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Ariya vaada raha FF ch 20 LAST CH PG 50 3/4 (Page 10)

M.V.Kohli007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 12:49pm | IP Logged
I luved all parts dear.
bt whn child w'll be brn i luv to hear Rathod mamu & papa 4 Arjun.Smile

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 11:44pm | IP Logged


Ch 6

Chotu: kya Jodi hai

Shree: yaar ajun sir apne dil ki baat bol the kyun nahi ri ko

Rathod: raute khud nahi jaan tha kabhi maanega nahi

After the baby shower they all are relaxing on the sofa

Riya: guy's muhje pizza chaiye

Arjun: pizza abhi its midnight

Rathod: riya abhi pizza kaha se

Chotu: haan everything is closed

Riya: nahi sorry muhje nahi baby ko chaiye abhi

Shree: let me see  on net if any place is open sir ek hai  hotel lotus pe

Rathod: guys let's go

They all are seated there  and order the pizzas

 They all are chatting way and laughing


At the table next to them

These four woman are talking

Woman 1: woh dehko yeh larki ko na  sindoor na maglsutra  par pregnant hai

Woman 2:  kya bina shaaadi bacha ?

Woman 3: itna larkon ki saath hai woh larki us main bacha ka baap kaun hai ?

Woman 1: us main bacha ki baap hai bhi ya koi aur hai disgusting

Woman 2: haan and dehko kaise  normal act kare hai  che

Woman 3: larki tho characterless lag thi 


ETF team and riya hear them

Riya has tears in her eyes 

Riya: sir im not hungry chale yahaan se

 She gets up to leave arjun stops her

Arjun walks over to the women along with the entire ETF team

Arjun: aap ki cheap baatein and down market soch  ke answers hai mere pass . aaj kal kaun sindoor and maglasutra pen the huh? And thing  iss bache ki baap main hoon main samhje ya samajao? Aur haan  iss bache ki bare main ya uski maa ki bare main ek shabd aur bhi nahi  samhje ya samhjao.


Rathod: aur main iss uska bhai hoon Raute theek bol ra hai not another word

Riya: guys if you don't mind can you all stay at my place I don't know why but  I feel scared 

 Rathod: theek hai riya no problem

Arjun: haan hum sab hai aap ki pass

Later that night riya wakes up screaming

They all run to her

Arjun: riya kya hau bolo he holds her closes to himself

Riya: I had a nightmare please every hear me out dehko during my deliver if ever you have chose to save me or the baby it should be the baby and haan   

Arjun: riya kaise baatein bol re ho chup

Riya: nahi please meri baat suno sab listen guys if anything happens all of you promise me ki you all will take care of sunhera  the baby

Rathod: riya tum yeh kyabol re ho aur kyun

Riya: sir please understand

And arjun sir please I know ki they all are there but I want you to be the one to bring her up raise her please .

Arjun :riya bas he cups her face tum kuch nahi hoga  aisa nahi socho please and pregnancy main nightmares hote

Riya: nahi Arjun sir dehko tum na teach my babythe way of life bring her up to be a woman I will always be proud of protect her from every one khaas kar rana se . and sir  in return sh will teach you how to live again smile ,laugh enjoy life and know how to be  happy  I want you to fulfill the role of her father  but please vaada karo please

Shree: ri tum kyun why are you saying all this

Riya: this nightmare shree pata hai it was  I get hurt and as if I was sleeping and not able wake up and then mera bacha ka kya please sab vaad karo

Rathod: theek hai riya vaada I will be the baby's mamu and take care of it

Shree and chotu : haan ri


Arjun: vaada raha riya laken main tum kuch anhi hone donnga


Riya gets up and opens her cupboard guys this shelf her are all her babies things and haan when she is born na please put this lil churiyan onher hands

And most important arjun sir you will raise her in this house please and her is  my  lullaby I wrote she hands him this

Arjun and team make her go back to sleep



Next few days  everyone makes sure she is perfectly fine

Its 11:30 pm everyone is working late on a case

Arjun : riya please let me drop you home it's late you need your rest

Riya: nahi sir please I like it here tum sab ki saath 

They all go back to work suddenly riya  feels pain

Riya controls herself she doesn't scare the  guys she slowly gets up

Riya: guys I think it's time  

They all get up

Arjun runs to riya and hold her hand

Rathod: chotu get the car now we have take riya

Shree: par riya 3 weeks early ho na tum

Arjun : shree hota hai kabhi kabhi jaldi karo riya dard ho ra hai na

Riya: ouch ahh she grabs his hand and squeezes it hard 


In the car

Arjun is in the back with riya long with rathod  shree is in the front next to chotu

Riya: sir  im so scared  dard hoga na ahhh

Arjun: riya breath slowly in and out it will help

Shree: ri you are brave it won't hurt that much

Riya: shree  shut up you try getting a baby out of your stomach already itna dard hai aur kitna dard

Arjun rest her head on his shoulders and pat her head dry

At the hospital

They take her in  after while doctor comes out

Arjun : riya aur baby kaise hain

Doctor: they are fine false alarm tha hota hai yeh  but in few days it will be time let her rest


Few days later

Then suddenly they all walk out of the movies one of sikandars men come up to arjun  they both are fighting etf team try stop it and suddenly riya gets pushed very hard she falls and hits her head on the a huge pile of bricks

And to top it off the bricks come rolling down hitting riya's head even more

Riya: ahhh arjunnn.

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Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 11:48pm | IP Logged


Arjun: RIYAAA arjun shoots and skindars men and rushes to riya picks her up

They all rush her to the hospital

Arjun :riya open your eyes please kuch nahi hoga

Riya: sir mera baby …

Arjun : riya sab theek hoga

Riya: arjun sir   ek aur baat hai I Iove you …

The ETF: team is shocked and quite

then  she suddenly faints in his arms

Arjun : riya open your eyes riya please

Rathod: chotu jaldi drive karo

They arrive there  as they are reeling her away  arjun still holding her hand he whispers in her ear

Arjun :riya please listen main bhi I love you too  he kisses her fore head


They all are waiting outside the OT Rathod put hand his shoulder

Rathod: sab theek hoga Raute don't worry

Arjun: Sikandar and his men I will klll him phele roshni ab riya aur uski bacha

Rathod: raute ab yeh nahi socho riya  ki bare main socho


Few hours later  they hear  a cry from OT doctor comes out with a baby girl and hands I to arjun

Doctor: Mubarak ho beti hui hai

Arjun holds her and kisses her forehead

Arjun: hello gudiya… beautiful just like your mama, doctor riya

Sheer: ri ko kaise pata tha ki larki hi hai?

Chotu : yeh sab chor kitni cute hai

Rathod: yeh sab baad main doctor riya kaise hai

Doctor dehko she has hit her head badly she is in coma pata nahi when she will wake  1hr 1 day or even a year


Arjun : coma  par suddenly baby cries

Nurse takes the baby inside

Rathod: Raute riya theek bol re thi the dream iss liye she made us promise ab we all have fulfill that vaada

Arjun: haan Rathod aur jab thak riya theek hote hai bachi mera pass reh gi riya ki ghar main

They all go in to the icu where riya and baby are  shifted

Nurse comes

Rathod is holding the baby

Nurse: few questioni have ask

rathod: ji

Nurse : mother's name

rathod: riya mukherjee

nurse: father's name

they all look at each other

Arjun:  Arjun Suryakant  Raute

Shree and chotu are shocked

While rathod has the I knew you would look and smiles

nurse: Baby's name

Arjun: Sunehra…Sunehra Suryakant  Raute  he slowly slips on the tiny bangals riya had given him which he carried in his pocket at all times

Look how pretty they look on you  her tiny hands

Shree: aap ko kaise pata sir

Arjun: riya had told me she loved this name

Rathod: perfect name  Sunehra

Nurse and the etf  leave the room  and arjun takes sunehra in his arms and take her toward riya

ETF team watching arjun outside window

Arjun :riya wake up dehko yeh humare beti Sunehra (a tera rolls down riya's eye) …she is a copy of you just as beautiful .Riya please wake up … I  love you please wake up main apni family ki saath ghar jaana chatha hoon sirf meri beti ki saath nahi (another tear rolls down her eye )


10months later

6:35 am

In a classy contempary penthouse with 3 bedrooms 4 bath and huge kitchen and family room

A tall sleek   shirtless  man in track pants  is pacing round his bedroom with his  daughter in his arms  feeding her her bottle

Arjun: all done my golden girl …look how hungry you were itne jaldi you drank all your milk good girl (he kisses her forehead) he gently rubs her back for a while  then places her in her palna(cradal)

Now you get some rest till papa goes and gets ready for work

He rushes in the bathroom with the baby monitore he places on the counter  and quickly showers and comes out when he hears hei lil princess cry

He comes out of the bathroom in a towel wraped around his waist (imagen arjun like how ranbir kapoor was in sawariya )

Arjun: kya hau my golden girl huh papa yehi hai he swings the cradle to calm her down

He goes to the closet to get out his shirt kaun si shirt penu aaj?

 Pink, Blue, black, ya red my favorite colors us main ek pick karlo whatever you wear you will look dashing ACP ARJUN Suryakant Raute

Waise black you look handsome but it takes a real man to wear pink she winks at him

Oh really now Riya well woh tho main hoon pink it is he goes to kiss her cheek when  he hears  sunehra  cry

He goes to her jab bhi papa apni mama ko day dream the hai tab bhi rona hota huh … he kisses her tummy to make her laugh

Chalo let's get ready  he gets her and himself ready buckles his lil princess into her car seat and get in the car to drive .


They arrive at the hospital

He carries sunhera  in his arms

Arjun: come on my golden girl lets go meet mama

He walks in

Arjun :  good morning riya dehko  I brought your favorite flowers lily's orchids and of courses roses  he places them in the vase and throws out the old ones

Arjun : sunhera  mama ko hi karo

She waves her lil hand

Arjun: riya we will come back at night love you  he kisses her forehead 



He gets back in the car and buckles up his princess drives away


They arrive at the ETF office

Shree: sir arjun sir kahan hai ?

Rathore: he will be her any minute shree kyun case ka kuch hai kya

Chotu: nahi sir humare gudiya  ko dehka na hai na

The big glass door opens

He walks into the room  holding the pink and grey car seat  in his left  hand along with the baby bag straped on his right shoulder along with his briefcase.

They all go to him

Shree takes the baby bag while chotu takes the car seat and palces it on the table rathore goes and unbuckles her and takes her in his arms

Rathore: how's my little doll doing huh ?

Shree: sir not fair kab se hum dono wait akre the aur aap

Rathore: shree main uska mamu hoon

Chotu: sir hum dono bhi hai na

Rathore : oldest mamu hoon main

Shree: acha theek hai su sheer bolo

Arjun:shree abhi who coti hai she has just started to  crawl

Shree: sir  par main net pe dehka ki bachi tho hey can start talking/walking  form 7- 2yrs 

Chotu: shree she will but abhi nahi na  sir please do na

Shree puts her down on the carpeted play area they made for her  all hygienic like riya would want


Rathore : theek hai lo waise raute case ka bare ek baat hai

Arjun:haan Rathore bolo

Rathore: Is talking when  shree says

Sir yeh dehko

They walk to them

Sir who baat kare hai


Arjun : kya kasie

Shree: she said shree sachi

Shree: su main kaun hoon sheer bolo

Su: sshheee and giggles

Arjun holds her

Arjun my baby is talking sunhera papa bolo please

Su: pa

Arjun: that's good enough for me laughs arjun pa it is then

Rathore: mamu bolo

Su: moo moo

Rathore: acha I guess im moo moo then

Chotu: su chotu bolo

Su: chu

Chotu: hum sab ki naam alag hoge ab sir

 They all go back to work  and she is in arjun's lap

 On the big screen shree is trying open data on his laptop when he clicks wrong file and pic of riya and gang opens

Su sees a pic of riya on laptop mama

They all shocked

Arjun: babyphir bolo kaun hai yeh

Su: mama giggles

 Suddenly at the hospital riya opens her eyes


Arjun cells rings

Rathore takes her

Arjun: hello kya  kab haan im coming

Rathore: kya hua Raute kis ka phone tha

Arjun: hospital riya is awake

ETF: kya












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kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 September 2012 at 11:52pm | IP Logged
lovey update 
both the parts just awesome

Edited by kaveriw2008 - 18 September 2012 at 12:04am

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smiley21 Groupbie

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 12:11am | IP Logged
very nice...loved it cont soon and thanks for the pm :)

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_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 12:27am | IP Logged
oh wow so much to read Big smile had a great treet from youWink 
i absolutely loved both the chaptersClap they were beautifully written and you got me hooked to the storyEmbarrassed loved the way Sunehra calls Arjun PaEmbarrassed SheeLOL aww.. Riya opened her eyes when Sunehra called her mamaTongue do update soonishh Big smile
Sparkling-eyes5 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 12:29am | IP Logged
lovey update 
both the parts just awesome

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M.V.Kohli007 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2012 at 12:30am | IP Logged
Ossam , so sweet part fizzy.
Rathod moo mooBig smile
& Chotu chu...LOL
Arjun is vry sweet daddy. Kitna hot & sweet daddy... Smile
Feel bad 4 Riya. Nw she is fine na?
Thx 4 PM. Plz update asap.
What w'll Riya do...  

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