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FF: Samjhauta - Ch 7 - pg 9 (25/9/14) (Page 5)

NazmaJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 November 2012 at 7:22pm | IP Logged
Gosh I haven't updated since September!! And I had to search to find it too. For a moment I forgot what I titled it!! That's very bad of me. 
Anyway I've written a little update for now!! Hope the readers (if there are any left) enjoy it!!

Chapter 3


Rashi looked down at Divya sleeping peacefully, her hair in disarray. As Rashi smoothed it away a ray of light from the window hit the band of gold that encircled her finger. Turning her head slightly she looked at the profile of the man responsible for its being there. The man who, after ensuring that Divya and her were seated and made comfortable aboard this private jet, had proceeded to engross himself in the masses of work he had brought along. Rashi leaned back and closed her eyes to think back to barely a week ago when she had first met this man who was now her husband.




"A compromise? What do you mean?" Rashi looked at him puzzled.

Jigar breathed a sigh knowing he would have to tell her more than he's wanted to.

"The family would love Divya and would expect her to be within our fold. At the moment it us just my mother and myself who are aware of her existence, apart from my father of course." Rashi noticed the change in tone when Jigar mentioned his father.

"I don't understand'"

"My father is not a nice man."

"And you want Divya to live with him? The more I hear the more I feel that Divya would be better off with me!"

"My father is not a nice man Rashi. Now that my mother knows about Divya she wants her home. My father however would prefer not to have to publicly acknowledge her."

"So why can't we do that? If he's happy to forget and leave us alone then why don't you do just that?"

"He won't leave you alone. He will take Divya away from you and ensure you have no contact with her. He's an irrational man and he wants Divya isolated from any loved ones. He blames her for maa finding out."

"He wouldn't be able to take her away from me. Especially if you tell the courts about his plans."

"Do you want to take that chance Rashi? There is only one sure fire way of foiling him."

"And what's this miracle solution that will make everything okay? Because nothing will ever make me abandon Divya."

"And this way you won't. We play my father at his own game. His image is upper most in importance for him. You become a Modi and you are therefore given the protection of the Modi name and all that that entails."

"So Divya changes her name to Divya Modi?"

"Yes but you Rashi also need to become a Modi. By marrying me."

Rashi's jaw dropped in shock. She thought back to that one moment he's been so near to her, when his presence had over crowded her senses. "Marriage?" She gasped out. "I'I.. it's not' I don't'"

"A marriage as a compromise. It's the only way I can protect the pair of you from my father. As my wife, my family, I'd have more of a say about what would happen. I am my father's heir. He won't want to battle with me. Without marriage legally it would be difficult for me to intervene in what my father wants for his daughter. But for my wife's ward'"

"But we don't know each other. We don't love each other. How? It's not possible."

"Is love that important? The sacrifice of your ideals would be a small price to pay in return for the happiness that our one decision would give to an entire family."

"But we don't know each other. How are we supposed to be married?"

"It's just a piece of paper Rashi, nothing more and nothing less. We've got time enough to focus on our personal relationship or lack of later. If we can't live with each other then a divorce will be as quick to organise as a marriage in this country. For now focus on Divya and her happiness".




Put as bluntly as that Rashi had no choice but to agree. The days after that went by in a rush. Having to explain her marriage to Divya and introducing her to her brother. The little girl had been bubbling over after finding out about her new family and her eyes followed Jigar around eagerly. A giant case of hero worship already. Jealously Rashi had noticed that Jigar had been immediately comfortable with his sister and an easy relationship had developed. The green eyed part of Rashi wished that Divya hadn't bonded with him so quickly.

Divya had been so excited about the wedding. She'd thought it the most romantic thing ever. The trip to Vegas had a magical quality for her, the bright lights, the music, however Rashi had dreaded it. They'd been married with no fuss in the shortest time possible. Nothing like the kind of wedding Rashi and her mother had always dreamed of. No sangeet, no mehndi, no bidhaai. The most impersonal wedding she'd ever seen and all she had to show for it was the ring around her finger and the certificate her husband had taken for safe keeping. She looked at her hand again. A ring. What was a ring? All her life she'd dreamed of a mangalsutra and sindhoor. You also dreamed of a loving husband...' her inner voice taunted her. But looking at Divya sleeping with a smile on her face she ignored the taunt and closed her eyes too.




Jigar looked up from the blur of his laptop screen. He'd spent the last few hours purposefully ignoring the woman sat across from him. She'd put up a brave front this past week but he could see the faint shadows under her eyes proclaiming the stress she'd been put under. The coming next days would still be an ordeal that she would have to get through before life would calm down.  He got up and asked for a blanket from the stewardess and draped it over the new priorities of his life. His sister and his wife.

His wife. Whether Rashi realised it or not this had been a big step for Jigar. After seeing the mess of his parents relationship, the way his father had belittled and deceived his mother, he had sworn never to be part of that institution. But now he had a wife. A compromise for the greater good.

Chapter 4 - Page 5

Well that's as far as I got tonight!! I hope to have more soon enough!!

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delsi IF-Dazzler

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Welcome back Nazamj very nice part
so Jiger and Rashi bonded in the marriage as a compromise that was great
looking forward for future of Raji

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Justlikethat1 IF-Sizzlerz

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Fantastic Nazma.. The story is shaping up so well.Clap
A compromise for the bigger cause, Divya. Liked how they had her innocence protectedTongue And she hero worships her brotherLOL Why did I not predict that.. I knew something would happen. Jigar is turning out to be a nice guy. Sensible and with a heart. But looks like he is too practical and one of those who do not believe in love.
Waiting for the next partTongue

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i thought u wouldnt b updating it...

anyway thanks for updating... awesome Clap so they r married... n she only has a ring to show that LOL... please update soon...

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DivineDarkness IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 15 November 2012 at 3:45am | IP Logged
Fantastic part Nazma... update as early as u can... waiting to see hw story unfolds...

b/w update Bandhan plz

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NazmaJ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 December 2012 at 2:03pm | IP Logged
I haven't abandoned this one either!!!!
Arshi- IF-Rockerz

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awesome part
lyk it
wnt u cont??plz cont soon

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NazmaJ IF-Sizzlerz

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A long time in posting this!! And I'll be honest it didn't take me that long to write it. I wasn't sure if there was still any interest in the FF and with me not watching the show for a few months I didn't know if RaJi deserved an update. However as my RaJi have less than nothing to do with the storyline I thought I might as well write it up!!

If there is anyone still reading this FF then this is for you!!

Chapter Four.


He hadn't said much to her, not during the plane journey and not during the car ride since. If it hadn't been for the blanket she'd found covering her and Divya she would have thought that he'd completely erased them from his mind while he'd been working.

They'd been fast tracked through the airport and in a matter of minutes she'd found herself seated in a wonderfully cool, air conditioned, chauffeur driven car. No queuing for the lordly Jigar Modi. Not that she wasn't grateful for the ease with which they were heading somewhere that she and Divya could relax and wash away the tiredness from their bodies. Although their destination came fraught with tensions of its own. Rashi was not yet ready to meet any of the other Modi family members. She couldn't face their scrutiny and the curiosity that would invariably be in their eyes. She especially didn't want to meet Jigar's mother. For all he had said Mrs Modi couldn't possibly want to see, never mind share the same space as the illegitimate daughter of her husband and his mistress never mind the niece of said mistress.

"Divya are you ok?" she asked trying to pull her mind from all the thoughts plaguing her.

"Yes Rashibhen."

"Sure? Are you feeling hungry or thirsty?"

"No I just want to get there now. Jigar bhai was telling me that there are a lot of people who are waiting to see us. Isn't it great Rashi? We are going to have a family again!" Divya hugged her cousin and relaxed into the seat, leaving the tension all for Rashi.


Rashi felt someone gently shaking her awake. Her eyes opened to see Jigar's face a hairs breadth away from. She took in a deep breath and let it out slowly.

"I must have fallen asleep." She said all at once.

"Well it's time to get up now. We're home."

Rashi looked to her side and her eyes widened.

"Where's Divya?" She asked him sharply.

"I left her at the roadside more than an hour ago. All part and parcel of my nefarious plan to get you on your own." He mocked.

Rashi looked at him with her jaw dropped.

"She's waiting impatiently for you to wake up so we can all go inside." He leaned closer to Rashi and whispered into her ear. "If I was going to have my wicked way with you then I wouldn't need to wait til you were asleep." He left the car leaving Rashi gaping after him, hot, angry colour flooding her cheeks.

Rashi huffed out the car, glaring at Jigar who smiled back at her. "Rashi lovely though you look with those daggers flying at me from your eyes may I just remind you that to all intents and purposes we are newly married."

"What's that got to do with anything?" Rashi hissed back him, trying not to attract Dvya's attention.

"Well unless you want Divya and my family to know the reality of our relationship I suggest you start acting like a normal newly wed. I don't want my mother worried. Keep your side of the bargain Rashi it's the only way I can keep Divya from my father's machinations."

At that reminder the colour leached from Rashi's face. She'd forgotten about his father.

"Is he here?"

"Fortunately he happens to be out of the country for the moment so you can cheer up a little. By the time he comes back we will be firmly at home here and he will be unable to do anything. Now smile the door's opening."

The door swung open to reveal a smiling woman.

"Jigar dhikra you are home! I've been waiting so long! Ever since you called I've been unable to contain myself."

"Hi ma." He stepped up to hug his mum and she warded him off.

"No hugs beta. First I need to welcome home my daughter in law. You two wait here I have everything ready for the griha pravesh. Rashi bahu come and stand with Jigar while I do your aarti. Ram Singh!" she called, "Take these bags to their rooms please."

Rashi's heart clenched while looking at the smiling face of the woman in front of her. How could Chirag Modi have hurt this woman? And how could she deceive this woman with her pretence of a marriage. She felt a hand squeeze her arm.

"Smile Rashi", she heard at her side, "I'm sure you know how to."

Rashi brought a semblance of a smile to her face as she heard the steely undertone to his words.

She looked at Hetal and saw that her gaze had been captured by something, or rather someone, else.

"Divya." Rashi called the girl to her. "Come here please sweetie."


Rashi pulled Divya closer to her and turned back to look at Hetal whose eyes were glistening with held in emotion.

"Yes all three of you stand together so I can do all of your aarti. After all today is the first time that Rashi and Divya have come home."

Hetal went through the rituals and welcomed them into the home. Jigar walked in and looked around expectantly.

"Ma is Ahem bhai not around?"

"No Jigar. He and Gopi are at home. We thought that Rashi and Divya would be tired after their long flight. Afterall coming from America to India isn't exactly a walk in the park. So they are going to come tomorrow once you've all had a rest. You three come and have something to eat and then I'll show you to your rooms. I know you must be tired. After you've eaten you can go straight to sleep."

Hetal turned to walk away.

"Aunty?" Divya called after Hetal who turned back. "I'm sorry aunty but I'm not hungry. I'm just really tired can I go straight to sleep please?"

"Haan beta why not. Come on I'll show you to your room."

"Auntyji I'm not hungry either I'll come with you." The three ladies left, Divya excitedly clasping Rashi's hand tightly.



Jigar left alone downstairs wandered into his study. He sat down on his chair and sighed. He closed his eyes and saw his mother's eyes. The mixture of sadness and happiness. His fists clenched as he thought of the cause of the sadness. How he hated his father at this moment in time. His gentle mother deserved better in life than this. He opened his desk drawer and took out the framed photograph he kept in there hidden from everyone else. The young girl in the photo looked back at him a cheeky smile on her face.


Rashi came out of the bathroom and got into bed. It had been a long day and now her conversation with Hetal Modi was going round her mind.




They'd left Divya happily ensconced in her room with Hetal making sure Divya knew where to find her during the night. Rashi was amazed at the woman before her. She seemed to have accepted her husband's daughter into her life totally. Even going as far as to give her a room near herself so that she could personally ensure the child was comfortable. As they reached the room Hetal had assigned to her Rashi spoke.

"Auntyji I don't know what to say to you. I don't understand how you can bear to have Divya and me under the same roof as yourself never mind be keeping Divya so close to you."

"Rashi none of what has happened to me is your fault nor is it the fault of that innocent little girl. We three are victims of circumstance and I would be a petty sort of person if I couldn't see that. Divya may be my husband's daughter but she is also my son's sister. And not only that but she is the grand daughter of the two people who gave me so much love. I wouldn't be able to look myself in the mirror if I let Divya live away from her family. She has as much right to the Modi family as my Jigar." Hetal opened the door to the bedroom and led Rashi inside. "You get some rest now Rashi, you've had a long day and tomorrow you'll be meeting the rest of our family."

"Auntyji... thankyou for welcoming us into your home."

"Rashi this is your home now too. You are part of this family." Hetal patted Rashi's walked to the door. Before leaving she turned back. "One more thing Rashi. I'd like it if instead of aunty you'd call me mummy. You don't have to but if you want to you can." Hetal closed the door behind her leaving Rashi overwhelmed.




Rashi pulled up the covers and got comfortable. The silk sheets on the bed were luscious and she snuggled deeper into the bed.

"At least I'm guaranteed a good night's sleep." She murmured almost purring due to the comfort.

"It is a good bed."

Rashi sat up in shock. She saw Jigar taking off his jacket.

"What in hell do you think you're doing in here?"

Chapter 5 - Page 6

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