Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

|~ ArHi Wedding Celebrations -Task 2+Scoreboard ~|

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:48am | IP Logged

Task is over.

*Turn up your volume and enjoy the song while you read. Big smile*

Salaam Namaste everyone! Hug

Task 1 is over and done with. Phew!
D'ohD'ohRelieved weren't you that you guys got done earlier than the deadline? I'm glad everyone could send in their entries. There were a few things that we NEED to talk about which we will right here before you all move onto your task 2. Embarrassed

The thing that was noticed by the Reps was that you guys are all divided in the team. Sub-teams were only made so you guys can all easily participate and no one feels left out. There is NO sub-team competition here, so help each other out. It's Gharaati's VS Baraati's and not Sub-teams VS Sub-teams. My emphasis on the NO competition between sub-teams. So, if one sub-team is not there help the reps out and get the task done. If you guys are all going to be divided then it's going to be your team which will be on the losing side, without a doubt because you will fail to get everything done. Embarrassed

Last time, there were many members that had initially signed up but didn't show up. So, in the list below you will notice that your sub-teams have been switched around and there are new additions to the list. Please welcome the new additions. Big smile

Thirdly, make sure you post atleast ONCE in the CC links given with your team division. And try and be a frequent visitor there. It helps us know that who is still in for this and who isn't. If you aren't there and your reps don't know what you're doing, then how will they know that you still want to remain in these Celebrations? Ouch

Same thing goes: This being the first post is introduction and the task.
Second post will consist of the team divisions.
Third post has the scoreboard of the two teams.
Fourth post will be of the FAQs that have been answered already and just some things to keep in mind while working on this task.
And the fifth and last post will be of the credits list. A thanks to all those people that have been with us throughout. Big smile

Just a flashback of the events that we have had so far;
ArHi Wedding Celebrations - Decide your team!
Task 1:
ArHi W.C - Task 1

Task 2:

Creativity Shines!

The deadline which will NOT be extended no matter what is: August 31st 2012, 11 PM IST.
You will have a couple of hours after the episode of Friday airs to work on them too, if you want to include something from the scenes of that episode.

The round is : Mehndi Ceremony.

Getting on with the task; You have to make a set of animated and non-animated creations. So, one sub-team will submit 1 animated signature, 1 animated Icon, 1 non-animated signature and 1 non-animated icon. THAT is a set of Creations. So, one team on the whole should be able to submit 5 sets of Creations consisting of 5 animated icons, 5 animated signatures, 5 non-animated icons and 5 non-animated signatures. Remember, this is ONE per sub-team. DO NOT make more than one. The reps have been told to submit only 5 things of each.

Seems easy enough, RIGHT? Welll, here comes the deal breaker! LOL You thought, I'd let you all off the hook so easily? Never guys! I'm going to make this fair and hard in every way that I possibly can.

The sizes - EACH creation has to be sized according to the size list below:

Non-animated Icons
Height: 200
Width: 100

Non-animated Signatures
Height: 500
Width: 400

Animated Icons
Height: 100
Width: 100

Animated Signatures
For this we have a few combinations for you. You can not mix the heights and widths up and work at your convenience, it has to be either one of these.

Height: 200
Height: 500
Width: 200

Do the sets have to have matching signatures/avatars:
NO, you don't have to have the same scene. That's completely upto you. Chose 4 different scenes for the 4 different creations that you will make, or choose the same scenes. Completely upto you. Big smile

What goes in the creations:
We don't care what's in there as long as it goes hand-in-hand with the theme which is "Mehndi" as well as it follows the IMPORTANT: India-Forums Code of Conduct
You can have ArHi's almost kisses and all those special moments in the creations. Along with the Raizada's and Gupta's in the creations too. We don't really have a problem. The more the merrier. Big smile

What's a strict no-no? You can not have your copyrights on the signature. Neither is the mention that it belongs to Team Gharaati or Baraati on the signatures/icons. Just don't mention it AT ALL.

What kind of text goes on: That is again upto you. You don't have to mention anywhere on the signature that it is made for the Wedding Celebrations, but if you do that is also fine with us. But no copyrights.

How and where will you upload these: For this task to remain as anonymous as possible. I have made 2 accounts for the teams called Team 1 and Team 2. The judges will not know who team 1 was and who team 2 was. I'm talking about teams and not sub-teams. But while you're uploading your stuff. The reps will provide the password to the leaders of each sub-team as soon as they think the accounts are ready to be used. Each leader or the members of the sub-team will have to make sure that EACH sub-team uploads their stuff in separate folders on Why? Because this way, it will be easier for the judges to know what goes along and what doesn't belong to that sub-team. Again, they will know that it's sub-team 1's creations, but they won't know which team it is.

How will you send them for the judges to judge? Once you're done with everything and you have uploaded it on, you send the link of YOUR folder to the Team Reps straight away. The Team Reps (Fariha and Khushi) will then send the links once ALL are combined from the teams to either the judges or to myself and I'll forward them on. You will NOT know who the judges are until these tasks are over and done with. Wink

What do you do if no one in your group can make the set of creations listed above? You will have to ask your friend to make it on India-Forums. But remember, this friend can NOT be a part of the other team in the Wedding Celebrations. If you're in Gharaati's team and your friend is also in the same team but another sub-team, you still can NOT ask them to make it for you. And when you're sending the PM to the reps, make sure you write their name along with your team members names in the description. So, your final PM will consist of the link, team members AND who helped if anyone did at all.

Really important before you guys are off to making Creations. ALL questions/Queries/Confusions are to be PMed directly to Roshini ( Roshini1494) and Aanchal (_Aanchal_) respectively for their teams AFTER your leaders have said that they don't know the answer to your query. Don't go on spamming Aanchal and Roshini's inbox's guys, the leaders are leaders for a reason. So, ask them first. Big smile

Here's the link to the Avatar and Signature's forum: Avatar & Signatures Shop

Look in the second post for the Sub-Teams. And the third post for the scoreboard followed by the FAQ section.

GOOOD LUCK! Thumbs UpThumbs Up

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Disclaimer: The team divisions were done by your team reps. Please do not flood my inbox with PMs regarding your team dislikes whatsoever. ROFL

Use the CC's made by the Team Reps to discuss all the tasks and what you are/aren't to do. The reps will keep it updated by putting the Sub-Team divisions there along with the task that is to be completed. The links are below for the CC's.

Now, please welcome the following people who have just joined us in the ArHi Wedding Celebrations:

Invisible Smile



(Khushi's side)
  • Team Rep: ..first.rain.. (Khushi)
  • Assistant Team Rep: _Aanchal_ (Aanchal)

CC link: ..ll Dulhania wale: Common CC *Task 2* [IO] ll..

Here is your Team signature to show off which team you belong to:

Sub-Team 1:
Leader: Sanugr8fan
Invisible Smile

Sub-Team 2:
Leader: ..Manal..

Sub-Team 3:

Leader: KaShGurTiLuverr

Sub-Team 4:
Leader: fizzi_gurl


Sub-Team 5:
Leader: Shruti_P


(Arnav's side)
  • Team Rep: OnlyHope (Fariha)
  • Assistant Team Rep: Roshini1494 (Roshini)

CC link: * || Baraatis || * Task #2 [Strictly IO]

Here is your Team signature to show off which team you belong to:

Sub-Team 1:
 Leader: -Barun-

Sub-Team 2:
 Leader: --Pooja-

Sub-Team 3:
Leader: Appy_Indy

Sub-Team 4:
Leader: aishi.muffin

Sub-Team 5:

Sunshine Girl

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It was decided to not post sub-teams scores but just the scores in total. Smile


Task 1: Make a VM

Total score: 224


Task 1: Make a VM

Total score: 226

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Q: When is the last date to submit my creations?
A: August 31st 2012, 11 PM IST.

Q: How will the tasks be completed and judged?
A: There will be no voting because you are all working as teams and the teaming is public, so there will be 4-5 different teams within the teams working together. Those teams will also have different reps to them who will have to submit the work to either the assistant rep or the team rep as soon as you guys are done. Then, we will have 5 judges in the Development Team who will judge the entries without them knowing who sent in what. Smile

Q: Will I get reminders about the tasks or PMs about the task in general?
A: I will ask the Team Reps and their assistants to PM everyone in their team once to check the forum when a new task is posted. But I will NOT tell them to remind you guys to send in your entry once the deadline for one is close. It's not fair for me to ask them to repeatedly ask you this. It depends on them and if they have time, they will send you team a reminder about the task that has to be handed in.

Q: Can we add copyrights to our Creations?

A: Once, we are done judging and all, I will delete all the creations from the accounts and give you guys time to edit them and add copyrights later. Or you can save another version of the creation with the copyright. But do not to upload this one until judging is over and done with. I don't want anyone to think that the judges were bias in any way therefore the anonymity has to remain intact. Embarrassed

Q: Whom do I send a pm in case of a query?
A: Firstly pm your sub team captain and if reply back saying they do not have an answer, then ONLY pm the Assistant Team Rep or Team Rep.

Anymore questions? Big smile

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illuminated. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 10:57am | IP Logged

Thankyou -Ravjot- for the team sigs.

Thankyou -Stutz- for making the banner.

Thankyou Shruti_P for the song conversion.

Thankyou IPKKND Development Team for giving permission for this.

Thankyou judges for the scores, you know who you are. Big smileLOL

And ALL the coolbies present in the DT thread for...just being there.

Love you guys! HugHug

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Posted: 29 August 2012 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Congratulations everyone! Hug

Aur meine toh pehle hi kaha tha. Siggy/giffy agla task hoga. ROFL

Aanchal - Btw, for the FAQ, shouldn't it be 'creations' rather than 'VM' since we did that for the first task? Ermm

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Yippy We won this task.

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Yaayyy!!! Baraati's are winning!!! Thanks for updating Task 2 Saraa!!!

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