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An OS-what purvi should do-update pg 100 ovi jumps (Page 4)


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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Superb. Wt happens if Ekta is taking PR Where ever she wants. Atleast you are taking it in a way it has to be. Thanks

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It was fantastic...please update soon...thanks for the pm :)
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Originally posted by sunflower52

Really good SS Clap. when you finish this why dont you forward this to the cv's.

The cv's need to go and take a crash course on how to write logical and good script. 

I even want the old Purvi back. 

Thanks a lot...SmileSmile Even i miss the old purvi so much...hence i started writing..i don't know what to say about the CV's anymore...Confused i just hope they get Arvi married...

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Originally posted by aasthanup

Superb. Wt happens if Ekta is taking PR Where ever she wants. Atleast you are taking it in a way it has to be. Thanks

Thanks a lot for you comment...SmileSmile shall update soon..
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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 8:02am | IP Logged
Originally posted by na_61611

It was fantastic...please update soon...thanks for the pm :)

Thanks again..Smilewill update're welcome for the are the first person who motivated me to i felt i should at least pm you...
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Guys…first of all let me thank you all for liking my work…it means a lot to me…Thanks again..please comment..let me know what you think...


Day 2 7 days to Arman divorce

Sachin is leaving the D clan house

Aditi :- Sachu…are you going out? Can you please help me? I was supposed to go market to buy grocery and vegetables…you know like onion, rice, chicken

Sachu :- Can you get to the point…very rudely

Aditi thinks were has the cute little Sachin she used to take care as a child gone to…What could cause so much hatred?

Sachu :- Hello

Aditi :- Oh yes.. I was saying can you please go to the market and give Archana this list of things to buy…my mother in law slip and fell this morning…so I can't go… my husband is busy with the wedding preparations….and nobody is in the house to take care of her… Please will mean a lot to me…

Sachu :- Ok..whatever

Sachu leaves…angry that he now not only has to see Archana but has to talk to her… he didn't want to help but remembers clearly how she used to care for him as a child… 

Aditi calls Purvi up and says sachu is on his way…

Purvi :- Thanks again aunty.

Arjun :- Meri Jaan…Are you sure this is a good idea? It is going to hurt him?

Purvi :- I know he is going to get hurt…that's the main idea…even I feel bad, he is my brother but I have no other way to make him realize.

Arjun :- And Miss Purvi. What happens if he doesn't realize?

Purvi :- Then My Goat…I shall sacrifice you..

Arjun :- My Goat ??? Enough with that you can call me sweet things also like maybe meri pati?

Purvi smiles at him, she thinks Sachu dada I might be selfish right now and this is definitely something wrong to do but I have do it for my mother and in some ways for you to.. You are not the dada my mother has describe to me. You have changed and only aai's love can change you back.

Sachin sees Archana and stares at her… Archana hasn't seen him yet. He tells himself just go give it to her and get it over with. Suddenly a punch lands on his face. It wasn't very hard but the suddenness of the hit makes him fall. He hits his head on the road and blood starts pouring. His hand also is hurt from trying to break the fall…

Archana turns and sees Sachin on the road…She runs to him.

The guy (Madhav) stands Sachin up and gives him a kick in the stomach…Sachin is gasping for air…

Archana pushes the guy away, he and his two big friends stare at her. Archana on the other hand wasn't scared like a mother bear when her cubs are threatened; she was staring at them fiercely.

Archana :- Touch my son again and I will kill you, you hear me..

Madhav :- Oh, so this your son. What a great son you have? You know what this idiot son of yours has done. He acted as if he was in love with my sister and then dumped her for some other girl.

Madhav takes a step forward towards Sachin and Archana takes a step forward and stands in front of Sachin. Archana looks at Sachin, before Sachin can answer her.

Archana :- I know my son. He can never do that. That's not the value his father or I have given him. He is a very shy boy, he is a good boy. If he really has fallen in love, he would have come and told his father and if he didn't I would have been able to read it from his face and action. I know my son very well. I know when he is upset, when he is angry, when he is shy and I for sure would know if my son has fallen in love. He is my son.

Sachin remembers the day in Archana's house during purvi-vinay almost engagement day. Without him saying a word Archana understood what he needed.

Madhav sister comes running.

Madhav sister:- Oh,brother! What have you done? This is not the guy… I don't even know who this is. Vikram dada called to tell me that you are about to beat my love. So I come running. She looks at Madhav's friend.

Madhav :- I am very sorry aunty. I got the wrong person. I didn't mean it. You, (looks at Sachin), I am sorry..You should be lucky to have a mother like her, first person brave enough to actually stand in front of me. Sorry again.

They leave. Archana helps to hold Sachin. She teares her saree and ties it on Sachin's head.

Archana :- Let's go to the hospital, I will tell Manav to complain to the police later. How dare they beat my son up. nobody harms my son…she holds Sachin face with her hand. You are okay right.

Sachin just looks at Archana, unable to trust his voice.

Madhav :- This is the first time I am actually getting paid to bring someone together. Feels really good. Thanks a lot sister. Next time I will do it for free.

Purvi:- Thanks a lot to all of you…but I don't think I can watch my brother get beaten again.

Madhav :- Don't worry. It wasn't that hard. He is just weak.

Purvi smiles as Arjun pays them…

Arjun :- So meri jaan, tell me sweetheart. Who is next and what's the plan?

Purvi :- Tejaswini Manav Deshmukh.

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Part 4

The D clan house

Sachin is in the room and tej is looking after him'Manav comes in and screams Sachu, Sachu

Tej :- In here baba..

Manav :- What happen, Oh, my god! Your head?

Sachin :- It's ok baba'I am fine. Archana Ji took me to the hospital, the doctors have checked me. They said it is a small wound, I should be ok in two, three days.

Manav :- You haven't told me what happen?

Sachin tells what happen in the market and how Archana protected him.

Manav :- How is Archana? Is she ok? Nothing happen to her right.

Before Sachin or Tej can answer him, he runs out of the room screaming for Archana, but she is not in the kitchen or in her room. Manav is now worried sick. An expression Tej has never seen on her father's face until today'

Archana comes in. Manav hugs her very tightly, not wanting to let her go.

Archana :- What's the matter Manav? Why are you so worried? Is Sachin ok?

Manav :- Yes he is fine'what you did today. It was madness, what if the guy hurt you, what if he had a knife and harmed you. I could have never lived with myself if something happens to you.

Archana :- It was nothing Manav, they were just low life tugs. I have am fine, and what am I supposed to do, stand there and watch them harm my son. I would die, but I would never let anything happen to my son.

Manav is about to speak, Archana puts her hand on Manav's mouth and says

Archana :- Don't worry, I am fine. With you by my side nothing can happen to me. Besides you would have done the same thing. How can you not allow me to carry out my responsibility towards my children? A mother's job is to protect her children and that's what I did today.

Manav smiles, Archana goes to the kitchen to prepare lunch. Manav looks at her and thinks about all their happy memories'

Ore piya song plays in the background.

Tej in the bedroom thinks'What is with this lady? One minute she wants money the next minute she talks about her responsibility towards us. I guess she was lying to get more money from baba, but if all she wants is money. Why would she risk her life to protect Sachin? But then if she really loves us why would she get Purvi married to Arjun, first she says Arjun is not good for both ovi and purvi and then she says Arjun and Purvi can get married. A frustrated Tej walks out to get some fresh air.

Archana brings Sachin his lunch

Sachin tries to eat it but his hands hurt. He calls for Tej, but Tej is nowhere to be found.

Archana :- Let me feed you.

Sachin :- It's ok, when Tej comes back she can feed me.

Archana :- You have to eat your medicine on time, so you have to eat your food now. I have cooked all your favorite dish.

Sachin just looks at her. Archana takes the spoon and starts feeding him. He eats quietly, remembering the time when he was small and how she used to feed him. He remembers how he never eats unless Archana comes to feed him. Tej looks from outside and remembers how Archana used to take care of her when she was sick.

They both are becoming a little confused. Who is this lady? This is not the lady, their grandmother have had them believing all this years. She is the complete opposite.

Manav looks on. This is the Archana he has always loved and will always love. The person who would do anything for others.

Scene shifts to Arjun and Purvi. They are both eating paani puri. Arjun is talking about their future but Purvi isn't listening.

Arjun:- Mars Calling Earth. Miss. Purvi are you with me.

Purvi :- Ah?? Yes'What?

Arjun :- What is wrong? He holds her hand. Are you worried about tom?

Purvi :- No, tom will be ok.

Arjun :- Are you sure? You are going to face them tom?

Purvi :- I am sure. We will follow our plan.

Arjun :- If you are not thinking about tom? What are you thinking about?

Purvi :- Ovi

Arjun :- Ovi?

Purvi :- Yes, Ovi. She needs help. She is still in denial; she still thinks you love her. Arjun, we need to help her. I am worried she might do something to herself.

Arjun:- You are right. In a way I am responsible for her condition. I should have told her earlier that I didn't love her. That I was marrying her only for dad and Manav uncle.

Both are lost in their own thought. After a few moments.

Arjun :- First, we get your parents together, then we will deal with Ovi. We are going to need manav uncle and Archana auntie's help to make her understand. Don't worry Purvi, I will make her understand, we all will make her understand. But first, let's get ready for tom. You are going to give the performance of you live. I hope you acting skills are as good as you claim them to be.

Purvi :- Not Manav uncle and Archana aunty'it's Manav baba and Archana aai'

Arjun smiles at her. He sents her home, Purvi goes to sleep knowing she only has 6 days left and she will need tom to count.


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