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Age of Ram Sita During Marriage !!

Varnita. IF-Sizzlerz

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Hai Guys Hug

Pranaam !!

I m Here With my First Query, I Hope U all will Help me in Solving it !!

I was Just Searching Some information about Ramayan and I Found Something that seems quite Odd Embarrassed !!

It is The Conversation of Sita and Raavan, When Raavan Came to abduct her and Was Generally asking her Wherebouts !! At that Time Sita Said that: 

"I am the Daughter of Mithila King Janak, Married with Ayodhya's elder Prince Ram! Ram is So Dear to Whole Ayodhya but he left the kingdom to obey his father's promise and have given a New Ideal to the Whole World !

In their Convertatation she mentioned that she is Married when she was 5 and she had lived happily with her husband for 12 years in Ayodhya after her marraige. In thirteenth year, her father in law wanted to make his Elder Son ram, The King of Ayodhya. But Kaikeyi, one of the mother of Ram asked  Dashrath to ask Him to Go to vanvaas for 14 years or else she would not take any food, water, etc and give up her life.

I was 18 years and Ram was 25 years of age,when we decided to leave the kingdom." 

And it is also Mentioned Somewhere in Aranya Kand which Says that Sitaji was 5 years and Ramji was 13 years at the time of marriage.

Well I know, Ram Sita Came in Treta Yug and at That Time Child Marriages were Common but Personally I Dont think that Sitaji was Worth 5 Years at the Time of Marriage. The Reason for it is, Urmila was born a year after Sita was found,Right?  Mandavi and Shrutakirti were even Younger than Urmila. Umm Let's say we assumed Sita's age  to be 5, then Urmila would have had to be 4, Mandavi anywhere around 4 or 3, and Shrutakirti something like 1-2 years younger than Mandavi, meaning 2 or 1 Shocked , So if Sita Got married at the age of 5 then Does Shrutkirti Got married at the age of 1 ? Shocked Does it Seems possibleConfused ?


Also I Dont Think that Ram and Sita Lived 12 years in Ayodhya after Marriage, They might have lived for 1 or Something Years Because if They Lived for 12 years, it arrises the question that why wouldn't they have had their kids ? Because 12 years is a Sufficient time to Have the Kids. But if they lived in Ayodhya  for only 1 year, it makes sense, since they probably decided to have their kids only after returning.

These r the Questions which r arising in my Mind, Please help me to get Over Them Embarrassed


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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Stunnerz

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These are valid questions, Varnita! Well, I'm not sure about the correct ages of Ram and Sita as different versions have totally different things.Confused No version has the same age of Ram and Sita as the others, so I guess it is up to us to believe what we want. In my opinion, Ram and Sita were in their early teens when they got married and were exiled a few months later or maybe a year later, but Valmiki Ramayan says Ram was 16 and Sita 6 when they got married. But you're right that Mandavi and Shrutakirti would have to be babies in that case.Confused I am thinking somewhere along the line from treta yug to now, some of the data in Valmiki Ramayan may have been changed or interpolated by other writers and poets so we cannot say if what is written is totally right. Does anyone know what RCM says?
According to Valmiki Ramayan, Shri Ram was "almost 16" when Vishvamitra came to Dashrath. I know this because Dashrath says Ram is not yet 16 when Vishvamitra asks him for Ram. Here's the verse.
I found this online where someone referenced what Valmiki has, but it seems even VR contradicted itself in two kandas. Bala Kanda has Ram at 15 or 16 at the time of marriage and Aranya Kanda has Ram at 13 at the time of marriage.Shocked
(iii) Valmiki Ramayana, Bala Kanda, Chapter (Sarga) 20, Verse 2:

King Dasharatha sais to Sage Vishvamitra,
'uuna SODASHA VARSO me raamo raajiiva lochanah |
na yuddha yogyataam asya pashyaami saha raaxasaih ||' 1-20-2

'LESS THAN SIXTEEN years of age is my lotus-eyed Rama, and I see no warring aptitude to him with the demons.'
(iv) Valmiki Ramayana, Sundara Kanda, Chapter 33, Verse 17:

"samaa dvaadasha tatra aham raaghavasya niveshane || 5-33-17
bhunjaanaa maanushaan bhogaan sarva kaama samriddhinii |"

Sita Said to Hanuman:

"I stayed in Rama's house there for twelve years, enjoying the worldly pleasures belonging to human kind and fulfilling all my desires."

Marriage was at 13 years old Rama and plus 12 years of stay of Sita at Ayodhya, means 25 years of Rama.

(iv) Valmiki Ramayana, Aranya Kanda, Chapter (Sarga) 47, Verse 10:

Sita told Ravana Kaikeyi's boons from her husband (3-47-7, 8a) and the adamant nature of Kaikeyi (3-47-8b, 9, 10a )

Sita told Ravana her age and Rama's age while leaving Ayodhya.

'mama bhartaa mahaatejaa vayasaa panca vimshakah || 3-47-10b
astaa dasha hi varhsaani mama janmani ganyate |'

"My great-resplendent husband was of twenty-five years of age at that time, and to me eighteen years are reckoned up from my birth. [3-47-10b, 11a]

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Stunnerz

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Varnita, this is a post made by Kal El in the Ramayan forum back in 2009, shortly after the serial ended. It sums up Valmiki Ramayan's ages of Ram and Sita in a more understandable format than the one above, and it also points out the inconsistencies in the epic itself.
Originally posted by Kal El

There are several places in the text where Rama's age is brought up and sometimes it can get problematic.

The verses you quoted are in Sarga 45 in the Critical Edition which has a different reading. Instead of "for twelve years I lived", the Critical Edition reads "For one year I lived". Similarly, instead of "in the thirteenth year", the Critical Edition reads "a year later". The "twelve years" reading is supported by the Southern and North Western Recensions and the Pollock, et al translation of the Critical Edition go with that reading as well.

The part about Sita's age being 18 when they went into exile is present in all analyzed manuscripts except one (the oldest one, a Nepali manuscript). . However, based on some other issues in the manuscript, this is most likely a case of portions of the text being missing due to faulty copying (manuscripts were copied by hand) rather than the verse being absent in the original text. The Critical Edition rejects this line but their decision is disputed. The Pollock, et all translation retains the line

Some other verses dealing with Rama's age:

Balakanda, Sarga 19, Sloka 19 (this is when Vishwamitra has asked Dasaratha to allow Rama and Lakshman to go with him):

My lotus-eyed Rama is not yet sixteen years of age. I cannot see how he can be fit to do battle with raksasas.

Ayodhyakanda, Sarga 17, Sloka 26 (this is just after Kaikeyi has spoken to Rama about the exile and abdication and Rama and Lakshman go to Kausalya's chamber and Rama tells her about the tragic developments; this is part of her response):

The ten years and seven since you were born, Raghava, I have passed yearning to put an end to my sorrow.
Here she is apparently saying that Rama was 17 when he was exiled.

Aranyakanda, Sarga 36, Sloka 3-6 (this is part of Maricha's descriptions about Rama and his life story):

But then the great sage, righteous Visvamitra, who was terrified of me, came in person to Dasaratha and addressed the lord of men as follows: "Let Rama come and vigilantly protect me at the time of the lunar sacrifice, lord of men, for I am terribly afraid of Maricha." So the great and illustrious sage Visvamitra spoke, and the righteous King Dasaratha replied to him: "Raghava is a mere twelve years old and unpracticed in arms. I, on the other hand, am prepared to go with all the army at my command and slay your enemy, best of sages, just as you desire. "

Sundarakanda, Sarga 31, Slokas 13-14 (here Sita is telling Hanuman about herself and her story):

For twelve years I lived in Raghava's house, enjoying all human pleaures and having everything that I could possibly want. Then - in the thirteenth year - the king, along with his preceptors, undertook the consecration of that heir to the Iksvaku dynasty as king.

The question of Rama's age has been an issue of great discussion by the commentators because of the apparent discrepancies. Many commentators and the southern recension read dvadasa i.e. "twelve" in 3.36.6. But the Critical Edition decided to go with unasodasa i.e. "less than sixteen" instead. Among the commentaries, Bhusana and Tattvadipika are of the opinion that Rama was 12 when Visvamitra showed up at Dasaratha's court while Siromani and Tilaka state that he was 15 which is the age (according to Amrtakataka) that the sastras say a kshatriya should take up armour. According to Amrtakataka, "una-" means "reduced by one or two" and therefore Rama was around 15 or so when Vivamitra took him away. This commentary is also of the opinion that the sloka is not trying to assign a specific age to Rama; instead it is simply saying that Rama had not yet acquired the age of majority (i.e. 16). It also says that Maricha may have been exaggerating when he described Rama as 12 when he was Visvamitra's hermitage (since he was trying to convince Ravana not to go up against Rama).

Meanwhile, the sloka from Ayodhyakanda quoted above (2.17.26) adds another source of discrepancy since Kausalya says (at the time of the exile) that it has been 17 years since Rama's birth which contradicts the slokas from Aranyakanda which say that he was 25 at the time. The North-Eastern and some North-Western manuscripts have "eighteen" instead of "seventeen". There are 3 Devanagari manuscripts which give the age as 27 in this verse (interestingly, the Sarada manuscript, belonging to th NW recension, the age is 27 in 3.45.10 instead of 25 years; this is unique amongst all the manuscripts analyzed).

The commentators (especially Tattvadipika) explain the apparent discrepancy in Kausalya's words by interpreting "born" as "reborn": in other words, they are saying that Kausalya is referring to Rama's symbolic "rebirth" at the initiation ceremony which takes place at age 8 for kshatriyas. So it has been 17 years since Rama's initiation ceremony at age 8 which gives us: 8 + 17 = 25.

There is a variation in the readings of of 3.45.4-5 and 5.31.13-14 in the NE recensions where Rama is said to be just under 16 at the time of his marriage and he is said to have lived at Ayodhya with Sita for just one year. This tells us that Rama was literally 17 at the time of his exile. The problem here is that the NE recension contradicts itself in its version of 2.17.26 where Rama's age is given as 18 not 17. It also contradicts itself in 3.45.10 where it retains the common reading of Rama being 25 at the time of exile.

As I mentioned earlier, the Critical Edition also states that Rama and Sita stayed at Ayodhya just for 1 year after marriage. This was probably done to reconcile Rama's age with Kausalya's words in 2.17.26 which they probably understood to be literally 17 years of age. Unfortunately this creates a contradiction with 3.45.10.


Rama's age when Visvamitra arrived at Dasaratha's court: 12 (Southern Recensions, Bhusana and Tattvadipika commentaries), 15 (Siromani and Tilaka commentaries), "less than 16" (NE recensions and Critical Edition and the Amrtakataka commentary). Note that both 12 and 15 are consistent with the "less than 16" reading.

Rama's age at marriage: same as above

Duration of Rama and Sita's stay at Ayodhya prior to exile: 12 years (Southern and NW recensions), 1 year (NE recensions and Critical Edition)

Time when Rama was exiled: 13th year of his marriage to Sita (Southern and NW recensions), 1 year after marriage (NE recension and Critical Edition)

Rama's age at the time of being exiled
: 25 (Southern and most NW recensions and Critical Edition, as per 3.45.10), 17 years after being "born" (this is interpreted to be 17 yrs after initiation ceremony according to commentators; this also adds up to 25), 18 years after being "born" (NE and some NW recensions but note that the NE contradicts this in other passages), 27 (Sarada manuscript as well as 3 Devanagari manuscripts)

The only place where Sita's age is specifically mentioned is the Aranyakanda which gives it as 18 at the time of the exile (this line is omitted in a Nepali manuscript as noted above). This means she was around 5-6 at the time of marriage (the exile happens in the 13th year of the marriage but we would need more details about the exact time when the exile was ordered to pinpoint whether she was 5 or 6 when she got married).

If Rama was 25 and Sita 18 when they were exiled then they were about 39 and 33 when they returned. This means Sita was at least 33 when Lava-Kusha were born. Taking the children to be around 12 when they are reunited with their father, Rama was around 51 and Sita 47 when she returned to the Earth.

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Varnita. IF-Sizzlerz

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Thanks for all these References Janu Hug
So all these Things are Saying that ram was Sita were just 13 and 5 During their marriage, Right ? Aahh I too Find the Same Everywhere, The Reason for Why i Made this Post is I m Personally just Not able to accept that Sita is only 5 When She Got married to ram ! Embarrassed

Also If ram married a 5 Year old Sita then Does Shatrugan married a 1-2 Years Shrutkirti Shocked...I think this is the Biggest Blooper in the Informations and Some Actual Data is missing !!

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Stunnerz

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Originally posted by Varnita.

Thanks for all these References Janu Hug
So all these Things are Saying that ram was Sita were just 13 and 5 During their marriage, Right ? Aahh I too Find the Same Everywhere, The Reason for Why i Made this Post is I m Personally just Not able to accept that Sita is only 5 When She Got married to ram ! Embarrassed

Also If ram married a 5 Year old Sita then Does Shatrugan married a 1-2 Years Shrutkirti Shocked...I think this is the Biggest Blooper in the Informations and Some Actual Data is missing !!
I agree, Varnita. I think the original Ramayan by Maharishi Valmiki had all true facts, but translations of the one we have now have quite a few inconsistencies.Confused Even I find it hard to believe that Sita was only 5 when she got married to Ram, because even by child marriage that is far too young. Ramayan mentions that Maharaj Janak organized the yagna of shiv dhanush when Sita was of marriageable age. Even when we take child marriage into consideration, "marriageable age" refers to the time when a girl becomes a woman. You know what I am talking about.Embarrassed That is usually around 14-16 for most girls now, and back then it may have been a bit earlier at 12 or 13, but definitely not before because a girl's body does not develop until her pre-teen years. Plus, like you said Shrutakirti was the youngest so she'd have to be 1 or 2 when she married Shatrughan, which is plain ridiculous.Confused At that age children don't even know how to talk properly!
I really want to learn what RCM says, because my grandma told me that Sita was 14 and Ram 16 when they got married, and that makes a lot more sense to me.Embarrassed I don't know which source has this but the main source for telugu people is Ranganatha Ramayana after Valmiki Ramayana, so maybe it's there.
As for when Ram got exiled, Kaushalya's reference to 1 year is the first one in the order of events in VR so I take that to be true. One year must have passed after Ram and Sita's marriage, and then Ram's vanvaas happened. As for the ages, I do not take the present VR's reference to be true, because there are inconsistencies in it and also it doesn't make sense.
Btw, if you want others' input, you might want to PM them because people are inactive in MM unless PMed.LOL So PM members like Lola, Aishu, Shivang, Vrish, etc for more input. You should also PM Semanti because her knowledge in Ramayan is truly great. Her username is Urmila11.

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Varnita. IF-Sizzlerz

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^^ Ohh God Janu, U Just has Said Everything which is Running Inside my Mind Shocked, (Have U Done any Special Coarse of Mind Reading? ConfusedLOL) Even I find it Unbelievable that Sitaji Got Married at the age of 5 which is So Young even if we Consider Child Marrige, I mean at that Time Girls Dont even reach to their adult age Shocked, How can Sitaji be married at this Time then Confused ? Seriously Thinking of Such a Marriage of a Couple which is my Idol is Just unbelievable for me Embarrassed
In Other way too if we take of the Look of the Things happenned before thier Marriage, then Does Sitaji Got attracted towards Ramji at the age of 5 in Pushp vatika Shocked, It is another Unbelievable thing for me as at this age Children Dont even Know what these Feelings r, Right? EmbarrassedLOL So Connecting each and Every thing which we have read in Ramayana I m Just Finding it Impossible that Sitaji and Ramji were just 5 and 13 at their Marriage !!
As For U want To know the RCM views regarding this, I asked My mom today and She Told me that Tulsidasji mentioned that Ram and Sita Reached their "Kishor Awastha" (Teen Age, Generally Beteen 15-18) when they met First and Got married, and Seriously It Makes more Sense to me, I m Better able to connect everything with the Story Considering These Ages Embarrassed

lol Ok I will PM Everyone LOL

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ShivangBuch Goldie

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In my Ram Charit Manas book, the ages of Ram Sita are very clearly and specifically mentioned around preface part as publisher's note kind of thing but there is no reference of any Kand or Choupai or Doha.

According to that note, Ram's age was 18 and Sita's age was 9 when they got married. Ram's age was 27 and Sita's age was 18 when they were exiled. Ram's age was 41 and Sita's age was 32 when they returned. And Ram ruled for many thousand years after coronation.

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Stunnerz

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I agree with your mom yaar, because romance starts blooming in your heart at teenage age only, and so many people even in Rajput times of our history got married at the age of 14-16, so to believe such for treta yuga is not at all difficult.
Btw, the pushp vatika story is from RCM, not Valmiki, so as per Valmiki Ram and Sita did not see other till Ram broke the shiv dhanush. Also in Valmiki there was no swayamvar as per the way we know it. Maharaj Janak organized a yagna for the shiv dhanush and Vishvamitra was invited for it. When Ram saw the shiv dhanush in the yagna, he was curious and asked Janak about it, and the latter told him the history behind the dhanush and also his vow about how the one who strung it would marry Sita. Many Kings had come before to string it but none could succeed. Shri Ram then picked up the dhanush, strung it, and broke it, and Sita garlanded him to fulfill her father's vow.
It's in RCM that we have an actual swayamvar for Sitaji, where Ram enters and shows people different forms, Lakshman's anger, Parashuram's anger, etc...everything we saw in the swayamvar sequences of RSR and ASR, as well as the pushp vatika one, is all from RCM as Valmiki Ramayan did not have much on that. Moreover in VR, Parashuram confronts Ram after his wedding, when the baraat is returning to Ayodhya, so both versions have very different stories when it comes to Ram-Sita's first meeting, swayamvar, and wedding. I personally prefer RCM's because it's more romantic, hehe.Blushing
Thanks for the RCM info, Anna! It makes much more sense for Sitaji to be 9 when she was married to Ramji than 5, even though 9 still seems a young age for a girl to mature, but it's better than the toddler age of 5 which just does not make sense. I was told by my parents though that Sitaji was 14 at the time of marriage. Do you have any idea which version this is from?

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