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Ariya vaada raha FF ch 20 LAST CH PG 50 3/4 (Page 7)

puvini IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 3:26am | IP Logged
Very emotional.. I so love this ff and awesome ETF team.. Everyone cares for her very much.. Hope everything vl b alright soon for Ria and she gets all happiness nd love in her life.. Looking forward to the next part:-)

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AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 September 2012 at 11:14am | IP Logged
Hey.. Sorry I had missed your PM since I cleared my PM inbox 2 days ago.. 

Well, both the chapters were brilliant! So, she's a victim indeed.. Gosh! That was cruel.. I loved the way, she had composed herself, with the ETF team taking extra care of her..

Pregnant??? Ouch OMG!! Now that's something.. I wonder how she's going to deal with it.. 

Well, the precap for Chap 4 also sounds damn interesting.. I hope Arjun reaches there on time and stops her frm taking the dangerous step.. 

Please update soon.. Really curious to knw what happens next.. 

Thanks for the PM's.. Smile

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rituka7 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 September 2012 at 9:53pm | IP Logged

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 2:09am | IP Logged



Rathod pushes raute out of the way

And runs toward riya along with shree and chotu

Rathod puts a hand on her shoulder she just cries on his shoulder

Arjun walks toward her (rathod stops him by putting a hand indicating him not to move)

Rathod: shree riya ki pass raho

 Rathod stands up grabs raute by arm and takes him in a room

Rathod: Raute yeh kya thareka hai why did you make riya touch her stomach

He turns him around and points dehko usko ….just look at her state koi fikar bhi hai ya nahi? tum kaise raute how could you act that way


 Arjun:  bas rathod  im just as worried as all of you  main bhi parishaan hoon .

Seeing he  like this is killing me rathod pata hai

Rathod: Really Raute jaise tumhare behavior hai  muhje nahi lag tha

Arjun:  damn it Rathod Fikar hai kyun ki I

Just then  they hear

Sheer: ri  please bas calm down  drink a little  water

Chotu: haan ri your crying so much that you have hiccups  

Rathod goes to give her water

Riya: nahi  please I want it she gets upset at them forcing her to drink it that (she pushes the glass away and it breaks )

Main kaha na nahi chaiye  yells riya

 Arjun : bas riya we all understand what you are feeling  right now but this not the way to act samhje ya samjao ?

Rathod: Raute bas ek shabd bhi  nahi

Riya is fuming looks up at him with tears in her eyes

Riya: Nahi aaj main aap ko samjati  aur aap samjogay…

Shree chotu and Rathod are shocked

Shree: yaar wounded tigress pala para hai

Chotu: haan yaar arjun sir tho gaye

Rathod: tum dono theek bol re ho Raute  ka acha class hoga

 Riya: ACP ARJUN SURIYAKANT RAUTE I have every right  to act this way and no you don't know what im going through I don't even think you understand. After that horrible night I tried to get my life back to normal just when I did. this happened this is the reality of that night … yeh bacha  it will always make me  remember what happened I now can't forget it even if I wanted to do you have any idea how that feels no because you're a man not a woman . so yes I do have every right to  cry ,scream,  and act this way Samhje ya phir se  samjao 

With that she leaves the office

Shree: ri where you going ?

Riya: ghar shree im tired 


Few days later

Riya: sir I'd like to take 2days  off I need some space

Rathore: riya you can take as many days as needed

Riya: thank you sir 

Chotu: we will miss you ri

Shree: haan ri take care kuch bhi chaiye just call us

Riya: thanks guys

she leaves


Arjun: shree uska cell tap karo  who kis se baat kart hi kahan jaate I want everything

Shree: kya par kyun sir

Arjun: do what im telling you no questions samhje ya samjao?

Rathore: yeh kya hai Raute riya koi criminal nahi hai


An Hour later

Shree: sir riya ka cell… kis se baat kar re hai

Arjun: put it on speaker shree

Riya: haan doctor I'll be there in half hour thank you

Rathod: doctor? Riya had a check today kis ko bole bhi nahi

Doctor: Riya this is very risky yeh abortion can be life-threatening your body is already very weak and mentally you're very stressed  as your doctor im advising you not to do this

ETF Team looks at each other : Abortion

Arjun is very upset

Shree:arjun sir you were right aap ko kaise

Arjun: shhh

Riya: doctor yeh body meri hai yeh baby bhi mera hai whatever I want to do I will do main yeh abortion kar re hoon that is final  she cuts the call

Arjun bangs his fist on the table  "yeh larki pagal hoge hai  kya … abortion ….  he runs out of the office

Rathod: Raute ..Raute rako Raute damn

Shree: ri kaise yeh kar sak thi hai

Rathod: chotu get the car Raute gusse main hai aur riya hush main nahi hai jaldi karo we have stop them both


Arjun calls chotu: chotu hospital call kar ke bole not to do the operation till I come kuch bhi kar ki rako unko abhi

Chotu: ji sir

Arjun arrives at the hospital

Arjun: patient Riya Mukerjee

Nurse: room 342 operation ki prep kare hai

Arjun runs in the room

Arjun: yeh abortion nahi hoga

Riya: aap yahaan kya kare ho ? wait you Tapped my cell

Arjun: haan and its good varna tum yeh pagal hoge ho kya

Riya stands up

ETF Team runs in the room

Riya:  dehko sir this is my personal life koi case nahi hai ki aap sab solve kar re hai. Whatever  I do  doesn't concern you all …

Arjun: yes it does damn it and tum yeh nahi kare ho samhje ya samjao

Nurse: dehko this a hospital please be quite or I will call the police

Arjun:ETF main police hoon don't get involved in this samhje ya samjao?

Nurse backs away

Riya: sir for your kind information im going ahead with this

Doctor comes in

Doctor : riya are you ready  ? you sure about this

Riya: ji doctor I've decided this what I have to do

Arjun :nahi doctor koi operation nahi hoga

Riya: hoga

Rathod: doctor  please gives us a few minutes to talk this over

Doctor: theek hai but riya please don't stress

Riya: Rathod sir aap bhi please try understand me

Rathod: riya we do both you and arjun are right in your own way but this time main Raute ki saath hoon yeh galat hai

Riya: sir aap

Shree: ri this too dangerous  please just don't do it

Arjun" tho final hai Rathod bhi bol diya hai tum yeh nahi kar sak the ho final ghar chalo (he grabs her hand)

Riya pulls it away

Riya: enough this not a case that I need rathod sir permission im off duty and over 18 im old enough do what I feel . this my body , my baby . you guys won't have go through what I will . this nota easy descion I took but this the right one . I will be one that will hear  the taunts , the rubbish people will talk about me . I will have to answer  when people ask me who is the baby's father what will I say how will say that I was ..( she bites her lip) I will have go through the 9 months of pain and suffering  …ill have go through the labor pains …then raising the baby again the taunts and question I was asked  my child will be asked what will I say how ill I answer. What the world will call my baby what name they will give I know  and raing a child alone being a single mother won't be easy and most of all  the baby will have their father gunda khoon . after much thought I decided this and im not backing away im doing this

Arjun: Riya nothing like this will happen just aisa mat karo

Riya: no

shree: ri this not the solution we all are here with you 

Rathod: haan riya no will say a word we will handle them

Chotu: and  ri you won't be alone we all will  help take care of the baby

Arjun: jaane do chotu we are hitting are head on a wall  let her kill her baby … I never once thought a EFT officer can also be a killer disgusting and ek baat aur riya sirf baap ka khoon nahi hoga tumhare khoon bhi hai us main .

Riya looks up at him shocked at his words

Doctor comes in

Riya: doctor im ready

Doctor puts her on the bed and the reel her to the OT

They  all wait out side

Chotu: can't believe she is doing it

Suddenly after ten min the doctor comes out

Rathod: kya hua doctor koi problem hai kya itne jaldi  you came out

Doctor: Riya decide at the last moment not go ahead with it she said she can't kill her baby it has her khoon .ive done her check up the baby is fine just make sure she takes these medinces and vitamins , and try to avoid any caffeine and what ever she craves to eat give her and make sure she isn't stressed and she should lift any thing heavy

 Rathod: ji doctor thank you Raute dehko don't stress her please

Arjun: theek hai

Riya comes out  they get in the car Arjun riya , chotu shree in one carrathod left to go to a crime scene

In the car

 There was a silence between them

Yet so much was being said

Riya ons the radio

The song chickni chameli is on

 Riya starts shaking her head 

I love this song

Shree: haan it is a great song Katrina kya dance kare thi iss mein

Chotu: dasu lag re thi  yaar

Arjun : cheap song hai yeh he offs it

Riya on it again I want hear it

Arjun offs it

Riya makes a sad face

Riya: chotu muhje nahi baby ko suna hai yeh song

Arjun shakes his head and  quietly on's the radio again

Chotu and shree: just smile

Shree: waise ri baby ki taste in music is super top kyun chotu

Riya: yup just like her mom smiles riya

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 July 2012
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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 2:18am | IP Logged
awesome dear...
One can feel the pain and insecurity Riya's going through...
Please update soonSmile

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 2:19am | IP Logged



8 months later

The time had flew so fast that no one even realized it 

  The entire ETF team was very supportive of riya they had taken very good care of her and the baby

Rathod was the one who would make sure everything was hygenicly clean  and make riya comfortable in the office she was still working but doing paper work only

Shree was the one who had set up a pager for all of them so at whatever time of day or night   if riya need anything it would buzz them and they would all rush over to riya

Chotu was the one who use get riya what she craved at whatever time it would be

While arjun was basically a unofficial husband he cared for her the most,he made sure she was comfortable during the whole pregnancy he did everything a husband would do for expecting wife.  All the doctor visits he use to accompany riya to make sure her and baby were fine .he was the one that made sure she would eat her food and meds on time .



 Rathod: guys I called you here to discuss a important baat  its 8 months of riya's pregnancy and well we have to be alert she can even have a early delivery and we should done  this last month because we have been so busy and well face It we all are men this slipped our minds . riya ki baby shower kar na hai uski ghod bharai 

Chotu: hum sir par yeh tho larkiyaan kar the hai na

Arjun: chotu rathod theek bol re hai hum sab ko hi kar na hai after all hum sab riya ki family hai

Shree: yes sir that we are and it will be loads of fun but karna kya hai?

Rathod: muhje khud nahi pata par we have find out

Arjun: rathod itna difficult nahi hai muhje pata hai kya kar the  roshni ki dost ki baby shower main hum gaye the

Rathod: tho Raute bolo kar na kya hai

Arjun: achi dress , jewelry set   ya kangaan etc  fruit, cocnut and a chunni and they we have also give gifts for the baby and then whisper something sweet about the baby in her ear

Shree: sir games bhi hote meri bhabi  bole thi muhje  jaise ek  jar   of ras gulas hai and jar of achar you keep in front what ever riya pics decides if ita  girl or boy and there are other games

  Rathod: good this should be a surprise for her

Chotu: sir baby gift  ki liye what should we get

Arjun : I know exactly what to get a wooden paalna(cradle) riya saw it and loved it but she backaway because of the price this can be from all of us

Rathod: good and job hi aur we need to get we can

Just then riya walks  to the off ice walking slowly she has a hand a on her tummy as she walks

Shree goes and helps her sit down

Shree: hai ri how are you and how is this little cutie huh talking to her belly

Riya: shree step away from my tummy dehko my mood is off  so please

Chotu: aww kya hua ri

Riya: I didn't get sleep at all last night

Arjun suddenly stands up and goes to her

Arjun: riya tum theek ho dard ho ra hai kya chotu jaldi call the doctor

Riya: arjun sir im fine sachi just this lil badmash kept on kicking me  all night bas and when i began to sing this little angel would stop

Shree: really what did you sing

Riya: a lullaby

Shree: hum bhi sunaao na

Riya: uff ok this little wants hear it too she is kicking me    and whn I sing she will stop

The guys all want fell the baby kick

Riya: ok ok you may

Riya starts to sing

Laa la mmm laa la oh oh oh la la mmm

So jaa so jaa meri pyaari si  gudiya soo jaa

chandani ke palne mein
meethe meethe sapne hain
 us sapno mein tu kho jaa
so jaa,  haan so jaaa meri pyaari si gudiya so jaa   pariyon ki jahan se

nindiya  aati hai aur pyaar si sapon ko lay atti hai  so jaa  soo jaa meri pyaari si gudiya  mama ki pyaari gudiya so jaa  rona nahi rona so jaa haa so jaa mama ki gudiya so jaa

laa la mmm laa lal oh ho oh la la mmm

 Riya: dehka she stopped kicking na smiles riya

Chotu: ri yeh lori kahan si  aaye

Riya: I wrote it

3 days after


At riya  house

Riya: shree itna shopping kyun kar na tha aaj im so tired lets go in and rest please

She opnes the door and her house is fully decorated with toys and  flowers and lights

ETF Team: Surprise

Riya: wow omg yeh sab

Rathod: your baby shower riya

Riya: thanks guys

Arjun : riya one more surprise

He shows her the palna

Riya: omg this the one I wanted for her

Arjun: yup

Chotu: ri you always say her how do you know it will be a girl?

Riya: I don't know chotu I just do and I hope I want a daughter like me not a boy who will be like jaane do yeh sab lets enjoy

They sit riya down and give her the basket of fruit and cocnut and whisper in her ears and they play games riya is laughing and smiling

Rathod: raute riya is laughing and happy after such along time hai na

Arjun: haan Rathod aur kis ki nazar na lag (arjun goes up to her takes  kajal from her eye lid and puts a tikka on her neck )

Riya look at arjun eye lock

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 2:42am | IP Logged
unofficial husband ko ab official husband bana do nahLOL
Love it, please continue

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kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 September 2012 at 2:45am | IP Logged
wow this is so amazing...
every scene is shown so cute love it...

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