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AshNI OS#10:Heart-Take By My House-Mate(pg4)

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First of all...just like most of my OS's...this is completely my imagination...it has nothing in common with the KTLK story except the lead characters...

(This OS is specially dedicated to NINI, Bhavita, Diksha, Sarika, Pooja, Jyoti, Ana J, Sonali & Aazeen ...love you all dear...)

Heart-Break Of My House-Mate


"Hey   Ashutosh, Nice party man" One of my friends said while patting my back.   Smiling broadly, I turned around to see him and with a proud voice   replied "Thanx yar...Enjoy yourself!!" He left to meet some of his   friends and after instructing some of the waiters, I was back on the   little dance floor of my apartment and girls surround me, not to  mention  leaving there boyfriends. But do I care. That's me. Ashutosh Mathur.  In  girl's word, most desirable guy of my college, a party person, a  great  friend but Never. Just Never A Boyfriend. That word sounds cheap.  I have  seen my friends making fun of these words, getting on with  girls and  girls getting on with boys, spend some time, dates, kisses,  money and  then found themselves in eachother's EX list. For me, I would  rather be a  best-friend than boy-friend.

"Ashutosh"  Mahindra, the Geek of my  college approached me wearing his striped  shirt with trousers. His  gelled hairs and those fat glasses were  destroying him. God, He is a  nice man but he surly need some fashion  classes and I will love to help  him. He is such a sweet and soft heart  person and that's why, I invited  him to my party even though he just  joined few days back.

"Yes  Mahindra" I replied him with a smile as he smiled back and stammering  asked. "Nidhi kahan hai...Kahin dikh  nahin rahi?" and just hearing that  boiled me up. This guy, who's name i  just wrote in my good books was  aiming to get out from it and is just  wishing to get into the black  list. But controlling my anger, I faked a  hard smile and took hold of  his shoulder, leading him away from the  dance floor.

"Kyun   bay...Nidhi se tujhe kia kaam hai?" I chewed my words as i said that  in  the most politest way possible but Mahindra got my point and  looked  scared.

"Wo, Nidhi nay notes dayne thay meray...Bus issi liye poocha" The anger washed away and i pat his back.

"Good  Good...Aise he Nidhi ki  madad karte rehne...OK" and nodding his head he  walked away. Sighing, I  looked around the room and found Nidhi standing  in a corner,  patting her mobile in the palm of her other hand, looking  anxious.

"Kyun  G...Kahan reh gaye apke Mr.Boyfriend...Siddhart  Bhaiya!!!!!" Saying  that in the most sarcastic tone, I smirked looking  at her. How can i  forget how she. Nidhi Verma, my house-mate, my  fighting partner and  now my best-friend was on a fight with me for a  week just cause I  haven't invited her boyfriend Siddhart on this party.  With Me. Over  That Jerk. Idiot. And black-mailed me that she will even  not attend  this party If i don't invite him knowing perfectly how unable  I am to  hold a party without her support, I had to do that. As this is  the  party in the success of our college win in basket-ball championship  and  I, being the captain, have to throw this.

"Wo aa  raha  hai...He is on his way...Tum jao na, Apni unh titliyon k saath  mazay  urao" Nidhi irritated by my tone, replied in the same way.  "Itna bhi  ehsaas nahin k thori dair apni so called best-friend ko  company hi day  doon" She mumbled but i heard that and laughed.  Awww...My  sweetie.  That's why i love her soo much...OH Did i just told you I  love  her...SH** SHI*, that was a secret of mine and my heart.

But   before I could say anything, her phone buzzed and she received it   immediately. "kahan ho tum??? Kia...Phir...OH..." and seeing her fallen   face i just knew the story. "Ok, you take care...Ya...Main baad main   call karti hoon" and with a crest-fallen look she looked at me.

"Sid  ki  car kharab ho gaye hai...and he don't think he can make it tonight"   And no matter how angry i felt on that bas**** Sid, I tried to hold  that  expression for Nidhi and pulled her in a side hug rubbing her  arm with  my hand. Sid is just like this. He is fooling Nidhi. I know  that from  1st day but after my initial tries to show Nidhi, the  real face of that  man, and bearing up with her fights, I started  ignoring them. But am  still on alert to help Nidhi whenever needed  and I know and truly  confident, that soon, she will need my support.

"Don't  feel bad  yar...Main hoon na yahan...and agar meri party may meri hi  best-friend  udaas nazar aye gi  tau baqi log chahay jitne bhi khush hoon, mujhe tau  bored hi lagain  gay na" I tried to cheer her up. "And from now, Main  tumhare saath  hoon...And I will not let my friend feel left out...Ok"   and making her look up at me, I slowly poked her face to make her  smile  and she hit my chest with her soft hand, defeatingly. "Ok...lets  rock  this party" and saying so we went off to receive our guests.

The   party was going on in full swing. It was around 12am and no one's  seems  like ready to take a leave. So that means, it was a success and a  huge  credit was on Nidhi's part as she was one who arranged the  catering and  decided the menu, called DJ...and choose right sort of  songs. We both  just finished dancing on a song. When I was about to  grab her hand for  another song, her phone buzzed once again. She showed  me the screen of  her mobile, where "POOJA"  was flashing, and saying she would be back in  few minutes, went off to  a corner. Pooja was one of her girlfriends whom  I like as a person.  She was a sweet and kind heart person.

My   eyes were throughout fixed on her face as she pushed back her hairs  away  from her face and was looking confused. Soon she cut the call and   looked back at me. Seeing me looking at herself, she made a sign for  me  to come to her with her hand. Excusing, I reached to her quickly as  she  looking tensed.

"Kia howa Nidhi?" I was concerned about her.

"Ashutosh...Pooja nay mujhe sea-side restaurant pe bulaya hai..."

"Abhi??" I was shocked hearing that.

"Yeah...patah nahin kia baat hai...but she sounded tensed..." She said blabbering to herself

"But  its not safe to go out at this time...main bhi chalta  hoon tumhare  saath" And i turned around to get my car keys from my  room but her hand  comes around my arm and she made me turn around to  face her

"Nahi  Ashutosh...hum dono nahin ja sakte...someone has to  be here to look at  this party...you can't disappoint your friends like  this" She tried to  make me understand

"OK...But call  pooja...usay kaho..jo bhi baat  hai subah kar lay...tum abhi nahin ja  sakti" Commanding her, I looked at  her sternly. Just then her cell  buzzed again and Pooja was again on  line.

Nidhi picked that  up the next instant and started. "Pooja,  main tumhain hi call  karne wali thi...Can't we talk in the morning about  this?" She asked  in  breath

"Umm...Ok, I am on my way" And giving me an apologetic look, she cut the call.

"So, tumhain jana hai" Being angry, I looked away...

"Please  Ashutosh...naraz na ho...you know agar delay kar sakti tau main kabhi iss  waqt janay ka nahin kehti...but  pooja said its really important" And  hearing her pleading look, i  melted. Turning around, I took hold of her  shoulders...rubbing them to  ease away the tension

"OK, Jao...but  you are calling me just  when you reach there and got to know what all  that stupid important  thing is...Promise?" 

"Promise"  she said  with a smile...and give me a kiss on my cheek. I was still  lost in the  trance of feeling her lips against my cheek, when she moved  away, and  grabbing her car keys, left the party.

No  need to say, that i  barely enjoyed the party after that...My lips were  curved into a smile  to show off but my mind was constantly busy to  think what it must be  that Pooja called Nidhi this late. It was  around 1:15. An hour since  Nidhi left and beach was just an half-an  hour drive away from our  apartment. I keep peeking at my mobile after  every few seconds in order  to not miss Nidhi's  call but nothing flashed. Not message, not a call.  Not taking it  anymore, I get on a corner and tried to call Nidhi but she  didn't  pick it up and after few tries, it was switched off. Thankfully,  I had  Pooja number with me so i called her and she picked that up after  four  bells.

"Pooja...Kia  howa...Nidhi kahan hai??? And tumne  usay itni raat main kyun  bulaya" I was loosing my control now. The music  was loud, but that  couldn't stop me to hear Nidhi's crying voice at the  background on  the line.

"Ashutosh...Please jaldi yahan aa  jao...I  can't control Nidhi alone" and just hearing that was enough  for me to  cut the call, and announcing in the speakers that the party  is off.  Though it was about to end in few minutes already, many friends  have  took leave but few were still here. It seems to be rude at my  part to  end this party so abruptly but i can't think of anything now.  All that  matters to me is that Nidhi is crying and she need her  best-friend  there.

"Ashutosh...kia how...aise achanak party..." But seeing my angry gaze, Preet one of my basket-ball mate stopped in between.

"I am sorry for the party...But meri abhi kahin or zaroorat hai" And he just pat my back trying to comfort me.

"I can understand...or waise bhi hum thori dair main nikalne walay hi thay"

"Umm...Preet...can   you drop me at beach side now" It was the last thought on my mind to   ask help from someone, but i perfectly know how much Nidhi  love her  Honda Eon , her father gifted her, and she is not gonna be in  state to  drive that back home. And if i just leave that on the beach  for tonight,  i probably have to manofy  her double in the morning along with  comforting her. She wouldn't  leave a chance to tell me how inhuman i was  to leave her darling car  alone on a beach for a whole night for the  rest of her life. Preet  agreed and after biding bye to my friends, i  locked the apartment and  left to the beech with Preet, not knowing  exactly what i should expect.

The whole half hour from my  apartment to the beach was full of restlessness at my side. Reaching  near beach, I asked Preet  to drop me just outside and sternly stopped  him when he offered to  help me with anything. I really don't want anyone  to see Nidhi in  this situation. Seeing Preet  leaving, I rushed towards  the sea-side restaurant but spotted Pooja a  little away in a parking  lot. She was looking anxious while Amit was  supporting her. Reaching  her, I quickly asked is a breathless tone

"Nidhi kahan hai?" Pooja looked at me and then pointed out towards the other side of the car...

I  took few steps half-heartedly  and finally saw her in totally different  look than the one she left  the party. She was sitting on the ground,  leaning her back on the car.  Her knees were curled up and her hands were  around them. Her head down  and still her sobs were shaking her body.  Getting down on my knees, i  put forward my hand to hold her shoulder.  "Nidhi" Hearing my voice,  her head shoot up and she looked at me through  those tears filled eyes  that made my heart bleed. Big fat tears were  tracing her cheeks making  there way to her perfectly shaped chin. Her  lips were trembling as she  took my name "Ashutosh" in her lumped fill tone  and next instant hugged  me tightly, throwing her hands around my neck  and started crying out  badly. My hands instantly reached her back to rub  it upside down,  trying to sooth her but she was constantly crying.

"Ashutosh...Sid...S..I...dd" she tried to say but couldn't.

"SShhh...SShhh   Nidhi...Calm down" Her grasp on the back of my shirt got tighter as  she  cried and I let her. Pooja and Amit, her boyfriend were looking  down at  us. I looked up at Pooja for an explanation

"Sid  cheated on her  for that Nisha" Pooja said in the shortest possible  way. A pain ran  through my body as my intuition came true. It has to be  knowing the kind  of playboy Sid was...but its just 2 months that she  started dating  him...I never thought that Sid will try to cheat on  Nidhi even after  knowing that I was just looking for a chance to get  at him after what he  had done to one of my group-mates by kissing her  infront of whole  college just for a bet 3 years back in our junior  year. Nidhi wasn't a  part of my college then.

"Ashutosh"  Nidhi again took my name and  break the hug. My attention was back  on her now. Her disoriented hairs  were getting wet by her tears. I  moved them away and cupped her face.

"Nidhi...Kuch  nahin  howa...Main hoon na tumhare saath...bus abh rona bandh karo..." I  wiped  her tears with my thumb as she was still hiccuping.

"Nidhi..." I took her name in a gentle tone.

"You trust me na baby" She shook her head without thinking about it for a second. I felt so proud at that moment.

"No  rona dhona  now...We will go home now...you will take your bath and then  we will  talk...OK" She just looked at me with hallow eyes...I helped  her get up  from the ground and made her sit in the car. Turning back, I  looked at  Pooja and Amit who were standing a few feet away now.

"Pooja...I dont know k mujhe is waqt tumse kia kehna chahiye"

"No   Ashutosh...First i want to say sorry...mujhe Nidhi ko itni raat main  aise  akele nahin bulana  chahiye tha...but I couldn't help it...Seeing Sid  here on the main  entrance waiting for someone...i thought Nidhi bhi  yahan ho gi...but  jab main Sid se milli and usse Nidhi ka poocha...he  lied that she  is on her way while I perfectly knew that Nidhi was busy  at your  party...Mujhe shak  howa and we took a table a few feet away from  the entrance so we can  keep an eye on Sid but he couldn't see us and  soon, we saw Nisha  entering and Sid welcoming her with a hug..." Pooja  stopped while  constantly playing with her fingers.

"Mujhe hamesha  lagta tha k tum jan bojh k Nidhi and Sid ka break-up karna chahte   ho...knowing that Sid is the famous guy of college beside you...and  that  you feel something for Nidhi" My eyes narrowed at this  statement.

"Pooja...I willn't get too low k apni khusiyon k liye main apne friends ko dukh doon" I almost barked and she bit her lower lip.

"Now   I perfectly know that...Sorry to doubt you..." Amit was rubbing her   arm, trying to encourage her... I took a sigh and calmed myself own.

"I am sorry too...And I am thankful to you k tumne sahi waqt pe Nidhi ko Sid se bacha liya..." I was truly thankful to her...

"No   problem...As a friend, mera farz tha" and she gave a small smile...I   smiled back too...Shaking hand with Amit, I bid bye to them.

"Take care of Nidhi" Pooja said..

"I will" and will till my last breath.

Getting   back into the car, I sigh and turn to look at Nidhi who was  sitting,  leaning her head back with the seat and an unknown expression  was  covering her face. Unknown, as if It was of relief or anger, I  couldn't  identify...I was feeling too sick of Sid for making Nidhi  go through  this...

"Nidhi...tum theek ho?" I asked her a few moments later.

She   nodded after a few seconds and hold her head with one had. "Just a lil   headache" she rubbed her forehead to her temple with her fingers.   Headache, may be cause of crying. And I started the car.

We  were  on our way back home. The car was filled with silence, quite  unusual  than normal when I and Nidhi, both were up. And I again  cursed Sid for  bringing this moment in my life and that's when I got an  idea. I turned  my car from the next signal. Thank God, Nidhi wasn't  much in her senses  to realize my act and I stopped the car near a drug  store.

"Nidhi,  Main Panadol lay k ata hoon 2 minute main...Ghar  pe nahin hain...OK"  she nodded once again weakly and I got the pill  for her with a mineral  water bottle. But instead of Panadol, I gave her  one of a sleeping pill  as i know, if i hadn't, she would never have  slept that night...and also  it was necessary for my other plan too,  that i have in mind.

Nidhi gulped down the medicine.

At   the time we reached home, Nidhi was sleeping. Thanking God, I first   parked her car in the allotted spot and getting out, took her up in my   arms and press the button on the keys to put the security lock. After   getting upto  our 3rd floor through elevator, I somehow managed to get  out door key  from my back pocket and opened the door. Putting her on her  bed, and  covering her with the quilt...I gave her a last glance before  and get  out from the house.

My  eyes were fixed on the target who  was walking towards the entrance of  the building in uneven steps. That  was the best moment so I got out  from my car, followed him with quick  steps and small runs...and at was  at his back in a few seconds.  Blabbering something, he was about to  take another step, when I pat his  shoulder and as he turned around  saying "Kaun  hai??" My fist was on its  way towards his eye in its full force and  *POW*...The target for tonight  was shouting as he fell on the road, and  pretty happy with myself, I  smirked and run back to my car.

Next  morning, My phone alarm ring  woke me up and stretching my arms out  wide, I welcomed the day. Getting  up, I quickly took a shower and  brushed my teeth and get out to check  on Nidhi. The lazy head was  still engrossed in her slumber. Must be due  to the sleeping pill as its  always she, who woke me up. I bend down and  shook her shoulder.

"Rise  & Shine best friend" I shouted in  her ears and as a reply, her  hand quickly tried to cover her  ears...but...Too late...

"Ashutosh..." she whinned... "jao yahan se..." she said still in her sleep as she covered her face with her coverlet

"Nahi"   I pushed the coverlet away with a jerk. "Tab tak nahin jab tak k tum   khari nahin hoti or jaldi se college janay k liye tayar nahin hoti" I   was adamant.

Her hands again get down to push up the coverlet over herself as she said. "Mujhe college nahin jana hai...Tum jao"

"Nahi...Main tumhare baghair nahin janay wala...its final" I sat beside her, not letting her taking hold of her coverlet.

"Ashutosh" she said in a feeble way... "Tang maat karo na...Mujhe aj college nahin jana hai"


"Sub   mera mazak uraian gay k dekho...Nidhi got dumped by Sid" Awww...My   baby...she should know that i would never let anyone say a word to her.

"Nidhi...No one gonna say anything like this" I tried to assure her.

"Kyun...Kia   Sid ko Nisha k saath dekh k ye obvious nahin hoga k hum abh saath  nahin  hain" She was now sitting in her bed, saying with tear filled  eyes

"Nahin...balke tumhain Sid k saath nahin dekh k ye obvious hoga that you dumped him" My smile made her eyes narrowed

"Or woh kyun..." She asked with a questioning tone, but i know what those words actually meant.

"Cause  best friend...ye maine...THE GREAT Ashutosh Mathur nay kaha  hai" I  raised up my collar with a proud look and raised my brows in a  way  asking, how that looks...and a few seconds later, as what i wished,  she a  laughter broke up. Not hearing anymore of her words, I  practically  pulled her up and pushed her into the bathroom after  helping her with  her dress for today.

  She was all nervous when we entered the college but as my expectation,   no one passed any comment on her. She was looking beautiful in her   half-sleeved royal blue thigh length blouse that was having a plastic   black belt on the waist with black leggings. A broad black bangle was   shinning on her one wrist while her usual silver watch was placed on   another. The specs were neatly holding her hairs back on her head and   those silver stoned tops were making her look more graceful. The light   make up was what adding charms to her beauty and I found myself once   again, falling for this creation of God.

  We reached near our group who was sitting on a sheltered bench in the   huge playground of our college. We were a group of 5 girls and 4 boys   and Pooja and Amit were too our group-mates. Pooja in a eye language   asked me about Nidhi and i assured her that everything is   under-control...I have already message my whole group in the morning   about Nidhi and Sid break-up so no one was allowed to bring that  topic  up...but as per my plan B, the whole college now knew that Sid  got  dumped by Nidhi as he was cheating on her and all thanx  to my  group-mates. We took our position in the group. My eyes were  constantly  fixed on the main entrance of the college which was clearly  visible from  this place. I perfectly knew that Sid would come today. He  had too as  this is the last day to file our final project which  thankfully I had  submitted yesterday, perfectly knowing that after the  party, I might  wouldn't able to make to the college the next day, But  Sid hasn't  submitted yet, and if he wouldn't, his whole year will be  wasted.

  As per expectation, Sid's car entered and after parking that, he get  out  with Nisha from his car. Nisha was wearing blouse with jeans skirt  and  was showing off as much of her body as possible while Sid was  wearing  his usual jeans with skin fitted shirt. But for a change black  specs  were placed above his nose.

"Are woh raha Sid ...wo b Nisha k saath??" One of our group-mates said out wondering

"Abhi kal tau Nidhi nay usay dump kia...or itni jaldi Nisha bhi haath lag gaye us kay" One girl said

"Thats cause, only Nisha was the spared one...all other girls are taken" and we all laughed at that statement by Pooja

A few moments later, we saw Sid striking with Nisha

  "Agar Sid ko dikh nahin raha tau ye chasma kyun laga k phir raha hai?"  Amit commented...I looked at Nidhi who was now wondering this too  along with others

"Nazrain milanay k kabil jo nahi raha abh...aik din main hero se  zero ban gaya  hai...cheater kahin ka" Smita said as once again everyone  laughed but  soon that laughter turned into fits of giggle when Sid  strike with few  fellows of college and he almost fell down. He saved  himself but  nothing could help him stop loosing those specs from his  face and his  black eye got visible to everyone.

  Seeing him, most of the students were now laughing and feeling  insulted,  Sid quickly got the specs from the group and holding file in  one hand  and dragging Nisha with himself from another, he run away. All  of my  group-mates were laughing like hell when my gaze turned to  Nidhi and saw  her laughing too.

"How he got that black eye?" Rohit asked still laughing.

  Leaning forward on my hands, I said with a grin "Do you expect Nidhi  to  leave you so easily if you cheat on her?" and the laughter died  with my  words and now everyone was looking at Nidhi with shocked  expression  while she looked in the same way at me.

"Nidhi...Mujhe nahin patah tha k tum itni violent bhi ho sakti ho" Smita said gulping down her saliva.

"Umm...main??" Nidhi tried to say something when I interrupted

"Tau or kia...mujh se poocho...kitne sitam jhelta hoon main har roz"  I  said with a playful look while knowing me just as well as herself,   Nidhi get on a playful mood too and punched me in the side...

"Oww...dekho dekho" I said as she laughed and hugged me...

  "Aww...Itna hans ke aur Inka  pyar dekh k" and my head turned to  glare at Pooja who started this  line...and seeing my look, she quickly  changed... "I mean dosti ka pyar  dekh k...muje tau bohut bhook lag gaye  hai...chalo canteen chalte  hain...Aj  tau breakfast bhi nahin  kia" And all agreed and get up to go. I was  about to move too when a  hand hold mine and I turned around to see  Nidhi, looking at me with  tilted face

"Huh???" My aised brows asked my question

  "Thank you Ashutosh" She said with a smile...And i knew, its not  the  time to fake anything anymore, i smiled brightly and pulled her up.

"Tumhare  liye...Kuch bhi...Anything to get this smile on my best  friend face"  I poked her cheek and she smiled broadly. God!! i will do  anything to  keep that smile on her face

"But why you punched his eye?" She asked getting closer to me.

  "For keeping bad eyes on you" I said straightly. She looked  differently  at me...like for the first time, i saw a glint, a shine  in her  eyes...

"Or agar us nay kabhi mujhe kiss ki  hoti tau?" She asked next...and  that told me that they have never  kissed before...Being best friends,  we shared almost  everything...and her first kiss, would have been so  special to her  that she would have told me...but sometimes, for a girl,  it looks unconvinient  to tell her friend something like this specially  if that best friend  is a boy...I had my doubts, anxiousness to  know...if Sid ever touched  her that way... .But just this mare  question, cleared all my  thoughts...I pulled her even more closer by  her waist as she was  looking at me for an answer

  "Than he would never have been able to look at himself in the   mirror...Ever" I said and she smiled. We both keep looking at  eachother  till sometime but I averted my gaze, not wanting her to feel   uncomfortable with me for a single second and removed my hands from   around her waist.

"Ok...You  owe me a mighty burger today...I lost so of my power over  that punch  last night and now I am low on energy" And she laughed and  pulled me  with herself to the cafeteria.

"To the punch...To the punch" we all friends raised our glasses and laughed out loud and toasted our soft-drinks.

  (Very much boring OS but i wanna write a lil different from my usual   style...forgive me if you don't like this...take care guys...

Do like and comment if I should write a 2nd part of this OS????

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niniborn2rule IF-Rockerz

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ana it was good yaar...2nd part chahiye mujhe...

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Suvika. IF-Stunnerz

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Clap good work yaar...please continue...

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myera Senior Member

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itz too good ji..plz continue..!

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very nice  OS Ana,
plz continue the 2nd part

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Aazeen02 IF-Sizzlerz

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Ana, I always love ur writings... So this is no exception... Baby its wonderful... Plz do update the next part... Wud surely b waitin... And my heartfelt thanks 4 dedicating this OS to us... We love u too honey...

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it was very different ,specially how you potrait ashu character for this os

mujhe nahi pata tha ashu ko is roop mein bhi dekhne ko milega ,the way he care for nidhi as a best friend ,& he too was bubbly like nidhi

will wait for another part

love you Smile


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|AshNi-Nidhi and Ashutosh| AT #1 Uniqueness Speaks

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--sunshine-- 270 19329 09 February 2012 at 10:39am by swtbaby
AshNi VMz Pg.01 updated on 04.12 [CLOSED]

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ShuVin 84 12887 16 January 2012 at 3:27am by arsalatabbsum98

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