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Ariya vaada raha FF ch 20 LAST CH PG 50 3/4

Fiza28 IF-Rockerz

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Ch 1


Arjun comes running in the room beaten and weak

His voice cut through the comfortable silence surrounding him, as he barked in frustration. He rested his hand on his hip, sighing exasperatedly at the situation, as his mind raced a thousand miles. His lean, athletic body clad in his jeans and solid black shirt , tensed up as he readied himself to shout at everyone in the room

Arjun: Damn it everything went wrong  Rathod and  Riya they '


Rathod: arjun you alone riya kahan hain kya hua?


Arjun everything was going as planed we both acted as if we were husband and wife  what ever you said we did we acted as if we were a loving couple then   . they like you said suddenly as we were walking to the room they grabed riya

When I went save her they took a stick hit her on the head and then injected me with something and I was knocked out for hours Ifound my self near a jungle near the hotel



Rathod: Kya shit  oh no I knew this plan was very risky


Arjun: Damn it !  (furrowing his eyebrows)  Rathod we shouldn't have let Riya  do this just because she thinks  she's 'Jhansi ki Rani', doesn't mean we should have agreed . kya zaroot thi yeh sab us ko kare ne she didn't have be part of this mission  (his hands moving about furiously in mid air)

Rathod : (in a worried  voice) Arjun hum sab are worried calm down  I know that she shouldn't have gone with you there but there was no choice .We had catch  Rana and in order to that we had send her in


Arjun : kyun  what was the need hum main se koi aur jaa sak  tha .



Chotu: sir we couldn't have  yeh kaam sirf ek larki ko hi kar tha along with you a woman was needed  and Riya she's wasn't  listening to me I told her ki don't go !


Rathod:  Arjun we all know why she wanted to go in this missionwith you  she wanted to prove to her self and all of us guys that she was capable in being apart of ETF Khass kar tum Arjun.


Arjun: I know yeh baat hai  In fact, she has made a scene out of all this!! Just because main larki hoon and all she started how could you make such big mistake by letting her go  in to Rana's trap


Rathod: dehko arjun we all are tense but don't blame me for this she is part of the team so she had to go in and waise bhi tum us bichari ko you always taunted her she did this just show you


Chotu: sir pleaseRiya  abhi thak hasn't come either its been 27 hours lets not fight


Suddenly shree cell rings  



Sheer puts it on speaker


Rathod: shree call trace karo abhi  they are in car hearing the convo


Riya : hello suno guys  they a man suddley is turning the knob of the door riya hides the cell which is still on


She turned her whiskey browns to see him, clad in an all black three piece suit, standing near the door, breathing heavily and eyes trained to just focus her. She could sense his fury to the other end of the room.


His eyes  trained to focus just on her, now  as he couldn't take his eyes off of her, who was wrapped in a thin bedsheet, only a small barrier, that he could handle in a snap of a finger, or rather less than that, that covered her modesty.

She grabbed the sheets and pulled it tighter to her body, as she jerked up to stand by the bed. he got a glimpse of her long, shapely legs. There. Again. He averted his eyes and cleared his throat to get a grip on himself.

And all of it came back to like raging waves of an ocean acting like a murderer to the land and its natives. She trembled in anger, while her eyes flashed with fury.

Riya : YOU! (raising her right hand to point at him) Mr. Rana shah ! (she spat out the words with disgust) Don't you dare mistake me for those innocent helpless girls, whom you kidnap and traffic them for your even more disgusting, lower than anything business of pleasing the sickest of bas***ds, more like Lechers! (grabbing her sheets tighter to herself and continuing) I'm everything, BUT.THAT! (stepping forward) Understood?! Mera husband kahan hai ? he wont spare you

Rana stood at door, not moving even a muscle, except his eyes, and his adam's apple bobbing up and down on every single move she made.

Rana : wow kya pyaar hai your asking about your husband im surprised I thought the 1st thing you would ask  is where are your clothes ? but I must say this slik bed sheet is suitng  you very well

Mrs. Kapoor



Arjun looked up in anger at rahtod when he herad Rana's words


Everyone in the car looked worried for riya



she tightened her hold on the bedsheet


Riya: (You will regret this!! (gritting her teeth and meeting his c eyes with the) You have messed the worng girl !! (raising an elegant eyebrow) And
Rana : (chuckling) Let your  hero hubby catch me first... Mrs. Kiran  Kapoor ! (smirking at her stunned expression)

Riya: You, You, B****rd!!! (gritting her teeth) You, Le--

Rana  (closing in the distance between them and cutting in) DON'T you! (grabbing her arms and pulling her towards himself) I'm anything, a bas***d even (raising his eyebrows) but NOT.a.Lecher!!


Riya :  how dare you let go of me don't you dare touch me

Rana : theek hai I wont touch you Yet ' my clients will

Waise bhi kya item hai tu you're my money making machine


Ek tho test drive ban tha says rana


Riya moving back a step


Riya :listen door raho stay away  


Rana  grabed her


The ETF team surrounded the place and were searching for the room


He felt her beat his chest, with her fist, and he caught it right in time, before it could punch out his heart from behind and held in between their chests.


Shree you check down chotu he go to the right arjun coem with me says Rathod


rana : (smirking and continuing) We've some unfinished business you see! I need try you out

He was dangerously near her, and about to claim her lips, and suddenly she making her ball her fists again and push at him to let her go.

Riya : (her eyes lighting up) Hell NO!! don't even think bout it she throw a pillow at him trying to run away


but he grabed her and throw her on the bed

she felt his lips crush hers, cutting her from speaking. and felt his arm snaking around her waist, as he pulled her closer to himself, leg to leg, hip to hip, chest to chest. She triedto pushes him away ..


koi hai helppp Arjunnn yells riya 


sudddenly everyone freezez

when hear riya throw the ear phones

Rana  grabbing her small derriere and squeezing it tight. He smiled  as he what he was doing he loved the fear the pain on her


Arjun jaldi we have find her she is


Arjun" kuch nahi hoga us ko



A growl escaped from his impatient being, as he tugged at the bed sheet .

The next moment, the  yanked bedsheet was next to him on the bed , following an animalistic growl, echoing through the room


Riya: nahiii ahhh


 Suddenly the whole ETF team was Frozen they could hear Riya's crys and screams they all knew what just happened


Arjun suddenly ran up the stairs and they stoped at a door where he could hear riya screaming from inside everyone else followed


Chotu broke down the door Rana looked up

 Riya still numb but some how manged to grab the bed sheet next to  her and wraped herself she was wanting to cry but her tears were dry after what just ahd happened she was still


Rathod grabed Rana and was beating crap out of him along with chotu and arjun who was mad as hell


How dare you touch her I will kill you he took out his gun as was about shoot


Rahtod :arjun don't we will arrest him he will pay for what he did


Arjun:nahi rathod I will handel him What he did to Riya I wont spare him


Rathod: arjun don't chotu

Chotu pulls arjun away  

Rathod assert Rana


Arjun runs to Riya


Rathod shree you ahndel this

Rathod runs to riya as well


She is just sitting on the bed with a sheet wraped around her

There are scratch marks all over her arms and bruises she was slient and still


Arjun put hand on  Riya's shoulder


Rathod sat near her


She didn't move she was still and quite

Rathod : Riya its us please daro mat its just arjun kuch tho bolo  riya   

Arjun wraped his jacket around her

She suddenly looked up at arjun  and hugged him tightly wihie still hugging the bed sheet around her body she tried to cry but her teras where dry


At that moment everyone in the room  Rathod , arjun ,Sheer and chotu were in tears seeing Riya like that


Precap ch 2

A week later


Riya:  hey guys aaj ka case kya hai


Rathod: riya tum yahan your on leave you need rest  


Riya :main theek hoon Sir


Suddenly arjun comes behinded her and grabs her hand she drops her coffee mug in fear  and screams


Arjun: tum theek nahi ho you need rest  your are mentally and emontially not stable  you were Ra


Riya :  Stop it Sir  tum aise kasie kar sak the ho I hate you I said im fine  as much as I want to forget what happened you wont let me na  ' yes I know what happened but you none of you men will understand what im going through and why I want forget this  she walks out of the room


Shree goes after her


Shree :ri wait


Rathod : insentvive ka haad hota hai she just been through this and you Raute  disgusting


Arjun: let me  do what im doing its only to help her rathod doctor said she has  to cry she has to talk what happened she cant show her im brave front or she will get worse trust me




ch 2& 3 

ch 4 & 5

ch 6 &7 

ch 8 &9
ch 10 11 pg17

 ch 12 pg 20

 ch13 anb


ch 15 a nb

ch 16

 ch 17

CH 18

ch 19


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salta IF-Sizzlerz

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Awesome... You are exploring ARIYA emotions behavior deeper n deeperClap

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salta IF-Sizzlerz

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Plz update soon... plz 

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Aqua_marine Goldie

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Lovved it...super h...continue soon

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mushiroxx IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 August 2012 at 5:07am | IP Logged doll riya...Cry that pathetic rana...Angry
arjun plz help riya get back to normal...n don't leave her alone EVER AGAIN...Big smile
lovely ff...fiza...Smile

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Vvaannii Groupbie

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awesome!! really nice concept continue soon!! Clap 

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Haruhi_Mo IF-Sizzlerz

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it was beautiful, stil i didnt like that she was rapedCry
Stil do continue

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Arieltabi IF-Rockerz

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Its Beautiful. Poor Riya. Pls continue soon.

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