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Ariya vaada raha FF ch 20 LAST CH PG 50 3/4 (Page 4)

AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 10:32am | IP Logged
Hey.. When are you going to update this one, dear? I re-read the story!! You left it at such a cliffhanger.. And the precap sounds interesting as well.. 

Waiting to read more.. I just hope Arjun helps her to deal with her trauma! Smile

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ll-Shilpa-ll IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 10:46am | IP Logged
Oh wow, gut wrenching and painful but interesting to see how Arjun helps her overcome this trauma and how Riya deals with it.

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Jin. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 11:43am | IP Logged
fizz.. jaan tumhari ff yahan bhi... pm bhi nahi kiya... achcha nibhaya aapne ye dosti... dost dost na raha... 

hehehe.. ok anyways.. loved it.. please continue soon..

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desigirl1 Groupbie

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 12:03pm | IP Logged
That was really nice! plz continue.

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 7:36pm | IP Logged


Ch 2


Suddenly Riya faints in his arms arjun places on the bed 

Arjun: rathod we have call the doctor now

 Doctor comes in all the men are outside the door


Shree: jo Riya kay saath hua is just horrible


Rathod:  I know us rana ko nahi chorenge hum he will pay


Chotu : muhje tho riya ki fikar ho re hai


Arjun:  dehko jo hua hau laken ab we have  to make her stronger she has face her fears ..we all know ki after such an incident how a girl feels and what happens   'aur rana ko main handle karonga

 Suddenly the doctor comes out 

 Dr. how is she patient  ki family ho aap ?

Rathod: nahi family jaise boliye na kya hau riya theek hai kya?

Dr:. dehko I need talk to her family


Arjun: tell me I'm her husband


Dr: oh acha mr.raute  aap ki wife has gone through a lot she is in complete shock and if she doesn't cry or show how she really feels if she just suffers her pain inside it will be very risky  and she will be getting nightmares raath ko don't leave her alone she will be very jumpy and scared she needs time the physical scars will heal sooner then the emotional n metal scares she has.

Her state is very delicate she needs as much love and support she can get and try not talk about what happened until she does 'just care for her  the nurse has changed her clothes she is resting


Arjun: ji doctor ill take of her more than my life thank you


They all go in the room she is asleep 


Rathod: aaj raat we will all stay with her here shree tab thak rana a file do



Everyone in the room is trying act normal and  study the next case file while arjun is sitting in the chair right next riya's bed in deep thought when suddenly


Riya begins to toss and turn then wake up screaming from her sleep


Riya: nahiii leave me  don't touch get away  ahhh

Arjun jumps up from his chair rathod sheer and chotu run towards the bed


Riya realizes that it's just here friends  she calms down arjun hands her glass of water


Arjun hand accidently touches her hand she drops the glass


 Riya just looks up at them doesn't speak


Rathod: riya please rest its fine don't worry sab theek hoga hum sab hai tumahre saath


Riya suddenly stands up and walks towards the bathroom and goes inside and locks it  they run after her  riya goes in shower with her clothes on and on's the cold water and just starts crying and drops to the floor she hugs her knees together and bends her head and cries her heart out


Shree: ri open the door please

Rathod: riya tum theek ho riya  suno open this door we all are worried  riya

Arjun: riya open this door right now samhje ya samhjao

Rathod: arjun abhi tho apna attitude band karo




They all run in they see riya in the shower with her clothes on  crying and  washing  her hands roughly


Suddenly arjun goes to  go to her but is stopped by rathore


Rathod: rako she doesn't need to treated rudely at this time shree jao


Shree runs to riya

Riya screams


Riya: get away don't come near me go  


Shree: ri it's me shree  you'll get sick  the water is so cold  come out


Riya pushes shree away


Riya: nahi  all you  of out now I need   to  shower  I feel disgusting  I can still feel his touch his disgusting touch  gahin aate hai muhje  cries riya


She is scrubbing her hands  clean with soap


Chotu: riya you'll hurt yourself stop


Rathore : riya please bas karo your hands are red 


Riya: theek hai phir make his sickening touch go away please


Rathod, shree and chotu where crushed after hearing riya's words 


She continues to wash her hands and face not stopping


Rathod calmly tries to talk to her: riya I promise it will go away  please abhi tum  he tries to console her


Arjun goes up to her 


Arjun he gives her a towel   while giving her the towel he injects the sleep meds in her so she can get some rest

Ahh but she suddenly faints arjun catches her but then is pushed away from rathod


Rathod: Chotu go get nurse tell to come in here and change riya's clothes then ill place her  on the bed


Raute ek  haad hote hai tum kaise 


Arjun: rathod I had no choice she was go crazy dehka na she was hurting her self


Rathod: I know what you did was right par there is a way suddenly 


Nurse  brings riya  she is very drowsy arjun picks her up in his arms she suddenly begins to kick him and screams


Get away don't touch me leave me yells riya

Arjun somehow manages to place her on the bed  she doze off to sleep


Shree has tears in his eyes


Shree:I can bare this anymore just look at how ree  is damn it


Rathod:Shree we have be strong to be there for riya

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 September 2012 at 7:37pm | IP Logged
Ch 3

2weeks later riya was acting normal getting on with life there were guards outside her house 24/7 for her protection


She got ready and headed to the ETF headquarters



Chotu: riya kaise hai yaar koi baat hui



Riya: hey guys aaj ka case kya hai


Rathod: riya tum yahan you're on leave you need rest 


Riya :main theek hoon Sir I'd like to join my duty once again


Shree hands her a cup of coffee


Suddenly arjun comes behind her and grabs her hand she drops her coffee mug in fear  and screams


Riya: AHHH


Arjun: tum theek nahi ho you need rest  your are mentally and emotionally not stable  you were Ra


*she slaps him*

Riya :   Stop it Sir   I'm sorry laken tum aise kasie kar sak the ho I hate you I said I'm fine  as much as I want to forget what happened you won't let me na  ' yes I know what happened I'm am very much aware what I went through  but you(pointing a finger at him and looking at all the men)  '..none of you men will understand what I'm going through  none  only  I know what hell I'm in and why I want forget this I know that I can't change what happened but I want to forget   this that's all is it too much to ask '.she has tears in her eyes and storms  out of the room crying


Shree and chotu  go after her


Shree :ri wait


Chotu: shree rako I'm also coming  


Rathod: unemotional ka haad hota hai she just been through this and you Raute  disgusting she was just getting better aur tum damn it


Arjun: let me  do what I'm doing its only to help her rathod doctor said she has  to cry she has to talk what happened she can't show her I'm brave front or she will get worse trust me


Rathod: no Raute what you did was wrong job hi ho  ab let go talk to riya


Rathod and arjun come where riya shree and chotu are


Shree: sab theek hoga ri don't worry


Riya: bullshit shree bas stop I'm tired of hearing this from everyone here you all are wrong nothing is theek and won't be and I know that but still I want my normal life back is that too much to ask stop this sympathy stuff and treat me  like you all use to please I beg of you all



Rathod: riya you are right we all are just worried for you  bas but we will make sure things will be like they were before


Riya: thank you sir and I'm sorry for my temper 


Rathod: no its ok Riya looking at arjun some of  needed it


Riya: sir ajj ka case kya hai


Rathod: abhi thak no case riya so  paper work


Shree: yaar ri yeh sab chor you know something chotu finally found out the girl's name  at  the department store


Riya: oh chotu really   oh la la so what's her name ? bolo na



Chotu:  Pinky he blushes


Riya: aye haye pinky and chotu  that is just too cute


Shree: aur ri yeh hi nahi pata hai pinky na ek cook hai she works at the dhaba on mali street  we should go there once


Riya: haan yaar that would be fun


Rathod: guys kuch kaam bhi kar lo  sirf baatein nahi


Rathod: wiase not bad idea shree kyun nahi hum sab next week chotu ki birthday ki liye wahan  pe jaye?


Riya: rocking idea sir I'm hungry ill get a snack


Arjun hands her a bagel


She looks at him she takes it without saying a  word


Shree nudges chotu


Riya is eating the bagel  while little cream cheese is on her lip


Shree: ri you have something on your lip


Arjun comes and wipes it eye lock


Riya moves away


A week later

Shree chotu rathod and arjun in car going pick up riya for the dinner


Shree: finally ri is back to normal she is fine now she laughs and like are old riya


Chotu: I know yaar who would know that 3 weeks ago what hell she went through



Rathod: that's are riya strong and brave let's just make sure we don't remind her of what ever happened


Arjun: you guys are blind she is still suffer but quietly  kis ko bolti nahi


Rathod: we all know this Raute we just are trying respect her wishes bas


At her house riya comes out wearing red tight pants and   shiny black long sleeve lace top  and black heels


Guys are looking at her


Riya gets in the back with chotu and shree


Shree: super top lag re ho ri


Chotu: dahsu lag ra ho



Riya:  thanks guys happy birthday chotu this for you

Hands him a gift  open it at dinner


Chotu: thanks riya


Arjun keeps glancing at her from the mirror


Arjun thinks itna tight pants  kyun pena tha  he rolls his  eyes 


At the place


Riya: chotu yeh place hygienic  tho hai na


Chotu: riya haan yaar


The waiter comes


Chotu orders  paneer  thikka, chaana butura,, malai kofta's,and sarsu ka saag maaki di roti  aur


Rathod: chotu itna kahana  already order kare bas if we want we always order again


Chotu opens the gift it's a picture of the whole ETF team


Arjun: wow acha gift hai  main soch ra tha ki koi girly typical gift hoga


Riya looks at him and rolls her eyes


Suddenly the dhol starts riya shree  start dancing Bhangra


Rathod: acha hai riya is smiling na kyun Raute


Arjun: haan Rathod after long time she is smiling


The food comes


Everyone Is eating



The waiter comes and asks what they want to drink

Rathod:  salty laasi

Shree:  meethi laasi

Chotu: lassi

Riya: mango lassi with a straw

And you sir asks the waiter kuch nahi pani

Riya: ek minute ek masala cutting chai unki liye

Arjun looks up and nods

Chotu :whispers do dil mil re hai magar chup ke chup ke

Shree: sab ko ho re hai khaber chup ke chup ke  they both laugh

Riya is eating food when suddenly she chokes

And starts coughing

Arjun grabs water and gives to her he comes and sits near her trying calm her

Other then the ETF team   a old couple is noticing this that is sitting near there table

Punjabi woman: aye haye  dehko ji kitna soni Jodi hai

Sardar : haan ji kuri bhi pyaari hai

Punjabi  lady: oye munde aap ki moti kitni pyaari haan ji

Sardar : aur bhabhi ji aap pati tho tumse kitna pyaar kar tha hai

Chotu shree and rathod are amused

Shree: oye arjun sir ka gussa ab shy rocket hoga

Chotu: haan yaar poor riya

Rathod: raute hai gussa tho always

Riya: ji yeh mera husband nahi hai aur main aap ki bhabhi nahi hoon

Sardar:  oh ho acha samja boyfriend hai koi nahi kal husband hoga

Arjun: dehko yeh meri kuch nai lag thi hai Samje ya samjao

Riya: looks at him  hurt

After dinner they go back to chotu's house to cut the cake

In the car

Riya: yaar chotu im sorry but pinky isn't a good cook I feel sick I think I have food poisoning

Rathod: kyun kya hau riya we are ate and we all are fine

Arjun: larki hai rathod delicate  hai

Riya:  nahi I bet it was hygienic  this always happens when  eat at places like that

The get to the place she runs inside and runs in the bathroom

She starts throwing up

 She comes out

Shree: ri you ok?

Riya: yup I'll be fine this  happens a lot if  I eat outside food I'll be fine

They are cut the cake  after a while they all go home


Next day at ETF

Riya walks in

Shree: ri how you today

Riya: im better I guess it was the food

Chotu: sorry ri

Riya: no chotu don't be

Rathod walks in ok guys so ek evidence mila hai  the man who was painting the house  used this paint laken something else was mixed in it ab you guys tell me iss paint  bucket si yeh paint what's the difference rathod opens them

Riya: Sir the smell it is awful please closes it

Arjun: smell come on riya  aisa kuch nahi hai they smell fine

Riya: nahi sir please its smells horrible

Suddenly riya feels dizzy

Chotu catches her and sits her down

Rathod: shree close the paint now

Arjun hands her water she drinks it

Arjun: ab kaise ho

Riya : theek hoon smell just got to me

She gets up when she feels dizzy again and faints

Arjun: shree call a doctor now

Doctor comes out

arjun: doctor how is Riya

Doctor: she is fine no need to worry Mr.Raute congratulations she is pregnant she is asleep she doesn't know yet  so when she wakes up please give her the good news she leaves

Arjun:  what iss ka matlab 

Rathod: Rana jo kiya yeh uska bacha hai

Shree: oh no poor Ri how will she handle this

Chotu : who will tell her and how will we tell her that she is pregnant that too with rana's baby

Riya comes out she hears them

Riya: KYA preg '. Main ' Pregnant ' no ' no

Shree goes to her

Shree: ri  please calm down

Riya: bullshit you all are lying  

Riya: shree please tell me  yeh jhoot hai yeh can't be happening  nahi please she almost faints

Arjun: dehko riya  please clam down sit here yeh hi sach hai

Riya: no you all are lying

Arjun: really lying '  takes her hand and places on her lower tummy

Her  hand on her  is on tummy  

Arjun : abhi tum lag tha hai ki yeh jhoot hai riya nahi  yeh karva sach hai

suddenly she moves her hands and has tears in her eyes'

she drops to the floor crying

Precap ch4

Few days later

Riya: sir I'd like to take 2days  I need some space

Rathore: riya you can take as many days as needed

Riya: thank you sir  she leaves

Arjun: shree uska cell tap karo  who kis se baat kart hi kahan jaate I want everything

Shree: kya par kyun sir

Arjun: do what im telling you no questions samhje ya samjao?

Rathore: yeh kya hai Raute riya koi criminal nahi hai


Hour later

Shree: sir riya ka cell kis se baat kar re hai

Riya: haan doctor I'll be there in half hour thank you

Doctor: Riya this is very risky yeh abortion can be life-threatening your body is already very weak and mentally you're very stressed  as your doctor im advising you not to do this

ETF Team: Abortion

Shree:arjun sir you were right

Riya: doctor yeh body meri hai yeh baby bhi mera hai whatever I want to do I will do main yeh abortion kar re hoon that is final  she cuts the call

Arjun "yeh larki pagal hoge hai  kya  he runs out of the office

Shree: ri kaise yeh kar sak thi hai

Rathore: chotu get the car Raute gusse main hai aur riya hush main nahi hai jaldi karo we have stop them both









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iluvrainaarti Senior Member

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Wow that was really good. Please continue soon and please pm me.

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Continue soon!

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