedding – indirectly trying to tell Malar that she is the boss & her decision is final. Makes a big list of anda , gunda , aapa chatty etc . Deiva & Kamu excuse themselves from going with her to the shop. Meenu takes ragini & goes .  mahesu now shows her colours to malar , talks rudely  & asks Malar to keep away from her.

Pathirak kadai owner tells jaganathan about Meenu's thya thakka at his shop' Mrs. Jaggu feels sad & tries to defend Meenu. But Juggu in no mood to listen to Mrs. words , thinks Sokku family had shown their true colours  - after money. Curse galore. The shop owner is embarrassed & tries to calm him down.  Then tells Jaggu that he is in urgent need for money. Since he is a member in Jaggu's chit fund scheme , wants his name to be drawn in that month. Mappilai Gokul comes & bluntly refuses , acts like a very honest man & talks of rules & regulations & breaking them is impossible even if it is for jaggu. Jaganathan is supremely happy at his mapillai's honesty , integrity & dedication.

Dr. Sokku writes down all Dos & Don'ts for Mayil. Recommends a physiotherapist in Karaikudi & assures that Mayil will become alright  soon. Once again both Sokku's sing each others praise – pallandu , pallandu appal nootrandu vazhaNum.

Mahesu gets labour pain. No one at home except Malar.  Mahesu's  ego initially refuses to accept Malar's help. But as the pain escalates calls out to Malar & Malar offers to take her to the hospital.

Friends , next two weeks am very bust with my forthcoming exhibitions. Can someone help me out by doing Friday updates – 14th Sept & 21st Sept.. Thanks in advance

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Thanks Sumi for the monday updates.

I hope Ragini finds out about Rajesh before.

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thanks sumi and meenu akka for the updatesHug

ennaku Pandi parents patha siripu taan varadhu LOL anyhow am happy for kutty pandi. Guess his now out of Maha's track pola?

Meenachi is not happy.. kandhipa she is gona start something on this soon D'oh

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Thanks Shree & migan. Good TM handled the kidnapping track in a different & funny way . Liked it. Unfortunately missed the episode when aired in India.

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Thanks for the Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday updates friends!
Agree with Srima 100% on Kutti Pandi's kadaththal...
when I saw the PT master calling his Adiyals to kadathify Pandi, I felt like, 'Aiyoda.. Ithukkum hero Gopi vandhu oru rescue mission nadaththi ...' eththanai episodes kali pannaporangaLoonnu...  but how he turned it out in a funny way was really nice! I liked it!! 
Ippa Meenakshi--ku enna Malar mela kandu, erichal?!! 
Ennamo pongappa, eththnai muraithan kopapadarathum, thittarathum, appuram, manippu keettu urukarathum... thirumba thirumba kattuvangaLo?!! Antha (Thiru) Murugan-ku than velicham!! 

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Thanks for the updates Shree, Migan & Laks

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Thanks laksh.

Paramukku ithu nalla venum.

Innum how many days o Mayil Hide and Seek...

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Thanks for the updates friends..

Nice to see that PT master's plan flopped and Kaja scaring him was too good..

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