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Ariya FF: Milenge ab Yaara: Part 16 @ page 44 (Page 5)

anjali28 Newbie

Joined: 25 February 2012
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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 7:05pm | IP Logged
Please please please continue!!!!!!
Add me to your PM list please!

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AeDilHaiMushkil IF-Rockerz

Joined: 08 March 2011
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Posted: 01 September 2012 at 10:32pm | IP Logged
Hey.. I absolutely loved your FF... Its beautiful.. This is the first one I've read on Ariya.. And the song?? Well.. Its perfect.. And my fav at the moment.. Big smile

Coming to the plot, So, Riya has got a painful past.. and present..Shocked

Hope Arjun finds out about it soon.. And does his bit to ease her pain, and in turn his own..Cry
Also, loved the pace of your story.. Not to fast.. not too slow.. Just perfect..Thumbs Up

Could you add me to your PM list if you have one? Would love to read more of this.. 

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priyavishu18 Senior Member

Joined: 08 June 2011
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Posted: 02 September 2012 at 4:52am | IP Logged
Nice One Yaar...

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mitraseth Newbie

Joined: 29 August 2012
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Posted: 02 September 2012 at 5:55am | IP Logged
~~~PART 4~~~

Whooo...writing sure is hard work!!Ermm n it doesn't help that I have to wait 3 more hours for the return of ETF on television..waiting is probably harder work..Thumbs Down

Nyway...herez the next part of the story...if anyone wantz to be included or excluded from my PM list, pleeez let me know..Smile Thanx for all the love...n I'll be updating the next part in an hour's timeSmileTongue

As they sped silently along the road, Arjun's mind was in a turmoil. Why had he reacted as he had? Why did he have to shout at her, simply because she was trying to cheer up someone who had gone through a tragedy? Why did he have to assume that she was trying to pry into his life? Why was he directing his anger and frustration at her, her who had absolutely nothing to do with any of the calamity which had happened to him??

He looked at Riya. She was staring out of the window. Its not her fault, he thought. Its not anybodys fault except for the cruel monster who had wiped out Roshni. He sighed...he wished he hadn't confronted her like that, he could see he had hurt her...he had seen...what?? He had seen the pain that he had caused, but also something more...she was distressed...ever since she took her day off..maybe...something was wrong back home? Someone was sick perhaps?? Her dad, her mom, her...boyfriend...? What was he thinking??? His thoughts were going haywire...He had accused her of interfering in his life, and what was he doing now?? Trying to do the same...No, he resolved...he would not pry into her personal affairs either...

They pulled up in front of the office, and as Riya began to get out, Arjun spoke.

"I am sorry"

Riya stopped for a second and turned to him, shocked. This was the third sorry he had told her in the past half hour. What was the matter with him suddenly? Split personality?

Riya: Sir i told u na, its alright.

Arjun put on his glares and looking straight ahead said " I am not talking about your hand."

Saying so, he got out of the vehicle and walked into the office.

Riya sat there, amazed n bewildered. Did Arjun Sir just apologize for shouting at her?? WTH!!! She exhaled nervously, opened the door, n muttered to herself "Unbelievable..." But deep down, she felt a bit better.

Rathod n Chottu were back from the foundation office. Tey had news.

Rathore: based on what her colleagues at the foundation said, Salma was onto something big. Something that would shock the city and paralyze it completely.

Arjun raised his eyebrows questioningly at Rathod.

"Terrorists." He spoke the one word quietly but it shocked both Arjun n Riya into action. Arjun banged his fist on the table and Riya gave a loud "Kya??"

Chottu continued " Hanh. They said that Salma was close to uncovering a covert terrorist group operating right in this city, that too somewhere in this locality"

Riya: Lekin, if that was the case, how come they didn't inform the police till now?

Rathod: Because Riya, they were not aware of this until yesterday night. Salma hadn't told anyone of her investigations. She was  secretly after them, for the past week or so, n disclosed all this to her team only yesterday. She said she was finally close to getting some proof and by today they could present their case to the cops. Apparently, she informed her assistant Krishna that she had some important work in the morning and would be late to office. The next they heard, was the news of her death.

Arjun: She went to this office everyday? I mean, she had her job as a geologist right?

Rathod: Yes Rawte, but she was on leave for the past four months, she wanted to work closely with the activities of the foundation, it was established only in May this year.

Arjun: I what time does she usually go to office everyday?

Chottu: At 8 AM sharp everyday

Arjun: Today, at around 11.30 she was killed. So in the three and a half hours before that, the events that took place then, that will lead us to Salma's murderers.

Rathore: exactly.

Riya: According to my notes, Salma visited her friend Aarti Gupta, right before her death. She was walking back from Aarti's house, when she was attacked.

Rathore: Then thats our next stop.

Arjun: Before that, we...

Shree burst into the room interrupting Arjun. He was panting.


Arjun muttered " aaj ke din, he has taken an oath to interrupt me each and every time I guess"

Rathore: whats that Rawte??

Arjun: nothing...whts up shree?

Riya: Yeah Shree...whts got u so excited?

Shree: I have discovered...what...Salma was after...

Chottu started laughing: Bas? For this u ran in as if ur tail was on fire? We already know what she was investigating...terrorists...

Rathore: Hanh Shree...we got the info from her foundation..

Shree confused..."What?? terrorists??? But she was chasing after some drug cartel here...around this locality..i got it from her notes...her laptop..what are u guys talking about??

Arjun: From her laptop?

Shree: Yes Sir, according to her notes, some drug pushers were operating in the area...on further research, she discovered that it was more of a bigger group than she had thought of in the beginning.

Rathore: is this possible? Two sources, two leads, each saying that Salma was after different cases.

Shree: I also checked the her mobile phone, there were some granules caught between the keypad. I am not sure, but I believe they are minute granules of cocaine. I'll just check now.

Saying this he dashed into the inner room to his equipment.

Chottu: Which case are we supposed to solve? Murder of Salma Akhtar by terrorists or Murder of Salma Akhtar by the drug cartels?

Riya: Yeah...Who is right and who is wrong?

Rathore: Salma couldn't have typed up fake notes in her own  I guess her colleagues were wrong.

Chottu: or mabbe Salma was trying to mislead somevn as to what she was actually after..she mite have suspected somevn had access to her laptop

Riya: So then...Shree is rong??

Shree comes running back, super excited.

Shree: Its cocaine alright!!no doubt..n some traces of heroin as well.Its  some pretty strong stuff..

Chottu: So again..the office guyz r rong??

Arjun: or mabbe both are rite??

Everyone stares at him.

Rathore: kehna kya chahte ho Rawte??

Arjun: What if both the cases are connected??

Shree: Huh?? Drugs n terrorists?? How on earth??

Arjun: Leave the how for now. Letz focus on the who first.

Riya: Who??

Arjun: When we talked to Ruhi..what did she say happened about two weex back??

Riya: the fight between Raihan n his frend Shivam. N how Salma intervened.

Arjun: Correct. Ruhi told us how her mom had a talk with Shivam n then appeared disturbed. From various accounts, we have come to the conclusion that Salma started her probing around that time. Ab Samjhe...ya Samjhaun??

Rathore: So this Shivam...we need to find him first...he is the key to this entire mystery..

Riya: Ruhi said Shivam is at summer camp. I'll get the number from his parents.

Arjun: Don't let them know we want to question him on the murder

Rathore: He's Right, we need to keep things on a low profile until we know whats going on here.

Riya nodded and made the call. She talked for about 10 minutes, and ended the call with " Thank you so much Mrs. Kashyap. I'll let you know if Shivam is chosen."

She put down the phone.

Riya: Got the number of the camp. His parents are away in Rishikesh, on a pilgrimage with Shivam's grandparents. Mrs. Kashyap said that they had planned this trip for a long time, n it was Salma who suggested that Shivam be sent to this camp with Raihan. They haven't heard the news of her death yet.

Shree: Who did you say you were?

Riya: I said we were trying to scout players for an under 16 national football team n wanted to talk to Shivam.

Chottu smiled: Impressive

Riya smiled back n glanced at Arjun, who was looked away. Riya stuck out her tongue at him slightly. Shree n Chottu giggled quietly

Rathore: riya..

He stopped, staring at Riya sticking out her tongue

Rathore: Riya!! What are you doing??

Riya quickly turned to him, "Ah nothing sir..I was just going to call the camp"

Rathore: Hmm...yes quickly...

Riya again made a call. She spoke quietly into the receiver, frowned, talked for about a minute more n then cut the call.

She looked puzzled.

Rathore: Well?? Whats wrong?

Riya: They said that..they don't have anyone called Shivam Kashyap there...

Shree: What?

Riya: I don't understand..I also asked about Raihan

Arjun: N they said, he was there till today, right?

Riya looked surprised: Yes..but in that case...

Rathore: He would know that Shivam was never at camp

Arjun : he did know..more than Ruhi, Dr. Akhtar, n her office colleagues..Raihan knew more of this affair.

Arjun picked up some papers left on the table, notes related to the case which Riya had made n quickly scanned through them.

Chottu: Then we need to talk to him first. And find out where Shivam is.

Shree: He would be at home

Rathore: letz go

Everybody got ready to leave.

Arjun: Just a minute.

Rathore: What Rawte? We don't have time to waste.

Arjun: Isiliye toh bata raha hu. Going to Dr. Akthar's house will just waste our time.

Rathore started getting angry: Look Rawte, if you have something to say, make your point, don't waste...

Arjun: Dr. Aarti Gupta

Rathore: What?

Arjun: Sorry to interrupt Rathore, but u said not to waste time.

Rathore rolled his eyes, n tried to control his urge to throw something at Rawte.

Arjun: We need to see Dr. Aarti Gupta first.

Shree: But that can wait right Arjun sir? I mean our priority is finding Shivam, so we need to talk to Raihan first.

Arjun: Dr. Aarti will directly lead us to Shivam.

Rathore: How r u so sure?

Arjun: Yeh dekho, Salma's mobile records...for the past two weex, calls to and from this one number tops the list

He pointed to one number "Dr. Aarti's number"

Chottu: But they were friends, whats so strange about that?

Arjun: Strange because each day, they spoke for about 5 hours..that too sometimes at 1 or 2 in the night..n only since the past two weeks

Rathore: You r saying, whatever it is, Aarti was also involved?

Arjun nodded.."It would also interest you to know, that Dr. Aarti Gupta specializes in addiction medicine"

Riya: And her main interest is?

Arjun: Drug Rehab.

Rathore raised his eyebrows. "Dr. Aarti Gupta's house. Letz go." He stopped, "N Rawte, good work"

Arjun nodded slightly n said "Riya got the notes, I just made the conclusions"

Rathore: u too Riya..good work..

Both Rathore n Arjun started to leave

Riya stared open mouthed at Arjun.

Shree whispered to Riya "Did Arjun Sir just compliment u?"

Chottu: Hanh yaar..kya baat hai??

Riya: I..don't..

Shree n Chottu go into romantic mode.

Chottu fluttering his eyes "Sir...aaapne...humhe...compliment diya...aapne finally dekha hard I work to please u??"

Shree: Hanh.dekha maine.I think u did well.Isliye kaha.I finally understood your intentions. Ab samjhe..ya samjhaun?

Riya threw her diary at both of them.

Riya: Shut up u guyz!!! N come on!!!

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Mimi2609 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 September 2012 at 6:09am | IP Logged
nice dear, please continue...
Loved when Arjun actually complimented her, and shree and chotu pullin her legs because of thisLOL

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elle.. Goldie

Joined: 09 June 2010
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Posted: 02 September 2012 at 6:14am | IP Logged
Omg...loved it..shree nd chotu teasing cute...super update

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kaveriw2008 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 23 July 2012
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Posted: 02 September 2012 at 6:16am | IP Logged
wow yaar 
i think riya is finally back in her original mood and arjun is also started to change the attitude towards her
now its going to interesting now i like
and don't forget abt the case its totally confusing i must say good work
waiting for the next part 
pm me when u update the next

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poojdc87 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 September 2012 at 6:39am | IP Logged
Wow!!! Great update!! Glad to see Arjun's coming around, and I loved the Chotu-Riya-Shree convo!! LOL
They're so funny!! Also, I wanted to tell you, just yesterday I was thinking about all the past episodes, and I definitely thought your story was an actual episode!!! I thought that conversation with Ruhi and that Mom and her baby Riyu happened too in the real show!! That's how awesome your story is! Clap
Keep writing!! And please add me to your PM list!!


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